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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Big Lottery Win!

My Big Weekend started Friday night at my grandson Bailey's last baseball game. 

I love watching Bailey play. 

His grandma yellow hair could not have been prouder of how he played the game.

It was the umpire that brought out Ms. Pearl in her. He made several really bad calls that caused Ms Pearl to rear her ugly head. Thank goodness she realized before causing to much of a scene that it was not good to set a bad example for the children that were playing. The umpire actually admitted after one bad call that he did not see the play very well. So big mouth me said,"Obviously not, so why did you call it!" 
I then overheard Bailey's grandpa my DL father that I might get thrown out of the game. That of course woke me up and calmed Ms Pearl down.
Absolutely would never live that down if I had been thrown out of my grandsons game.

 Bailey's sister Kaci always attends his games but rarely watches the game. lol
After the game Bailey and I posed for a picture.

Later that night Bailey and Kaci could not wait for me to open my Birthday and Mother's Day presents. So instead of waiting for Sunday I too was ready. lol
In the picture above Kaci decorated a box for the stepping stone that they made for me. Look how much trouble she went to with my box. I love it. Could not capture how pretty the stepping stone turned out. If I understood them right I believe Bailey did the decorating and making of this piece. It says  2012 Sprout. So now I have to find the prefect spot for it in the garden.

In  my bag along with all my nice gifts was a can of nuts. Of course they wanted me to try one right away and so being the good grandma I open the can and out pops this huge long thing. You know how jumpy I can be so they got a real good laugh out of this gift.
Along with the gag gift I was given  a beautiful pink cover for my Nook Color along with some Scentsy candles refills that I love using. One scent is even Birthday Cake. Cool right. A little advertisement here if you ever need any great Scentsy products my sweet DL Andrea sells them.

Last but not least in the bag  I found scratch off tickets they gave me.
Wish you could of been there for the lucky scratch off.
Lot's of screaming and jumping up and down. 
On the last ticket they gave me I scratched off three numbers that matched. Would you believe it was for $5000.00 big ones. I scratched off the first one and second one and thought nothing of it because that happens a lot but when I scratched off the third $5000.00 I thought No Way. So I moved closer to the lamp near by and put it under the light. Yep three of them. I then ask Bailey and Kaci was there three of the $5,000 and they both shook their heads while jumping up and down. 
I guess the excitement lasted about five minutes when finally my son ask me where will I cash in the amount and I told him the lottery place so he told me to read the back of the ticket.
I turned it over and YEP you probably guessed it already. They bought me a  fake lottery ticket. 
Each of them blamed the other one for buying it and putting it with my other tickets. 
I of course am pretty sure whose idea it ones but will not say. lol
What's that saying paybacks are hell!
That was only the first night of my big weekend! 
Will do another post of Saturday and Sunday later!
 Hope you had a special weekend too because you sweethearts deserve the best.
Thanks again for stopping by and for all the Happy Birthday and Mothers Day Wishes

Love to all


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh my God, and I was so excited for you Maggie! Do you think it was your brother that put that idea out there? : ) Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Except for the weather being crappy here, I had a wonderful day.

Pat MacKenzie said...

Oh - nasty trick to get you so excited about a fake ticket! All in fun though I guess. It sounds like you and I share birthdays, or pretty close. I never liked having to combine my birthday and Mother's Day celebrations, but that's the way it is. Sounds like a fun weekend.

Garden of Egan said...

I love the stepping stone. It looks like your family is absolutely wonderful!

That's sorta funny about the scratch ticket, but I would have probably cried.
Couldn't we all use some$$$ right now.
Happy Birthday sweet lady!

Rebecca @ Time to Organize said...

My Grandpa made the papers once in Brenham for causing a scene at my cousin's baseball game! You were very tame in my book!

Sue said...

Love that picture of you with Bailey.
And the stepping stone.
And the fact that they treated you so well.

Except for the lottery ticket, of course!


PS. Happy almost birthday!!

Debby said...

That's terrible. I was jumping up and down here and wondering what you would get with it. They are going to get it aren't they?
Love the stepping stone and scentsy and the decorated box.
You so deserve a great Mothers Day. Love the picture of you and Bailey. YOu ook thin, my girlfirend.

Cherrie said...

I would have a heart attack if I thought I had won 5k. And my boys would do something like that too. So glad you had a great weekend! :)

I love your stepping stone!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oh, how I love little league ball games and can't wait for my grandchildren to play, since it's been so long since my sons played. Sounds like you had a delightful weekend, but I must say, that fake lottery ticket was pretty funny, pretty mean, but sill pretty funny!

Julia said...

Oh Maggie, what a great weekend you had. Bailey looks so happy to pose by his loving grandma. He's just beaming.

I LOVE the stepping stone. So much love has gone in making it for you. It will look amazing in your garden and the decorated box is special.

I guess miss Pearl found a way to come to your celebrations after all. lol. I'm glad that she didn't got you kicked off the games. It would have been awful fort Bailey...

Oh the winning fake ticket was a mean trick. Pay back time is going to be oh so sweet., ain't it?
I was so happy for you, I said finally, it's about time something nice happens to Maggie. It would have been real nice.
Better luck next time.

Hugs, JB

myletterstoemily said...

aargh! refs and umpires! the bane
of my existence!

so happy you got to watch the game.

Paula said...

Oh wow you had me going there. I thought I never win anything. Awww I wish you had won then I would have hope for myself. lol Glad you had such a nice time.

Tracy said...

oh that wasn't very nice....but nonetheless, you had a great Mother's Day and Grandma's day it sounds like...

shawkl said...

What wonderful memories you all will have of such a great day! Thanks so much for sharing the fun with the rest of us. looks to me like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...regarding pranks and fun!

yaya said...

Nice baseball pics with you and Bailey! I'm glad you restrained yourself and didn't have to be tossed out. Hahaha, I laughed over that, picturing you being carried out screaming at the top of your lungs! I would have screamed if I thought I won $5000...then I would have screamed at the prankster! Geez, I was so happy for you too. Well, I'm glad you day was fun and exciting!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Happy that you had a nice Mother's Day! I think of you often and so enjoy seeing the pics of those sweet young ones. I'm gearing up for my annual WEDDING BLOG PARTY on June 8th, so come read all about it ~ would love for you to join us again this year!

Big TX Hugs,

Auntie Cake said...

Happy Mother's Day Maggie! Hope you had a wonderful day. Looks like it started off great at the baseball game, glad I didn't have to read about "Grandma Yellow Hair gets thrown out of grandson's game" in the headlines. And glad I didn't have to read the other headline of your weekend- "Mom strangles kids over fake lottery ticket!" Ouch, that one hurt!!!

Love your sweet stepping stone though. Made with love for you!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oh, how I love little league ball games and can't wait for my grandchildren to play, since it's been so long since my sons played. Sounds like you had a delightful weekend, but I must say, that fake lottery ticket was pretty funny, pretty mean, but sill pretty funny!

acorn hollow said...

Your grand kids are so cute. I love the butterfly ring she has on.

Vicki/Jake said...

So this means I missed saying Happy Birthday too? Shame on me...and on whoever gave your heart a good thumpin job:) Love that you had such a great day Maggie, you have plenty due... take care of you..and Miss Pearl:)

Anonymous said...

HaPPY Birthday Maggie, and Happy belated Mother's Day! It sounds like you have a great time, and received a really special gift!!! Oh how precious! You keep that Ms. Pearl in her place, and enjoy your grandson~! ♥♥♥

Chatty Crone said...

Okay happy birthday and happy Mother's Day and I am sure glad you can take a joke! lol

sjmcdowell said...

Oh Maggie what a wonderful time you had with your family and grandchildren for your Birthday and Mother's day!!!
I wish you all the happiness your heart can hold and then some!!
You know I love you so much!!!

Talk to you soon...

Love and Hugs and God Bless You!!


Retired English Teacher said...

Oh how funny. I can't believe they did that to you. I didn't even know they had fake lottery tickets. I agree, "pay back is hell." They better watch out. ;)

Happy belated Mother's Day. It looks like yours was very special, even if the kids played a few tricks on you.

Shirley said...

Happy Birthday Maggie, I am so glad that you had a wonderful weekend with your family. Oh I bet those kids had some help with their lottery ticket. I am waiting to hear about the pay back because I am sure you will do it. I am glad you didn't get kicked out of your grandson's ballgame. I have seen it done and I feel bad for the ones they embarrassed. I love the stepping stone. Have a great day Hugs from Your Missouri Friend.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day Maggie! So glad you had such a enjoyable weeekend! You had ME going there for a second!! I thought you won a big one!!!LOL

ewww, they better watch out...they're lucky Ms Pearl didn't come out!! LOL

Arkansas Patti said...

Well they got A+s for the presents till that darn lottery ticket. Think I might have hurt someone:)) Good thing we know we are loved if tricks are played.
Glad you didn't get kicked out of the game. your voice was needed. I love watching the little guys play and those poor umps are unsung punching bags that do get calls wrong.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh and here I was gettin' so excited for ya I had to run to the bathroom! Heeeheehehhe!!!

Dirty trick indeed!!! Now, where can I get my hand on one of those 'fake' tickets? :o) My bad!

Looks like ya had the best Mothers Day/Birthday ever!! The steppin' stone is a treasure for sure.

God bless ya and have yourself a wonderful Wednesday sweetie!

Libbie said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I would kill 'em :) that would kill me to think I won & find out it was a joke! Yeah you gotta get 'em good Mags!

Good for you for sticking up for your team during the game :) Someone has to! Just means you are a true fan! :)

glad you have so much fun together- you & your gang! I LOVE the pic of you & Bailey!

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

$5,000!!! You truly had a Happy Mother's Day! I love a feisty grandma. I bet the other spectators have a hoot watching you shout at the ump. Thanks for your comment at Marlie and Me

TexWisGirl said...

you are well-loved. :) and glad you can take a joke, too!

thank you for finding my blog and leaving a comment! blessings to you and yours!!!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I believe that a major pay back is in order and I'll bet your just the girl to do it!