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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Naughty Or Nice

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Okay Ladies and Gents it's that time of year again but I have a question for you.  I have a feeling I am not the only one out there that has been naughty this year. So tell me Have You Been Naughty or Nice this year? Just leave me your answer on the comment section and I promise no one but me reads them anyway. So feel free to just let it all out. Who knows you might even feel better if you tell someone.

With that being said I will between now and Christmas tell you about some of my naughty and nice stories. Only fair if I am asking you that I should also participate.

My daughter and I were laughing about this story at Thanksgiving. It is naughty and not nice at all but at the time I did it  I was a lot less mature than I am now. You see my ex hubby ran off with a not so nice woman and when a very dear friend of mine and I found out where she lived we paid her a visit. Well my friend, Sharon, was ask by this so called woman to sit in the car while we talked. So Sharon being the crazy friend she is started taking pictures of us standing there talking. Thank God it was mostly pictures of the other woman.

Well to make a long story short we of course could not wait to develop these pictures because at the time it seemed like the thing to do. Now please don't take this wrong but this woman (now his wufe) is very very ugly. I have never before this ever looked at anyone and thought Jeez their ugly. But honest to God this woman must of been hit by several several ugly sticks sometime or another in her life. Honestly the first time I saw her I stepped back and said WHOA and I was ashamed of myself for doing so. Well anyway back to the story.
Ok after  I moved out of my home in town to this old farmhouse I found those pictures in the move. I thought now Maggie you are not going to have this woman in your new place. (it was new to me) So I thought ok What do I do with these pictures! I considered making a Scarecrow for the herb garden but I thought even the poor birds don't deserve this. So after a few days at this old farmhouse I started hearing things in the attic. (keep in mind this house was empty for a long time) Then a light goes off in my head and I thought thats perfect. Hang her pictures on inside of the door going into the attic. That way she will scare away anything bad up there. (naughty right)

Well I did it. I hung her pictures and totally forgot that they were there. Then my heating is acting up and I call a repairman. After they fix it the two workmen ask me. Maggie did you know that there is a very strange womans picture hanging on the door to your attic. In fact, one of them actually said, "Was she hung there to scare the varments off."  hahahaha

I don't like to tell lies but good gosh I could not tell those two men that I had hung her picture there. I just looked at them like I thought they were making the story up and ask them how much I owed them.

On my Thanksgiving post I was telling you guys about being kissed by a dog. Well my daughter Christi sent me these pictures of her Toby for all of us to enjoy. The first one is the way he is most of the time. I am afraid the second one was taken when his grandmayellowhair left to go home.

This is Toby after his grandmayellowhair left him! Poor Baby

Sweet Dreams!


Fairy Footprints said...

Oh Maggie this is the most fun I have had all night, I am still rolling in my chair, I think I would say I haven't heard someone say ugly stick in a long time its so funny, well he gets what he deserves if he wanted to leave he deserves to live with dirt ya know. What a jerk sorry I have never heard the story before but I hear ya with men. I was married for 7 years with my kids dad and let me tell ya it was no walk in the park, he was older than me and you would think he would be the mature one lol nope nope and nope he wasn't he never wanted anything to do with me or the kids, and when he started to ignore them and yell at them I left, and never looked back, I am so glad I did I found a man or I should say we found each other and have been toghether for 3 years now married for almost 2 but knew each other for 6 years now, its amazing how love really can make a difference in a marriage, I know this may be my second time around but so so much better.

Now as for being naughty or nice, I wish I could say I was naughty but thats just not me most of the time, I might get mad at someone for ramming their shopping cart into me at the store, and say really loud, "well I am glad to see they will get were they are going" lol I know corny nothing bad, I guess I try to be good so santa will come.

Try to have a great night.

.•:*¨¨*:•.Blessings*¨2 U 4¨**¨¨*the holidays .•:*¨¨*:•.


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hey Maggie,

Naughty or nice huh? To be honest and quite boring...I have actually been nice this year so Santa better be good to me!!!! No coal in this girls stocking!

blushing rose said...

Hubby & I are ROLLING ON THE FLOOR! LMTY!!! You are hysterical ...

Oh, I could NEVER tell the naughty I did in my earlier years, & if I had it to do over I wouldn't have done it, believe me but the frisky younger days are not the same as the mature sensible caring giving years ... I disappointed myself back then.

TTFN ~Marydon
PS Pop over & follow our new blog ~
... and ... our giveaways

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Your post had me laughing out loud, and DH asking what had me laughing (nothing, Dear).
Thanks for the giggle. I'll be back later when I decide whether I've been naughty or nice this year.

Libbie said...

I am gonna have to think about this for wahile...I wish I had a good one...I always wished I were a little that bad to wish? I will think of soemthing though! I did enjoy yours though!!! Too funny! Not at the time I am sure. But easy lives make boring stories right?

Leah the Orange said...

OMG, Maggie!! thank you for sharing that story! that is just HILARIOUS! and the scarecrow would have worked too! :D

i've been nice, for the most part... my naughtiness, however, allows me to hide the crafty stuff i've been ordering online by telling my hubbin that i won it. ALL of it. and there's been a whole stinkin' lot of it! :D is that reason for santa to NOT bring me any crafties, because that might motivate me to stop ordering! :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my Maggie! You are absolutely hilarious! I am doing a quick check of emails and such at work before the day begins and I am trying not to laugh out loud! I am sure your man left because he couldn't handle a strong, wonderful, independent woman like yourself. You are so much better off but thank goodness you have some wonderful naughty and nice stories to share! Have a great day and thanks for the chuckle! :) Tammy

jojo said...

there is no fun in being nice all the time...I'm just sayin'

Me....bunny said...

That was funny! I have waaayyy to many naughty stories to tell and I'm not gonna brag about being nice...let's just say I'm nice when I should be and naughty when I'm suppose to And I'm just sayin'....LMAO!!


coco rose said...

Hi Maggie, thanks for visiting my blog! It's fab as it allowed me to discover yours...and what a great blog you have and such a great post, it made me laugh! As for naughty or nice for me this year? I have been extremely nice when I have had every right to be completely vile and very naughty! But that's me, always the nice girl, to the point of being walked over, but i'm working on it, and trying to balance out the good with the not so good! I'll keep ya posted! hugs Vanessa xxx

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Maggie, that was just hilarious and very refreshing! LOL! I'm afraid I have hit a boring, calm state in life... not that much naughty left in me. LOL. But, it is fun to be vicariously naughty! Thank you so much for this story! Happy Day! Tanna

NitWit1 said...

I am firmly convinced all men cheat; Ionly trust my husband as long as he is our home in my eyesight.

I am sure I've been naughty as much as nice but for now, I draw a blank.

Arkansas Patti said...

Funny story. Sure you can't let us see this scary woman? Go figure with guys.
Gee, I have had a boring year as far as naughty goes. Besides, even if I were, I'd never admit it. That is why we use make up--to hide the truth.

aBohemianMarket said...

Oh my goodness Maggie:
You are so down to Earth!!!
Honestly, I use to hold grudges : (
Thank the stars I matured : )
I concur with everyone above I was laughing out loud!!!
Being naughty or nice is relative to a situation and I have and can be both.
Seriously how boring not to be : )
You have a great day
Peace & hugs

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! This story certainly gives a funny side to "the other woman."

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Really Maggie.........I just knew there was going to be a scary picture at the end of this post! LOL!
Enjoy your day.

oh yeah, I have a son with type 1 diabetes, so I was intrested in your intrest of this.....:-)

Dragonlady said...

You are too funny, but I love it...thsnks for your comments at my blog for my GD...
I am sure there are lots of naughty things i done when younger but can't remember them now...i have sure had some reallyh naughty thoughts though about things I wanted to do but was to scared of getting sitting fore to my x's house....I didn't do it though..

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

What a hilarious post! I love the picture at the top of the two boys..that is my dad's favorite christmas movie!! Toby looks like a nice guy and I would love to give him a loving squeeze!!

PEA said...

I should have known not to be eating a bowl of rice when I started reading your post...I just about choked on it when I started laughing so hard! hehe Beaten by an ugly stick, eh? Yup that's ugly all right! lol I can just picture your face when those two workers came down to tell you about the pictures, that is just too funny!!! Omigosh, you're soooo naughty!! hehe I'm trying to think if I've ever done anything really naughty and I can't think of anything! I'm sure I have so I'll have to put my memory cap on! lol

Such a beautiful dog Toby is, love those two pictures of him!! xoxo

Connie said...

That's not a naughty story, sugar; it's cute!! I see nothing wrong with hanging a pix in the attic to ward off evil spirits. LOL Good one.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Hi Maggie. Me again.....
Our diabetic son was almost 16 and he's 24 now. He is married and has an 8 month old daughter.
WOW! Have we learned a lot over the years! He does really well. He loves veggies so that helps a lot. He has a pump now but didn't get that until he was 19. Diabetes is a horrid, horrid, horrid disease! I'm so sorry your little granddaughter has it! :-( Oh my goodness I'm sorry! Bless her heart. BUT, being educated about diabetes helps sooooooo much. Like I said we have learned so much. I'm going to go back and find your meatball recipe and try it. I have some good ones too. My DIL found some sf cinnamon bears and SF chocolate. She is dipping them for his Christmas sox!
Our area had for the first time ever this Nov, a walk to cure Juvenile diabetes. I didn't find out about it until it was too late to go. But next year I will be more involved.

Yes, it is my husband in my header picture.
We live in north eastern Utah on a small cattle ranch.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

thanks so much for your kind words on my site... mainly because it led me to this halarious story.... I have one of those pictures myself... never thought of using it to scare off the bad things.... too funny.... guess with that being said... I have been a bit naughty myself....

Auntie Cake said...

Unfortunately, I have loads and loads of naughty stories to tell, but my sister is reading so I just can't do it. I am really trying to be really nice this year, but my husband actually came home from work tonight and brought me a lump of coal, so I guess I am still not working hard enough.

Your post is hilarious as always. Still laughing!!!

Jenny S said...

OMG!! I am sooooo following you back!! I love your site so far and have only read this post!! hehehe!

Karen said...

What a funny, funny post! I love it! :)

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I often wonder why men cheat with "questionable" looking hussies. I love that your friend took pics. That is the funny part to me. Why was she taking pics?

I did a few naughty things but I am proud to say that for the first time, I didn't do naughty things that I was ashamed of. I "squared off" properly with others. Mind if I become your latest follower?

check us out sometime

Libbie said...

Well I was thinking I could start being a little naughty now by using my sister (Auntie Cake's) login & then just spill her naughtys :)

But then I would be dead & I really want to rais e my own kids :)

I did think of something good that made me smile a bit but since Kate will probbaly read this ( I told her she must start reading you:) then I cannot reveal my naughty :) BUT as a kid I was VERY honest -had a terrbily good conscience- EXEPT when it came to this question..."Libbie, Did you practice your piano?" I even went as far as paying my little sister to stay quiet if asked (She said she would not lie but would not answer) So I would STEAL money from my dad's coin jar or dresser top) to pay her to keep quiet :) (He said he always knew I did)See, I was a rascal! Yeah! The problem is sisters can play the piano...& I can't :)

Anne~fiona and twig said...

I've got a naughty story, but I'll have to tell ya later (typing at work shhhhh)....

Terra said...

Great story about how you used the nasty woman's photo to scare away spooky critters like ghosts.
You should call George Noory on his Coasttocoast radio show and tell him about it; it's a funny story.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Great Comments Ladies I am so proud of all you.
I might just have to post her picture one day with a really funny story. lol Do you double dog dare me?

Fairy Footprints said...

Hi there, glad you stopped over for a visit today. Yeah it hasn't been easy. I got married last year on March 8th, 2008 it was a lucky day for us. I am so blessed to have met him. We have known each other for about 7 years now lol my how time flies. He's not my girls daddy but he's more of a daddy than their real one. Just as the post said today I am their daddy for the past 8 years since our divorce. Just recently their dad has started to come into the picture again since I remarried but I don't stop him from that it is his right to see them, I just pray that one day the girls look back and see that I was there for them, and even though I do not have money I had all the love they ever could've wanted to give.

Have a great evening, and a wonderful weekend.



Chickens in the Basement said...

Consider yourself double-dog-dared! I'm going to think about it. I'm too tired to tell stories now that I might regret telling tomorrow! I like this opportunity for confession!

Protege said...

I think I tried to be nice this year, but I probably was not.;)
The story was great.;)
Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hey Maggie Sweetie...
I thought I had better pop in and see how you are doing.

Naughty or Nice? I love this post. I do not think you were naughty, just smart. That door needed something to ward off the evil spirits right? Justice is served. Go Maggie...Or was that Ms Pearl again?

How are you doing? Have you got all your decorating done? Shopping done? Me neither, notta. I do have several trees up and my cloches, but I still have much to do.

I will stop back by soon. Have a beautiful Sunday sweetie. Country hugs...Sherry

Lemondrops Simple Stuff said...

That is too funny! And the puppy is too cute! Well I tried to be naughty and it sort of backfired on my. After a recent breakup my boyfriend wanted his nice comfy king size bed back, so I thought fine you can have it, but I sprayed my Eternity perfume all over it and the pillows. Thought I was slick, but he insisted I keep the pillows so I had to choke for a few nights until the scent faded a bit.

Jacque said...

Good Morning Maggie...thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit. We went to AR for Thanksgiving and I came back all geared up to put up the Christmas tree and all the decorations for our children/grandchildren's visit during the Christmas holidays. This will be the first time they will be at the farm during Christmas, so I want it to be special. Kinda of trying to remind them of being at home growing up--if that is at all possible. I am just an old romantic--LOL SOOOOOOO...I have been neglecting my blogging and boy, I am way behind on my reading!!

That is a super funny story--but never-the-less if I ever heard of one any more befitting to the occasion, I don't recall when it was. For most men, it is "any old port in the storm"--they are all dogs...LOL...hehehe...and all that jazz...(and, that is a joke)

I enjoy reading your blog--it brightens my day! Thanks for sharing, the good--the bad--and THE UGLY....I think you are going to get a stocking full of good things because you just tell the truth!

Jorgelina said...

Funny story.
I love the picture at the top of the two boys, favorite christmas movie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your visit, love the story lol

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Dear Maggie--Thanks for visiting my blog and I am not sure how to email you, but here is a listed cow mug if you do indeed want to feature me. Thank you so much!