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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Week Of Surprises!

Hello to you! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. It is actually raining here which is of course for
our area that is a blessing and a big surprise. This week has been one surprise after another some really nice and others devastating.

For a change lets talk about the really nice surprises first.

After a long day working on trying to finish my house in town I came home to find these on my porch.
Yep I am one lucky lady! Our sweet friend Marydon and hubby Harold  from Blushing Rose surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet.  As you know Marydon loves to surprise her friends.  She has a enormous heart and if you have not met her please click on her site and meet a lovely new friend.

Thank you again Marydon and Harold for these lovely flowers. I move them from room to room so when I look up from what I am doing their there to remind me how God blessed me with so many friends since I started this little humble site.

Another sweet surprise was my dear sister-in-law Linda Mae who I have known since grade school gave me this lazy Susan.

It belonged to my precious Ma Ma and the memories it brings back to me when I look at it are all wonderful happy thoughts of days I miss. Many times I wondered what happened  to this piece but never asked anyone.
To my surprise Linda Mae gave it to me this week and I am just ecstatic. It is even pink and you know pink is my middle name.  

A lot of you already know about this surprise.  Way Fair is now the new owners of CSN and they approached me about doing a review or giveaway to my faithful followers. I wrote back and told them it had to be the giveaway because no one out here in blog land has better followers and friends than I do.

If you have not entered this awesome giveaway to WayFair please go to my post before this one and leave a comment. Only comments on that post will be entered for the drawing. Sorry but I use the Random Generator to pick my numbers. Also please go by their site and check out how cool it is. They have everything and it will be hard to choose just one thing you want to buy if you win the $65.00 gift they are offering for this giveaway.

On with my surprises for this week. My friend Barbara and landlady phoned and told me to pack my bags for Sioux City, Iowa. I of course thought "What is in Sioux City?"  Knowing Barbara as I do I should of known it had to do with politics. Yep it is the GOP Debates that takes place on the 15th of this month.

Let me tell you first I was shocked because this was out of the blue invitation but all of hers are big surprises.
Second this is not a good time for me to be out state and so far from home. I have nothing done for Christmas and as you know I hate to leave Christi.

There is one thing you may not know is my dear friend does not take No for an answer. Nope it has never been used when you are having a conversation with her. lol

I called her sister Linda and tried to get her help getting me out of it but she just gave me her sympathy more or less and sent me on my way to Iowa.

OK I can do this I keep telling myself but then I have anxiety attacks wondering how in a weeks time can I find the clothes I need for the cold cold cold weather up North and to wear to a GOP debate. What do they wear to these debates. I would imagine pretty dressy.

Only thing Barbara said was I needed to bring one thing nice for the dinner their having before the debate. Well I looked up the debate on Google and my jaw dropped when I read you can buy tickets for the debate for $50.00 but if you want to attend the dinner it was a whopping $1500.00 I believe for four. Are you kidding me. I go nowhere so I have no clothes especially for a dinner where people that can afford this kind of dinner will be all around me.

You know I am pleading for help from all of you to tell me what do I wear. Please please seriously give me some suggestions.

She also told me to make some hats to wear to this thing. You know the Red, White and Blue. I live in one horse town where will I find this. lol

I hate to give you the bad surprise because it once again devastated both me and Christi this week. I think sometimes I just want to run away but not to a GOP debate. lol

Christi has worked the last five years for a company she loved and she worked from home. This she enjoyed very much. Well Tuesday with no warning they laid her off. Never is there a good time to loose your job but with Christi this could not have been a worse time. It has been a huge set back in her getting better but with all your prayers and arms around her and me it will work out.

No one can control our economy these days and sweet Christi is just one of thousands who have lost their job this year. Of course I am in there too but mine was not due to our economy.

All I could think of when she gave me the bad news was OMG I don't have my job either how can I help her.

Well I am in the middle of fixing a pot of Chicken soup so I guess I should go before I mess it up. I do wish you were here to enjoy it with me.

Don't forget you have several things to do now. Enter the giveaway on the post before this and tell me what I will need to take with me to the cold but beautiful North. hahaha

Love to all


Sybil said...

Well...whatever next..what an exciting life you sure lead...I know that it is a difficult time to be leaving home even for a few days...BUT...if needs must you will have to for what to wear...well there I have very few suggestions..for me it is always velevet trousers (pants) and fancy tops..they are cheaper than a whole new outfit and after all when you are sitting at meetings or meals who see's the bottom part of you LOL....think what stories you will be able to tell us when you get back..
LOve you Sybil also Love to Christi ccc

shawkl said...

Well...yes, lot's of excitement.

First can't go wrong with a little black dress...and pearls! No matter where or how fancy!

Christi has a Christmas vacation! She'll have better luck probably after the holidays job searching anyway...and can spend the time brushing up her resume and such! So, tell her to enjoy some calm and try not to worry...two can eat just as well as one these you and she will do just fine I'm sure!

Don't miss the opportunities given to you...pack those bags!! Leave Christi to handle things at home...and have her bake some Christmas cookies to give for presents...those home-made things are always the best gifts anyway!

Cathy said...

Love the Lazy Susan. So cute!

When I have seen the political stuff on TV, the women are usually wearing nice pant suits or skirts with a blazer.

For the dinner, I agree Shawki. A little black dress and pearls can look very elegant but is simple to put together.

What kind of work did Christi do?

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I agree with the girls a little black dress and pearls work or Sybil't suggestions. you will be close to my area when you go. I have never gone to something like that and I would probably be barred because I can get vocal on certain things. What they are doing to Seniors make my blood boil at times. Just go and enjoy yourself. Jobs will reappear and you may have to travel. Our boy went to Louisiana to work. He makes more money then he ever would here at home. He lost his right before last Christmas and didn't find one until October of this year. He started the 31st of October. Just have patience and I know it can be frustrating. I will be looking forward to hearing what your adventure was like. Hugs from your Missouri Friend.

Tina Eudora said...

Darn Maggie talk about taking the bitter with the sweet! I too wish I could be there with you to help out in any way possible, you are such a sweetheart and have been through so much since I have met you here on blogger. It aches not to be able to lend a hand to a dear friend in their time of need.
Tell Christi that the Lord never closes a door that He doesn't open a window and there is something out there that will prove to be better for her. And as for you, silly girl, I have a feeling that you are an excellent dresser and must have one special item that you could accessorize for an evening dinner. Remember it will probably have dimmed lighting and "tipsy" people....nuff said!
And you are from TEXAS...and that is all that matters, that alone puts you so far ahead of the pack I wouldn't worry terribly over "attire"!
Love you a big bunch, now go knock 'em dead!
Tina xo

Anonymous said...

Sweet Maggie I have never been to a debate nor a dinner as fancy as the one you will attend so I have no dress suggestions for you. I know you will get it all figured out though. I am so sorry that Christi lost her job...will pray she finds one that is one she loves and it comes soon. Try to relax and have fun on the trip. I know you will be beautiful no matter what you wear and everyone there will be blessed by your being there. Hugs

Brynwood Needleworks said...

God has a wonderful plan for you and Christi...I just know it! So, keeping that in mind, "Let Go, and Let God" guide your holidays. Enjoy your trip to IA (you'd look stunning in a LBD!) and don't worry. We'll all be praying for you, that the Good Lord will provide for you and your daughter in the new year.

I love you, girlfriend - and I'm so glad our mutual friend, Marydon keeps watch over you for those of us who are too far away to drop in on you.

Debby said...

Lots of news. So sorry that Christi lost her job. Yes, a hard time of the year for that to happen. Would she be able to move in with you.. It would be fun if you and Christi could find something to do, some small business, together.
I agree, a simple black dress. I do like the black pants idea with a fancy top. Or just dress red white and blue and all sparkly. We might just see you on the news.
Good luck. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Beautiful flowers.

Susie Swanson said...

So sorry about Christ losing her job, she'll find one after the holidays, no doubt. As far as the debates go I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole, but if you can't get out of it, wear some nice pants to keep warm with or you'll freeze to death.. I love that sweet Marydon too.. Blessings, Susie

yaya said...

Wow, talk about a full sure have one! I bet Christie will find a better job and now is a good time for her to rest up, get her resume in order and enjoy a quiet holiday with you..wait, can it be a quiet one with you? Hahaha,just kidding! I like the idea of warm velvet slacks and a fancy top. Can you borrow something from a friend? Have a good time and enjoy that expensive dinner!

Gorges Smythe said...

You'll figure it out; I've got faith in you! I'll keep praying for Christi. I hate my job, but I'm still thankful to have it. Does that make any sense?

Retired English Teacher said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter lost her job. Why do these things just keep happening?

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. I also have a pair of long black flowing pants that I wear with a fancy silk top. I have worn those things for everything.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I can't help you with the clothes
for the debate (other than to cheer you on and believe in your beauty
whatever you wear!)
but I do send love and prayers
for peace, peace, peace to you
and your sweet girl.
Don't're not alone.
There will always be enough.
I have to tell myself this
We're in good hands:)
loving and lifting you,

Julia said...

Dear Maggie, I can't add any better advice than the rest of your followers.

I think that you would be a knock out in a black outfit, with pearls. Just remember to wear something for colder climate. You can always accessorize with a pretty belt and purse.

If Christie is OK with you going at this time then go. You know your girl better than any of us.

You have had a kind of roller coater life lately. I hope that it comes to a steady speed on level ground.

Nice surprises from dear friends. I haven't check the give away site yet as things have been hectic for me this week. My life has been like a run away train.

Have a great week. I'm keeping you both in my prayers. Hugs. JB

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Maggie,

I agree with some of the other gals that a simple little black dress and maybe a little dressy jacket over it would be great for the dinner.
I would recommend you bring a very warm coat and boots as well!! There may be snow and cold weather while your traveling too!

Love and Blessing to you and Christi,


Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

First of all, Maggie, family comes first and if I were you and someone even offered me a trip overseas, free, I would just tell them I have to set my priorities and that Christi is your top one. That would be especially true now that she has lost her job.

I laughing told a friend who was sweet enough to invite me to her son's posh wedding down in New Orleans that I would love to go, but even if someone was passing out $10,000.00 bills as you get off the interstate down onto the surface streets, I would have to tell them no. I kid you not because I live diagonally across our state up in the NW corner and it takes 5 hours to drive down there under the best of conditions.

Secondly, I don't have the clothes for something so nice and since it would probably be worn just once, I wouldn't buy it even if I had the money.

I am strange about money because I grew up in a large family and we wore clean clothes and had food in our stomachs, but not much for extras.

Since getting out of college and becoming a teacher and then marrying a teacher, the pay in our state is a disgrace so again, we did without so the children could do. Never had any money to speak of and will clock out with no debt, but no money either. Just doesn't mean anything to me and what I do have to live on in retirement has to go for necessities.

Another thing, I am bull headed and have always refused to do something just because someone else wanted me to do it. If it is something I choose to do or for my family, I will do it, but sometimes it will be begrudgingly. I think it is so nice of your friend to plan this trip, but under your circumstances, I would just put my foot down and say, "I appreciate your generosity, but I have to sit this dance out."

Now if you really want to go and you think that Christi will be alright with you gone, then by all means go.

What to wear? Take things that can be layered. Buy something new? I think not. Just pick out what is your favorite outfit or a church dress and wear it. If people are looking at you and judging you by your clothes and not your personality, then who would want to be around them. Take me as I am or forget it. You can have a good time regardless if your outfit is new or not.

I have written you before and if you remember, I say what I feel and shoot straight from the hip. That is not a popular way to be most times, but I think it is an honest way to live.

Only you can decide what is important to your well being. Good luck.

You have some lovely neighbors to bring you those beautiful flowers. I can see why you would want to take them from room to room with you.

Later, gator!

Kim said...

Oh Maggie,
First the flowers are lovely and I'm sure it brought a smile from you.
I feel terrible that Christi has suffered another setback. Poor Dear. I do hope that this only means there are much better opportunities on the horizon for her.
(did you get my email?)

Marydon said...

G'morn sugar! I'll get Christi's phone # & call on her to keep her company while you are gone.

Secondly, black slacks & a pretty top/jacket are all you need. You will outshine them all. Some of the outfits they wear are quite interesting so you'd be safe in black anything ... & that IG TEXAS SMILE will be your crowning jewel.

Don't let ANYONE tell you 'what they are doing to seniors' ... if it weren't for those D's, we'd not be in the mess we are in politically. Period! Look at even the political lives the D's have destroyed! If a D does it is fine, double standards there for sure.

You will have the time of your life on the trip, you GO & have a blast! Wish I were going, we'd tear up the town & be heard! You don't want me to have to come over there do you ... pack your bags & jump in that car!

Christi is going to be fine. Trust in the Lord ... He has her in His loving arms. I believe this, Maggie.

So glad the flowers gave you a smile, sweetie. We could never do enough for you ... you are worth gold in our hearts & friendship, with a wee bit of platinum thrown in!

Antietam Battlefield illumination went off beautifully. We were one of a dozen originators & this is our 23rd year. You can see little Miss M doing her part (chuckle) on my FB. Plenty of ZZZZZZ's. Tomorrow is the Sons of Confederate Veterans dinner ... look forward to this.

Will talk tomorrow or Weds. If you need me, just call, sweetie. Love you forever.

Olga said...

I live in the land of casual clothes, but the LBD is a classic. How could you go wrong there?
So very sorry to hear about continued trouble for you and Christi. My own daughter is going through a rough patch right now (husband with a mid-life crisis)and it is breaking my heart. They are always our children.

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! You are never a dull moment kiddo!
I can't believe everything you have going on.
I'm glad Christi seems to be doing better. There is nothing better than a mama's love. Hang in there. We are all still praying for you.

I love the flowers Marydon is truly an angel isn't she?
Yay for the lazy Susan. That is so unique! I love it.

As far as the debates go.........WOW. Exciting.
Don't worry about what to wear. It's gonna be fancy but everyone there is gonna be worrying so much about what they are wearing they won't worry about you. You just go and have an amazing incredible time!!!!!

Sue said...

I'm thrilled that you get to take this trip and saddened about Christi's job. But you're right. She has a lot of people praying for her, and I am one of them.

For you both, actually.


janet said...

I agree with many of these is slimming and always elegant. I'm excited for will have a great time! remember to tuck all of it in the back of your mind aso you can tell us all about it.

Most of all

Janet xox

Buttercup said...

Hi Maggie, Always a good day for me when you stop by and visit. Love the flowers and Harold and Marydon. They are two of the sweetest people I am blessed to know. Will be stopping by your post for the giveaway. Keeping you and Cristi in my prayers.

Lisalulu said...

wow wow wow, the good and the bad. I agree with the black dress! and as for a hat.. ?? maybe you can glitter up one when you get there! Scarf and coat for the cold weather! I like the idea that Christi will have a Christmas Vacation! and you two will have lot of time together. somehow you will make it through all of this! with a smile on your face and a fun red white and blue hat!

Vicki/Jake said...

Well, so many thoughts I have on this post... So I'll just be my silly self and tell you to wear a tent:) Hope you watched the news about Australia this morning or my comment won't make sense.

Just GO and have fun!

Sharon said...

Prayers for sure coming for you and your daughter.
I know what she is going through as I am still waiting to hear when they are closing our offices due to economics.
I agree with the LBD and pearls.
I think that you should go and let God keep Christi in his arms along with good friends.
Yes it is cold up North.So bundle up for sure.

Whimsey Creations said...

Oh Maggie, so sorry to hear about Christi's job - it seems to be the way of the world right now. As for the fancy dinner, I would be in the same boat. I think anything you have and then just lay on the pearls - doesn't matter if they are real - go to the thrift store and get lots! LOL And as for the hat - if I were you (since you are a QUEEN) I'd make a red, white, and blue crown with "Jewels" from the craft store! Now I DO have a pattern for a crown that I could send out to you. Just let me know - really simple to make. Hugs!

Nezzy said...

These are the times that tries ones souls!!! Booger for daughter. Know I'll continue prayer sweetie.

That Marydon is the sweeties most generous gal 'round. Love the flowers. No matter what she's goin' through herself she's always thinkin' of others. Love her!

I haven't seen a Lazy Susan like that in years, and pink no less. It was meant to be sister!

The black dress and pearls are just perfect sweetie!!! Layer sister...Jacket or sweater. Then it's easy to take off if necessary. You'll shine in anything ya wear.

God bless ya and have an incredible trip sweetie!!!