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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jealousy Can Stink!

                 Eloise - Candy Heart Hampton Twill Dog Bed

Look what I ordered at the modern decor section of CSN. Is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen for a darling pet.

I know your asking now why am I looking at dogie beds when it is just me and Tinkerbell that share the ole farm house on the inside. Well that's a good question.

Several weeks ago when the temps dipped down into the twenties here I felt really sorry for the outside pets one being the farm dog who was left here for my care by the owner. Sweet Gretchen and I managed to pull her inside the house to protect her from the freezing weather. The pulling routine went on for the next three nights and on the fourth night all I had to do was open the door and she flew inside for warmth. hahaha

She is just a cutie pie and has watched over me the last few years while I made the transition from city girl to farm girl. My landlady named her Forrest and Kaci and Bailey call her Dottie Forrest. Crazy name Forrest. I won't tell you what Tinkerbell calls her. Tinkerbell has put a whole new word to the meaning of being jealous.

I really did not want an inside dog but looks like I have one at least for the winter months. Strange that after all this time that she refused to come inside that now you have to trick her to go outside. lol

Last week when I went to MD Anderson I left her outside and forgot to put her dogie bed out side too. When I got home the next day I walked in to the most horrible smell. Tinkerbell had used the dogie bed for her litter box. Yep she just did her business right there on Forrest brand new dogie bed. Needless to say I was shocked that my prefect little cat would do such a dastardly deed but it shows what happens when jealousy rears its ugly head or should I say hind end. 

So of course the bed went to the dumpster and while talking to Barbara my landlady on the phone yesterday and telling her about Tinkerbell mischievous doings she laughed and told me to not worry about it and shop for another one. Then she called me back and told me to order this bed from CSN and charge it to her. My favorite words CSN and charge it to her. hahaha

I go into the site modern decor and could not believe all of the things I wanted besides dogie beds. Take a look at this chandelier. Wonder what it would look like in the ole farm house. I have a feeling she would not tell me to charge it to her. Oh well I will settle for the beautiful bed that matches my decor.

Another thing I found in the modern decor site is wall paper. I had no clue that CSN sold wall paper. I found chalk board forms that you can made different things with on the walls or there was one that went on your refrigerator. How neat! I am trying to make me a writing nook upstairs and the chalk board forms got my attention.

Hope you are having a wonderful week! Gary did not get to come home from MD Anderson because his white blood cells are too low. My oldest brothers wife went to be with him because I am down this week with the back plus I had a tooth pulled.

Love to all


Sue said...

Seems like CSN sells just about everything!

Hope Gary's white cells build back up soon and that your tooth (or gum, I should say) heals quickly.


Sybil said...

Oh Grandmayellowhair !!
How I LOVE the new dog bed. My we Dee would be in heaven tucked up in that for sure. I have never ever had an outside dog as I know for sure I coudn't sleep if I thought it was outside in the cold....(some nights I can hardly sleep as it is thinking about the poor folks who are sleeping out on the streets)
Sorry Garry didn;t get home, but best kept there till he is much better....Hope your mouth is better...having a tooth out as far as I am concerned would be the very worst thing to happen to me LOL
Love Sybil xx

Rae said...

That is a cute doggie bed and that is one lucky dog to have you taking care of him. We don't have a CSN store around our neck of the woods. Sounds like a great place to shop.

Libbie said...

Oh Tink....that naughty little thing :) (I like a little naughty:) But the bed is too cute! & chandelier!!! WOW!!! I have never seen such a gorgeous one!

Sorry to hear about the tooth! I need a lot of dental work but I just don't even want to spend the money! :) We still need a car bing enough to fit the family in!!! :) YIKES! & the babe is coming in 10 weeks!

I better run but talk soon!

Mumsy said...

Yep, those sweet little critters of ours can have quite a large, long streak of jealousy. How some people think they have no feelings of emotion have never had one live with them. Love the doggie bed, If I knew Chancy would sleep on it I would get him one. How sweet of you to take in the dog.

Sean from CSN contacted me about a give-away partnership. I have no idea what it is all about but may contact him to find out. I have seen some CSN give-aways on your sidebar a time or two.

I am sorry Gary did not get to go home and I hope that his blood count will be better very soon so that he can get out of the hospital.

Sorry about your back hurting you and you having to have a tooth pulled...hope your gums heal up quickly and you feel so much better.

Love and hugs sweet Maggie

Home and Heart said...

You always have such fun posts!! I hope you are all better soon too!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

You are such a sweetheart for taking in the farm dog in the cold weather. I hope Gary can come home soon and that your back is better soon...



yaya said...

Cute bed! I love CSN and I'm so lucky to have won a giveway on your blog before. It's a fun on-line place to shop...Gary is in the best place until his white count is up. Hope that happens soon and you're back gets to feeling better.

Gorges Smythe said...

Don't you hate when animals act just like people?

acorn hollow said...

Hope your up and about soon sorry about the pulled tooth. that was kitty saying get this to hell out of here.

Darlene said...

Hope Gary gets to come home soon, because if he does that will mean his white count is up. It's good to stay in there until is is. My husband had colon cancer and was on chemo for a year and a half, so we've had experience with all that stuff. He is cancer free now and we are happy about that. His chances were 50/50. We beat the odds.

Hey,now that you have had your hair cut, you need to post of picture of you. Would really love to see that and I'll bet a lot of other people would too. I'll be watching for it.

Love your new doggie bed, too bad the other one was ruined. Cats can be very temperamental. Hope they get along well for the rest of the season. It was good of you to take that poor dog in from the cold.

So sorry about your back. I can really relate. I took cortisone shots until they didn't help anymore. Now I just use gel packs and the heating pad. I can't take pain pills as I am allergic to all of them. Also hope your gum heals well, it will if you didn't get a dry socket.

Take care and post your new short haired self!!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Am I the only one that didn't know about CSN? When I was finally able to get back to blogging and visiting I was seeing a lot of references to CSN. I did check it out ONCE and it was only a peek because the minute I got in there I knew I was would be in TROUBLE! I already have enough BAD HABITS. LOL

Your little Tinkerbell was certainly sending a message. The house is hers! Cats are funny creatures. I should know, I have 6 of them!!! Or should I say my hubby has 6 cats. He loves his kitties. But I love them too.
Take care my sweet friend. We are always here for you. Big hugs, Sue

Debby said...

Ouch a pulled tooth and you back not feeling well. You get soon, please. So sorry about Gary not getting to come home. I hope things get better really soon. I feel bad for you. My doggies are jealous of each other.
Not pretty, hah. xo

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How cute! I LOVE CSN...they really do have everything! ♥

Arkansas Patti said...

Spite was invented by cats. Beware. However, I am so glad you have coaxed the dog inside. I never understand how people can leave them out in brutal weather.
Sorry Gary isn't home yet. I know how disappointed you all are, especially him. Hope he is home soon.
Do take care of that back Maggie.

Marydon said...

G'morn, sweet Maggie ~ Been there & had that happen with our pets ... competition/jealousy! Ugh! Too funny.

So hope that Gary is home soon, things are settling down for both you & he. You worry me just as much as he worries you ... you gotta take care, Maggie. How's that tooth extraction, healing well I hope. It was so good to talk to you, I always feel better to hear your voice.

So love CSN ... crazy shopping in that place, they have everything one could EVER desire.

We had a fabulous blizzard yesterday, 15" of that gorgeous fluffy stuff ... yippee!

Have a great day ~
Hugs & lotsa love coming your way, my precious friend ~

Donna said...

Maggie...I had a little bit of that jealousy thing going on today too! My grandson (13 months old)was here and my dog was sitting on my lap. The baby came over and shoed the dog off and sat down and cuddled, lol!!
I'd have been so mad at Tink but at least you got a new bed out of it!
Hope Gary"s count comes back up soon and your back and tooth get to feeling better...soon!!

HumorSmith said...

Maggie, my ex used to have to trick me to get me outside as well. I got even though. I peed on her bed.

Garden of Egan said...

There's nothing worse than the cold jealous heart of a cat.
Don't ever cheat on one.

Glad you got a cute one.

Sorry to hear about Gary. You need to take care of you too. HUGS

A Gracious Home said...

Great finds. I love the doggie bed. Doylene