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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Artful Blogger June!

How are you doing this week? I hope so far that you have had a delightful week full of nice surprises like the one I had yesterday while browsing the magazine section of Barnes and Nobles. I was given a gift certificate for my Birthday to one my favorite places so I while in College Station for the pain doctor I went by the book store.

After finding the book I was looking for I browsed the magazine section and happily discovered a copy of Artful Blogging. I have bought a few of these magazines before so I thought I would look through it and see if this would be a copy I might want to buy. The very first article I came upon I knew I was going to spend the money on it. Turning the pages and  mostly looking at the gorgeous flowers I thought to myself how strange this blog featured is just like my sweet friend Junes site. Well by golly it was her and I almost jumped up and down in the store. Thank goodness I controlled myself and did not. Who wants to see an ole woman make a fool of herself in public. Plus if I had jumped up and down I would seriously be taking the chance of peeing on myself. In case no one has shared that with you it happens to a lot of older women and I am finding it to be true.

I love beautiful surprises and I love June at Laughing With Angels!  Isn't she just so beautiful. I find her beauty is not only on the surface but inside as well. To see for yourself just click on her name above and it will take you to her site. I would appreciate though you visit her after you finish my lovely post. lol

So I then thought I need two copies so I can have a giveaway and share this amazing article by June. I tore the magazine rack up looking for other copies. I feel sure the reason I could not find another one is because everyone else fell in love with June too .

If I find another copy I will do the giveaway. I know it is selfish not to give mine away but I plan on meeting June one day and I want her to autograph it for me. lol  If you have not visited June be sure and do so because your in for a touch of glamour when it comes to blogs. She has gardens that will leave you speechless and peonies that have me wanting some out here on the North Forty so bad. I have been told they don't grow well in Texas but if I can find them I am going to give them a try. Besides I have the prefect mentor to help me with them right? Look at these peonies from her garden. Have you ever seen such beauty.

Congratulations June for being published in such a popular magazine. I appreciate this magazine even more now that they have showed me how smart they are for having you in their magazine. You know I have always wanted you in my Blogazine Magazine myself. No pressure honey I know how busy you are.

Which reminds me no one has come forth lately and volunteered for my Blogazine. Don't make me have to come out and harass and beg for the next guest. You just need to send me an email with your story and I will gladly share it on here.  Who knows Artful Blogging might be reading my site and discover you!

The book I was looking for yesterday was Eat to Live. My daughter Christi and both suffer from Fibromyalgia and her doctor changed her pain medication and told her it does make you gain weight. We both have gained weight from this disease and we both will only suffer more if we keep gaining so her doctor told her about this book and suggested the diet.

When I here the word diet I usually take two steps backwards and then run like heck. Diets and me just don't mix very well. In fact I have gained weight from trying to diet. Don't even ask me how just take my word for it.

So why bother with this one you say. Well it's my daughter and I want her to succeed in doing this because it seems to be a healthy diet but very very strict. The first six weeks are the really extreme being that you can only eat veggies, salads, and fruit. No caffeine, sugar, flour or milk products. The very first thing you know that came to my mind was no Diet Dr. Pepper. Gee z  Louise how can I do this with no Dr. Peppers and no cookies. That is my breakfast for how many years now. lol

Well after reading this I told Christi if we do this I will have to start on June 1st because I have too many six packs around here waiting to be drank and cookies to be ate. Also I cannot go cold turkey from both I have to be weened like a person with an addiction. Yes I am addicted and not proud of it. We all have bad habits and mine is sweets, Dr. Pepper and letting Ms. Pearl make an appearance now and then. Even though knock on wood she has behaved pretty well lately. Of course she may come out sometime around June 2nd or the end of June 1st. lol

The reason I went through this long story about this diet is to ask have any of you read this book Eat to Live and have you tried the diet. If so please share your thoughts on it of course share your thoughts regardless you know I love hearing from you and finding out what your up to.

The weather channel is predicting nothing but the mid 90's for us this week so we could be in trouble this summer with temps this high in May.

Oh I almost forgot while mowing inside my yard I saw a movement and Yep it was a snake and a very venomous one at that. If I wasn't mistaken it was a Copperhead. I ran as fast as my little short legs would move to find the shovel. Remind me to sharpen it or buy a better one because I like to never cut the darn thing head off. You would of been proud of me because a year ago I would of run down the road screaming for someone to come to my aid but I did the sensible thing and killed it.

Strange the snake away I bought to spread out was sitting ten yards away ready to be spread after I mowed. I have been very lucky with not having snakes in the yard surrounding my house but this is the second one I have seen in almost the same spot.

Christi are you sure you want us to do this diet I might be to weak to handle another situation like this.

Well friend I need to go and find a picture to post with this and then get my day started. I need to mow but unless I get out there early I will wait until late evening.

Be sure and laugh today and maybe even dance like no one is watching. You know I do that quite often and I find that it is almost as good as eating something really sinful like that black berry cobbler I made last week. Sounds like maybe I need to remember this myself on June lst. lol

Love to all,


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I haven't seen this magazine myself, Maggie, but I think I'm going to have to take a trip to Barnes & Noble and check it out. Meanwhile, I'll visit June's blog. I'd be the one screaming and running if I saw a snake! Does the snake away really work? If so, I'd get that stuff down real quick!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I never call it a 'diet' it's a lifestyle change 'cause we all know diets don't work!!! I've heard good things 'bout this book.

Have ya tried findin' it on

The copperheads seem really bad this year...well, actually all snakes. 'HATE 'EM!!! I killed a copperhead night before last.

I have a system. I put on Farm Boy's knee high barn boots then pin 'em to the ground with a rake (no escapin' this way) then chop off their heads with a shovel. 'Works like a charm.

Don't anyone go givin' me the speech 'good snakes~~bad snakes' 'cause in my book they are all of the devil! Heeeehehehehe!

I'll have to check out both the magazine and the snake away!

Thank you fr introducin' us to this beautiful gal Miss Maggie!

You have a gloriously blessed day my friend!!! :O)

Cro Magnon said...

I'm dancing; I'm dancing!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Morning Sweetums..

How kind of you to introduce us to a new blog pal..

snakes- oh my please noooooooo..
just the thought makes me wanna get a pair of boots to wear outside.. I never go barefoot but my tennies might not be the best choice either- just in case...

that sounds like a wonderful magazine. I'll look for it next time I'm over at B n N.. I love going there.. Very new age spiritual feeling- well, if no kids are around at least.. giggle.

I made a new wreath for my front door and will post it next Monday at Susans Meta Party.. I hope ya come and see. You know how I love to see your smiling face over at my place...

love and hugs and all good things to You..

Sue said...

I will definitely check out her blog.

And you are brave to kill a copperhead. I would have run (or screamed) for help!

Finally, I was cracking up about the whole diet thing because I can perfectly relate. And yes, I have gained weight from dieting, too.



June said...

You are 'da bomb Maggie sweet!!!! Thank you so much for all the things you wrote about me. You know I feel exactly the same way about you too!

Good for you, you brave girl, for killing the snake. It's one less you have to worry about now : )

I think you need a pair of rose covered wellies like mine when you go out to work on the north forty.

BTW, I was thinking about you the other day remembering the hilarious story you told about having to crawl in the upper window of your house and getting caught by the neighbor, because I was in the garden with my butt in the air and cars whizzing by on the road...somehow it made me think of you with your rear out the window!!!!!!
sending love your way...

Julia said...

Hi there Maggie, I was just checking out June's blog yesterday by coincidence.I think that she would be a great guest on your blogazine.

I never noticed the magazine Artful Blogging and will be on the lookout for it.

No more Dr Pepper... you need a lot of willpower and I'm sure that the will power is there, you may just have to coax it out.

To have survived what you've been through, this past year and beyond, you needed some will power to get you through it and you got through it.

Snakes and me don't mix. I'd rather go live at the North Pole rather than having to live with poisonous snakes.This is the 4th post I read since yesterday that had an encounter with a Copperhead snake.

Have a great Memorial weekend. Hugs, JB

GerryART said...

Maggie, earlier this Spring DD#1 told she that she had tossed out everything in her refrig and pantry with caffeine, sugar, flour (even her rice]. First thought I had: wasteful.
Then she remarked how in the first several weeks she lost 25 pounds ! TWENTY-FIVE ! ! !
Now, she does grow her own veggies and knows how to eat right, but just goes off for long spans of time eating like there's no tomorrow.
Now, at age 50plus some, she's realizing that time is - - - - well, some of us are more aware of the years than others :*)
Anyway, I believe she may have the same book you and your daughter have.
Just think, Maggie gal, you'll be out shopping for those bikini undies in no time at all.

Another subject: Snakes. DD#2 has snakes in her yard and they creep her out THE BIG HOWEVER IS, they are only garden snakes. But snakes none the less. shudder, shudder

p.s. Maggie no one thinks you oa "an ole woman" - - - you're too young and gorgeous to be associated with a tag such as that.

love AND hugs

Debby said...

I already follow Dear June. Today she had the most beautiful pictures of lilacs. She is a sweet one.
Yikes, a snake.....I would have gone for the Cowboy for sure.
I haven't heard of that book but the things you are supposed to eat sound like many other suggestions from other sources. Can you drink caffeine free Dr. they have that.
I am drinking shakes from Visalus....Body by Vi. They have alot of nutrition. If you drink two a day instead of eals you are supposed to loose. I am only drinking one becsuse of my stomach problems but hope to increase to two.........soon. I have lost a little weight.....10 lbs or so.
Good luck.
Stay away from those snakes. I am impressed you killed it but glad you did.

Gypsy Heart said...

I'll stop by and check June's blog ~ and it's AFTER I read all of your post. :-)

Try NOT to focus on the word "diet"...just consider it a healthy eating lifestyle. One thing I'd like to say is that Aspartame, like in diet Dr Pepper, contributes to Fibromyalgia and many other health problems. I will try to find the article and send it to you. I never, ever have anything with Aspartame as it triggers migraines for me.

My allergist had me on a similar program years ago...I drank nothing but bottled water for 3 months. He abhores plastic containers...says they emit gasses that we consume. It really made a HUGE difference in the way I felt and I'm thinking I need to do it again. The first few days are difficult but you should have lots of water to drink and fresh veggies & fruits available for quick snacks. I wish you well!

Now, as far as the snakes, oh my I would be hauling ass if that were me! A friend I used to work with found one in her dining room one afternoon when she returned from work. She was totally shocked...went to change her shoes, get gloves, etc. When she went back, she couldn't find it. Then she saw the drape was crawling up the backside. She did get it and got it outside. Got on the patio and dropped it! She said she had a battle out there trying to get it kept trying to go back inside! She did get it and was carrying it onto the golf course behind their home. A golfer stopped her and said, "Lady, what are you doing?" She told him she was trying to get rid of the snake. He told her it was a copperhead and she flung it! :-) He drove over it and then beat it with a golf club. Her husband or sons were not home & she said she knew if she didn't get it out, she couldn't live there. They found a tiny crevice between their brick & the sliding glass door & assume that's how it got in. That's where it kept trying to go while she was fighting it on the patio. My daughter's community has a warning out about them this year so guess they are prolific.

Well, I've 'chatted' way too much my friend! :-)


yaya said...

That diet sounds very much like a low carb one and I think those do have great results...good luck to both of you! Way to go on the snake kill...I get freaked if I see a baby garden snake. I'll go check out that looks really fun..Have a good weekend!

Sweet Tea said...

Good golly, I could NEVER kill a snake. I just simply couldn't. I squeal like a school girl and run, run, run, for help. You da Woman!

My Journey With Candida said...

LOL... I had to laugh at you jumping up and down that would cause you to pee yourself. Been there done that.

And snake...... I hate snakes. I have been known to do a dance when I see one.

Cherrie said...

I too follow her blog!

I take prednisone for my RA and have for years. Boy does it pack on the pounds too. I want to stop taking it but every time they try to get me off it I go into a flare up. I am at least on a low dose now only 5 mgs a day.
One of my Dr's said I am starting to get the look of someone on prednisone boy that sure didn't make me feel good. :(

Together We Save said...

I hate snakes too but I have had to kill one a time or two!

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Maggie,

Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog. It's GREAT to meet you. I love your "zest for life!" Good for you to kill a deadly snake. I am VERY impressed.

June does sound like a lovely person, I will try to drop by her blog the first moment I get.

As for this particular diet, I really don't know much about it, BUT... cutting out starches, sugars, and wheat /dairy products for a while is a good start. We are ALL addicted to sugar and need to "break" this one.

You will feel cranky for about ten days. After that you WILL NOT miss sugar at all.

This past year I have lost 85 pounds. Yes, you are reading correctly. And I did start this way.

Once you break the habit, make sure you get exercise as well. If you get a chance, look in my archives I have several blog posts on eating right and exercise. They do go hand-in-hand.

I know it will be hard, especially with your health issues and being a few years older than me, but a close blogger buddy, who is a great-granny did well and lost weight too. She is Mary Vaughn at GIGGLES and GUNS. Here is her blog page. You will LOVE her, she is similar in sense of humor to you. (

Good luck with the program. If you ever need a word of encouragement or just want to VENT your frustration... I'm your man.



Tam said...

Hey Maggie
I need your help! Been trying to set up my blog so can you email me and see if we can do this together.
I always love it when you introduce some of your friends to us.
One day it might be me

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Isn't June just a doll? Absolutely as pretty on the inside as the outside! Girlfriend, you had me giggling about why you don't jump up and down ~ don't sneeze either!! I think I would wet my pants if I was that close to a snake. So glad you killed it. Mother lives on a creek and we always have copperheads there. I just hate them! I've never had to kill one myself, tho, so I'm extremely proud of you!

I'm having a great software giveaway on my blog so please stop by and enter!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Big TX Hugs,

Saks said...

Hi Maggie, you have an awesome blog and you are such a lovely person and an inspiration to all. you rock!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

I haven't seen Artful Blogger but will now look for it. Great idea.
Good luck with your "diet". Pulling yourself off the sodas will give you caffene withdrawal for a little while. Hang in there, it will go away.
There really should be a 12 step soda program.
I would think you would tote a gun to dispach those deadly snakes. I sure do. Much less work involved. Good ones live, bad ones die.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I love that magazine! I'll have to see if I can find that issue, sometimes they are hard to get out here in the middle of nowhere.

good luck with the d word thing, i have no will power so they don't work for me!



Dragonfly Treasure said...

Wishing you and Christi all the best with the diet. I am curious to see if it helps, 2 of my boys have Fibro. Please keep us posted.

You are one brave woman to tackle that snake. I don't mind snakes...the kids have had several, but a poisonious one..heck no! Be safe while mowing and being outside, I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you xo

Forty Pound Sack said...

Things sure are exciting around the north forty! And if you need help disposing of those cookies and Diet Dr Pepper, well, honey, you just give a holler. I'm there for you!

Anonymous said...

congratulations to your friend June! will check out her blog!

I too am addicted to sugar...and fight constantly to keep my weight down around 160 pounds! I eat lots and lots of fruit and vegetables, which is how I lost down from 200 pounds!

good show with the snake "departure"...the last one I killed I used a 12 gauge shotgun..."the girls" (two mixed breed) K9s I had a while back were harassing a rattler (AZ) they had him trapped and he couldn't get under our mobilehome...not enough room between where he was and the chainlink fence for me to get to him with a hoe or I put "the girls" in the house and shot over the chain are great ladies but a big enough snake can hit you about mid thigh if he's riled enough!

great post!

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh my goodness, I think you and I have so many things in common. Your post made me laugh out loud I can't count how many times. I will definitely be your newest follower, and I look forward to reading your hilarious posts. I can just see you (and myself) jumping up and down with excitement in a store, especially Barnes and Noble, one of my favorites!
When I go on a diet I gain weight - all I can think about is food and how much I want it. Way more than normal. I love my diet coke and shudder to think of giving it up. Best of luck to both of you!
So nice to meet you. Thanks for the really nice comment you left me. I'm glad you visited so I could find you.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

What fun to find a surprise inside the magazine issue! OOOOO, a snake! I probably wouldn't go back out in the yard. Yikes! I hate those things. I've heard of the Eat to Live book, but haven't tried it. Good luck to you and your daughter. I just said a prayer for the two of you. laurie

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I'm headed over right this very minute to meet June at Laughing With Angels--she sounds pretty special to me. And while I do it, I am going to imagine you dancing around on the North Forty. That makes me smile!

Words Of Deliciousness said...

I wish you luck with your diet. I have rheumatoid arthritis and know that it is a good thing to keep your weight down. I try to eat healthy and exercise on a regular bases. Lots of vegetables and fruits.
First time visiting your blog, very nice.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Hi Maggie... I'm back...
First I ADORE sweet June. SHe has the prettiest blog I've ever seen and she matches it well.
Second, my hubby has Fibro too. Nasty thing. 4 yrs. now and he's only 50 yrs. old. He suffers terribly, but just keeps on going. He's amazing. His life saver has been Tramadol. No other drugs but that. Miracle pills I tell ya.
I'm sorry you and your daughter suffer from it.
Have you heard about the "spoon theory"? If not just email me and I'll send it to you. Mostly for your friends and family that don't understand what it's like to live with chronic pain.
Loved catching up.
Love Claudie