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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Charleston South Carolina Today!

Gosh I have missed Blogging with you! I am still a hostage of my landlady and today we are in Charleston. I think if your going to be held hostage that Charleston is place to be. It is a everything I ever imagined it would be.

Here is the bridge we crossed going into Charleston from Mrytle Beach.

The GOP debate was more than I expected. I actually dreaded going but I did enjoy the actual debate.
When I get back home I will tell you of my adventures going to Mrytle Beach and the debate. I will also share pictures of the Beach.

Here is one of the streets in Charleston. I took a lot of pic's of the old homes. Some of them are pre-civil war homes and are gorgeous. Can't wait to download them.

When I agreed to this trip it was for the debate only in Mrytle Beach but now we are in Charleston for another debate. So yes I guess I am lucky to be able to see two debates but I had planned on being home today. Now the way it looks it's likely I may not be home until next Wednesday because she not only goes to the debates but goes to Town meetings where New Gingrich will be and any place else he might attend so this trip is dragging out.

I felt bad because she is having a fit to leave Charleston and drive to Tampa or somewhere in Florida for the next debate but no way can I be away from home that long. Poor Tinkerbell is never going to forgive me now.

I told her I could fly home and she could drive on to Florida but I don't think she is going to take me up on that. After driving 18 hours the first day and 12 hours the second day to get to Mrytle Beach it would not hurt my feelings at all if I flew home. haha

Ms Pearl has did her best to not come out during this trip but let me tell you there were so real close calls that I have admit she did make small appearances. There is only so much politics you can listen to in a 24 hour day. In the hotel rooms Fox News is on and I don't dare change the channel. We even sleep with it going. Trust me if I never see or hear Fox News again I won't complain.

While we were in Mrytle Beach one of the nights we stayed at the awesome Sheridan where the debate was being held and we were walking in the front area of the hotel where the big concrete pond is shooting water up and is a lovely fountain. Well I came so close to being knocked into the water that all I can say is God's Angels were with me because I managed to only get one foot and leg wet. My friend and landlady tripped and fell. Since I was in front of her I blocked most of the fall and she was not hurt but she knocked me backwards and all I could think about was my back. I did not even think of the fountain being there. Somehow I guess me trying to hold onto her kept me from falling backwards into it.
Talk about embarrassed! One security officer helped me out of the fountain and several tried to help her.
If I had fallen completely in I would of died.

Security was so thick at the Sheridan and surrounding area that is why they were there to help us. Going inside the debate was worse than boarding a plane.  lol

I am sure that it will be that way tomorrow for this debate in Charleston. If the debate tomorrow night is as good as the one Monday night then I will enjoy it.

You know I miss you and have been wishing you were here with me because then I know it would be a great trip. Would love to do this trip sometime in the fall when there is not one politician within a hundred miles of here.

Much love to you and Sweet Dreams!



Brynwood Needleworks said...

Lady, who but you could nearly fall into a fountain during a trip? (Get it? TRIP? lol narf)

I would have loved to have been at the debate. I looked all over the crowd for you, but alas, never saw your pretty face.

Looking forward to the future adventures of Poly Purebred in GOPland. xoxo Donna

Debby said...

Stay strong.....hopefully you will be free soon. Some good and sme bad......that fountain had to be one of the bad things. Can't believe you have to sleep with the news on. I would be going crazy. (((((HUGS))))

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Maggie,

Wow you are so close to where i live!! Well a few hours anyway!!
Wish you could pop in but I know you want to get back home!!

Missing you and so much to tell you too!!

Love and Blessings...and no more tripping or falling!!


Susan Anderson said...

That's scary that you took a fall! Even a little one. And I'm glad it wasn't worse!

My husband and I went to Charleston once and had a great time. We also visited Savannah, Georgia that time...and I liked it even better than Charleston!


Debbie said...

Oh Maggie, you are in my home town!!! I love and miss Charleston so much. I have been away for 14 yrs now, and miss it each day. So many things I would love to do and buy. Have a wonderful time in my hometown. That bridge you pictured is new. they tore down the old one which my Grandson Cooper is named after. It was the Cooper River Bridge. That row of homes is the beautiful famous rainbow row. Oh my I am jealous!!! Not of you having to watch the Fox news all the time, that would suck, but of you being in Charleston. My love of that part of the US is high!!
So sorry about your fall in the fountain. Glad it wasn't worse than it was!! Be careful!!
Well, tell Charleston hello from me! I had all 3 of my children there. They all went to school there and graduated there.

God Bless~

Caddie said...

Well, Maggie, bless your heart! Somehow, I saw this coming - prisoner of the driver! I always weigh the pros and cons before I will travel with anyone; being a passenger usually requires following the driver's agenda to a tee or else. Yep, I can see my alter sneaking out of hiding to have her say.

I learned a very hard lesson two years ago on a trip to Florida; will leave it at that except to say, I am "glued to home" forevermore.

Oh, how far you are from your home and your safe nest. You can be grateful it wasn't Myrtle Beach in the summer season though.

May everything work out to your satisfaction and you arrive home with energy to burn.

Who is caring for your kitty?

Arkansas Patti said...

The town sounds great, politicians not so much. I see way too much of them on TV.
So glad you weren't hurt in the fountain. You know someone got it on video. Your spash will probably go viral.

Olga said...

I'd love to stop in Charleston some day...after elections are over You are such a good sport.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Oh, Maggie! While Charleston looks beautiful and it's so interesting to witness political history as it happens, I can feel your pain, as they say. I admire you for keeping Ms. Pearl under wraps most of the time. I'm afraid I'd be displaying the full fury of my own version of Ms. Pearl if I were trapped in a hotel room with Fox News on non-stop! Yikes! Just think of all the great stories you'll have to tell us! And we can hardly wait! Love, Kathy

Julia said...

Poor Maggie, being held against your will is what is really happening to you. You are such a good sport.

I really detest politic now. I used to be interested years ago but got disillusioned so many times. My husband even ran for MLA ( Member of the Legislative Assembly) in our riding. I said I will support you but I hope that you don't get in as our lives will change. Thankfully he didn't got in. Instead, a young yes man for the party got in but he didn't last long.

I can see that you are wanting to getting back to papering the upstairs room.

Thanks for the update Maggie. I missed you.
Hugs JB

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Maggie I can't see how those long driving trips can be comfortable on your poor back...bless your heart. I know you will be so glad to get back home to Tinkerbell and your home.

I would have been bored from the get-go with the politics. I would enjoy seeing places I had not seen before though.

Hopefully you will get to go home soon and rest up from your long journey.

I sure am glad you did not fall completely into the fountain. You be careful sweet Maggie you do not need to take another spill.

Love and hugs!

yaya said...

When my kiddos lived in SC I was always hoping to get to see Charleston before they would move again...never made it, but I hear it's wonderful so I hope you enjoy your stay. I would hate to be a prisoner to who ever brought me and have no say in the accommodations...not fun! Watch all that driving..sitting in a car is one of the worse things you can do to your back. Hope the rest of the trip is good and watch your step!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Love the story about falling the fountain. I thought I was the only one who did things like that!



Sharon said...

I do hope that you are having a fun trip. I am glad to hear that the other trip was not really to bad.
Have a great weekend and I will be waiting for more photos.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Sounds like a trip with many memories. Enjoy the sweet parts and tolerate the mundane.
Safe travels....

Darlene said...

Sounds like an interesting trip to me. Of course I know how you don't like to leave Tinkerbell alone for long times, but seems to me that now you are there, you should take advantage of being able to travel a bit.

Glad you did avert falling into the fountain. That would have been a bit embarrassing alright.

My sweet husband watches Fox News at length each day and I am getting pretty sick too of having to listen to politics all day. I am beginning to hate all politicians. I just wish they wouldn't bash each other so much. I appreciate Mitt Romney for not doing that. It was a bit disappointing to me that Newt started to do it, because I really did think he would make a good president (He probably would still) but I am not sure which one of the two I would cast my vote for.

You need to convince your driver that you must get out of the car every two hours, even if it is just to walk around the car. If you don't, your back will really suffer. Surely she would at least do this.

Tess1960 said...

That pic of the houses looked like a watercolor painting. So very colorful and so very pretty. What a delight for the senses your visit must have been.

Sybil said...

we saw part of the goings on's at Charlston last night on TV. I did look for you !!!!
come home soon...we miss you and look forward to all the latest news..
lots of love Sybil xx

Tracy said...

sounds like a lovely trip...I love Chrleston...

Donna said...

I would LOVE to be in Charleston right now...or any time! How fun!! The bridge to Myrtle looks amazing. The architecture there is so pretty!! I'm sure all the political stuff wasn't fun but the fountain thing...Maggie, only you!! haha! No more falls!! You probably did it because one of those handsome security guards came to your rescue since the cowboys weren't handy, huuh? Have fun!!!

Forty Pound Sack said...

We miss you, Maggie! I think I understand how your trip is going, LOL. I have had a few of those myself. I don't care how good of friends you are, traveling together is a whole 'nother ball game. Hope you get to come home soon ~

Jennifer Richardson said...

thanks for sharing more
of your fascinating life! weren't too
far away from me
as the crow flies.
Hope your home fires are burning
bright when you get back:)
love and safe travels,