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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fuuny You Tube!

That darn Black cat caught me off guard again this morning but soon he is mine. haha....I hate to tell you what I chased him off with this morning. He was actually trying to pick a fight with one of the other Tom Cats who are twice his size so I should of left him alone but I threw open the front door and the only thing I could grab were the bells hanging on the door knob so brave Ms. Pearl throws them at him.  I have to say all I saw was a flying black furry butt running for cover. In the morning I am getting up early getting dressed before breakfast and fur will be flying around this ole farm house. Just hope its not mine.....

This morning I found this very funny You Tube in my email box. You will enjoy it I promise!

It was sent to me by my sweet friend Dulcy from Dulcys Doorstep . If you have not met Dulcy please click on her site for a lovely surprise visit. She is another one of my friends that is so very gifted. You would think some of these gifted friends would rub off on me.

Off now to play catch up! Not with the cat I hope but with Christmas! Tomorrow I need to share a Santa site with you that you will love to send your grandbabies.

Love to all



blueviolet said...

Why must that stinkin' black cat hang around your home all the everlovin' time?

Sue said...

You're right. That is a cute video!

The black cat, however, is not so cute...

Hope you make him pay!


Donna said...

Good luck with that darned black'd think it was Halloween instead of impending Christmas, huh?

Rae said...

That video was the cutest thing. Loved all those animals. Wishing you lots of luck dealing with that darn 'ole cat.

Brenda Kula said...

You always, ALWAYS, make me laugh! Thanks for that.

Tracy said...

Oh Maggie, you are so talented in your own right! please don't sell yourself short...and I will stop by Dulcy's...
I really like your joke...I wonder if I could hack into Santa's computer?

Tam said...

Oh Maggie how I wish I lived close enough to be at your house tomorrow morning. I would love to see the two of you going at it.
Just be careful his claws might be a little sharp. lol
You made me laugh again and right now I need laughs

Kim said...

I guess that black cat was hoping for a 2nd date. Lol

Sharon said...

Hope that you manage to get rid of the black cat.
Loved the video and thanks for making me laugh.
I could use a laugh today.
Have a nice day.

Sybil said...

Oh Grandmayellowhair.. yep me again. I can hardly wrie this for the tears running down my cheeks...tears of laughter that is. I hadn;t read about the Granny nightie...Oh dear you really are a case as for that black cat I would black cat him with a big boot up the B...LOL
thanks again
Love Sybil xx

Nezzy said...

Ya'll never fail to crack me up and how I soooo needed a great laugh this afternoon. Good luck with Blackie sweetie!

Love the video sweetie!

Ya'll have a truly blessed day!!!

myletterstoemily said...

such a darling video and cute cartoon. sorry the
black cat is plaguing you. poor little guy. :)

thank you for your very sweet comments at my
place. i am so grateful.

Shelly said...

Sent you a Card today with a little "Something, Something" inside!

I love you Sweetie,,,,,Thank your for your friendship this year! I'll Call you SOON!!!

Big old Noisy Bus on the Cheeck and Love you to pieces!

Garden of Egan said...

Hope you are enjoying the season!!!

Lisalulu said...

you are so funny, and just LOOK at all the people you are cheering up! and those funny animals... you are CERTAINLY doing your part of spreading christmas cheer, love ya!

Marydon said...

I swear Maggie, I can truly picture you & this cat at it ... trouble is he doesn't have the smarts to know you will win the battle ... chuckle. You always brighten the day, sweetie.

Have a beautiful day ... it is snowing here, finally! So happy & enjoying every single flake.

Have a lovely winter's day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon