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Monday, January 3, 2011

No Bra For Ms Pearl!

Tell me would you argue with this woman! As you all know Ms Pearl has chewed up and spit out a many of inmate when she needed to but never has she argued with me. That is until this morning!

Yesterday for some strange reason I was having pains underneath my arm pit where many years ago I had breast cancer and they removed all my lymph nodes. Rarely does this hurt but it bothered me all day so this morning getting dressed I of course like most of us reach for my bra. That's when Ms Pearl made her appearance she totally absolutely refused to put it on. Yep NO Bra today was her arguement! I tried to reason with her that the two times I was braless out here in the country my land lady showed up from Nevada and caught me. lol

Her arguement was that prehaps without a bra maybe the arm would not hurt today. Needless to say she won! Let's see we have a Wordless Wednesday out here in blogland should we declare a Braless Monday!

Just think every Monday  we could all write about how good it feels to be 9 again running around with nothing strapped around us. lol  We could feel young again  Of course now  I should warn you that if you are like me there could me some danger involved. So like anything else consider the dangers! One that springs to mind or maybe spring is not the write word here but if your boobs have started to sag or hang to low that could present some problems but I will spare you the details.  Too much information....Right!

Speaking of information Marydon from Blushing Rose and Donna at Brynwood Needleworks are both having giveways! Bra or no bra I am entering these giveaways. So should you! Your a winner already by going to their sites and getting to know them. Two very lovely ladies who would never ever run around braless but I do know one rides a Harley and the other knocks on her blogging friends door but fully dressed of course.

I will of course let you know if I get caught today!

Love to all



Jenny S said...

lol! I am just thinking of the kitchen aide jogging (bruised knees and black eyes are not pretty) You crack me up!!

Sue said...


My doctor calls the saggy boobs of maturity "flat boobs." I am sorry to say that she is beginning to apply that terminology to me.


Marydon said...

Oh, lawdy! I am, WE ARE, in hysterics laughing with you! I can just picture this scene ... hang on to them, Maggie, they can be very dangerous when they are on the loose! Chuckle!
Are you going to get the soreness checked out I hope.

I have a huge incision the width of my left chest under the breast where they laid me open for my heart failure ... it gets goofy like that occasionally & needs a rest from entrapment, too.

You are such a sweetheart to give our GIVEAWAY a nod, Thank You So Much, sweet friend.

Have a beautiful New Year ~
Hugs of love my special friend, Marydon

Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

I just LOVE not having to put that sling shot on some mornings when I don't feel up to it and it is just me and hubby at home...Feels very comforatble.... :)

My Grama's Soul said...

I personally think the should make BRALESS MONDAY A NATIONAL HOLIDAY!!!! (O:(O:

Stay well my friend.



Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Why is it that I always have something in my mouth when I'm reading your posts, Maggie! And that something always winds up almost leaving my mouth! : )

Garden of Egan said...

I love Ms Pearl so much. I am with ya! It is my day off and no matter how frightening or scarring........I am without.

Jo said...

I love Mrs. Pearl. She is so sensible, and she makes everything okay. I am braless today and it's wonderful.

Do you remember when everyone burned their bras? Who says we have to wear these things, anyway? And I agree -- Braless Monday should be a national holiday, every week...!

Sharon said...

You sure do know how to crack a person up on a Monday. I agree with you but I do hope that you get it checked out.
Have a great and free day.

Donna said...

Ohhh Maggie!! When you wrote "Wordless Wednesday"...the first thing(s) that sprang to mind was/were, guessed it! Pics of pendulous bosoms in my!!
Acutally, I don't blame you. Gotta do what a girl's gotta do. My favorite part of the evening is removing clothes and putting on jammies to relax in. The best feeling is taking off the bra!! I remember when my mother used to say that and I could not understand...till now!

hippo chick said...

Hi Ms. Pearl, or so I think that's who is writing today. At 65, I don't much care who catches me at night in my own home. When I'm in for the day, I put on my jammy bottoms, some old comfy top and get rid of the bra. Oh, the freedom that comes with aging.

~hippo hugs~

Tracy said...

I'm all for it but perhaps it would scare the children if I went to school braless? Nope, not a good idea, however that is the first thing that comes off when I get home after my shoes...I know, perhaps TMI but you did ask, you know?

Kim said...

Oh that ms. pearl is a wild woman. Can't stop smiling when I read your posts. But please, no jumping jacks....don't want to get a black eye!
For me, that wouldn't be a problem.... Lol

Lisalulu said...

you ARE funny, but Ms. Pearl was right... don't hurt more today than you have to. and a braless Monday sounds good, at least when i get home from work!!I wish both of you well, AND both of your friends Marydon and Donna, BOTH total babe's.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Oooooh, "Braless Monday," LOVE it!!! You may be onto something here!! LOL! Thanks so much for the laugh! I really needed that today!!

blueviolet said...

I am embarrassed to say that I look and feel exactly the same with or without a bra! :(

acorn hollow said...

Well you made me keep my new years resolution. to laugh out loud every day. I am with you about mondays but I have to work with the public on Mondays so in order to not scare the customers away. I vote for Sat.
love it.

yaya said...

I'll tell all the nurses in surgery that every Monday we will go braless...than sit back and take pics of their faces..maybe a video would be better! Now I'll have that song.."Do your boobs hang low" my head all night. Thanks Maggie.

PEA said...

If I went braless, I'd be tripping over my girls! LOL It sure would be nice to go around at least one day a week with no bra on...of course locked inside my house where no one would see me! hehe

Happy New Year dear Maggie!! Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2011 has to offer!!!! xoxo

Whimsey Creations said...

Oh my gosh you make me laugh. Back in 2003 when I had my gallbladder out and had a little incision right where the bottom of my bra was - I decided to start going with chemises instead. Unfortunately - gravity has other ideas now and even with a chemise, they start out at one level and 'gravitate' south to Mexico by the end of the day. I'm back in bras but NOT liking it! First thing I take off when I get home from work (and sometimes in the car before I get out of the parking lot!). Oh and my boss (who is a woman a year younger than I am) cross-stitched us all gifts for Christmas and of course we all had to open them at the lunch (7 gals, one guy) and then display them on our desks (thank God we have cubicles). Mine was a hip chick but with this saying: Go braless! It pulls the wrinkles out of your face! Trouble is she framed mine upside down. I told her she should have embroidered Go braless! It slaps the wrinkles out of your face!

sissie said...

Hi Maggie,
I figure it won't be long before we can tie them in a that song...."do your boobs hang low,do they wobble to and fro.
Can you tie em in a knot, can you tie em in a bow!" LOL!!
Oh well, you started it and you sure got all these girls goin!

Yep, I agree you are talking about two really sweet bloggin gals.

I love the picture of Ms. Pearl. She looks just like she could start some serious trouble.


Nezzy said...

Oh sweetie, ya need to live in the Ozarks with me where underwear is optional. Let me tell ya when it's just me and the cows baby I'm not bandin' the Grand Tetons up in a bra. I do suck it up and wear one in public though. Heeehehehe!!!!

Loved the post baby!

God bless and have a marvelous evening!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

Thank goodness for winter and baggy clothes for instead of braless Monday, I am braless everyday unless I go to town. Aaahhhh.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post sweet Maggie...glad Ms. Pearl won out and you left that bra hanging so you would be more comfy. I have been braless all day and I am every day that I am not getting out or I know that no one is coming by. So far I am not walking on the girls but I may one day if they keep hangin' lower and I keep getting shorter. Hope that pain went away. Hugs

Julia said...

Oh Maggie, you just reminded me of what happened to me just recently. We were invited to a Christmas party on the 15th and had to be there early, 6:30 PM. I came home from the barn, showered and tried to put on a face, I was trying to put thin line around my eyes all the time thinking, I better not forget to put on a clean bra. My prosthesis was siting on the counter in the bathroom. My husband is always in a rush to go so I have no time to lose. He calls out" I'll be waiting in the car" .
I did a half decent job putting my eye liner, got dressed and went to the party and had a wonderful time. It's only when I got home and got undressed that I noticed that I had forgotten to put my prosthesis in my bra . I never noticed it at all and I tell you that it was noticeable because one side was normal and the other side was all bunched up and I was wearing a snug sweater with a turtle neck. They were all close friends of mine, males and females. So now, braless Mondays is no big deal to me. I'm only a size B cup any way.

You're a hoot of a kind, Maggie. JB

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I am so all about letting the "girls go wild" I could go on one of those videos..only problem is I wouldn't have to lift up my shirt really far...if you are getting my drift..They are a pair of "southern sisters" on words again..I do love being untethered if I can help it..only at home though..or bundled up so no one can see flopsy and mopsy dangling around.;)

Sares said...

Let it all hang loose if you need to! Sometimes those dang things are just so uncomfortable.
Happy New year to Maggie and Ms. Pearl, I hope it's much much better than last year! Stay off ladders!

GerryART said...

What a gaggle of gals commenting.
Here I am ready to go to bed and am laughing my head off at the computer.


Ms Pearl's pic is just as I picture her.

Love ya,

Libbie said...

Trust me do NOT want me to skip a day wearing a bra...ever. Especially now when I am pregnant. :) But you? Go for it!

Tina Eudora said...

I am going to appear to be a real savage but Maggie I have not worn a bra (unless there was a very good reason) in years! So far genetics has been kind to me and I am not tripping over anything!
Thanks for the chuckles though, I never get enough of those!
Tina xo

Anonymous said...

Just don't run; you could injure an eye!

Two Blondes said...

Ah Maggie, I couldn't agree more. As soon as I get home from work, off it goes! Along with my work clothes and shoes and it's jammies and bare feet for this country girl...



NitWit1 said...

Well arthritis partially solved my bra dilemma. I only wear sleep bras (I know no shame) because my little short arms will not meet in the back. THe front latching bras will not stay latched for some unknown reason. Gravity will just have be declared a winner with very little restriction.

If there are other solutions I have not found them. Maybe just bind 'em up like our mothers did to dry up milk after nursing.....but I think we are all beyond that,.

Brenda Kula said...

I happily flopped through the whole day without a bra! Most days, that's what I do. I'm past the point of caring really. My back hurts more with that damned thing on. So off it goes! Who looks at old farts like me anyway? You go, girl!

Shirley said...

Thank you my friend for my chuckle today. I enjoy reading your post and I don't always get to leave you a comment especially if I am reading them while I am at lunch. Have a wonderful day. Your Missouri Friend.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

OMG Maggie you are a hoot!! Thank you I need a real hardy laugh like that today. I agree! Leave the darn thing off if possible. Hoping the pain goes away. Let the Dr know next time you see him/her.
Thanks for the visit and yes I still have my Etsy shop and would love any advertisement. Thank so much!
Sending you big hugs!

Shelly said...

"Set them Free!" I do,,,,,well, they're not much bigger than,,as my mother used to say about HERS "Raisin's on a Breadboard" Anyway!

I wear "Cami's" a lot of the time, some with underwires,,,some without! Who am I try to impress when I'm at home????? I just let "the Girls" breathe!

Your comments on my blog were too sweet,,,,You know I love you and even when I don't have time to blog, you are still on my mind! Of course,,,,You can post whatever you want about me..anytime! If it's "naughty," well, I probably deserve it! And if it's nice,,well Bless you!

Happy New Year my dear friend! I love you to pieces!
Hugs, Love, a Bus, and well a "Squishy"-which would probably be YOU and Me Hugging, "Sans" Bra's! Ha!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Maggie,

Loved your post today and I can hardly blame you if you are feeling uncomfortable and sore.
When will they come up with a bra that is comfy and the bones and underwire do not jab into your body?
It is always a delight to come and visit you sweet friend.
Sending hugs from NZ

The French Bear said...

Maggie, you are so funny!!! I think you should start a new group, "Braless Bloggers"!!!! Ha ha, loved this story, sometimes the plain ole truth is just hilarious!!!!
Love you gal!!!