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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!

You are amazing! I have been so bad about writing yet you still believe in me and come over to encourage me to keep writing. Some days while working out here and not ever having a moment to blog I think maybe I should just give up my site but then I sign on to my humble little blog and you have stopped by and left me the sweetest comment.

How do I find the words to thank you for your kindness. All I can think of right now is God Bless You!

Right now I am waiting on the pest control guy again to show up and spray for those darn pesky scary bees.
If you remember the other week they chased me into the house and I called him. Then this week the roofers showed up and while putting  a new metal roof on the ole farm house they were attached by bees. Scared them and me to death. Thank goodness only one sting out of what could of been a horrible nightmare.

I have to say the new roof  looks so nice even though it is a different looking metal. I had loved the old roof but was tired of setting out buckets in two bedrooms so now this new roof will be just what I need especially with winter coming on before we know it. Will take pic's for you when their finished.

Let me tell you how Monday morning started for me. I heard trucks outside my door around 8am and I opened the door to look out. In front of my house was three trucks of roofers, another truck was here to clean out the septic tank and last but not least a plumber.

I knew they were coming some time this week but no one called and told me first thing Monday morning. Then two hours later my land lady shows up for the day to make sure the roofers do what she wants done.

About 10:30 that morning I am ready to climb up on the roof and jump off. I remembered that some friends of mine had left some of those packaged frozen margarita's in the freezer and I am ashamed to say I had one.
This is a woman that drinks a pina colada once every six months so for me to head for the freezer for a drink tells me I need a vacation, or a therapist or both. I kept thinking it had to be five o'clock somewhere.

Since my last post I have had three chimneys leveled, a new roof put on, commodes reset and a shower worked on. Septic tank emptied and I finished working on the pink house. The renters are moving in this evening. Also I had a carpenter come by and look at the ceilings that have been leaking for a long time now. I guess after the landlady stayed here she realized this house needs some attention. So I am making a list of what needs to be done. lol

Today while mowing a big limb fell and just missed me so I came straight into the house and called a tree guy. He came out and we counted more than 14 huge trees that have died out here since the drought last year. I sent her an email and told her his quote and hopefully she approves and Friday he will work on getting half of them down for now. I could not believe for 8 trees he is only charging nine hundred dollars. These trees are not small we are talking old big ones and big. I ask him was he sure he was bidding right. Surely she will see how cheap this is and give him the go ahead.

Let me tell you the most embarrassing story of what happened while the guys were here leveling the chimneys. The man that owns the company came into my living room and I was asking him if I should move things off the mantles to make sure they did not fall. He thought they would be okay but I did not want to take the chance so I start moving my odds and ends. Well I look over and he is doing the same thing at the other end of the room to that mantle. I thanked him for the help and he went back outside. I walked over to where he was removing things off the mantle and I almost stepped in cat poop. That darn Tinkerbell had left me a surprise on the rug in the living room. The man just must of stepped over it and thought What a dirty woman this nut is!

To say I was horrified is not quite the word I am trying to find. OMGosh can you imagine a stranger coming in your home and finding that on your floors. Of course I had to go out side and tell him how sorry  I was for
him having to be in a house with cat poop on the floor. What else could he say but that he understood since he had a cat.

I ended up taking Tinkerbell to the vet after this because she had more than this accident and by the way she was acting I was afraid she was sick. Turns out I hope all it was is the stress of all the workers here. She has
been under the bed for several weeks now only coming out to eat and of course pooping in the wrong place.
She needed to be caught up on her shots anyway so it was not a wasted trip. The way they went on about how much she weighs I thought I might be arrested for animal abuse.

Christi came and spent the weekend with me which made me over the moon happy. We both needed some catch up time and to plan our trip in September. Planning this trip has turned out to be overwhelming because we both want to see so much in a weeks time. I have dreamed of seeing Vermont and Maine all my life so now that I have the chance I can't figure out where to go and to stay. Once again I am begging for suggestions. We land in Portland on Saturday at 2pm and that is as far as we have our trip planned. lol
Seriously we are in trouble. I did rent a car too. The places I would love to stay in Portland are way out of the budget I want to stick with but may have to give in for a nicer room in Portland and get cheaper rooms while visiting Vermont.

We ended up shopping on one day while she was here and she bought the most gorgeous picture for her living room wall. It is so colorful and I would love to keep it myself. She drives a little sports car so we wrapped it up real good to store here until I make a trip to Austin with it. Why I did not capture a pic of it before we wrapped it is beyond me. I will though take one after we hang it at her place. She can't wait for me to bring it. lol

Well the bee guy came and left this evening and even with the twenty foot ladder he brought he still could not reach the very top of the chimney where he wanted to shoot the chemicals down. He sprayed around it again real good so in the morning I will see if there are any bee's before I call the roofers back on the job.

As you can see my life is still a whirl wind of confusion. I remember thinking today while mowing that I can't even mow in a orderly fashion. It seems I was here and there and everywhere. I beginning to think I have that attention disease. I start one project and before I know it I am doing another one.

Well I must go and do something. I forget now what.

Love to all


Paula said...

Good grief you have a lot going on there. You sure are getting it taken care of in order though. Did you have a tin roof before? The rain sounds sooo nice on them, wish I had one. Stay away from those bees.

Darlene said...

Oh Maggie, I just don't know how you can keep anything straight in your head with all that has been going on at your place. You will certainly be ready to take a vacation and all I can hope is that you and Christy have a wonderful time while you are there.

I sure don't know much about Maine. I have driven through it, but we really didn't stop, unless it was overnight at a motel, only to get going the next morning. We were gone on that trip for over six weeks and went up north from here to Canada, across Canada to the coast and down through the Eastern States to Florida, then through the southern states to Arizona and a quick four hour trip home from Phoenix. Needless to say, we were so happy to get home. We did stop and stay with friends and relatives along the way, but I would never want to make that trip again.

I hope you get rid of all those bees, and also hope that you enjoy the new neighbors. I still wish you didn't have to live in that place where there is so much work to do. Obviously though, you must enjoy it, or you wouldn't stay...........or I least I hope you wouldn't.

I know how hard it is to find the time to blog. I guess I just don't enjoy it like I should, because I only blog once a week, as you know, and yet when the time comes, it seems that I can't think of anything interesting to blog about. I live a pretty sheltered life, compared to yours.

Anyway, take care and just blog when you can. We all love you.

Gorges Smythe said...

Don't worry about "what." The trick is to just keep moving!

Susan Anderson said...

Glad the roof is fixed but so sorry about losing eight trees. Such a drag!

And the bees. Geez.

As for Maine, we enjoyed Acadia National Park so much!


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

That saying...'when it rains, it pours" fits you to a T. ;0)
Hope things lighten up soon for you.
Sure wish tree removal was that cheap around here. Cost me $500 for one tall blue spruce last year. (((hugs)))

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a Summer you are having, Maggie! It always seems like one thing leads to another. I remember telling my husband one year, when we had so much going on, that I just wanted one day where I could sit down and do nothing! There are times when my hubby starts a house project that I just want to hide under the bed, so I can't blame your cat!

What about a B&B for your vacation?

Forty Pound Sack said...

Wow, Maggie, you are one busy lady! So glad you got us up to date, and honey, if it makes you feel better, you just call me up before you head to the freezer again and I will be happy to drop by and have a margarita with you. Then you can tell yourself you HAD TO have a cocktail with your guest, LOL. I got your back!

Sonny G said...

Bless your heart Sweetums, you give new meaning to- too many irons in the fire. Its no wonder you are having a hard time keeping up since as you do 1 thing 5 more to do's pop up for you to deal with. Just so ya know- had it been me with all those folks at my house doin, this that and the other Barcadi 151 would have been my constant companion, rofl..

I think ya outta just move here to NC close to me in a cozy little 4 room home and REST for a year or 3.. I'd take care of all the workers and you could sit back n blog. Goodness knows if anyone deserves a break- you do..

By the way- are you anywhere near Plano Texas?? I need info about that area that I cant get from any realtor cause ya know they have too many things they cant tell...

write me when ya can..

luv ya bunches

Linda said...

Wow, you have been busy, Maggie! I'm sure everything will look so spiffy when it is finished. I have so many dead trees around here, and have made the suggestion to the hubby to cut them down, but...

Have a great day. Good to see you!

Always Nesting said...

And you have time to eat, when???? Girlfriend, you are one busy lady with very interesting twists and turns with each day. I love it that you share your "life" with the good, bad, and the ugly. Yes, I think you don't have to wait till 5 o'clock. I'm an hour ahead of you so you can start at four and toast to friends far away.

Olga said...

I'll say you NEED a vacation. I don't know if you read Linda Letters ( but she took a tour of southern Vermont earlier this summer and her pictures are spectacular. They made me want to take a tour of my own home state, but of curse I have not gotten around to that.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Long post... I'm only going to tackle one topic...

Visiting NE in Sept. You need to get cracking and make reservations, Gals. Autumn is "Leaf Peeking Season" over here, and the prices are accordingly. I'd not be hoping for any "reasonable" or "less costly" prices, anywhere. Not in places you wanted to stay in, that is.

Hope that one of you has the time (you don't) to really look into this matter, NOW.

Gentle hugs,

yaya said...

Ok, I work in surgery all day 5 days a week...take call too...keep up a house, 6 acres, a dog and a cat, a hubby, kiddos, grandkiddos, and my life seems down right boring next to yours! I'm almost embarrassed that I'm even sitting here reading posts! You are amazing and fun to read so keep it up! Love it! (and you!)

Arkansas Patti said...

Wow, you certainly have had a parade of sweaty men in tool belts. Hope there was some eye candy in there.
Pretty sure Tinkerbell is just suffering from extreme stress. I am sure those noisy guys in tool belts terrified her.
Your landlady is really putting out some major dollars. Better her than you.
Hang in, that trip should restore peace in your life.

acorn hollow said...

What time of the month if you are coming at the end of the month that is leaf peeping. You need to make reservations. Portland you need to go to the old port great shopping and food. Lobster is cheap right now. Where in vermont are you going? I live in NH right between Maine and Vermont.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, After reading your blog honey, you definitely are ready for a vacation. I would love to be a stowaway in your suitcase. I do hope you take a lot of pictures because I would love to see the fall color. We are so dry that I don't think ours is going to be much. What color was the roof that you put on? You have been a very busy lady and you deserve some down time. Have a great day. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

Julia said...

Wow Maggie, you are a busy lady and are getting a lot done. All big chores too...... Never a boring moment at your ranch.

Poor little Tinkerbell, she is so stressed. My old Kitty peed on my white Stain Master area rug in the livingroom when the men laid a new floor in the kitchen. The hammering got her so upset that she kept peeing in the same place until I smelled it a few days later. Luckily it was on the edge of the carpet and I cut off a strip as it was an area carpet. I used vinegar and water to neutralize the pet odour.

Looking forward to seeing your renovations.
Hugs, JB

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

It is such a busy time for everyone.
Your blog is worth coming over to my friend and everyone understands.

Hope you are able to get rid of the unwanted buggy guests.

Rick Watson said...

I was exhausted just reading this post :)

Jacqueline said...

How much stress can one mind take on at a time. LOL

It is nice tho that the land lady is willing to get all of these things taken care of. Of course you have to suffer through it all but I am sure it will be worth it when it is done and behind you.

Enjoy your well deserved vacation

Cottage In The Sun said...

It sounds like you have been kept awfully busy! I have always wanted to go to Maine, too, so I have no suggestions, but I hope you have a truly fabulous time!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Isn't it great trying to get anything done when there are workmen all around? And you wonder why I like my wine so much! It's been my life for a while now....

It will be so nice when it's done, though and you will be all cozy when winter comes...

Unknown said...

What can I say?! I miss you terribly, I tried to call ... get my bedroom ready!

I visited a gal one day that had dogs running all over her house & without knowing it stepped IN SANDALS right in the middle of a poop pile! Ugh!

You come out this way you'd better be coming here OR I'LL PITCH A FIT!!! bigger than you can imagine. Maine is gorgeous, we love it up there when we go.

Glad the roof is fixed, I don't want a flood in my bedroom ... chuckle.

Will try & call tomorrow ... hope I catch you, sweetie. Sure do miss you. You know I am not a big telephone person tho.

This week we pick the kid-lings up for 5 days & then head to Williamsburg & Busch Gardens VA. Going to be ayippee fun time ... love those rides.

Little Miss M is on my blog today.

Chat tomorrow sweetie. Miss & love you.
Hugs of love,

indoor outdoor carpet said...

Glad the roof is fixed but so sorry about losing eight trees. Such a drag!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Summers used to be a time of relaxation, but boy does it seem our lives get busier every year. Hope you're enjoying your getaway and taking a break from all that's circling around you!