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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Marydon at Blushing Rose is my next guest here to tell us her story. I love sharing all these lovely ladies with you and from your precious comments I see that you love their stories too. Still trying to give these post a name. Will do that soon!

Born with bright red hair straight as a stick that glistened in the sunlight … in Washington State … the eldest of 5, Irish Catholic, parochial school, I was a curious child, did not like the words ‘don’t’ & was relatively shy in groups.

In grade school the kids were not nice & teased me of my red hair, making me very self-conscious. This & (2) other instances formed me forever in grades 3 & 4. I was always picked nearly last in sports. There were (2) girls in my class both years … one named Violet , the other Carolyn. The kids were horribly cruel to both of them. I became very protective of them & made them my friends, showing the other kids that ‘plain’, ‘shy’, ‘bumps’, ‘red hair’ didn’t make us bad, terrible or different. Compassion grew for the underdog from that time forward. I enjoy ‘giving’ to cheer people up.
History of our pioneers & Indians, poetry & biographies … Trixie Belden & Nancy Drew kept me captivated … spending countless hours reading. . On Saturday we all went to the library for ‘reading hour’.
I love writing stories & poems … which has carried thru into adulthood. Philosophy, facts & everyday life happenings I love to share … well seen in my blog.

John Wayne was my HERO & would come & sweep me off my feet on his white stallion … & then he married Pilar Pilate. I was crushed. How dare he!

I would drag home any stray cat I could find, much to Mother’s chagrin. Poor ol’ Tuffy shared every emotion of my life. I’d dress him in doll clothes & wheel him all over town in the wicker doll buggy. He didn’t seem to mind.

My husband & I met at his parents home … the first day we met he asked me out & 4 weeks to the day later, we were married. He reenlisted in the USNavy & whisked me away to a ‘foreign’ world … California … quite a wakeup from our small confined town & surroundings. There were strange people I’d never seen, the city was soooo big … frightening. We travelled extensively across this great nation many times, eventually settling in Maryland because they had the best school systems for our (3) children at that time. I have not regretted this move.
My first national television show appearance was Good Morning America with Joe Garagiola (sp) regarding swimming pool safety after our wee son was killed … beginning national TV & radio show appearances, to educate the public on safety & bring attention to the need for strict legislation on local & state levels.

Genealogy has filled my life since 1978 … I wanted to find my precious FILs Dad & ½ siblings. I always said to Pa that I’d probably never find them until he died … & 8 months after his death (& 20 years later), we found them. We have travelled extensively throughout this country & overseas in this endeavor. It is so intriguing to find out every detail of our family(s) history.

Antiques captured my heart as a youth. Becoming an antique dealer 20 years ago led to my interest in vintage authentic feedsack fabrics. We have 3,000+ of these gorgeous feed bags in every possible design & color you can imagine, selling worldwide.
The best talent I have, which I say often … I write checks beautifully & have gorgeous gardens & love to write. I can’t sew, I barely can draw stick figures. I am a no stuff, bunk & nonsense person.

A deep heart calling for me, I am involved in children charities, need or causes.

Blogland curiosity drew me in by sheer accident … one year this month. Looking back on a few incidents that nearly destroyed my desire to continue, there are no regrets … just delightful joys & love shared with some of the most fantastic women/friends I could ever imagine … all are true blessings.
God & I chat all day long … He is my strength, He saved me in dark hours.
My husband is my other rock … I have 3 deeply loved children & 3 precious gr-kid-lings … they are my life blessings.

Maggie, I am so honored that you asked me to share … thank you

I am the won that is honored that you wrote this for all of us. What a beautiful story and person you are!
Once again I can not thank you guys enough for your time in doing these stories for all of us. Donna at Brynwood Needleworks is my next guest in line and you will love hearing what she had to say.

Be sure and send me your story and let us all get to know you.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I mowed until dark last night and on my way to do it again. It's still a little cool so I was letting it warm up. It was nice out there yesterday but reminded me of all the work I have to look forward to all summer. Fifty two acres is a lot to mow but God blessed me with this extra job and a place to live so when I am on the ole John Deere(tractor Bunny tractor) it will just give me more time to think of all my blessings and that of course includes all of you! Also it will give time to think about the beautiful candy box I won over at Gwens, A Charming Home.....what a surprise that was for me this morning. Life Is Good!

Love to all

PS: I always have to have a PS...hahaha  I posted a joke in the post before this that Gina sent me and ladies and gents if you need to fall out of your chair laughing then you have to read this crazy joke.


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

What another wonderful story. I just love Marydon, she is a real sweetheart!

Enjoy this day!!!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I loved that story. Thanks for allowing her to share herself with all of us.

You are amazing.

Unknown said...

G'day, sweet Maggie ~

I am so honored that you thought enough of me to request this interview.

Your 'magazine' is a wonderful 'Moments Of ...' (now there's a name for you) to become acquainted even more so with our wonderful 'family of friends' in blogland. You have opened up a fantastic door to share with all of us.

Have a beautiful weekend.
In deep appreciation ~

Anonymous said...

Just love Marydon...She is a Sweetheart!!
Stop by my blog for a 2 part Spring Giveaway!!

Deb said...

so fun to hear all about bout naming it Fantastic Friends...

Anonymous said...
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Diana Ferguson said...

Glad you found Texas-Blogging Gals! Will get you on the next updated list.

Come see me at my personal blog, too, real soon!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Another wonderful story! And an amazing woman!! Well done again Maggie!! Keep mowing love!!! Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Maggie.. that was very sweet of you to feature Marydon.

But you and I need to chat here... coming to my blog to tell me just how awful it is to be mowing till sundown.. you ratski! I'm green with envy here and I so wish I was with you. We'd be braking for some sweet tea and biscuits and of course share a great meal after all this work was down and then sit all night to tell stories or paint our toe nails.

Oh hell, why not both there!!

with love as always,

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Dear toohey I am so sorry your having issues with this friend of yours but I tried to write you and could can email me and blast her all you want and I can reply to you there...but because Marydon is such a dear lady and she does not know this lady your talking about I am taking this off but like I said I will be glad to talk to you by email and maybe I can help you and your friend

Tara said...

Marydon is such a sweet lady, we have a hometown in common which is an amazing coincidence since she lives all the way across the country! I hope you have a glorious weekend Maggie and I wish you much luck with your mowing!

Nola said...

Thanks for the introduction, I will pop over to visit Marydon right after I leave here!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Maggie Sweetie...
I am so thrilled that you wrote about sweet Marydon. I adore her. She is my BFF. I am going to see her for my birthday in April. I can't wait. She is such a beautiful, giving, loving soul. She has such a BIG heart, and I would do anything for her. She is a gift to this world truly.

I wish I had been there to help you with that mowing. Give me a John Deere any day. I have always been the mower, and I so loved my tractor back in Oklahoma. Sometimes I had all 3 kids on board with me. It had to get done. I had people come to my house, asking to buy plugs of my yard. Did I sell? No way. I loved that yard.

Have a beautiful Sunday sweetie. Try resting some okay? Another beautiful 74 degrees here in the valley.

Country hugs and much love..>Sherry

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Maggie hope you are resting by now. You have been very busy mowing...geez 52 acres wish we all lived closer to you...we could all take a turn mowing and be done with it!
Marydon...You are a wondeful lady and so glad to have met you here in Blogland. Your story is a tribute to who you are and we are blessed to know a beautiful part of your lifes story.

Tanza said...

Hi Maggie,
What a joy to see you featured our sweet friend, Marydon .. I have grown to love this woman, who I proudly call "friend" .. She is truly a joy each day, and one of the most giving friends EvEr !! Anyone, that has come to know Mary Don would surely share the same feelings .. she makes each and everyone of us feel like a Best Friend, and her love and joy for life, makes her soo fun to visit with .. And, a Patriot she surely is, giving each of us a daily history lesson, and words of wisdom to grasp .. Thanks for sharing her sweet story, and know you have blessed us by sharing sweet Mary Don ..
Hoping you Maggie, have a blessed happy week-end ~
hugs ~tea~xo

LaurieStar said...

What a nice story! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog tonight and leaving a comment. It means so much to me to meet new friends! I hope you come back again often! :)

Vicki/Jake said...

Oh Maggie, another awesome story told. I love your idea here...we all need to hear how survival is a part of all our lives. she sound so 'down home' and I'll go meet her soon as I can...still have the grand babes. I'll be back to catch up more soon.
Have fun with your JohnDeere (o:

Jacque said...

Good Morning MAggie,

That was a great introduction to a seemingly sweet lady. I will check out her blog!

I enjoy reading your guest blogs. Have a great day.

GwendolynKay said...

I enjoyed reading about Marydon's life story very much. So sad about her son. Wonderful that she has God in her life.

Unknown said...

Love it, I'm headed over there now.

Shell said...

Thanks for sharing, I love to hear about our blogging buddies and what makes them what and who they are!

Have a great Sunday,,,,looks like the weather might hold in Washington State, there were actually people Barbequing last night, In Washington in March? Wowza!

Sandi said...

So nice to read this post about Marydon! She is a sweetheart!!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Marydon is such a sweet and loving friend to all in blogland. What a blessing she is to us. Nice to know more about her. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Maggie....Lovely Marydon...she is a treasure for sure.

So nice of you to share her to find out what makes people tick.

God Bless, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Winchester Manor said...

Sweet happy to learn a little more about her...thank you for featuring these lovely ladies of blogland!

Thank you for putting my giveaway on your sidebar, I just adore you sweet friend and your sweet soul and kind spirit!

Loving the gorgeous music!!

Big hugs,

SharDon Exclusives said...

Maggie, sweet Maggie, you are so sweet! (Just wanted you to know that) I really enjoy reading the bio's of the other bloggers. It makes blogging so much more personal and interesting. Thank you for doing this for us all.

Blessings to you this week and I want to hear the story about washing your phone???

Anonymous said...

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