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Saturday, January 8, 2011

More of the Chapel!

Yesterday I wrote about Gretchen and my experience inside the Edith Bates Chapel at Festival Hill Institute in Round Top, Texas.  As I mentioned when we were in the chapel we heard really loud music and it turned out someone was playing Highway to Hell underneath the chapel in the basement.  As some of you mentioned in your comments that you would of hit the ground praying if that had happened to you let me assure you it did cross my mind. Gretchen turned toward me and we both had looks of horror on our faces. lol As it turned out we found the culprit in the basement. The picture above is the back entrance to the chapel thru the basement.  We did not go outside to this entrance we went thru a really dark passage leading to this room from upstairs.

If you look at the picture of the front of the chapel on my other post Highway to Hell and then see these pictures it blows the mind at how different the two are.  Front of church is the typical older Luthern church built sometime in late 1800's is my guess then you have this stone in the back that looks like you are in Europe. Perfect place to loose yourself in and I am the luckest person to have it so near my home.

When I had breast cancer I would bring a quilt out here and meditate. I told the ex one day I will give back to this place what it has given me. So far I am behind in that. I volunteer here but it will take much more to give back what it has given me.


As you can see from these pictures, the exterior of the Edith Bates Chapel is by far one of the most deceptive atmospheres in Texas.  You will find huge fountains, hidden statues and spaces tucked away  for quiet reflection, conversations or a game of chess.  The expansive patio has stories to tell about elegant parties and weddings. 
Once married to a stone mason he explained to me ancient craft of dry stack which is common throughout the lovely grounds. 

As Gretchen and I were leaving that evening we met a very lovely lady who was sitting on one of the many stone benches. She waved at us and wanted to talk so we sat down by her. Turns out her son Richard had helped establish Festival Hill with James Dick and she lived just behind the chapel in a new home they had built for her.
Lovely lady and visiting with her was a delight. She told us a short version of her life history and what an interesting life she has led. Looking at her I guessed her to be around 77 but she happily told us she was 82.
When we tried to tell her goodbye but she would have no part of that. lol....She finally took us up on walking her home and then of course insisted we come inside. It was one of those moments when you hate to leave someone but you need to get home. We both promised her we would come back soon for another visit. Today I thought of her sitting there waiting for us and it made me sad but yet thinking of her made me smile.
We both plan on keeping our promise and visit her again soon.
Thank you for all the sweet comments about me trying to write again. It has been too long since I laid the pen down on a story I was working on. Your so kind to think that I could publish something and of course that would be a dream come true. Right now I will settle for just writing every day. God has given me this chance while my back heals so who am I to shun a blessing.

Gretchen is also writing a childrens book along with three screen plays so when I introduced her to the grounds at Festival Hill she knew why she had moved to Texas.  Anytime your sitting in a chapel and the song Highway to Hell starts playing you know God is trying to tell you something.

The next few days are suppose to be rainy and very cold so I hope you can snuggle up to something warm. Of course you know in my case that would be Tinkerbell. lol

I did have to go bye another heater today because my space heater for the bathroom went out and I had loaned Gary my other one so back to Wal Mart. When on when will this town get a Target or something besides a Wal Mart. We don't even have a nice big grocery store. hahaha

In the next week I want to add another page to my site. I hope you checked out Temptations because there will be a test about it coming up. The winner will be happy they paid attention.
Sorry got off track....I want to do a page about loosing weight. I figured if I put my big bod out for the world to see and keep a online journal of my progess and set backs that it would inspire me to stick with it. Also I would like to do the page where if anyone wanted to join me they could. Not sure how to do it but this ole grandma is using to running around a sheriffs department 12 hours a day and now since my injury thats not happening then Ms Pearl needs to step up to the plate and stop Maggie from becoming Ms Piggy because good grief you guys already have enough names to remember when you visit this site without another character called Ms Piggy. 
I was wondering what I should have on the page. Confessions of  a serial eater. Would I lie about weigh ins. So who knows got to get busy because it was on my list of things to do in 2011. Another thing on my list is to have that 500th follower giveaway. What does your list look like.
Sweet Dreams


janjan said...

You could put one of those ticker things on your page that counts down your weight loss. A dear friend of mine was sick of hearing about people (on the tele) losing the weight the old fashioned way and it turning out that they had proffessional trainers, dieticians on their side that she has started a facebook page dedicated to losing her weight - the good old fashioned way - exercise, smaller food portions, sensible eating habits and lots of motivation. I don't know how well its doing her but I've lost a kg already. People are posting recipes, exercises allsorts to keep her motivated and since she has the eyes of the whole world on her I think she will do really well. If you have Pearl behind you cracking that whip, she won't let you fail.

Arkansas Patti said...

Exposing yourself to bloggerville will help keep your feet to the fire. That is the whole premise behind the Weight Watchers weigh in and that does work. Still it is scary.
Hope you do go back to visit that lady. She may have material for a book.

Donna said...

I can relate to all you blogged bout! I have a 95 year old friend who I take out to lunch once in a while. She loves to go and is lonely. She repeats things a lot and yet I m amazed by how great her mind really is. It's a sweet time.
I can also relate to The weight loss thing. I just reqd another blog where author goes to TCBY and orders a big hot fudge brownie sundae then hears on the radio the song "Big Bottom Butt"! Ha! That is me!

janet said...

Don't you just love old much history and mystery.
You were probably the highlight of that sweet lady's day..please do visit her again and tell us about her.

Good luck with the weight loss...My God, we have all struggled with that at one point or another...does it ever end??

Have a joyful Sunday

Janet xox

Garden of Egan said...

That's a beautiful church! It looks like some time well spent there.

I always thought Miss Piggy was part of Ms Pearl. It not like Ms Pearl cares what anyone thinks is it?

YOU absolutely should get pen to paper and started crankin' out verbage. You are THAT good!

LuLu Kellogg said...

*insert colorful language here* I just typed my comment and it disappeared!!! (*#&$&^@*#&


I am ready to see Ms. Pearl come out to play!!

I am so busy right now getting ready to sponsor two art events, take classes at both events and vendor at one of the events so I am just as busy as a cat in a litter box!


Karen Whittal said...

Been catching up on all your blogs, and just wanted you to know, one of the high points of my year was our friendship looking forward to your stories in 2011 to keep me on my toes, keep me laughing, and on my knees when prayers are needed.

Tracy said...

Hey Maggie,
The church is gorgeous and you mentioned it looked like an old Lutheran church; is it? I'm Lutheran and I love the older churches...
I do hope you go back and visit the little old lady; I'm sure she is waiting for you'll to visit but doesn't want to appear too eager!
take good care Lady...

Marydon said...

Did we drive by that church? I can't imagine my doing that, tho. So love this church, it truly is beautiful stone ... & that wee itsy church we shared on our blog trip we spent with you. It is truly a pretty drive on that Round Top road. Particularly when you know one will wind up at your beautiful welcoming home.

OMGosh! What you could do with a Miss Piggy ... I could see it now ... go gettum, girl!

Miss you ~
Hugs & love ~
Me & He

Anonymous said...

That chapel and grounds are just beautiful. Oh, that was so sweet of you and Gretchen to spend time with that dear lady. There need to be more people do things like that. Bless you both! I would not be so brave as you to put my piggy self on the internet but I will cheer you on if you do it and wish you all the very best. Love and hugs sweet Maggie

sissie said...

Oh my you are a brave girl to put yourself out there like that. In my case it would be "the road to hell is paved with good intentions!"
Because I would probably fall off my diet and dissappoint everyone! LOL!
Loved hearing about the church. Sounds like a lovely place.


dulcy said...

Maggie... your photos are fabulous as usual. And you are quite brave to document weight loss for all the world to see, but you will have the most awesome support from all your friends out here who truly love you and want you to succeed. I love the idea of a blogger weight loss group. I think that would be just the kicker to start off 2011!

yaya said...

That sweet lady sounds like an angel in disguise...(I'd go see her again quick!) That Church is beautiful and what a great surprise with all those beautiful places to meditate. I'm so glad it gave you so much comfort. Hey, when your book is done I want to be there for your signing at Barnes and Noble! I'm with you on the weight loss thing. I'll follow that too and maybe the pounds I've got from sitting and blogging will fall off! Wait, I think we should blog standing up and doing deep knee bends...HaHaHa!

Tina Eudora said...

Wow Maggie I do wish that was closer so I could visit!
I wanted to ask you also if you have received the 2 emails I sent over the last few weeks? I didn't hear back from you so I wondered if I had sent them to the right address....we all know I am not the sharpest light bulb in the Pencil?? NEVERMIND! lol!
Tina xo

Tam said...

Maggie this chapel is serene and a hidden treasure in our vast land of Texas.
I am so making the hubby bring me to your part of Tx when the weather is prettier.
Your Temptation page is nice. I liked visiting your friends on there. So many things to look at.
Waiting on your weight loss page too. Heaven knows I could use that page.
Have a great week out there in Maggieland or is it Pearlland....

Janean said...

yes, i'd like to zip my jeans without the *crazy dance*

the architecture and stones are so beautiful....

Sue said...

That church and the surrounding area look like the perfect spot to write. And it's neat that you went there to gather strength and find peace during your cancer treatment. I have places like that where I live, too. They are special to me.

Good luck with your weight loss. I am struggling hard to get it right this year.


Libbie said...

What a lovely day Maggie! Enjoying the chapel & making a friend! I could use a day like that!

Hope you are warm now with a new heater! I can't imagine being without one! Stay Warm!!!