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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good News/Giveaway

Hope you are doing well this week! I have missed you very much but I do have some great news to share with you.

Remember all the fun giveaways and merchandise that we have received from CSN? Well CSN in now a new company named WayFair. Same wonderful products and customer service. Look at what I found in their Kitchen Rugs Department.  Isn't it the cutiest rug ever. Click here  also to visit their site.

It would look darling  in my kitchen but instead because I love you I am going to give you a chance to win a awesome gift certificate of $65.00 to be used for anything that WayFair has to offer. You can even purchase this  rug!

Yep that's right Sixty-five big ones. Right now wouldn't it be great to have an extra sixty-five dollars to spend for the holidays.

Been wanting to have a giveaway for you for some time now but as you know sometimes life throws curve balls at you and you have to step back and depending on how hard the throw was sometimes it takes longer to get back in life. But I figured having a Giveaway would help me to do just that.

I could not be happier to be able to give you a chance to win something nice from such a great company.
When I visited their site yesterday and today I found so many nice things. Wish I could enter this too. lol

All you have to do enter is leave me a comment telling me that you visited their awesome site and what you might buy if you win. Oh also since my followers are my the best friends in the world you must be a follower to win.  If you want a Second Chance to win just copy this giveaway to your side bar and come back over and leave another comment. Two chances are better than one. Right?

Also to make it easy as pie for me and fair to you I use the ole Random Generator thing.

Seriously I wish all of you the best of luck in winning this because like I mentioned earlier I Love You All.

Now I almost forgot...we need a closing date. Ok lets not do this too long because you might want to use this for a Christmas gift. How does December 5th at midnight sound? That gives everyone a chance to enter.

Best of Luck and Sweet Dreams

Another week has gone by and Christi is doing good. I will check on her when I sign off here. Your
prayers have made such a big difference in both our lives. I hope no one thinks bad of me for not talking of what happened. All I can say is never take your loved ones for granted and tell them you love them often.
I Love You!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Thanks for introducing us to their website. I immediately was drawn to their baby section where I saw several items I might buy for my sweet Jackson. Thanks for such a great idea--hope you have fun being an early "Santa."

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

oh you sweet thang~! what a great giveaway you're offering..

I so hope things there are better for Ya'll..

love ya bunches and making big wishes for You and Yours to have the Happiest Holiday ever..


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

alllllllrighty its on my sidebar..

I hope lots of folks sign up for it.

Good Luck everyone~!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hello Maggie! I hope things are going better your way. Nice giveaway; I had no idea CSN changed names. I would probably put the gift certificate toward a headboard for the guest bedroom.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Giveaway is on my sidebar with a link back here!

Cathy said...

You may want to add a link to their site. I googled it and I assume it's right?

Most companies like to have the link on your site when they do giveaways for SEO purposes and it will also help the readers find it easier.

Also, I'm confused as to what we should put on the sidebar?

Anyway, I have been looking for an end table and I found one I like on WayFair's site called Favorite Finds Side Table in Medium Oak made by Leick Furniture

Vicki/Jake said...

Ok, I know someone else will win this...and a couple years ago I won the sweetest giveaway from you anyway:) BUT if I were to be so lucky, I'd put it toward a much needed storage bench for my bedroom. The Wildon Bridal Veil Microfiber (etc) one in fact... Good luck to all of us!

yaya said...

I loved CSN and I went over and checked out the new site and it's really cool too! I have a bunch of those cute Grandkiddos and I would put it toward toys! I'm glad you are doing good and thanks so much for the fun giveaway! Now, if I can figure out how to put that on my sidebar, I'll do it!

yaya said...

Just me again...I got it on my sidebar...I'm proud of me!

Anonymous said...

Dang! A giveaway is nice, but I thought you had maybe sold or rented your house in town!

Dazee Dreamer said...

That is an adorable rug, but I have truly been coveting some square dinner plates. That is what I would totally use the gift certificate towards.

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

Bosetti-Marella Square Knob with Back Plate in Distressed Antique Brass is what I would want. I would get enough to probably do many drawers and cabinets in my house. More than likely I would end up spending a ton more money. LOL Hoping things are beginning to settle down for you and your daughter. Still thinking positive thoughts for ya'll.

Debbie said...

What a delightful give a way!! They sure have some beautiful things!!! I think I would get this. I would so love to have a rooster cookie jar. My kitchen is done in a country rooster theme.
Certified International Golden Rooster 3-D Cookie Jar - 26514.
I would put it on my side bar, but I don't know how to do that!!!
Hope things are getting better, my friend. You and your daughter are in my daily thoughts and prayers.

God Bless~

shawkl said...

Wow, that really is a great site! I've bookmarked it so I can go back and find it easily. As far as what I'd order, that's tough! But thinking that an art easel for my grand-daughter would be something she'd really like for Christmas. And the wall mount would keep clutter off the floor...something we both have an issue with! Hugs to you for such a great give-a-way.

Dragonlady said...

Thanks for telling about the name change. I would be getting this:
Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6 Quart Slow Cooker in Stainless Steel, for my first item for sure if I win...Thanks for the chance to win.
Hugs and Prayers for you adn Christie(I have been reading your blog for a long time but I am a lurker)

Dragonlady said...

I am a follower of your blog and have been for a long time...

Libbie said...

Hey Maggie....I have already won one of your goodies so you don't need to enter me BUt I will totally go look at this company! I have never heard of it before...I do like easy shopping! Headed there now!

Whimsey Creations said...

Looks like a fun place - I'll have to go out there and look when I get home from work. Thanks for having a giveaway too. Big hugs!

Marydon said...

There is nothing in Wayfair that I don't love! What a generous & sweet giveaway

Huggum & lovem with all your might, for sure. SOOOOOOOOO, I am sending you great BIG hugs of love. You are so special, sweetie.

Have a blessed day, you will smile before it is over, TRUST ME!! I know.
Blessings ~

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

So glad that Christi is a little better....

I went over and looked at the site and I would probably buy a new griddle (mine looks like it was forged during the civil war!)



Katrina said...

love love the Step2
Children's 24" Fantasy Vanity

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Julia said...

Hi Maggie. I really don't need to partake in the give away as I'm trying to manage all the stuff I already have plus I live all the way up in Canada. Thanks anyway. Now if it was your fudge give away, well that would be totally different.

I'm just so thrilled that Christie is getting better and you are so right that we need to tell our family how much we love them every chance we get.

I for one understand that you don't have to reveal what happened, it suffice to know that things are getting better and I care what happens to both of you.

When something happens to you, it's your choice weather you want to share it but when it involves someone else I think that it may make things more complicated for the person who suffered terribly.

It's good to share with someone close to you whom you have known a long time and trust but publicly I think it's not the best thing to do as you never know who will read it, like that nosy woman at the utility office for example.

Take care, hugs & love. JB

acorn hollow said...

What a wonderful give away. I would chose the flannel sheets. I have to wash our sheets every day and he wants only the flannel and I only have one set. with the extra I would get new towels so I would splurge all on us.
So glad Christi is doing better I keep her in my prayers and we do not need to know what happened. you are right about telling your loved ones everyday how much you love them.
take care sweet maggie.

AubreyLaine said...

I am a follower :)
I would love to get the Twelve Timbers Owl Clock! So cute!
littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

Sharon said...

Prayers continue coming your way for you and your daughter.
I also went to the site and I would love to have the rooster cookie jar also.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so glad Christi is doing well. I'm sure she's really depended on your strength.
You are a wonderful woman.

Auntie Cake said...

K, guess I got that wrong, I actually checked out WayFair, and am loving the Reed and Barton ball ornament. Looks beautiful! And I will put it on my sidebar too!

Auntie Cake said...

Oh my goodness, did you get the first comment I sent to you? I tried to "catch up" with everything, but I don't see it. Guess now I am really losing it!

Well, the gist of my comment was that I have been thinking of you guys, and now that I have a new computer, and will get a new camera for Christmas, I will be much better at keeping up. And I was off to check out the wayside, which I then found out was WayFair... My, I had better go take a nap...

Anonymous said...

Sweet Maggie I am so happy to hear that Christi is doing good and I hope she keeps doing better and better. Hope you are better too and you will continue to get better. I am as always still praying for you and Christi and all of your family. Did you get your house in town all finished? Hugs

Carolyn said...

Hi Maggie... So glad to have you chipper again! I appreciate your coming by to my blog. My blog is not updating as it should!

I'll pass on the giveway... but what a beauty it is! I'm traveling about and don't know where I'll be to receive any mail. I've downsized 5 times! so am still trying to get rid of stuff... I even passed up a 75% off sale this week! That's unheard of... ;)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing the website sweets! Great giveaway!!!!

Hope things are better for you sweet M! Blessings and love and sent your way~


Kim said...

OK Maggie, sign me up! Hope your day is going well :)
Hugs Kim

Kim said...

Its posted on my sidebar!!

Ashley said...

I'm a follower and I'd get some bakeware.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Sea Witch said...

OMG, thanks for letting me know about this great giveaway. So many marvelous things to choose from but since my home is in need of new area rugs from our recent flood that is what I would select. I love the traditional designs offered. Of course, the nice room fountains are a nice touch and perfect for a Sea Witch. Count me in and hoping I'm your big winner. Sea witch

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How exciting! They sure have a great website and lots of wonderful products! I am desperate for some new bath mats for my bathroom! I found these...Chesapeake Pebbles 2 Piece Aquamarine Contemporary Bath Rug Set ! They would be perfect! I'm a happy follower! Thanks so much! Warm Southern hugs, my friend! ♥♥♥

Linda said...

Hi, Maggie, I'm so glad you stopped by and commented. My 'page views' says I have a lot people that stop by, but few leave comments.

Thanks for the give-away, but don't put my name in the pot. I'm trying to get rid of things, and there are so many people out there that need it more than me.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Tam said...

Maggie Mae I have missed you! We have been out of town but glad to be home and catching up with you.
Sorry about everything you have been going through. I wish I knew how to help you but I know God is watching over you and Christi
Please enter me in this fab giveaway. I went by their site and wow so much I would love to buy.
Probably spend it on new pots and pans saw some that would love to have for the holidays
Take care Maggie and thanks for giving me a chance to win this

Debby said...

Hi Maggie. How did I miss this.
I am glad that Kristi is getting better. I have been so worried about you. I was thinking last night that it had been so long since I heard from you Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I love the cupcake rug. So you can enter my name.
I hope things return to somewhat normal sometime soon. XO

NitWit1 said...

Thought I had commented on this post but glad I did. I visited the web site and would like a Noz2Noz dog crate for our beloved Luckie so she can travel with us some.

Since she is 40# we would probably devise a way to put locking wheels on it, but that is only a thought.

gloW said...

Hi Maggie
Thank you for visiting my Blog and becoming one of my Followers.
My Blog has been acting realy strange. Sometimes I can see my Followers and sometimes I can't. It's been mostly the recent ones that disappear. Grrrrrr!

Ana said...

Hi Maggie,
I was just talking to my hubby about you and how I had been such a bad friend and not come over to visit you when I recieved your comment...As soon as I read it last night I tried to come over to visit but my computer went a little crazy on me so I'm trying again today. Thank you so much for letting me know about your sweet giveaway, now I have to go over and check this site out. Hope you are doing well my sweet friend. Sending you a great big hug.

Much lovin'

GerryART said...

You and Christi have been in my thoughts. Thinking the most Positive Thoughts and sending them your way.
You are such a dear and Christi is as well. Hugs to both of you.

The WayFair website has soo many great looking items.

Clocks, atomic clocks, are the items I searched and found a couple [or more] that would look great here at my house.


Susie Swanson said...

Nice giveaway Maggie.. Glad to hear things are going better for you and Christi.. I'm still praying for you guys.. You take care and have a nice weekend.. Susie

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Maggie,

First of all, sorry I have not been over for a visit for a while.
So glad to hear that Christi is doing better, you will both be very much in my thoughts and prayers.
What a generous giveaway, the mat is lovely.

Sending hugs and hope you are enjoying the weekend

mandala said...

GFC follower (mandala).I like their bake ware section. I'd get Nordicware Seasonal Holiday Tree Pan and other cake pans if I win. Thanks for the chance :)
mandalarctic at gmail dot com

Cherrie said...

They have lots of cute bird houses I think I would get one of them!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Sweetie, Christi is lucky to have you. Some things just need to be private, and that's the way it is. Hope you both find some peace this holiday season ~

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I am so glad you found me through sweet Maureen, so I could find you! Wishing you a magical holiday season :) XoLaura

Connie said...

I have missed a lot since I've had a blogging recess! I'm so glad Christi is doing better. I'm sorry I haven't included her in my prayers!
You're so sweet to have a giveaway like this in the middle of the turmoil that has been going on in you life. Thank you!

Take care.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, There are so many things to chose from. I would like to win, it would help to solve Christmas shopping that you wonder if the budget will stretch far enough. The best Christmas Present I could get is to win and my boy home from Louisiana for Christmas. Hugs from Your Missouri Friend

Marigene said...

I would buy something to add to one of my tablescapes, although that little rug is adorable!
I am a follower.

sjmcdowell said...

Sweet Maggie,

What a very sweet thing to do for your blogging buddies for Christmas!! I know that whoever wins will be delighted!!
I added your Giveaway on my sidebar!! :)

Love and Blessings,