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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 What's happening in your neck of the woods? Have tried to post since last week but have not made it happen.
Too much going on here and did not want to post until I could post positive. lol But I got this comment from Julia Of Petals and Wool telling me that she has lost her blog. Here I copied her comment for you so maybe you could help me to understand what happened and have you heard of this before.

Hi Maggie, Julia from Of Petals and Wool here. I no longer can do blog post on my blog and my account has been deleted by Google because they say that there was some illegal activity or that I have violated Google terms of service??? I don't know what I did wrong but I now have no Gmail account and no identity. They deleted my second blog and also my new Gmail address. 

I've spent a lot of time trying to retrieve my Gmail address but got the run around. It said that they were sending me an email but I was not getting my emails, so couldn't get it fixed. 

This is to let you know of my situation. I still can visit blogs through Firefox by googling the name but it's time consuming and I only can leave comments on blogs who allows Anonymous.

Your anonymous friend from the lost paradise of Petals and Wool. Hugs. Julia

It depressed me to think that I could come in here an hour from now and you would be gone. Erased like you never existed. Scared and upset me that this can happen. I then thought of Julia's site and of all people why would Julia's be taken off. She kept us entertained with her everyday life and I loved reading her blog.
She also was kind enough to be a blogazine guest for me and if you missed her story just go here
Julia Of Petals and Wool.

I pray Julia gets her blog back because I miss her.

My plans were to post my Memory Lane Monday for Donna this morning but hopefully I can this evening.
Just had to say hello and to see if you knew about this happening to Julia and if you know anyone else it has happened too.

This ole lady needs to figure out how to get things done without hurting herself. My house in town is not near ready to be rented or to sale. The north forty has me just as busy. One last mowing of the place has to be done before I put the tractors away for winter. We are talking half of the 62 acres out here need mowing. Then my front porch has to be painted and different parts of the fence was replaced last month and she wants it all painted white to match the other. Makes sense. Right? I have to say I am overwhelmed but let me get started so you

Go Out and Make It A Great Day!


Carolyn said...

I just brought up Julia's blog and left a comment. truly weird....

62 acres? oh lord and you're going to mow 31 of 'em? rent a goat. ;)

I admire your energy!

Marydon said...

Someone else commented recently they went thru this with blogger. I am so sorry. Has she thought about using a different browser & new email to startup a new blog? Harold showed me how to do that, but I can't do it without him. I have no clue how to help, I have enough trouble figuring out how to blog, chuckle! WishI could tho.

Yikes! sweetie. Don't work yourself into the ground!! Am I going to have to come down there again?

Harold has been driving a tractor for a friend at their pumpkin patch ... having a good time. Today is the last day they needed help.

Oh, Maggie, our snow storm was magnificent!! 4" of that gorgeous fluffy white stuff. It snowed all day & was just heavenly ... flakes the size of silver dollars. Just races left now.

Friday is the big knife ... can hardly wait to have my vision back, lmty. Then the following Friday the other eye.

Love you sweet friend!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

How awful for your friend! I hope things get resolved.
Hope you have a fun week planned.
Keep in touch!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

goodness. I was startin to get worried and thinking about sending a posse out there to find you..

as for Julie's blog, I agree with Marydon. get a new email and a different browser.

come see my chairs~! pretty please if ya have time.

I know your worn out but at least I know your OK...


Pat said...

Isn't that terrible, especially since she's not getting any response about why.

Can't imagine having that much to mow. I actually have had the boy down the street cutting our lawn for the past two years. He graduates from high school in the spring and I'm hoping he will want to continue.

Libbie said...

Ahhhhh! That is terrible! I really hope that everything gets it sorted out! And I really can't imagine losing all that recorded for my kids....makes me wish I had extra money lying around to make one of those blog books!

Sending Love Maggie! Hope you have lots of joy this week! Thinking of you often!

Sue said...

Hopefully she kept her blog bagged up so she can recreate it.

Sometimes Blogger just makes mistakes. And you're right. It is kinda scary!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Maggie, Thanks for posting this. It's a funny thing that I still have my Gmail account for Facebook because I had logged out and when I logged on this morning it asked for my email and password and it worked. My password is different than for the blog of course but I could get on Facebook, no problem.

I may ask my son in law if he can do something before I try again. He's pretty smart when it comes to Apple computers as he used to write a column for Apple computers.

62 acres is a lot of land to mow. Maybe your cowboy could help you mow that for his horse.

It looks like you have your hands full. Don't over do it. Take care and hope that everything will work out for you.

I'd rather get a tiny blog post from you than a long absence. When there's no time for comments we understand. Hugs, Julia from Of Petals and Wool.

Donna said...

I'm glad I'm after Julia's comment so I know she is out there in cyberspace! I love her blog too and feel that she is a friend of you! Wouldn't it be something to get a few of us together to actually meet face to face??
Yes, it's a scarey thing that her blog could be taken away. I have had a ton of trouble commenting all summmer/fall. I have to re-register on many pass/pass again/email/eamil again/etc. etc. It's no fun so if you see me comment on post, yu'll know I REALLY wanted to!!
Glad Julia connected with you for ALL our sakes!!

Arkansas Patti said...

I am so sorry about your friends blog. I heard of someone's blog being stolen and they were no longer allowed to post on their own account. Took forever to get it straight with blogger. Scary.
Mercy lady, and I grouse about one acre to mow. You need a herd of goats to do it for you.

yaya said...

Wow, very scary indeed! I've never visited her blog but if she gets it up and running I'll have to take a visit. I thought I had a lot to mow, but you've got me beat! I think I've done the last of the mowing for this season. It's been pretty chilly here and the grass doesn't grow much. I'm not ready for winter, but I'm ready to not mow! Don't work too hard!

Nezzy said...

I received this same comment from a couple bloggers and even my sweet DIL, "The Latin Lovin' Hillbilly" lost her blog one day but magically reappeared the next.

I think I'd have a heart attack if I 'lost' my blog. I do have all my post backed up though.

Sounds like ya need some help sweetie, I fear your really gonna get down again tryin' to do it all yourself. 'Wish I could help.

God bless a please...please take care of yourself!

Sweet Tea said...

Yes, I have read of the very same thing happening to some others recentl. Grrrrrrr! They were able to retrive their blog in a few days. I don't get it. Not sure what is happening but have heard it has something to do with "Google Images".

Daydream Living said...

Hi Maggie!
long time since I commented, I'm still reading along, sorry to read about your friend's blog, can't imagine loosing mine.... not only do I like to blog, cherish my blog friends but also, it's a great thing for my girls to read back later when they are bigger what their mama was doing back then, perhaps I have to print it out to be sure... thanks for the warning, all the best, Maureen xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, sweet Maggie. I do hope that they get Julia's blog back for her soon. She left me a message too that it had been deleted. Hopefully she will be among those that had their blogs restored after a few days.

You have way too much to do sweet lady. Your back is in no shape to take on all that work. I wish I was there to help you with all that needs to be done. Just please take care of would be terrible for you to be down in bed again with your back.

Love and hugs!

PEA said...

I just went to check and Julia's blog seems to be back so hopefully she's able to get in herself. Blogger has done that to other people and they always say it was a "mistake" on their part, etc. I wish they would delete the sick web sites out there and leave us poor ordinary bloggers alone!!! lol

It sure does sound like you're wayyyy busy, wish I lived near so that I could go help you out. Having that many acres to mow is insane, you definitely do need some goats! lol Thinking of you!! xoxo

Jennifer Richardson said...

THAT is horrible!!!
I can't understand why blogger
won't actually send a human out front to give some real customer service.
Wow...that is really upsetting.
I love Julia and pray that her
blog reappears just as suddenly
as it was wiped away!
Much thanks for sharing her story.

Debby said...

Hi there busy lady. That's alot of mowing ahead and painting. I agree with Julia, have the cowboy help you.
I was glad to see her comment on here. I have heard of that happenening. It scares me. I hope she can come back to us soon. Keep us posted. I just loved her post on here and getting to know her.

Susie Swanson said...

This must be a nightmare for her. I've had my fair share of problems with commenting. I now hav to sign out at the dashboard and sign back in and uncheck the box before I comment. It is so frustrating. I feel sorry for her...I agree with some of the others. I would try another browser and email.. Send me some of the energy you have, I need a pick me up..Love, Susie

Gorges Smythe said...

Don't be surprised if it's not caused by hackers, though Google is notorious for messing things up and taking their good old time to get things fixed.

Cozy Little House said...

How do these horrid things happen? I am terrified it will!

Sybil said...

For goodness sake try to take a wee bit rest you are going to seriously do yourself harm before much longer...I can only faintly imagine you having to cut all that well as trying to get the fences painted and then teh house in town. Few I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
I have know idea what I would do if I came on and my blog had disappeared..rant and rave for sure..God Bless,
Much Love Sybil xx

Julia said...

Heh there Maggie, I just wanted you to know that I'm BACK. I got my blog and my id back, thanks to Jackie my daughter who helped me. I have a lot of catching up to do. Hugs. JB

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I thought I would check in with you tonight before I call it a day. I have worked two ten hour days which is an exception to the rule. Just been very busy playing catch up at work.
I hope your back is better and that you aren't over doing. I do periodcally have a problem leaving comments. Our son started a new job so I will have to see if other family members will help mom if I have a problem with my computer. I know just enough to get me in trouble. I think about you quite oftern, just busy getting ready to do some craft shows. Take care Hugs your Missouri Friend.

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! That is so sad. I love having my blog and I have it printed off every year.
I have been to Julia's blog.

I too have had some trouble with google. I started using Safari to browse with because I am not able to comment on every blog if I'm using google.

Hope you get that acreage mowed? Yikes.

Vicki/Jake said...

Scary! How can this happen? I have a couple friends who have their yearly blog turned into a book. Maybe that's the thing to do....

Don't work too hard my friend, life's too short!