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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

About the Wordless Post!

I owe you an explanation for the previous post. I sat down at the computer trying my best to do a post about what had happened over the weekend. Tears were falling so hard that as far as I got with the post for you was a picture of my daughter Christi and her best friend Andrea. I thought I had saved the picture in draft but I guess that I was over whelmed with sadness I hit the wrong button and published the picture. Christi is on the left and Andrea behind on the right. I love this picture.

It had to of been very confusing for you because of me doing a wordless post. Now it seems I am doing a post without a picture because to tell you the truth I could not find a picture that comes close to my thoughts tonight.

You see Friday at midnight I received a phone call that my daughter Christi was taken to the the emergency room in Austin.

Even though it was four nights ago I still can't talk about it to anyone or even find the words to write about it without loosing control.

Christi is going to be okay but she needs a lot of help and prayers right now. She is with me for a few days and then I will take her back home and stay with her until it is okay to come home.

You know I always find comfort in your sweet comments and I am sorry to leave you without really giving you anything other than we need your prayers.

I hope to be able to find some kind of peace again in my life and get back on here and laugh with you. You know how I love a good laugh.

Just wanted to let you know why I have not been by your place to say hello but promise I will again soon.

I do know that God wants us to love each other and to forgive.

I love you and hopefully one day soon I can find words again because I already miss you
Love to you all


jojo said...

Oh Maggie, my heart just aches to hear of your sadness. I am praying for Christi and that she will get the help she needs. I pray you will both find strength and courage, peace and understanding. We stand here united with you in our strength. Bless you my sweet friend.

Debbie said...

I am not sure what to say, other than, my prayers are with you, and your sweet daughter. I pray all will be fine with you both and you both find whatever you need to get strong and healthy.

God Bless~

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

So sorry to hear of your family trial. Saying a prayer for you and your daughter.

may you both feel better soon.

Blessings to you - Marsha

shawkl said...

Prayers are being lifted up for Christi and for you. May you be strengthened just knowing that we do indeed love you and are sending you our strength!

Please know that God's will is being done in Christi's life...I asked that, and I believe that it is so. Sometimes we do not understand the path God makes to being joy into our life; but he knows. Be strong, and believe that all will be okay. You both can weather this storm...and will see the silver lining afterwards.

Sending hugs too!


Gorges Smythe said...

Rest assured, you both will be in my prayers. May God bless you both.

yaya said...

I hope all will be well soon with Christi. You both will be in my prayers and thoughts. I know you'll be back when the time is right, so take care of your daughter and yourself and know that all your blogger friends will be here waiting and eager to have your spunk and good nature back with us.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am so sorry Maggie. I hope and pray that things will get better each day.

I love you!

Arkansas Patti said...

I am praying for you both to have the strength and health to get you through what ever is causing you pain.

Daydream Living said...

Oh Maggie... this must be so sad for you, a phone call in the night about your child...I'm thinking positive thoughts for you and her, my mama heart is feeling for you, just try to stay positive and strong, I know this sounds cliche but it will ease the pain... all the best, Maureen x

Whimsey Creations said...

You and Christi will be in my prayers. Remember that we are all sending you cyber hugs and good wishes. Big hugs!

Kim said...

I'm so sorry Maggie. I will be praying that everyone is OK for your family.
Hugs, Kim

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Maggie, I am so sorry! Big hug to you, my friend! Prayers and thoughts are definitely being sent your and Christi's way.

acorn hollow said...

you have come to the right place to be lifted up. The prayers here are so powerful. I will keep your daughter in my prayers.
wishing you peace

Shirley said...

Maggie, I know as I have thought what can happen next. When it involves one of our children regardless of age, we hurt right along with them. You put your faith in God and he will see us through no matter what. My prayers and hugs are coming to you for a speedy recovery for Christi. I would give them in person if I was closer. Got to get to work. Hugs from Your Missouri Friend.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for you both....

janet said...

Dear Maggie,

The middle of the night call...a mother's worst nightmare. So Sorry Maggie and I am of course sending many heartfelt prayers and good thoughts.

Know that you are loved by many

Janet xox

Jane Carlstrom said...

Thinking of you and hope Christi recovers fully and well. Hang in, Hang on. Jane

Marla and Steve said...

Oh Maggie, I'm so sorry and hope that your daughter heals quickly. xoxo

trash talk said...

One of the most dreadful things we as parents fear is "the midnight phone call". My heart goes out to you and your daughter as well as my prayers.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh those phone calls.
I send you both love and prayers
that unshakable comfort and peace
surround and keep you steady
as you walk through this
....and you WILL walk through this
and not be overcome by it
....and that you'll be able to feel
the massive LOVE that stretches out
and holds you dear and close with
wildly creative mercy and grace.
That you'll know in your deepest parts that nothing is impossible
and that there is HOPE in the most
difficult circumstances.
So much hope.
loving and lifting you,

GerryART said...

Maggie, am thinking huge, powerful, Positive Thoughts for Christi's Speedy Recovery
and to give you the strength that this endeavor will as of you.
hugs 'n love,

Cathy said...

Oh Maggie, I feel for you sweetie. When something happens to one of our kids, it's the worst pain imaginable.
You and Christi are in my thoughts and prayers. She's lucky to have such a wonderful momma to take care of her.

Libbie said...

Maggie!!! I wish once again that I was there with you my dear friend! You know I will pray right now & my heart is with you girls! Enjoy each moment of loving that girl up...sometimes, that's the best we can do Mags.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I will pray for her and you.

Linda said...

Oh, Maggie, there just are no words. Blessings to you and Christi!

Olga said...

I was shocked and saddened to read that some new trial has entered your life. My prayers are for angels to watch over you and Christi.

Sharon said...

You and your daughter will for sure be in my prayers and I hope you will find comfort in knowing that.
God will give you the strength to get through the pain.
Hugs and Prayers

Julia said...

Dear Maggie, I'm so sorry about Christie. I hope that she will get he help and healing that she need.

Now I understand about your wordless post. I just thought that you were trying a new tactic with us to keep us guessing. You know that I don't put anything past you as you are so creative in fooling us.

I just hope that everything will turn out OK for you both. Give Christie my love. I'll include you both in my prayers. It's almost time for you to have something positive happen in your life. Thinking of you both.

Love and prayers, Julia

Debby said...

Oh Maggie I can hear the sadness and worry in your words. I will be lifting both of you up in prayer. (((((HUGS))))) for both of you.

Nezzy said...

Oh bless your heart darlin'. I'm so sorry that we made light of your wordless post.

Know that I will band together with all your beautiful bloggers here and lift your Christi up to our Lord our Healer. Bombardin' the heavens for you both sweetie!

God bless and please keep us updated on her positive recovery.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Nothing is more important than the caring and nurturing you are doing for Christi right now. May God bless you both in the days to come....

Sue said...

You are both in my prayers, Maggie. Starting right now and continuing as long as you need them.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for Christi and you. Sending you both a cyber hug!

Take care.


Retired English Teacher said...

I'm quite new to your blog, but I want to assure you that I am standing with you and praying with and for you as you are going through this crisis with your daughter. Nothing is worse than to hear that a child is in the hospital, no matter what the cause.

I am praying for you. I am praying for your daughter.

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh Maggie, I'm so sorry you're hurting sweetie. I will be lifting both of you up in prayer.

Darlene said...

Prayers are coming your way from me Maggie. I do hope Christi gets completely better real soon. I know just how much she means to you. She is very fortunate to have you as her mom because you are a very strong lady and I know you will be able to impart a lot of your strength to her. You are just what she needs at this time, so of course we understand your need to take some time off from blogging to be there for her. Love you.

Cherrie said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you!

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Oh, Maggie, my heart goes out to you! Both you and Christi are in my thoughts and prayers! If there is anything I can do to help, you know where to find me!
Love, Kathy

sjmcdowell said...

Oh Maggie,

I am praying for Christi and for you right now and won't stop until I know everything is alright.
I love you both so much!

Dear Lord comfort my dear friend Maggie and her daughter Christi. Give them both your love and peace during this very difficult time. Hold them both in your loving arms and keep them safe.

Gods Blessings enfold you and keep you protected.



Cro Magnon said...

I come to your blog about a week after your family emergency. I do hope things are now better. My thoughts are with you both.

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

Many prayers for you and your daughter. I do hope that no one hurt her and if they did, I hope the police get them and put them under the jail.

You have had so much on your plate and so I will say special prayers for you.

We will wait until you are able to share with us what has happened.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Julia mentioned on her blog that you and your family need prayers right now ~ you've got mine! This 'blog family' of ours can do amazing things for us ~ let us hold you up right ~ you and your daughter. Take good care of yourself, as well ~
A blog friend,

PEA said...

Dearest Maggie, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with Christi. I'm glad that you will be going to stay with her, she needs her mama right now. I've always believed that the power of prayer truly works so I'm praying for both of you. Love you! xoxo

NitWit1 said...

If being with you is healing I bet things turn around real soon. It is more miserable to need help when young than when we are older, when we expect distress.

Prayers for both of you, which I hope are answered very quickly.

Garden of Egan said...

Maggie. I don't know what to say except that you have my love and prayers.
Whatever it is I pray that you'll have the strength to be able to deal with it and help Christi with what she needs.
You have had so much this last few years and you need "a hall pass".

Bless you my sweet friend.
You are in my heart as well as so many others.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear Maggie I am so sorry to hear that something has happened to your sweet Christi. I could feel your pain and sorrow as I read through your post. You and Christi both are in my prayers and I hope Christi is getting better and is going to be okay. Leaving you both love and hugs.

Carolyn said...

I'm so sorry to read this. I've been traveling and am way behind in blog reading...

That dreaded phone call.. my God what Mother/parent doesn't dread this ... I've had them...

I'm tearing up as I write this... I'm so sorry...

Tam said...

Maggie I am so sorry to read this about your daughter Christi
I have been awol on blogs lately so I am behind with what is going on.
Please know that I am thinking of you and Christi and of course like all your dear friends praying for you both.
One of the reasons I love coming by here is the love you have for all your children shows in your writing so I know your in much turmoil now.
Please don't hesitate if you need to talk to write me and I can even send you my phone number.
Everyone misses you too and come back when you feel you can.
Much love to you and your family

Sincerely Mama said...

Standing in agreement with the others who have offered prayers for your baby girl and for you.

a touch of Grace said...

Our prayers are for you.

Sybil said...

Maggie Maggie whatever has happened. I am so sorry to feel the sadness in your words..Although I am a day or two late as I always have you in my prayers not having read your words has not stopped my prayers..I hope by now that things are getting better. I wait your next blog or e mail with great anticipation. You have had so very much to put up with these past months..sometimes it just does not seem fair..
God Bless
Much Love Always sybil xxxxx

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Maggie:
I miss a day or two and everything goes to.....
What happened? Please know that I'm praying for Christi and her friend...and for you.
Love and hugs,

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Dear Maggie,
I'm praying for you and Christi. Please take care of yourself.

Tracy said...

Christi is definitely on my prayer list...She will get what she needs and you will all look back on this time with great strength and resolve. Know that God is there for you all...
love and hugs,