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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Cowboy/Christmas Pics Too!

Yes I know it is already mid January but you know I run late all the time so please bare with me while I show a few pictures I took at Christmas. Not many by me because I was too busy enjoying the day to snap a lot of pics. Chad or Christi got some of me and the grand babies that I am going to have to get them to send them to me. In this top picture I bought Tinkerbell the bird toy that Patti was talking about on her site Arkansas Patti. Most of you know and love Patti. Now that is a woman that can write some tales. She just wrote one about Elvis. A must read!

Have I mentioned before that Tinkerbell is fat and lazy well this proves it right here in this picture. She does not play with this toy unless I lay it on the bed and she can enjoy it lying down. What a life this girl has before long she will be too big for her litter box then what.

Here you see my two grand babies Bailey and Kaci handing out toys. They love doing this and what a great job they do of it. After their all handed out we open one at a time so it takes a long time for our present opening.

Look at my sweet Kaci! Every year she ends up with something on her head while opening present. I think this is a gift bag.

Love this picture of Bailey! He is demonstrating or explaining something to his Aunt Christi.

Kaci is giving her Dad his present or is she helping him open it. This is my middle son Clint. What a handsome young man!
My baby girl Christi. Sitting back waiting on her presents. I think your beautiful Christi!
Bailey has his eye on something. Look how serious. He must be watching Kaci open one of her gifts.
Chad is my other handsome son on the couch with Bailey.  Sitting in the chair to his left is my lovely
daughter-in-law Andrea.

Not a lot of pictures and of course I don't take really good pic's but wanted to share my happy day with you.

I noticed a clothes basket in the floor near Kaci. hahaha  I guess someone brought their gifts in it from Austin and left it sitting there for me to capture. I normally don't have one in my living room.

The green on the walls is the color I am using with the rose paper upstairs. I think it will be a good combination. Have not been upstairs to work on it this week. Hopefully in the next few days. I have
to take breaks because of my back. As most of you have been kind enough to mention that I should be careful and not over do which is one of the reason I have not worked on it in a few days.

Another reason is I have let myself go bat crazy over one of my kittens that lives outside. He has gotten something that has caused him to be loosing hair in patches. I talked to a vet and he thinks he might have
ring worms. I of course flipped out when he told me that. Just what that poor cat needs and me. I have washed my hands so many times today I feel like a Prune.

I took your advice and made the Cowboy some chocolate peanut clusters and took them to him yesterday evening. We stood on his porch talking for a long while and I have to tell you something really funny. I already shared this with Maggie from Mumsy Fur Kids site but I will now tell you. Yep her name is Maggie too and she has been kind enough to try and calm me down for the last few days about my fur kids. Another friend of mine who can write some good stories. She started a new blog just about her furry kids and it is a fun site. Thanks honey for helping me this week. I appreciate it.

After a while he mentioned something about he had been wondering what to give me for Christmas and I thought he said something about fixing me dinner or something to that effect. I for some reason was embarrassed that he had been talking to his daughter about what to give me because we are just neighbors and I did not want him to get me something.

Any way I interrupted him and said, "I have something in mind you can give me for Christmas!" Honey if you could of seen the look on his face. I felt so bad for him because I don't know but that must of really scared him. I think I laughed and then said, "One of my kittens is in trouble and I don't know what is wrong with him." Before I could finish what I was going to say he quickly volunteered to take him to the vet the next morning. I then did not know what to say because I just wanted him to come over the next day and look at Snowball and see if he knew what was wrong.

He was probably so relieved when I told him it involved a cat and not me that he did not know what to do.

Well we stood there back and forth me saying one thing and he another and finally I agreed he could take it to the vet if I paid for it. So when I left the plans were for him to come by this morning early and pick him up.

I was grateful for this kind deed and got up at 6am this morning so I would have time to be dressed/make up on and no purple pj's when he came by. Well I waited all morning and worked in the front part of the house and yard so I could hear him if he showed up. About 1pm his ex-girlfriend called me who I really love and told me that he was working on one of his horses that was bleeding. I of course told her no problem and she said he still planned on coming today. I guess it turned out to be a big problem because he never showed up.

A couple of days ago I googled ring worms on cats or animals and there were quite a few people suggested using Apple Cider Vinegar on them and also Selsum Blue Shampoo. Some swore by the Apple Cider Vinegar to wipe on them two or three times a day and some even give it to them to digest.
They all claim their cats were cured by doing this. Naturally I went to town bought the vinegar and gloves. Can not tell you how paranoid I am about getting this too. Oh man I would just freak out.

Anyway I can hardly walk today from trying to chase the cat down to doctor it. The first time went okay because he is a friendly cat and did not know what I was doing. was another story.
I put the vinegar in their cat food and some in the water. I also ordered the tablets from HEB yesterday.
Those are for me and Tinkerbell. haha

Hopefully the cowboy will show up tomorrow and my Snowball can be taken care of. Christi, Kaci and I have become quite attached to these cats and I would hate to see something happen to them.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving me such sweet comments about my room redo. I will be so glad when I get that project over and done. You gave me some great ideas and I can't wait to try them.
I also have thought of a couple of things that would be good to do in there also so I am excited to see if it all pans out.

After talking about the cat I have got to go jump in my tub. Scrubby dub dub. Can you tell I have a problem with worrying about what he has got.

Sweet Dreams


acorn hollow said...

Great family pictures looks like everyone was having fun. you make me laugh with your cowboy and kitty poor thing.

Unknown said...

Oh, you are such a kick, sweetie. I can just picture you & that cowboy ... chuckle! You are a stitch!

Ring worm is nasty. Poor baby ...

So glad you are taking your time doing this, we do not need you putting your back into further situations.

Love the family pics, they are a handsome bunch, Maggie.

Have a beautiful eve ~
Love you!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I'm glad you shared your Christmas pictures, Maggie! It looked like everyone had a wonderful time! You have a good looking family.

GerryART said...

cute, crazy, silly


Anonymous said...

Oh, what great pictures sweet Maggie. Your children and grandchildren are just you! You are welcome for what little I have done to help you. I just wish I had all the answers for you. That was very sweet of you to add a link to my blog in our post. I am sure happy you are trying to not over-do and take care of your back. Praying the kitty will get through this just fine and you and Tinkerbell will be too. Love the picture of Tinkerbell on the bed playing with her toy. Hugs for you sweet Maggie and nose kisses for Tinkerbell and the other kitties!

Pat said...

Looks like you and your crew had a wonderful day. What a beautiful family you have dear Maggie. So glad you had a nice Christmas.

Please be careful if the cat has's very contagious. It's a fungus and you can use the same over the counter medication one uses for athlete's foot. (on humans, dogs and cats need other medication)

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Christi is beautiful.

I just love your pink tree. It is gorgeous. Looks like Santa was good to you. Such a beautiful family.

I would think the vinegar would work on the ringworm.

You need to make them cowboy stories into a book lovey. I love 'em.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thanks for all the updates, Maggie! I hope you find out soon what's going on with the poor cat. You'll drive yourself mad if you don't know asap!

Hope you have a great weekend. Tag is coming home on Saturday, and I can't wait! There will be lots of photos and even a few videos.


sjmcdowell said...

Hi Maggie,

Loved seeing your Christmas photos of the family. All of you look wonderful.
Yes I struggled with ringworm this past summer with our new cat Daisy.
I used the over the counter med for Ringworm and it worked just fine.
Daisy was given some pills from the vet and thank God we have had no trouble since then.

Some good news here so we will talk on the phone soon!

Love and Hugs,


Vicki/Jake said...

Mwahaha Maggie! You need to get a picture of this Cowboy neighbor:) Glad you had a good Christmas with your family, and that you got pictures of them.
Good luck with the kitties. Now I gotta go take a dip! Gives me the heebie jeebies too. And I hope you'll read my rant post, with a smile:)

Always Nesting said...

I just love the photos of the kids. Christmas is just magical at that age and I miss that time from when my girls were little. Too bad about your kitty. I know how you feel cuz I always worry if our dog seems sick with something. Course, I'm a natural worrier. If I don't have something to worry about I will find something to worry about.

Arkansas Patti said...

Aww, thanks for the neat shout out and I am in stiches at the picture of Tinkerbell with the toy. I am surprised that she doesn't make you bat the ball for her:))
Looks like you had a super Christmas and I enjoyed the pictures. Loved all the big smiles.
Careful with that ring worm, as you know, it does like people also.

LuLu Kellogg said...

LOVED seeing all your holiday photos Maggie!!

Happy New Year Honey!


Debby said...

Christmas is a hard time to take photos. Everyone is so busy moving and they don't want to pose. Plus our houses look like tornados hit while unwrapping presents.
The grands are as cute as ever. They look taller. Adorable.
Love me a cowboy story. Quick on your feet about taking the kitty to the vet. Sounds like Cowboy has a little crush on you.
Hope the kitty gets better. I think I had ringworm once. It was on the middle of my back. Thank goodness because it itched alot. It was a ring of irritation. I had it a couple weeks and it went away on it's own. It might be more serious on a cat.
Do not overdo.....please.......can't wait to see you and the littles.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh darlin' it was great seein' your happy clan on Christmas. Those grandkiddos of your's are growin' like weeds. You are blessed.

I'm thrilled to hear your takin' it slow on the room. Ya sure don't need any more back problems sweetie. I've got a feelin' it's gonna turn out great!

Ringworms...Nasty stuff!!! I'd be super paranoid too!

You and your cowboy crack me up! Are we seein' any 'sparks' there?

God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a wonderfully warm cozy kinda day!!!

We've go ice, snow and thirty mile and hour winds. Oh, did I mention we're not gettin' outta the teens today???

Julie Harward said...

I am glad your family was with you, that is how it should be. Your cat on the bed is as fat as mine! Also, we had a cat with big patches of hair loss, his skin looked awful too. Our vet said he thought it was allergies! We ended up putting him down because he it was so painful and just never would heal. Good luck with your projects! ;D

Susan Anderson said...

I enjoyed seeing your family photos. They look like a great bunch, and you are right...Christi is beautiful and your sons are handsome. Of course, right? Look who their mom is!


PS. Good luck with the ringworm. Isn't there some kind of prescription cream or other that cures this?

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Looks like everyone had a good time at Christmas!

Horses get ringworm once in a while and it is nasty stuff. You are smart in taking precautions!



Anonymous said...

Do you know how many times I watched that penguin on the sidebar.!!!!? 2 cute

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Lisalulu said...

love your stories, I mean real life! GREAT Christmas to have everyone all there!!! such a good feeling! and love your house, and GLAD you are taking care of yourself and haha Cowboy.. you have met your match with Maggie, I don't know if he COULD handle you!!!

Donna said...

Maggie I loved seeing you family! It looks like younhad a wonderful Christmas with your sweet Kaci and Bailey! They are beautiful children! Christi looks like she is right at home too!
Too bad about the ringworm and so happy you are enjoying the cowboy!
I so enjoy reading your posts are so funny! Thanks for my smile today!!!

Libbie said...

I just love the thought of you chasing that cat around :) Gives me a big smile!!!

I just LOVE the Christmas pictures! & they are not late at all ...just making the Christmas season a little longer :) I felt like I was right there with you all! & that is what I wish I could have done! I imagine there was lots of laughter! :) Everyone looks gorgeous!!! Glad you couldn't see me that day....too busy taking care of everyone else to check my makeup :) Thanks for letting us all in on your Christmas!!!!

Susie Swanson said...

Awww, Maggie you make me laugh with your uplifting posts and the pics are treasures.. Hope you have a nice weekend..Susie