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Friday, January 7, 2011

Highway To Hell!

Walking up to the Chapel...
Massive Old Organ in front of the Chapel..
Stained Glass Windows On Each Side of Chapel.....

Back of Chapel near where you come inside...Notice the old painted ceiling...

Back Wall of Chapel .....

Circular Staircase going to Balcony.....
Sitting upstairs looking down into the Chapel...There are two of these Chandeliers...

This Chapel sits on the Festival Hill grounds located in Round Top. Today Gretchen and I were lucky enough to do our writing in this lovely chapel. As I have mentioned in earlier post Gretchen moved out here on the ranch in the pink house that sits behind mine and she is a writer.

Getting to know Gretchen has been one of the highlights of 2010. She has inspired me to pick up the pen again and finish my book that I had started years ago. Who could not be inspired by her and this lovely chapel.

About an hour into our writing we heard this really loud music that sounded like it was coming from a boom box outside. If only you could of seen the look on our faces. We both had the what the heck look on our faces because the song that was playing was no other than Highway to Hell.
There we were sitting in a chapel and listening to Highway to Hell.

Never in all my trips to Festival Hill have I heard any kind of noise except at the classical concerts or the birds singing. We went outside and there was no one but when you came back inside you could feel the windows rattle and the sound extremely loud. I then remembered the rock basement underneath the chapel and we had to go see who was playing.  

Like two kids we snuck down to the basement and all we could see was a very tall man playing a electric guitar with plenty of amps. lol  He never heard us...of course and we went back upstairs. Needless to say that was the end of our writing for the day. 
We laughed about it all the way home. Can you believe Highway to Hell playing inside a chapel. 
Sorry the pictures are so dark. We never could figure how to turn on the two beautiful chandeliers. Just the candle lighting on the side walls in between the stained glass windows.

I am in love with this chapel and am looking forward to writing in it again but of course without the music. It feels good to be writing again.

We were both in awe of the sundset while driving back to the North Forty.

What a way to end a wonderful day!

Hope you have the best weekend ever! If have not noticed yet I have added a page called Temptations to my site.
Today I tried doing a button for my site but so far no luck with getting it right. Carol from Firecrackerkid Primitives whose shop is listed on Temptations sent me instructions by email and I appreciate you Carol. I will try it again later tonight. Another thing I have been trying to add to my site and it want let me nor will it go away on my dashboard is the share your post thing. I have tried everything to add those silly little things to the end of my post and nothing comes up. hahaha Yet everytime I open the dashboard up it ask me if I want to add it. Why won't it Go away!

Sweet Dreams,


Dan said...


The chapel is beautiful and how ironic to hear that song playing while you were there.

I am so glad that you are finishing your book. I would love to read it sometime. I am sure it will be a best seller.

I hope you are doing okay and that you have a wonderful weekend


Nezzy said...

Is that anything like me walkin' into church singin'...She's a brick wall....??? Ya know how the first song ya hear sometimes get's stuck in your head?

The irony of this just cracked me up but I have to say sometimes in practice our musicians 'cut loose.

What better place to be if your on the Highway to Hell than a beautiful church.?

Great Pics....God bless ya sweetie and have an awesome weekend!!!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a lovely old chapel. Maybe next time it will be a little quieter.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Maggie. Good for you girl, picking your writing back up. What a wonderful therapeutic thing to do. And who knows you may end up rich or at least famous. Love the picks of the chapel and that gorgeous sunset.

Highway to hell....that's too funny. How could I pass by without reading this post. I think I would have freaked out if I'd went outside and didn't see anything. I'd been on my knees asking what am I doing wrong. Ha-ha.

Have a perfectly wonderful weekend Sweetie.
Hugs...Tracy :)

janet said...

love the beautiful chapel and your sunset is magnificent!

Janet xox

Darla said...

Hearing that song in the Chapel would have creeped me out a bit too.

Arkansas Patti said...

Wonderful that you are writing. Too often life and work gets in the way of writing. You have no excuse now and I hope you finish, become famous and we can say we knew you "when".
Too funny about the eerie music in that lovely church.

Donna said...

Of all the things I thought when I saw the title, that was the last outcome that I thought of...ha! It must have seemed so ironic!
Good for you for writing again! It's great to have someone to inspire and support you. Fun, just to have a friend live so close, huh?
The pics are just gorgeous! Great to have a relaxing day and then have beautiful views on the way home...a perfect writing in a chapel, laughter with a friend and a gorgeous sunset!

Pat said...

What a beautiful chapel and wonderful place to spend an afternoon. As for the music, maybe it shows that God has a sense of humor? A thumbs up to you for working on your book again.
Also, I want to thank you for adding me to your Temptations page. It's wonderful to be in a group with so many talented people.

acorn hollow said...

Beautiful chapel and highway to hell in the basement very funny.
glad you are writing again.

Lisalulu said...

you are always entertaining!!! I so look forward to seeing a post from you! You never fail to entertain! Love that beautiful old church. Love that you are writing your book again... and such a great funny story to hear about the music- although I'm sure noone at the church would believe you, unless you had seen it(the guitar player) with your own eyes!

Marydon said...

Oh, lawdy! I can see you two now ... how tickle me funny this was to read. I'm with Tracy S, I'd have been storming the Heavens on my knees. You are too cute. So glad you have started writing once again ... I am definitely looking forward to that autographed lst edition!

Hope today is going better for Gary, bless that brother.

We had snow today but I was so tired from not sleeping well that I missed seeing it fall ... :(

Have a beautiful week, sweet friend.
Love & hugs ~
Me & He

Julia said...

Maggie, you find humor everywhere and there's no place humor can hide from you. That's what I like about you. I can picture you and your friend hearing this music. Beautiful chapel and gorgeous pictures.

So glad that you started writing again. What is your book about?

I have a bunch of journals that I wrote in everyday for quite a few years and for some reason I stopped writing in my journal on March 31st last year. It's mostly a spiritual awakening and my life history and how I came to love myself as I am. I like to go back and read stuff from it that I have forgotten. I think that everyone should journal. Some day I would like to condense the highlights of my journals and put them all into one book for me. Have a great weekend. JB

Cherrie said...

That is a beautiful chapel. I wonder why he was playing that song? Too bad you couldn't have interviewed him! lol I would love to hear his answer.

Sybil said...

Hi Good that you manage dto have time with Gretchen in the chapel it is so lovely there. Mind you like a couple of your other comments If I had gone out and not seen anyone I woudl have been back in like a shot on my knees !!
There sunsets are spectacular. I just LOVE sunsets.sunrises..
Take Care,
Much LOve Sybil xx

Sue said...

You have the best stories to tell. This one is priceless!

And I'm glad you're writing again. It's a gift, and you need to use it!


Kim said...

That is funny. Reminds me of a crazy wedding we went to several years ago. Some of our cousins are wacky (not in good way) and they think everything should have a theme. Their daughter had a "gangster" wedding - in a church. Now, I think the actual church ceremony should be serious and sacred but they wore 20's clothes, handed out cap guns so the guests could "shoot" the bride and groom and the background music was the theme from The GOdfather!! I was HORRIFIED.

Mumsy said...

Well, now had I been with you ladies I don't know if I would have been brave enough to have gone down to that basement or not. I am glad you and Gretchen did though so I would know where that music was coming from. That would have been a bit eerie to me.

I wish I could read your book when you get if finished.

The pictures are just beautiful.

Have I ever mentioned that I love the picture of Tinkerbell sleeping on your bed. She looks some like my Snookums and she sleeps on her back too.

You will get that button figured out and your new Temptations page is very nice.

Thank you, sweet Maggie for sharing the beauty you saw in pictures with us. And thank you for the laughs, the way you write is just amazing.

Love and hug!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oooh, Maggie, such beautiful images you've shared today. What a quaint church! Funny story about the song, too!

Would you mind sending me the info on how to make a button ~ I wanna make one, too, but am sooo illiterate! :0)

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Debby said...

When your name comes up on my
Blogroll, I know I am in for a good time. I can picture you two sneaking around like a couple of teenagers tracking down the music. Love the chapel. Wonder why he was in there. Glad you didnt stick around to find out. His choice of music in a church was strange. Glad you are writing again. I'll buy your book.

yaya said...

Are you sure he wasn't a ghost??? I tell people all the time that say they have nothing to blog about, that life will give you the words and situations to write about! So funny! The sunset is beautiful. It's good to carry a camera isn't it!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh one but you or me would hear Highway to Hell playing whilst in a chapel!!

I hope you had the most wonderful holiday. I have 3 more weeks recovery at home so I am getting bored with a capital "B"!

Love you sweet girl!

Julie Harward said...

Oh Maggie that is funny! So, what are you writing about? I did love the pictures of the church, very pretty, but God's work is even so much better! ;D

Dorincard said...

You really have a nice blog! :)
Happy New Year 2011!

Tracy said...

Oh goodness, what magnificent charm in that chapel building. The windows are beautiful and the staircase; gosh, how do you write and not be mesmorized by it's beauty?
Well, I'd have probably peed my pants when the music came wonder you're writing was over for the day.
The skies are lovely....they look so warm!

Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful church....

Anonymous said...

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