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Monday, January 31, 2011

Memory Lane Mondays!

Today I wanted to join our friend Donna at Brynwood Needleworks on her Memory Lane Mondays. This is her first Monday to do this and I am excited to be a part of it. She is asking for us to do a post about a memory of ours and share it on the last Monday of each month.  So click on the link to Donna's after of course you have read my story and join the fun.

This memory is not one I like to think about but it happened one summer morning with a friend of mine when we were walking to the neighborhood store to buy a gallon of milk for my mother. I think this happened the summer I was going into the fourth grade.

In those days many years ago no one thought of anything ever happening like this but they were wrong to think that way.

One look into Faye’s eyes and I knew to run.  I heard the glass milk bottle break about the same instant I had grabbed hold of Faye's hand pulling her towards an open field and away from the man in the car.

The grass was high but we both ran harder than either one of us had ever run in our life.  It was as if at that moment something took over our small bodies and helped us to run as if it meant life or death.

The field  we were running  in connected to the next street over where there were a few houses. We never slowed down until we were on the steps of the front porch. Together we both rang the door bell anxiously waiting for someone to save us. No one was answering the door and I turned to look down the road and saw the man's car coming in our direction. I pulled  Faye down on the porch behind the brick flower bed. There were small bushes planted in it that helped to hide us from the rode.
It was then that poor Faye started sobbing. I was so afraid he would hear her that I  fastened my hand over her mouth so tight I wasn’t sure that I was not going to be the one to kill her if she did not shut up.

Her huge brown eyes two inches from mine were screaming for help. I knew that she was seeing the same in my eyes and I too wanted so desperately to cry myself.

What seemed like hours but was only minutes I peeped over the bushes to see if I could see the car. Grateful the road was empty I laid back down when I did I felt my dress was wet.. I looked around thinking I had laid in water instead I discovered Faye had wet her panties. She was shaking like it was winter instead of hot July. Feeling sorry for her I whispered I thought he was gone but we should stay there for a few minutes.

Laying there I replayed the last few minutes in my mind. How fast the car pulled along side of us and the strange man telling us it was too hot for us to be walking to get inside of his car. Me dropping the milk jug hearing it break on the road as I grabbed Faye’s hand to run. Realizing then at that second that I had broke my mothers milk jug I said, “Oh my God  my mother is going to kill me!”

Faye whispered , "Yeah she will kill you if she hears you talking like that."

“Faye, I broke the stupid milk bottle! I might as well have got in that car because no telling what she will do to me when she finds out."

Faye looked at me like I was from another planet and said, “We are lying here hiding from a man who might hurt us and you are worried about a dumb milk bottle! Your mother has to understand it could not be helped. You were scared and ran to get away. It was an accident!”

I then squeezed Faye’s arm and said, “Listen we can never ever tell anyone about what happened to us today. You have to promise me this is our secret.”

“We can not keep this from our parents!” she pleaded.

“Look if we tell them a stranger tried to get us in his car that will be the end of us going anywhere by ourselves. No more trips to the beach, school or the store without some one with us. Shoot they may even not let us cross the street anymore to each others houses. Do you want that to happen?” I argued.

She knew I was right so we formed the first of many secret packs with each other. We sealed the pack with a hug and then we both peeped over the flower bed. Seeing no one in site she grabbed my hand and we ran as fast as our legs could run down the road back towards our houses.

Finally leaving Faye safe on her back porch clinging to their screen door I slowly walked to my house across the street. My legs gave out just about the time I reached for our front door. I knew that I was about to face something bad but still like my friend I was glad to be home.

Hope you have a great week!
Love to all


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Debbie Jean said...

Ok, now, don't stop the story there!!!! What did your Mom do about the broken milk bottle???

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Mumsy, Chancy and Company said...

WOW! That had to be so terrifying for you and Faye. I hope your mom was not too upset about the broken bottle of milk and it was not as bad as you thought it would be when you had to tell her. Hugs!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Man Maggie that was quick thinking your part at that tender age of like 9 or 10...what did happen when you got home? what did you tell your mom?

Julia said...

Maggie, I'm sure glad to hear that you and Faye got away safely. You showed some leadership ability at a very tender age.
Did you ever told your mother about this incident at a later date and I too want to know how your mother reacted to the broken bottle of milk. JB

Julia said...

By the way maggie, I love that old picture of you as a little girl. You have some sparkle in your eyes and look very intelligent. JB

Andi's English Attic said...

Oh my, what a scarey story. Thank goodness you were both together to help each other, and that you got away safely. What scared me the most I think was the man not giving up once you'd run.
Your logic not to tell anyone is sound child-thinking, but now, reading this story from a parent's point of view, I wish you had told. It frightens me to think that even today a child might not say anything. xx

Arkansas Patti said...

Andi pretty much said it. That is truly scary and you told the story so well. I was glued.
I can see your logic but really wish you had told. It must make parents wonder what their children are hiding.
I was molested by a stranger as a child but didn't even know what was happening. All I knew was the man gave me a quarter and that was a huge amount of money. You showed such courage and smarts to have run.
We like to think in the good ole days those things didn't happen, but they did.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh my gosh, Maggie, how scary! I'm sure those things have happened all along, it just wasn't talked about or as known as it is now. I sometimes can't fathom how I rode the bus by myself in Brooklyn to my guitar lessons at 10 years old!

I'll get a picture of the rest of my closet/sitting room area up soon, once I get it camera ready for you!

Donna said...

Woooo! That was some good writing Maggie! I can't even imagine the level of fear that you must have had! I'm amazed you didn't tell your parents but the mind of a child reasons differently huh? I had something like that happen as a child and told my mother with no restrictions after but at the time you never know the repercussions. Good post!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

It is amazing how certain events that happen in our young lives stay so vivid. Every detail remembered. This is a great post Maggie.

Hope you too have a great week.
Hugs, Sue

Kim said...

Wow Maggie, Thank goodness you can think fast on your feet! A similar thing happened to me and a friend. We were about the same age. We ran to a house and told the lady. She called the police so there was no hiding it from our parents.
Oh, visit my blog. I left something for you there.
Kim :)

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Forgot to add. I see a little bit of Miss Pearl in those eyes. ;) ;) ;)
More hugs, Sue

Karen said...

How frightening!! And what did your mother say about the milk bottle. Most of us have frightening experiences such as this one, but you certainly wrote about yours with great detail. My heart is still pounding!
Ladybug Creek

Dan said...


Wonderful story...what did you mom say about the broken bottle? Did you and Faye ever talk about it again? Where is Faye now? That is how you know you have told a good story, people wanting to know more. I felt like I was there and I could see the whole story in my mind.

You are a wonderful writer. Keep it up!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love Ya,

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggie:
You sure have a way of telling stories, my friend. I was chewing on my nails as I read about you and Faye. We always forget that bad people have been around forever...not just recently. Thanks for the reminder, and thanks for joining Memory Lane Mondays.

Garden of Egan said...

That is a terrifying experience! God was watching you that day.
I'm so glad you are here to tell the story.

Sue said...

Reminds me how often kids keep things from parents...things it would be better for parents to know.

What a frightening experience for both of you!


Tam said...

Just like everyone else on here I want more!
OMG you really kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to here what was going to happen to you two girls.
I too agree you should of told your mother but I had my secrets too but nothing like this.
You not telling her is the young scared side of you that was afraid too.
Like Dan please keep writing it is what you should be doing now in this part of your life.

Lisalulu said...

WOW, you had me spell bound. What a frightening experience, I hope you told your mother the truth!!!!

Debby said...

You must have been two scared silly little girls. Glad you were so smart and did the right thing. Did you ever tell your parents?

Marg said...

That was a very scary story. Sure glad you two ran your little legs off and got away from that bad man. It would be nice to have a chapter two of this story. Did you two keep that secret forever?? Take care.

yaya said...

Maggie, I was reading this and holding my breath at the same time! What a memory and I'm sure it was hard to even write it down and recall it at this time of your life. It's funny how children's logic works, and not telling seemed worse than the truth. Great story, thanks for sharing it.

Sybil said...

What a memory to have,,,LIke everyone i wonder what you did tell your Mum about the milk jug !! and what about poor Faye's wet pants !!
bet her Mum had something to say about them..
You write such a gripping wonder we all love coming to your journal.
much Love Sybil x

Marydon said...

Mercy, Miss Maggie ~ What an scary incident to face. I'd be scared spitless, too. As we've spoken before, get that pen & paper out & 'getter done', sweetie. You write gripping beautiful stories ... what a smash hit your book will be.

Truly, we've probably all had scares similar to this ... terrified to tel our parents. I did one time when it was pouring rain as I was walking to school, getting soaked to the gills a car pulled up & told me to hop in. I hesitated as I knew I'd catch you know what, but with plenty of coaxing & also knowing the student in the car, I finally gave in. There is NOTHING worse than walking around in squishy socks & shoes. When I got home from school I told Mother & got the whipping of my life & that pointy finger stuck in my face shaking it furiously at me, hollaring not to do that again. I was so upset that I couldn't remember the school girls name to defend myself.

Hugs & love, sweetie ~

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, I am near tears! I hope you didn't get into trouble. What did your Mom say? She would have been beside herself if she'd known what happened. Thankfully you had the presence of mind to grab your friend and run. Thankfully again - you were safe and saved from God only knows what.

Tsipise said...

That's so nice! I'll be back, following you!

LuLu Kellogg said...

My heart was in my throat reading this! I am so glad you both were ok!

Love you Maggie!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...


Girl, we have to get together someday and swap stories......
great post.

Nezzy said...

Glory bee girl, I'd be scared outta my little girl self. I'm just happy you had the where with all not to get in the car!!! Great story sweetie!!!

God bless and have a glorious day my friend!!! :o)

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a vivid memory of a frightening day! So glad you were both okay in the end!
Thanks for following me; I'm now following you too!
Have a great day!

Darlene said...

I'm playing catch up. I did get behind a few days. This post almost did me in. What a terrible experience for you. Something like that would stay vivid in your memory. Still, it is remarkable how well you coped with it. There are so many preditors out there. It is getting to be a scary world, but I guess, in one sense, it has always been. I think it's interesting how everyone wanted to know about the broken bottle and what happened with your mom when it came to that. Maybe some day you can let us know.