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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mothers and Sons!

Nothing like being days late to link up with someone but if I told you my reasons for not getting this post done on Monday like I was suppose to do you would either think I am nuts or that I was making it all up. lol
So with that said I am joining Donna from Brynwood Needleworks on a Thursday night for Memory Lane Mondays.

Be sure and go by Donna's site and read her Memory Lane Post and the other sweet blogging buddies that joined her this month. Donna does this on the the last Monday of the Month.

I chose one of my favorite memories of all times to share with you tonight. A gift I received years ago from my oldest son Chad.  It was a lovely book titled Mothers and Sons! Inside it you will find stories written by sons about their Mom's.

I won't make you try and read what Chad wrote about me from the page I scanned but I will gladly share it with you by retyping it. Chad included with his story this picture of him and I taken as you can see in front of our Christmas tree. I love this picture of us together.

Here in my sons page written about his mother.

The biggest compliment anyone has ever paid me was the comparison between me and my mother: "You two are just alike," or "Have you met Chad's mom, he's just like her." Most people would flinch at being compared to their mom, but it makes me very proud. The characteristics she possess, her strength, kindness, forgiveness, understanding, sense of humor, and strong work ethic are all the same values I can only hope people see in me. My mother is one of the most important people in my life, not simply because she is my mother, but because she is also my friend and has stood by me in everything I have done, right or wrong. It saddens me when people say they are not close to their mothers, or they no longer even speak to them, I just wish they could have the closeness that we do, even if it was just for one day.
Happy Mother's Day'98
I Love You Mother!

I have received marvelous gifts from Chad on many occasions but without a doubt this is the gift I take out often and read and reread. It is my all time favorite gift from a son that has given me so much joy and love.

Lot's of things have happened to me in life but having Chad, Clint and Christi has been my reason for getting up everyday and not a day goes by that I don't thank our sweet Jesus for giving me these precious three children.

When Chad was thirteen he was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. I remember how close we came to loosing him because the doctors here in this small town did not know how to take care of him. Thank God I was able to take him to the one of the best Juvenile Diabetes doctors in the country who saved his life.

When I found out he had this disease it nearly killed me. I cried rivers of tears for my sweet baby but never has Chad ever complained about the five shots a day or not having sweets like his friends. He was a teenager yet he took care of himself. Still to this day I would love to be more like Chad. You want ever find him feeling sorry for himself or complaining. Now he is his precious niece's mentor for this dreadful disease and she looks up to her Uncle Chad with such devotion. Kaci too never complains about having diabetes from the age of seven.

If I could do one thing in life over again it would be never to disappoint Chad as I know in the last few years I have. I also would give anything if I had worked less and been home more when my children were young. Yet as a single mom for about five years of their child hood that was not possible.

Chad always has a smile for everyone he meets. I have had so many people when introduced to them go on and on about how sweet my son is to them. He loves people and they love him.
I look up to him as a person that I would love to me more like.
Not only is he a awesome son but a terrific Brother to Clint and Christi, Uncle to Kaci and Bailey, Brother-in-law to Andrea and friends to many. 

Thank you Chad for giving me this Book many years ago and thank you for being my Son. I have to say I am the one that is honored if anyone thinks that we are just a like.

Hope you enjoyed my walk down Memory Lane. I enjoyed sharing Chad with you. Click on Donna's Button on the side bar or HERE and enjoy her Memory Lane Post.

Sending you lovely thoughts and wishes for a beautiful weekend that is near. I hope to visit with you soon and see what you have been up to.

Sweet Dreams
Love to all,


joanne said...

what a sweet gift and a wonderful memory to share with us. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all our sons and daughters felt like this about their are blessed. Have a good weekend dear.

Sweet Tea said...

What a great gift - I can understand why you value it so much.
Lovely photo!

Susan said...

That is beautiful Maggie. I take so many things for granted. Your son makes you look so tiny!


Paula said...

What a wonderful Mother/son relationship! I treasure my two daughters but it would have been nice to have a son too, especially after my husband died when I was 50.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Maggie:
What a sweet gift from a loving son. How lucky you are to have such affection and care from your children. Thank you for sharing your story for MLM, my friend. I always enjoy reading your posts, and when you share your memories, they're just the best!
Thank you, girlfriend.

acorn hollow said...

What a sweet post and a lovely gift.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You must have been one hellofa mom Maggie!
Pleased to meet you.:0)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

This brought tears to my eyes--what an amazing gift that was from a very thoughtful son. You have really shaped him into an amazing man!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That looks like a book I would love....I have FOUR sons! Enjoy your day my friend!

Julia said...

Oh Maggie, what a priceless memory to cherish and what a blessing Chad is to you, and you to him. What a nice tribute to you this book is but I see that you have already turned the table around and paid an even bigger tribute to him. He sounds like a very nice man.

Either you are very short or he's very tall. You look like two peas in a pod, only your pea is tiny, lol.

Take care sweet friend. Love, Hugs JB

Olga said...

Such a tender post. Don't waste time on regrets. You always did the best that you could, so just cherish the family you have now.

Tam said...

Dearest Maggie
I have tears in my eyes from reading this post. Your writing always brings my hubby and I smiles but today tears. But good tears because the love you share with a remarkable son has us teary eyed.
Take Ms Olga's advice and have no regrets for raising your children. God knows with you being a single Mom you did what you had to do if that meant working all the time then you did it so you could keep your babies.
Better that than giving them up.
So like that Warden told you Hold your head Up you have nothing to be ashamed of.
Maggie when we met at Warrenton for lunch after my hubby and I walked a way did I tell you what the first thing he said about you was...."That is one Hell of a Lady!"
Now Maggie he doesn't ever say that about anyone so believe me your the best. I told you my hubby has been in love with you ever since I introduced your site to him.
Julia said you guys are two peas in a pod. How right she is you and Chad look just a like except for the height thing going. I am guessing him to be six foot three. Right.
Anyway can't wait to see you again in Warrenton. We loved meeting you and Janie.
Take care friend

Julia said...

Maggie, sometimes a post kind of lingers with me long after I read it and your post today is one of them.
I kind of was thinking as I was puttering in the kitchen and then remembered that something had slipped my mind.
I think that being a single parent is a very difficult job and you did all you could for your kids and you have no reasons to reproach yourself. The fact that you were rejected by the one you loved must have made things so difficult for you and the kids yet you rose above it all.

You are simply an amazing and beautiful woman full of love for your kids and enough to spare to your blogger friends. YOU ARE A BLESSING TO US ALL AND WE LOVE YOU. JB


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

heavy tears.. I am so happy for Both of you.. wishing ya'll every happiness.

Nezzy said...

Now if this isn't the most thoughtful gift ever. Oh girl, what a treasure of the heart it is!

Thanks for sharin' your wonderful memory with us.

Have yourself a blessed and beautiful weekend sweetie!!!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, Maggie, what a precious gift! It's what every mother dreams of. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

blessings for you both! thanks for sharing Maggie!

GerryART said...

hugs and smiles,

Arkansas Patti said...

What an immensely sweet and loving post. Mother and son can both be proud. You did everything right Maggie and have a very tall,marvleous example to prove it.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Ahh Maggie honey, you've got me all misty eyed....

just beautiful, sweetie...

Gypsy Heart said...

Sweet lady, what an incredible gift! Of course, Chad, Clint and Christi are the amazing gifts aren't they? Such a precious treasure from a wonderful son!

Love to you,

Debby said...

That is the "perfect" gift. Such a cute picture. Children are a blessing and so are mothers like you.
Thanks for sharing.

yaya said...

That was the best gift ever. As parents it's hard to tell when we've done the right thing...or we always feel we could have done more. But obviously you did a wonderful parenting job with Chad. Thanks for sharing such a personal memory. That was a wonderful tribute to your son.

Donna said...

I'm echoing Julia's comments....That was simply a wonderful heartwarming post Maggie!!! I feel like I know your son by your description here and you as well as he patterns his life after yours. It is so touching that his personality is so giving...just like yours. even as I fight cancer now, I see how encouraging you are to just ME!! Thanks you for that and for this wonderful post. It's good when you recognize and remember your children's strengths as their life goes by. I have had wonderful letters from my children from time to time too and they mean the world. Your is exceptionally neat and a true treasure!!
Like Julia who said it best....I LOVE YOU TOO!!!

Darlene said...

What a lovely post,Maggie. I loved reading his Mother's Day letter to you. He is such a sweet person and you are so fortunate to hav such a loving, caring person in your life. Children are truly wonderful and I just can't imagine my life without mine. We have both been blessed by having these great children.

I also loved the picture of the two of you. My, Chad is a tall dude!! and so good looking.

I only have one son, and he is a terrific one too! But I also have four wonderful daughters and I just can't imagine life without them. I have truly been blessed, just as you have, my dear.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

SUch a dear and meaningful post. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful son that adores you. Such a thoughtful gift he gave.
Wishing you a wonderful week!

Vicki/Jake said...

Mom's and son's have a special bond....I have 4 and love them dearly. Hug him all you can!

Sue said...

Oh boy. That card's a keeper! And isn't it wonderful to know that you are loved and appreciated as a mom.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hey Maggie glad to hear from you you have been able to see I have not been doing too much blogging ( even on my blog) lately.
SO happy you stopped by.
WONDERFUL story ...and a wonderful relationship you have with your son...not a lot of mothers can say that about their sons...especailly grown ones...they are busy with their own lives and usually are not so "poetic" about their feelings...for their mother... showing on their sleeves.
Tell him for me, I am delighted he wrote this for you too.

HOW have you been feeling know my email please write when you are in the mood.

Love, Rose

Gail said...

What an amazingly heart warming post.

Ana said...

Oh Ms. Maggie,
This is just the sweetest thing ever...You have me in tears. Makes me miss my mom tons and tons more. She and my Dad left on a trip to Mexico just this past weekend and I am miss them both sooo very much. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story.

Much love,