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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Charleston's Historic District!

After the debate in Myrtle Beach we headed for downtown Charleston and stayed several nights at the Old Hampton. Gorgeous old hotel with a courtyard that reminded me of New Orleans. Here Barbara is checking in and right by her side was Henry the bellman.
Henry ask us to call him Happy which we were glad to do. He sang and danced his way through his work day. I never met a happier man in my life. Born and raised in Charleston.

I found all the people in Charleston to be warm and friendly.  My hope is to one day return to this beautiful city and enjoy my time there with no meetings.

In the Lobby I caputured Barbara while we were waiting on our tour of the historic district of Charleston.  We got to the hotel early so we were able to take a 90 minute tour and I loved it.

I begged our tour guide not to mention Newt's name or the debate so we could enjoy the day. lol
They did have to get on that subject once or twice but he was kind enough not to let it happen for long.

Several homes were in this color of pink which we both loved.

It was a bus tour and since Barbara and I were lucky enough to be the only two on the tour I jumped back and forth to one side of the bus taking pictures. Of course there were way too many beautiful homes to capture but I did manage to take a few.

Our tour guide was excellent. He knew his history of not only Charleston but the United States. I have to find his card he gave me because he has written a book. He also did ghost tours at night and if I could of slipped out of one of those conferences unnoticed I would of loved to have taken one of those. lol 
According to our guide most of these homes are all single family dwellings which I found incredible since their huge. He did show us some where just some older ladies lived there by themselves. I can't imagine Can You?

 Every time I saw one of the horse drawn tours I made a mental note to take one but we left before I could. I also very much wanted to tour Fort Sumter by taking a boat to the island and then tour the fort.

I have more pic's of Charleston's homes but I know you have seen enough.

It stormed here today on the North Forty so I was able to take a nap and download these pictures. For some reason I just don't feel good. I think the seven days of constant going has finally caught up with me. Would you believe though Barbara is 78 and is still on the road chasing the politicians.

She makes me feel like I am really out of shape. My back held up pretty good but I found that I took a lot of pain pills in that week so maybe that is one reason I don't feel good since I returned home. I am back to taking only a few a day.

Our next stop after the Hampton was the Beautiful Charleston Place where all the politicians were staying. I will try and do that post tomorrow. In both Myrtle Beach and Charleston we switched hotels twice so that added to the confusion. Charleston Place was the most beauitful but the Hampton was located where I could walk easily around. The Hampton was right across the street from the old train station and it looked just like the one in the movie Gone With the Wind.

I loved all the history in Charleston. Lovely place to visit and I think I could easily live there.

Love to all



Unknown said...

Yup! That is Charleston for sure!! You took pics of many of the same homes I did. Aren't they the most awesome, ever!!
Still wishing I knew you were there ... oh, how we'd have torn up town together.

These people in SC & GA are the sweetest ever. We just love both places for the warmth & hospitality.

So glad you enjoyed the visit, sweetie. Call you tomorrow ...
Love ya!

Unknown said...

Love that southern charm. I have never been to Charleston but it is on my "bucket list". Thanks for sharing the pictures.

sjmcdowell said...


If I did not know any better I would have thought I was looking at pictures of Savannah!!

Just a few more months!!!

Love and Blessings,


yaya said...

I'm glad you got to see those lovely homes. I think they are so beautiful and if walls could talk they would have some great blogging tales to tell! Now take it easy and I hope you feel better soon. Oh, the bell man looks like I imagine Ms. Pearl would "don't mess with me"..but under it all is a real sweetie!

Debby said...

So glad that you are back home and resting. I am sure you had to be exhausted.
The pictures remind me of my quick trip through Savanah. beautiful huge old homes.
I am sure that you had some uncomfortable times. Your beauty I'm sure was all they looked at.....but I do understand your feelings. I don't know how you did the whole think but at least you had some fun.
Rest my friend.

Gail said...

My kind of tour. I have never seen Charleston but have visited Savannah...Love, Love, Loved it!!!!

GerryART said...

Oh, Maggie, thanks for the wonderful photos of these grand ole homes.
I can just see you living in one of these wonderful pink homes.
We can dream, can't we????

Sonny G said...

Loved seeing your photos and happy to hear everyone was nice. a few years back we had a condo in Savannah and the plan was to move there when I retired. Life changes the best plans . I love that city and it always feels like to me it loves folks back.

Anonymous said...

All those places are just beautiful. Sorry sweet Maggie that you didn't get to see and do everything you would like to have. Maybe you will get another chance to do that. I bet right now you are glad to be home and resting. You are probably all pooped out from all the going and doing. It would have worn me out just sitting through those debates. lol I admire you for being able to do so. Hugs! Love you

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh my goodness glory, those old homes are just magnificent! I'm just wowed.

Seems ya had a taste of their good old southern hospitality.

Happy looks like a 'Happy'!

God bless and have a fantastic day sweetie!!! :o)

acorn hollow said...

I have never been there so it was nice to see all the beautiful homes. Hope you are back to your self soon.

Arkansas Patti said...

What neat old homes. There was a town in Florida that was the focus of a movie and the entire town was painted that color pink.
Happy is one of those blessed with the joy of life.
Hope you bounce back soon. Just kick back and relax a bit now.

Julia said...

Thanks for taking us on the tour through Charleston. Boy, they sure don't build homes like that anymore. They are huge but so beautiful.

I hope that you feel better soon. You may have gotten yourself too tired and are coming down with something. You've been around so many people on this trip.

Take good care of yourself. Hugs. JB

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Thanks so much for taking us on your tour of Charleston, Maggie! Such beautiful old homes! But the greatest discovery of your time there, so far, seems to be "Happy". It's always so wonderful to meet someone who celebrates his or her job and life in general and just spreads the joy! I'm so glad you're back, Maggie! And I can hardly wait for more stories and pictures!

Susan Anderson said...

We had a wonderful time there, too, and we took the same tour you did. Loved the history!


Shawkl said...

Get you some rest! Loved the photos...and agree that Charleston looks a lot like Savannah...or is it that Savannah looks a lot like Charleston? Of course, it's just that they have kept their Southern Charm by keeping loads of their historic homes. Glad you are starting to get back into the daily routine...and hope you get your energy back soon too. Rest up and you'll be back to normal in no time at all!

Olga said...

This may be as close as I ever get to Charleston. Beautiful pictures. Thank-you for sharing the tour.

Sharon said...

What beautiful homes and I can not imagine anyone living in such a huge place. I do hope that they have someone to do windows...LOL
Glad to hear that you had a good time and I hope to see more photos.
Have a wonderful day.

Cherrie said...

I love those style of homes. Just beautiful! I would go on the ghost tour with you but then you would have to stay up all night with me! lol

Karen Whittal said...

How beautiful I love old houses they have so much character, almost an identity of their own. Great photo's . Lots of love Karen

Lisalulu said...

this was wonderful! thank you... and glad you did ok (physically) and now are 'resting' although I'm still waiting for the final pictures of your upstairs room!!! green&pink. so here's a thought. Pick a date in the future (like 2013 so we can all save the money)... and we'll all meet in Charlston- stay together and have a long weekend to meet each other in person and really see this beautiful city.

Janet, said...

those houses are so big and beautiful! Love the pink ones. Looks like you really had a good time touring.

grandma peden's porch said...

Wow I love those homes and I can't believe they are all single families still that's awesome. Looks like u had fun and will have to go back.

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

My brother lives in SC and has promised to take me on a tour of Charleston...someday!

janet xox

Sybil said...

I am just so glad that you are home safe and sound. These are such beautiful colourful homes. seems a shame that they are inhabitated with only one or two folks...must be kinda rich I am a thinking !!
Love Sybil xxx

Carole Burant said...

Hello sweet Maggie, finally have the time to come over and catch up on your news:-) Charleston is definitely the type of place I would love to visit, so much history behind it. Those homes are absolutely gorgeous and yes, it truly is amazing that some of them are single family dwellings! I have a hard enough time keeping up with my 1000 square foot house, I can't even imagine taking care of one of those huge homes! lol I'm so glad you were able to enjoy some fun time, apart from the politics! hehe xoxo

Clooney said...

Wow, what gorgeous houses and pictures! It must have been a very nice trip and of course it is always good to get home again too. Have a wonderful weekend.