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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blogazine Guest Bunny!

Hope everyone enjoys the Blogazine guest...Yes it's Bunny from I'm Just Sayin'
I know I did not recognize her either without the Tape across the mouth. Looks like she removed it long enough to pose for this picture and to tell us about herself.

If you have a dislike for sarcasm, divert your eyes or better yet, go to your happy place in your head because I'm sure this post will be full of it...sarcasm that is.By the way, Hello, my name is bunny ( not my real name, it's Victoria but that's a whole other story I'm probably gonna blog about) and I'm a serial junk,treasure,vintage and crap collector and proud of it. Born and raised in sunny southern California, the middle child of a Mexican and a Italian  spending days as a youth rearranging my bedroom to perfection and begging my girlfriends mothers if I could do the same to their home. Walked up and down the alley ways looking for treasure and to my families surprise brought it home, spruced it up or refurbished it and incorporated it into our home. Seems like I still do that but now it's fashionable and I take pictures of it and put up on my blog. Maggie, either because she's delusional or just plain good, has asked me to write my story. Don't know why, I'm not a photographer, I don't peddle anything, except my stationary bike when it's not being used as purgatory for laundry, I don't give out tutorials and I haven't invented anything worthwhile...although, I've been thinking about an Ice chest with big monster tires that works with a remote for the beach....but yet, here I am.

Married to a man who makes me laugh and have two daughters 15 years apart and 3 squirrely grandsons that live close by...honestly, sometimes too close. I am entering peri menopause and raising a 16 year old, but luckily for me, she's acts older than me and she operates on auto pilot as my husband says. Growing up I was always an average student getting by with charm and personality except for certain English and Art. Those two classes were my saving grace as I was a rebellious (surprise!) teen and young adult. I was constantly writing, poetry, short stories, long name it, I wrote it. To my advantage, my art teachers always let me do what I wanted..Perhaps they saw something that I didn’t even think of. This leads me to my blog

I needed an outlet after semi retiring from the being an Optician and I get bored very easily. Seems like I always have to be doing something…so, why not a blog I thought. Being computer challenged as I am, I asked a friend to help me out and now, there’s no stopping me. Like I said before, I collect treasure which in some people’s eyes is junk…what do they know..they’re the ones who threw it out in the first place. Flea markets, yard sales, estate sales and discarded stuff on the curb and anything else is not safe when I’m around. I enjoy refurbishing, reconstructing and rearranging all in the name of recycling.

Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era because I love vintage so much…the aesthetics not the morality…lol I’m not much of a religious person but I’m very spiritual and I believe in doing what’s right and helping people and just making life a better place to be…Oh Yeah…and modern pharmaceuticals help too.That's my story and I'm sticking to it...I'm just sayin'.
Thank you Miz Maggie for letting me vent on your blog and introducing myself to your friends…now they’ve been warned…lol Love to Pearl too.
Bunny did not tell us why she wears the duct tape on her blog
Thanks Bunny for sharing your story with all of us and it was fun getting to know you better. As always I enjoy these stories so very much. Hope all of you do too! Next guest I believe will be a real surprise for all of you so maybe I should not tell! They are even in a really popular magazine we all love...besides the Blogazine Magazine! Can you guess who it is?
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It is very very cold here and raining but other than that I can not complain.  No mowing or inmates today so Life Is Good!
I actually hooked up with an ole girlfriend of mine Sharon and we had dinner together. It was nice visiting and catching up with her She wants to go see the movie with Jennifer Aniston, The Bounty Hunter so we may do that tomorrow if the weather clears up a little....yes we are both wimps when it comes to cold and
Sweet Dreams


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Loved bunny's post. Sounds like a riot. I'll check her out.
Hubby and I went and saw Bounty Hunter yesterday. It was ok.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Maggie Sweetie...
I adore Bunny's sweet post. She is quite the character just like you. You are two peas in a pod. I laughed as she described just as you do with Ms Pearl. Thank you for sharing Bunny. I will check out your blog as well.

Hope you get to go to the movie tomorrow Maggie, it is so nice to get out once and awhile. I was out gardening, mowing and weeding today. I am sunburned, blister handed and exhausted tonight. I wanted to visit a few blogs before I turn in for the night. Thank you as always for sharing sweet thing. I love it when you do. All this rain you are getting is going to put you and Ms Pearl back on that tractor come next weekend. I'll be thinking of you. Country hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

Julie Harward said...

I've heard this is a good movie. I'll be gone for a few days...catch up with ya as soon as I can! :D

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Thanks for sharing Bunny's story. HA! She is such a hoot! This is fun. Hope you got out to the movies and that the rain has cleared. Have a happy day! :) Tammy

Kissed by an Angel said...

I loved Bunny's story!! She is hilarious!! I'm going to her blog when I've finished this!!!
Thank you again Maggie, for your guest speaker!! The Blogazine is great!!
I'm glad your weekend is going great!! I want to see the Bounty Hunter too, but it's not our here yet!! Soon though, I already have a date with Kelly to see it!!!

Angela said...

I'm a serial junk,treasure,vintage and crap collector and proud of it.

I ADORED this statement. I LOVE LOVE it..think I may steal it from her and use it now for myself,,lol.

I loved this post. Had a permanent smile the entire time I read it,,

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Good morning everyone...yes I thought you would like Bunny...quite the little character that she is at times...
Tinkerbell knew it was Sunday morning and would not let me miss I am up and eating my healthy breakfast of DP and nevermind and Guess What the SUN is shining...oh I am so happy...but it is 33 degress but the sun is
Have a wonderful day and week and will catch you all on your sites...

NitWit1 said...

Nice post by Bunny; look forward to the next! Glad you got to hangout with friends. I don't get to do that much as I would like.

Shell said...

Great piece by Bunny! I always see her over at Lulu's!

Still under the weather but going in to Joyworks to work today not matter,,,,,although I have no voice! Should be interesting.

My son Andrew does a bit of Bounty Hunting on weekends, primarily bails though! You book 'em, he bails or chases them!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Shell said...

Maggie, let me know if you hear from our friend that's MIA,,I'd call but I have no voice! Off to work anyway


Hootin' Anni said...

I've got one up on'ya!! That is, I'm not only a wimp when it comes to cold [I just came from outdoors thinking the sun would warm me up a little...but, pffft!---WRONG!] Yessiree, I'm not only a wimp, I graduated to WUSS when it comes to cold.

Enjoy the movie. Loved reading about Bunny. Fitting you should choose Bunny when it's so close to Easter...just saying.

Have a glorious weekend. What's left of it.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hey everyone I have been wanting to remind all of you to be sure and sign up for the Paul Dean pans I am giving away on April Fools Day.
It is a sponsored giveaway by CSN and I hoping to have lots of participants so they will ask me to have more giveaways because they have nice things.
Sissie is having a CSN giveway also on her site. They are both on my sidebar

Terry said...

Howdy Maggie
Thank you for sharing Bunny with us !
I don't know how you do it but you always meet the most amazing women and the best part is you and Ms.Pearl share all the fun :)
Sarcasm oh my how would I survive life without it .
I heart sarcasm !
I have learned it is important to have a great sense of humor when you are an outspoken Texas gal .
I am looking forward to following Bunny and well I just have to find out more about the duct tape .
You never know when you'll find a new use for duct tape .
I'm just saying next to baleing wire a girl can always use a little duct tape :)
One must be prepared for the strange things life can throw your way .
Take care sweetie .
Big Hugs
Have a great rest of the day
Happy Trails

Bunnym said...


Just wanted to say thanks for all the attention I'm getting very fitting being my hubby is glued to the TV watch a hockey game and is totally ignoring me. It nice today here in Cali..gonna go's my way of getting even...

love ya,

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I'm lovin' learnin' all this neat stuff about new blog friends. Just makes a gal warm and fuzzzy inside.

God bless and you have yourself a Super Sunday, sweetie!!!

Deb said...

Bunny sounds like a great gal...thanks for introducing her to us...

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Bunny,
Loved Bunny's story and would love to go with her junkin sometime it would be a lot of fun I am sure!! Maggie love you girl and will catch up with you very soon! Ciao Bella, Susan

Jane Carlstrom said...

Another interesting story. Glad to meet ya Bunny/Victoria. Maggie, you know such amazing women.

Libbie said...

I just love the pictures on your side of you in your Easter Dress & the one of you with your brothers! I don't know how I missed them before but I am enjoying them now!

I have never met Bunny but I will have to cruise over to her blog too & see what she has been fixing up now! I liked hearing about how she did that as a child.

Maggie you are too funny...I am way to boring to be on here but Kate is pretty amazing. I wouldn't know what to write though. I am not the best story teller but I doubt you will twist Kate's took ahwile for me to get her to let me post about her :)

How is that family of your doing? I hope the sun is shining thee today! Oh & I wanna hear what you think about that movie ..Bounty Hunter. Hey maybe if you get bored with your job you could do that :) You & Kate :) Now that would be a good story!

Dan said...

Maggie~ I enjoyed reading about Bunny! I will have to check out her blog! ~Dan~

Unknown said...

I love bunny. Wow great post. She is so cool!

Lucy said...

So good to hear from a unique individual! Funny!

Unknown said...

Hi Maggie,
Fun getting to know another new friend. And I have been absent from blogland lately, so it has been fun getting caught up with everyone.

I was going to write to you, that yes, we do have a game in Dallas sometime this season. I don't really know when, I just show up at the airport whenever they tell me to. I suppose I should look at our schedule soon so I can figure out my life for the next couple of months.

And I am actually really boring, so I don't know that I would make a great blogazine quest, Libbie is much more interesting, I will bug her for you!!! But hope you have a great time at the movie, and hope it warms up for ya! We were in the 50's today, we are all walking around in short sleeves and no jackets. It's warm for us!

Have a great week!

Winchester Manor said...

Hi Bunny...nice to meet you and I think we may be related! I swear I could have written this same post...right down to the severe case of FRS I suffer with (Furniture Rearranging Syndrome) LOL I love your wit and sense of humor!!

Maggie, I just RE-FOLLOWED YOU, I don't know why that happend??? STUPID BLOGGER!

I adore you my sweet friend*´¨)
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ * ƸӜƷ BIG HUG AND SMOOCHES!!

Debra Howard said...

Maggie I really enjoyed your guest blogger. I also enjoyed your blog. I will be back when I get a chance to dive into your archives. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. Hope your week is going great!

artangel said...

I love Bunny (or should I say Victoria, now I know her Sunday name lol) Great feature, really enjoyed reading it!