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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

My dear friends it is Thanksgiving night and I am sitting here with Christi going over all the sweet comments that you have left for both of us.

We are so Thankful this Thanksgiving for having all of you in our life. Without you these past weeks would have been impossible.

It was a quiet Thanksgiving with just the two of us this year. My sons spend every other Thanksgiving with their other family which is only fair. We missed them very much but it was a good day. 

Now I am so full of pumpkin pie and cool whip I can barely type this post. lol  This year I took the easy way out and bought a small Honey Baked Ham instead of baking a Turkey. I did though have to make a pan of dressing.  It's just not Thanksgiving without my MaMa's Cornbread Dressing.

So tell me how was your day? I hope each of you had a lovely day with lots of good food, friends and family! Sending you much  love and
lot's of Sweet Dreams!


Shirley said...

Happy Thanksgiving Maggie, I am glad that you had a good day with your daughter enjoying each others company. We went to our son's and ate way to much food. We had turkey, ham. noodles, salad lettuce and jello, corn, brocilli rice caserole, sweet potatoes, dressing and of course relishes. We had pumkin pie, chocolate pice for someone who is very spoiled, meaning my other half, and strawberry cheese cake, and hot rolls. It is no wonder we all feel stuff. All the family was there excepting our oldest who is working in Louisiana, We pass the cell phone around so that everyone could talk to him. We have told him that if he wanted to fly home for Christmas someone would pick him up at the airport even if it was midnight. If not, I will fix him a care package like I use to do when he was in the service. It was in the 60's today . Take care Hugs form Your Missouri Friend.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Ya'll.

Quiet day here too with just my daughter and I. Good food and peaceful enjoyment. I didnt even cut the pie or eat a brownie.. I'll get to that tommorrow.
Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers and wishing you well in every way.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. So did my wife and I. We ate with my stepson and his girlfriend. Her daughter and our youngest granddaughter were there as well. Otherwise, we'd have eaten at a restaurant. May God bless you and Christi!

shawkl said...


I'm so glad that you and Christie had a good day...and that you followed the tradition...and stuffed yourself! I joined in myself, and had a wonderful day with family.

Sue said...

I'm glad the two of you had a good day together. Our day, too, was wonderful. It's always the best thing to spend time with your family, isn't it? Especially, when you're going through something difficult.

Hope Christi continues to mend well, in all ways.


Darla said...

I'm glad you and your daughter are spending time together. Our day was simple and wonderful.

sissie said...

Hi Maggie,
Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Whimsey Creations said...

I'm so glad you had a quiet and wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent it working in my studio as my hubby has a pet sitting business and was gone most of the day. Today though family is coming for my daughter's birthday celebration so to the stove I go LOL

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad you and Christi had such a nice, stressless day. Those are the best.
Now it is time to shop. Be careful if you are one of those who braves the mobs.

Nezzy said...

Whew, we had three big old Thanksgivin' dinners this year. Yep, I'm waddlin' worse than the proverbial Thanksgiving turkey!!! Heeehehe!!!

'Had one over at my MIL's assisted livin' facility, one at church where I cooked the turkey and dressin' then the big old family gatherin' yesterday.

Honey, just stick a fork in me and roll me out the door 'cause I'm done!!! Heeeehehehe!

Sounds like you and Christie had the Thanksgiving Day you both needed. Know I'm still throwin' prayers your way sweetie!

God bless ya and have a wonderful weekend.

BTW: place..ya'll come!!! Woohoo!!!

Debby said...

Hi Maggie. A nice quiet thankful Thanksgiving is probably just what you needed. We went to my son's. I am getting ready to post about it soon. I hope things are going well. I think of you often and continue prayers. (((((HUGS)))))

Tina Eudora said...

I hope you had the best Thanksgiving ever Maggie! I haven't had the time lately to blog much but I am so hoping things will slow down for me and I will have the chance to catch up on all the news that fit to print (or not):)
Love ya!
Tina xo

Carolyn said...

So glad to read you and your daughter spent the day together and she is doing well ;)

I was alone but by choice... I had a very interesting day.

The Dallas Cowboys won! but by the hair of our chiney chin chins! lol ... just wouldn't be Thanksgiving not watching 'em.

sigh... life and its subsidiaries... ;)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Maggie. So glad to hear that you and Christi had such a nice holiday together. Sometimes the very best holiday times are when there is a small quiet gathering, right?!

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Maggie and Christi :-) Sounds wonderful the two of you having a peaceful Thanksgiving together.
We had a turkey breast instead of a big ole turkey this year. I stuffed myself with cool whip and pumpkin pie too! That stuff really does bloat us up, yeah... lol. I felt like jolly ole St. Nick I tell ya... hahahaha!
You girls take care and love yourselves :o) because me and the Big guy above love you too!

yaya said...

Maggie, I'm really happy you had a nice day with your daughter. This was our off year too...half the kiddos were with their better halves families. Last year we had 25 for dinner, yesterday we had 6! Funny thing was I was just as tired after serving 6 as I was serving the masses last year! Have a good weekend kiddo!

Donna said...

Sometimes crisis's and other life's moments make you MORE grateful and thankful, huh?
Our day was pretty quiet. Most of the kids were out of town and we are going ourselves tomorrow. I'm thankful for all of them wherever they are!!

Susie Swanson said...

So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Like you I have so many things to be grateful for.. I think I got foundered on pumpkin pie....hehehe..

Lisalulu said...

I had to come by and check in on you..I'm on vacation in Arizona and it is so nice and warm!! I sure hope that you can enjoy the rest of the season that you are all rested and recovered. You have so many friends because you are so great as a friend. Love you and enjoy your Holiday season.

Buttercup said...

Had a lovely Thanksgiving and an equally lovely day today with friends of very longstanding. Thankful for your friendship!

LuLu Kellogg said...

We are still waddling around from all the turkey!! Tee hee!!

Glad your day was great!!


Julia said...

Hello sweet friend, I haven't forgotten about you, I'm running behind in my comments for everyone again this week. I've been working until it's time for bed doing things that I neglected because of blogging.

Thanks for the Thanksgiving greetings and Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and Christi. I quickly read through the blogs before getting into bed last night but was too tired to leave comments. I think that I managed one comment and I can't even remember on who's blog. lol.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on October 10 here in Canada.

It's nice to see that your lives are getting to normal.
My three farm workers just came in for lunch and are 45 minutes late. It doesn't matte , I have a warm corn chowder ready for them.
Take care, hugs. JB

Sybil said...

So pleased that you have had a good Thanksgiving with Christie there with you to help the day along...and to help eat all that food. As you know we don;t celebrate Thansgiving over here so it was just plain fare for interesting I have forgotten what we had LOL
Our big blow out will come at Christmas although that will feel so strange this year without my dear Sarah and will be the first time other than the year Mum died when I went to New Zealand..that we have not spent Christmas together in over 30 years..this year it will just be Mary and me and Peter our neighbour will be along no doubt..
Keep smiling..
Much Love Sybil xxx

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so glad that you were able to spend some great time with Christi.
My prayers are still with you.

Blogging friends really are a blessing. It's nice to know that people you've never met care so much.

I hope your weekend is wonderful and restful.
Maybe you'll get some snow.....maybe that wouldn't be wonderful, but I do love to share.

Libbie said...

Hi Maggie! All a girl neds is Pumpkn pie...although your post is making me VERY hungry for my mom's gravy I have leftover in my freezer :) I will try to hold out until breakfast :) It'll be hard!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

So glad you two had a peaceful and enjoyable day.
We wnet to my Sisters which turned out to be a much smaller crowd than usual...kind of nice actually. It was the most relaxing, enjoyable Thanskgiving in...forever...since "the stressor" wasn't there.
You on my mind often and hope you and your daughter have a blessed Sunday and week.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Hope you and Christi enjoyed some special time together this weekend. We were missing one of my sons and his wife around our Thanksgiving table, but we were very thankful for all the family who did make it into town this year.

Giving thanks for you and wishing you the best....

Jennifer Richardson said...

So grateful for the peaceful-rest-easy-ness that found you both
and pray that it grows
throughout the season:)
love and grace,

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with some of our children and grands. I didn't have to cook a thing for the first time that.

So happy you found my new blog. Yep I had to start all over from scratch with new email, new blog, new everything. I am happy to be back though. I would hate to lose contact with all my wonderful friends on Blogger. Love and Hugs sweet Maggie

Darlene said...

So glad you had a great Thanksgiving day with Christy. It is nice to be able to be with some of your family, at least. We went to our grandson's and spent the day. It is about an hour and a half from here and we only wished that we could have visited with them and our daughter, Sue, who had most of her family visiting too.

We feel so grateful for all of our rich blessings. We are indeed blessed and every day I thank our Heavely Father for all the many things he has blessed me with.

The only thing about going away for Thanksgiving is that there are no leftovers and that is the best part, I think. Oh well...........