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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meet Regan from A Day In The Life!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I am grateful to introduce you all to Regan from the blog A Day In The Life. She has so thoughtfully wrote my this weeks Blogazine for all us to enjoy.

Thank you, Maggie, for asking me to write a post for your Blogazine. I am truly honored to do so, as I adore your blog and you too!

I started my blog,  A Day In The Life ( in August of 2009. It's main focus is on crafting, the family unit, antiques and other personal interests.

It was not an easy decision to start blogging. I'm not a shy person by any means- but I have always been on the reserved side, and this was totally out of my comfort zone. However, while absorbing all the wonderful talent and fascinating stories that a lot of blogs share, I decided it was time to try it for myself. So I held my breath and published my first post. I never knew how rewarding blogging could be- I have never in my life have met so many positive, charming, talented 'everyday' people! I feel like I have made a hundred friends or more! I giggle now as I say, I am not totally transformed... I still don't understand Twitter, and I'll be the first to admit I don't get the whole fascination with Facebook. Maybe one day... Baby steps, right??

A little more about me-

My name is Regan. I am 27. I have an amazing husband and a beautiful girl. I also have two furry boys, my two labs. I try very hard to maintain a sense of tranquility in our home, whether its through decorating, making home cooked meals, or just loving my family through words and actions. In our home, hugs and kisses never run out.

I met my husband in Maryland while working at a bar. I was a cocktail waitress, he was a bouncer. He was currently stationed on base in town serving our country through the Marine Corp. I knew as soon as I met him, that he would be my best friend. Have you ever had that feeling? I wouldn't say I fell in love with him 'at first site', but I had a rock-solid feeling he was my soul mate. It's funny, because he must have had the exact same feeling. To this day, he can recall exactly what I said to him, where we were, and what I was wearing. Although we didn't start dating until much later, we were friends right away. 'Joined at the hip' you might say. He left for Iraq about 8 months after we met. I worried about him all the time, and prayed I would see my best friend again soon.

My prayers were answered one day when he 'borrowed' a cell phone and told me when he would be returning to the States. I was so excited! When he came back, he was relocated to California. Again, it felt like we were worlds away from each other, but we talked on the phone every day. On Christmas of 2003, he told me he loved me. I was choked up with tears when I told him I loved him too. A month later, I bought a one way ticket to fly out to California. He was honorably discharged, and we drove all the way home together. We stopped anywhere that interested us, and to this day that is still the best vacation I have ever had.

Indiana became our home state. My husband is originally from Indiana, so it was a smooth transition. A year later, we bought a house. Two years after that, we got married. As we approached each milestone, time seemed to go on and on. Six months after we married, I learned I was pregnant. From that moment on, time has seemed to fly by for both of us! Maybe it's because each day we created a new memory with our daughter. Maybe it's because our priories have changed. I still can't believe our daughter is almost two. I can't believe our 'puppies' are four & nine already. I wonder what our next milestone will be?

As I write about crafts and antiques, dogs and family... I can't help but to feel blessed. Blessed to live the life I do, with wonderful people around me to share it with. I hope to have many more posts to publish, and I can't wait to 'meet' more great people through blogging.

Thanks again, Maggie for the opportunity to introduce myself and to give everyone an idea of who I am. I look forward to reading about more people through your Blogazine.



XoXo to you to Regan....thank you so much for being our Blogazine guest. I know everyone will enjoy visiting your site and getting to know you as I have been lucky enough to do.

Tomorrow at midnight I can find out who the winner is for the Paula Deen set. No don't call me at midnight I will call
If you all could see me now you would just die. Between mowing on the big tractor and walking the fields of Warrenton I am bent over and walking looking straight down at the floor. I kid you guys not....I mowed all last summer on this durn big tractor and this never happened but I woke up yesterday and again today and can not stand up straight. It is the most uncomfortable way to walk. I pray to sweet Jesus that this is only temporary because I am already short but now I am barely 4ft tall. How can I go back to the Sheriff's Dept bent over. The only thing I would be good for there bent over like this is checking the air of the tires in the partrol cars. Can you see me now trying handcuff somebody without seeing who they are...hahahaha
 Oh and Sharon finally sent me a picture of me at Warrenton when I was taking a break on a bench....

Have you ever seen me happier than this!!!

Sweet Dreams


Julie Harward said...

LOL...yup I can see you now..You are such a hard worker Maggie...take care of yourself! :D

sjmcdowell said...

Dear Maggie,

Geez girlfriend you really need to rest and soak in a nice hot bath...maybe a little wine and a good nights sleep!! I'm worried about you!! That picture is too funny...
Love ya Maggie!


Bunnym said... never looked so Thanks for highlighting Regan..nice love story. I don't know about you but there's something to be said about a cocktail waitress, a bouncer and a bar....and a happy ending.


Dan said...


Thank you for featuring Regan! I really enjoyed her post and will visit her blog as soon as I leave your!

I really hope your back gets better soon. Maybe it wasn't from riding on that mower. Maybe it was from spending too much time on that!

I hope you are having a great day!


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Well, you do look relaxed. I love the bench!
It was great to get to know the guest blogger.
I'm off to check her out!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Golly gees girl, you are a hoot and a half! You (I use that word lightly)loungin' on that bench is too much.

I truly enjoyed meetin' Regan and will certainly check out her blog.

You girlfriend, take care of yourself. You have big lawn tractors to drive, bulldozers to maneuver, gangsters to lock up. Ya can't do all that bent over like Grandma Moses! Seriously, my prayers are with you Maggie.

God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

June said...

Maggie, Really I'm NOT laughing right now...really. I am so sorry you're a little bent out of shape, I do hope it is very temporary.
I enjoyed this post as Regan as your guest. I'm off to meet her now.
hugs to you...a I do hope you will be standing upright very soon!

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

I enjoyed your post today made me smile !

~ Regan said...

Thanks again, Maggie, for asking me to write a post for your blogazine! I had fun doing it, and can't wait to see who you've picked for next week!

Go get some rest- the grass will still be there for you when you are feeling better!! :P

Lisalulu said...

That was great Regan, I loved hearing about your life! and Maggie you are a kick in the pants.. what a fun friend you are

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing Regan. She is a lovely blogger and I'm glad to know more about her!

Shell said...


Get Thee to a Massage therapist and DO NOT pass go!
The comment about a hot bath and a glass of wine isn't a bad idea either!

Loved Regan's post and I so love that you do this, I've enjoyed meeting all the bloggers you share!

Now,,,,go call about that massage!

Gentle hugs,

Anonymous said...

Regan, what a wonderful love story. Both for you,your husband and then adding your little girl to love. Wonderful getting to know you.

Jenny said...

Hi, I saw you on Anne's blog and was intriqued. Great guest post. Ooooh, a massage!

Tara said...

Thanks Regan for sharing your story! Maggie, I hope your back heals up lickety split. Maybe you should invest in a hot tub for future mowings!

Shell said...

Maggie Darlin'

On your half of beer and a tub, I hope youre feeling better!

I sent you my Blogazine post,,,,,I didnt know you were THAT serious! Please, please, please edit as you see fit, I re-read my email and there is a bit of redundency in the first paragraph and I'm sure a typo or two!! Hope it's okay!!

Hugs and snoozes,,,,,,,,and call the massage therapist!

Anne Lorys said...

Wonderful story!

And Maggie, I'm so sorry that I missed you in Warrenton, I left Monday morning. Hope you had a blast anyway! :-)

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Regan, very special sharing your life with us! Thank you! Your dear hubby and daughter are blessed to have a loving and caring wife and mom! I also enjoyed your blog!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggie:
So sorry to hear you're under the weather (or under the table) again. Hope you're well (and upright) again very soon. No use being bent over...just makes an inviting target for who-knows-what (or who!).

I NEED YOUR ADDRESS, girlfriend. Perhaps a little pick-me-up will help you back to your ol' self. Just send it via my edress (link through my blog).

Take care!

Meghan said...

Ha, I love that pic! Hope you are feeling better today and enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading the stories of all your Blogazine guests and I go visit their sites. What wonderful people you know sweet lady.

It sure was a good thing they had a place for you to stretch out and rest at Warrenton. Now that is laid back and happy if you ask me. :) Hugs!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Hi Maggie, another wonderful story!! I loved it, thank you Regan!!
So sorry about your back!! I have had sciatica twice, it's a killer!! The most uncomfortable thing!! I do hope you are better soon. Have a wonderful Easter.

Pom Pom said...

HI Maggie! Thanks for popping by my blog today! Yes, we have a couple of dairies that deliver milk here in Denver. Our daughter orders from a dairy that delivers in old time glass bottles. I've thought of switching just for those bottles! We started having milk delivered when our four kids were home because I was always going to the store for milk and spending one million dollars, too! I hope all is well! I've been thinking about you!

Unknown said...

I love regan, she has a great blog!
Maggie, for the link, you get the url of your post about French things. Put a name, your email and choose a picture when it tells you too.
Thank you for entering in my give away and for all your support. means a lot to me!

Sharon said...

I hope that you are feeling better and able to be upright again.
Enjoyed meeting Regan. What a love story.
Happy Easter to you.
oh and I loved the bench photo.