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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Missing You!

They say a picture can speak sometimes louder than words. So I took this picture today it really does shout doesn't it.

Remember a few post back Gretchen and I were sitting in the little chapel writing and that song Highway to Hell blared us out of the church. Well after the past week I am beginning to believe it was playing for a reason. So much happening! The sad awful madness in Tucson. My heart aches everytime I think of it.

Gary is now in the hospital at MD Anderson. He has not been able to swallow food and very little liquids for weeks now so after he passed out during one of his treatments they finally admitted him. They said he was starving to death. Could they not see that when they were with him every day? To make matters worse he will not get a feeding tube until Tuesday because they don't do that on the weekends and Monday is a holiday. Give me a break......I work for the Sheriff's Department and I guarantee you no inmate is neglected because it is the weekend or another holiday. Sorry I get angry watching him suffer.

Then my daughter Christi phones me crying telling me her sweet boyfriends brother has passed away. Such a shock to all of us and so so sad.  He taught school in Houston and my prayers for all of his family and friends.

My post today was not intended to be one of sadness but funny. I put it on hold for another day. It is raining really hard here and for days now. I guess we needed the rain but sometimes the grey adds to the sadness.
I Miss Youuhhh Pictures, Images and Photos

I truly miss all of you! Everyone of you! So today I am going to try and take it a little easy on my self. Take a long hot sudsy bubble bath. Later come back with some hot chocolate and of course whipping cream on top and catch up with as many of you as I can in a few hours.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway. It ends on the 27th and you can enter once every day. Don't make Ms Pearl come looking for you. lol

Hope all of you got some rest this weekend and it is not too cold where you are today. I know a lot of you are dealing with snow and ice so I am thankful for just the rain. It is so strange how our mind as much as the body needs that big huge Sun.

Love to all



Kim said...

Hey Maggie,
Sorry you are having a down day. I think your solution sounds like a good plan.
Gary's story is terrible but unfortunately I hear that kind of stupid stuff all the time. You are right, no inmate would be waiting days. I don't know which system is more screwed up - health care or the justice (injustice) system.
Hang in there,
Hugs, Kim

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Maggie, I am so sorry that all of this going on. I know that I could say the usual things in hopes of making you feel better but I know that that is not going to take away how deep your emotions are right now because they are deep but I can tell you that I will be thinking about you and praying that some of this burden is lifted. And another thing, just stop and breath, take some deep breaths and look for some positive distrations even if they are just teeny tiny distrations. They will add up. And keep posting even if you just need to let "it out."
Big hugs, Sue

Rebecca said...

Girlfriend...I am lifting you up and those you love this very day. You are always in my heart even when you don't always hear from me. I'm afraid my Mr. AGPMan got pretty sick just after Christmas and we are finally well again.

Praying for you today. I know and believe God will make good out of all the enemy means to destroy.

Love to you~


My Grama's Soul said...

Oh dear lady...I'm so sorry so much sadness is swallowing you now. With all the rain you are having God must be shedding great tears on your behalf.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


bunny said...

That's awful Maggie...yes, a bubble bath helps and so will all your bloggy friends...


Sares said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I will say a prayer for him and your family. Very sad about your daughter's boyfriend's brother too. It is always so hard when we lose a loved one.
I hope this week holds more cheer for you and some GOOD news. Seems like last week was a nightmare. Take care sweetie!

yaya said...

They won't help Gary until Tues.??? Are you kidding me? I work in a hospital..a small rural one and believe me we work everyday, 24/7! That is nuts! My heart goes out to you and my prayers go out for Gary. Such a sad weekend and dreary too. It's cold here, but the sun is shining. I Hope it will be a better week and please enjoy the bubbles and the hot chocolate..not mixed together please..that would hurt.

Orange Sink said...

Hi Maggie,
Perhaps Ms Pearl should accompany you to the hospital and find a Dr. who will listen.
I have been in these situations too many times. We trust the system because we believe they are all professionals( but we must speak up if we know things aren't right.) . Please know that my thoughts are with you and Gary. One day at a time.
Cathy G

Debby said...

Oh Maggie, I can't believe they can't do the feeding tube til Tuesday. That's why they have doctors on call. Is this a little hospital? I will continue to pray for both of you.
Also, so sad about the brother of Christi's boyfriend. So much sadness but you mustn't think that crazy song has anything to do with all of this.
Take that bubble bath, drink that hot chocolate and find something to do that makes you smile. I wish I was there to give you a hug and make you laugh. Please take care. xo

Julie Harward said...

Sorry to hear that about Gary...he looked so good in the recent picture on your blog post too! Take care of yourself and I sure hope things lighten up here real soon! :D

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Maggie:
My heart is aching for you as you relay the sad information about Gary. I guess it is true that one doesn't see the subtle changes when you are with someone every day. That must have been the case with his care providers. I hope that he is able to improve after they start his nourishment again.

Last night, I went with Handsome to his Soundsations gig at a local synagog. As we'd both been sick with colds for the past little while, I was worried about him doing all the lugging and set up for his drum kit. I went along to help him with all that (Yup. Call me his Roadie! lol), and thoroughly enjoyed the concert. One of the sopranos in the group has throat cancer that she's been fighting. She sang last night because there were two other sopranos out sick. She had a numbing throat spray that she used for relief during the concert. (She can only "eat" liquids these days, too.)

I hate cancer. It makes strong people frail, and steals so much of their vigor. I hope that your brother is able to retake his life from this damn disease. I continue to pray for it.

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's boyfriend's brother, too. So tragic.

Know that I think of you often, my friend. Sending comforting hugs your way.

Love always,

~ Regan said...

Im SO sorry to hear about your brother. What was that about a hippocratic oath?? I am just so sorry. I hope your brother is taken care of soon, for the sake of both of you. I cannot imagine how it must feel to watch a loved one go through this, and feel completely helpless.
I am keeping you, your bother, Christi and her bf's family all in my thoughts. The grey clouds will clear, but until then, let the sound of the rain wash away your misery. Now go enjoy that hot chocolate!

Buttercup said...

Dear Maggie,
Consider this a virtual hug across the miles. I am thinking of you and sending thoughts and prayers, especially to Gary. Somehow it doesn't seem that big a holiday when someone needs medical attention.
Take good care of yourself, my friend!

Susan said...

I am so sorry, Maggie. I will pray for Gary.
And you...

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

well dang, you sure have had a rough time of it this week.. mega prayers for your brother and hoping a doc shows some mercy and inserts the feeding tube before tuesday.. Just hearing that makes me mad enough to bite a 10 penny nail in helf~!!
I'm sorry for the loss of your daughters boyfriends brother. Loss is always sad but gosh when its someone so young :(

Our snow and ice is almost gone.. my grandma used to say if it laid on the ground more than 3 days after the temps were above freezing, it was waiting for more to fall. I sure hope not as its been a mess here in NC.
Please know I'm thinking of you and sending positive and healing thoughts for all of you.
Big ole southern hugs

Arkansas Patti said...

Sweet Jesus, what is wrong with those idiots at that hospital? How could they look a loved one in the eye and spout such stupidity.
I think Pearl needs to rip some new ones in that hospital. I am so sorry you all have to go through this.
That is just criminal.
My sympathies to your daughter and her boyfriend also.
This really is a dark time for you all and I hope it ends soon.

Terry said...

Howdy Maggie
Oh sweetie I am still praying for you !
Please don't ever feel like you are forgotten cause even when I get busy with stuff I know that Pearl will pay me a visit and tell me to get with the program and let you know your loved and prayed for . Sure wish Ms. Pearl could take care of Garys situation .
Will keep on praying for you all sweetie in the mean time try to get yourself some rest .Just think before long the sun will come out and the weather will turn hot again and we'll be fussing about hot flashes and other things not talked about in polite company :)
Take care my friend .
Love and hugs coming your way
Until Next time
Happy Trails

Donna said...'s hard to know words of comfort when so much bad stuff is coming your way! I think you need to tell Gary's doctors that you want that feeding tube now ASAP! they WILL listen to families and do it as urgent. Good luck with that.
You are right, sometimes when the weather is awful too, it seems that it is crying for you. I feel comfort in that oddly...if the sun were shining then it would seem as if I were missing something.
Just sending hugs, good wishes and prayers your way!

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, Does that hospital have a patient advancant my spelling is probably wrong. They are suppose to help when there is a problem and this is a problem. Does he have a primary care giver that can help get through to the doctor that it needs to be done now?? I would be hounding the nurses, whoever, until they did something to change the situation. I know what it is to keep hounding people until you get some answers. I would think that they should have seen that things were wrong when they were giving him his treatments. I am a primary care giver to my other half and I have the power of attorney for his health. Does anyone have that so that they can force the issue? I know I am asking a lot of questions, but I feel so bad for you because I have been there when things weren't going right. I will keep praying for you and your family. Your bubble bath and the hot chocolate sound good with marshmellows or whip cream on top. Take care my friend. Your Missouri Friend.

Lisalulu said...

I am so sorry.. what a really lousy weekend..I am so sorry but I am glad you can talk about it and I'm glad that you are able to relax, but I hope you don't worry and fret too much. Please know that so many people are listeneing and in your corner to lend an ear and a prayerful support!

Simply Soothing Studio said...

I'm so sorry to hear what a sad time you are experiencing. I will say an extra prayer for you and your loved ones.

acorn hollow said...

I am so very sorry for your troubles and sorry. I hope the rain has stoped and the sun is out it just helps a bit. I hope this week brings better news and sunnier skies. My thoughts are with you

Pat said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers dear Maggie. Wishing you brighter days.

Nezzy said...

Oh my sweet sister, know my heart and prayers are with you and Gary. It hurts so much to see a loved one suffering, especially when your hands are tied. Please take today to relax and renew yourself.

I'm sorry I haven't been around. I've been in Brownsville, TX this past week with my family for my Dad's memorial service. There is just no words for the chaos my sis and her daughter surround themselves with. It's good to be home.

God bless you sweetie and please, please enjoy your day. If ya need an've got my email girlfriend. :o)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

It's raining here in London today too, and I understand Houston is having its share also. But the raining down on your heart is the saddest of all. I know you want to go in and there and "fix" things for your brother to make it better--not a very good refection on MD Anderson, is it? I hope your brother finds relief soon, and that there are "sunnier" days ahead.

Libbie said...

Oh Maggie! It does seem like a rainy day! It has to be taking a toll on that HUGE heart of yours! I will make sure I pray especially often today for yoy & Gary & for Christi's boyfriends fam too! So sorry! Wish I could hug ya! & whip up that hot chocolate for ya! Would that be nice...if I could just come over & take care of you for the day! You need some serious pampering! Love ya!

Cherrie said...
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Cherrie said...

Don't know exactly what happened to my first comment, so here goes my second.
My heart and prayers go out to you, your brother, your family and the family who lost a love one!

blueviolet said...

It sure does seem like there's been a swarm of sad around you. I'm so sorry! I like the idea of taking a nice bubble bath to relax. Enjoy that!

Mumsy said...

Oh, my sweet Maggie your life needs some sunshine and good news for a change. I am praying so hard that all gets better for you and your loved ones and I hope to see that happen very soon.

I am so sorry to hear the news about Gary, bless his heart I am praying he hangs in there until the medical people decide his nourishment is more important than any weekend or holiday. Good grief!! That is just unreal.

I am so glad you are taking some time for yourself. Hope you enjoy or enjoyed that bubble bath. Take care of yourself me dear friend. Praying for you always. Love and hugs

SharDon Exclusives said...

Maggie, I am hugging you right this minute, via email. My favorite scripture is "Be Still and KNOW that I am GOD!" So relax and let go. We (your on line friends) are holding you up in our prayers. I love you sweet lady and wish I could carry this load for you for just one day.