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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Winners!

You all know me and I love love having giveaways. Giving to people is best feeling in the whole world. Right up there with visiting grandbabies. lol....The only bad thing about giveaways you have to pick a winner and I am always excited to see who the winners are but wish I could send each of you a gift.  You know without me saying YOU are all winners with me.

Okay enough with the suspense. I signed into Random Generator this morning and the first number that came up was for LuLu's generous gift certificate for $25.00 was a nice surprise. It was Kathy at Creative Home Expressions.  Yes you WON the gift certificate. I am so happy for you! Wow you will love whatever you pick out over at LuLu's. So Kathy email me at and I will get the ball rolling with LuLu.

My next winning number for my Chocolate was Sue at Sue's News, Views an Muse. Sue I was so surprised when I counted down and your name came up. haha... So you WON chocolate and all you have to do is figure out if you want fudge or peanut clusters. haha Sue email me honey with your choice and address.

I love all of you for entering this giveaway. Don't give up your name will come up soon. Also if you have not visited Kathy or Sue's blogs you must do so they are both wonderful ladies to get to know. I always enjoy my visits to their sites and you will too.

Hope you are having a wonderful week. Stay calm everything will get done in time I promise. This comes from a nutty grandma who is sooooo far behind. lol

Love to all


LuLu Kellogg said...

Yippee for Kathy! She just won my Giveaway last week so she will be excited to win another Giveaway!

Congrats to Sue!

Merry Merry!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OMG Kathy is on a lucky streak. How funny Kathy remember me when you win the lotto

Julia said...

Congratulations to the luck winners. I guess that I'll have to make my own fudge, but it won't be the same... Stay safe and warm. JB

Julia said...


I'm still hoping that you will find your diamond bracelet. JB

sjmcdowell said...

Congratulations to both winners!!!
What a wonderful Giveaway this was Maggie, thank you so much!!

Maggie WOW!!! Congratulations on reaching your
500th Follower!! I know "WE ALL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH"!!!

God Bless You,


Sharon said...

Congrats to the winners.
It was a sweet giveaway.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Thank you, thank you, Maggie! And LuLu! I think I need LuLu with me this month if I buy lottery tickets! : )

Andrea said...

Congratulations to both these ladies.

Hope you are doing well and not leaping over hay bales or anything out there on the farm. I mean somebody might see you do the happy dance amongst the cow patties or take your picture and put in the local paper. Nope, we can't have that! Seriously, I pray you are doing well!
Big hugs and prayers for a VERY crazy friend,

Sue said...

OH BOY! Fudge, Fudge, Fudge, please!

And I'll email you with my address.

Thanks, Maggie.


Sue said...

Oh, wait. Looks like I can't email you cuz I can't find your address. So how about you email me? Just click on my profile and the email is there. I'll send you the address right back, okay?



Nezzy said...

Here's sendin' an Ozarks big old CONGRATULATIONS to both Sue and Kathy. Woohoo!!!

God bless ya and enjoy your evening sweetie!!!

yaya said...

Congrats to the winners! I don't know Kathy, so I'll have to visit her blog...with a name like Kathy, she must be wonderful! Now Sue I do know and I just won a giveaway at her blog. I love her writing! I never thought blogging would be this much fun! I read your previous post and had to really reminded me of a night from hell in New York City with my hubby and Mom...only no GPS or On Star..but we lived anyway..hey, maybe you'll be on one of those On Star commercials where they have the actual call that would be awesome!

Tam said...

Dear Maggie
Congrats to your two very lucky winners. I know they are looking forward to their gifts.
Let's talk girl! I too want to try some of that candy of yours. Do you think you might be having another giveaway soon. lol
I just knew this was the giveaway I was going to win because LuLu makes beautiful pieces and I have a very strong feeling your fudge would be very tasty.
So next time please let your number thing fall on my name. OK
Was wondering if you signed up for your creative writing class. You mentioned it a while back. I can see where writing is where you should be in life right now so hope you did take your class
Like the picture you added of Gary...I will continue to pray for you both to heal
Always thinking of you

Beedeebabee said...

Morning Maggie!

Congrats to your lucky winners!...I really enjoyed your post below. You are just sooo funny!!! I'm a Fox fan and I love Bill. I'm not a fan of The View, but I know they've treated him horribly when he was on their show...maybe that was payback!...I laughed out loud about about the Onstar thing. What a hoot!!! Enjoy your day, sweet lady!

xo Paulette

...I'm sooo sorry about your bracelet. :(

Janean said...

congrats to the winners!!!!!!!!!