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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Has It Started For You?

The Christmas Crunch that is starting for me has it hit you yet! Well it is freaking 3:00 in the morning and I have yet to close my eyes. Yep it finally hit me that Christmas is in two weeks and I am 6 weeks behind. Why on Why is it this way every year. I was laying in bed trying to figure out if there is 52 weeks in a year then why are the last 4 of them so crazy for me.

No outside lights this year because of my back so that upsets me and now I have my small little girly white tree up instead of my huge one because of my back and no one to help lift the big boxes. I did manage to decorate one mantle and the stairway but not pleased at how they turned out.

Gretchen actually told me the other night when we were sharing a frozen pizza that I was the most organized person she knew. Good gosh I must of looked at her like she had totally lost her mind. NO one and I mean No one has ever ever considered me organized. If so they sure durn kept it to their selves and we all know why.

One reason I can not sleep is I made the mistake and went to Wal Mart to pick up cat food and dog food. OMG was that a circus. I actually almost forgot the cat food and dog food. I spent three hours in that store because I thought I would shop for some things on Kaci's list. She wanted some new Barbie clothes and doll clothes.  After who knows how long I make up my mind between whether she would like the Cheerleading outfit, nurses outfit or out on the town outfits. hahaha Then I see the movies of New Moon and Eclipse and I stand there trying to remember if that is something Christi wants for her birthday coming up.

Now after those three hours everything on my body hurts and I am wide awake. Hard to believe this is what time I got up to go to work at the Sheriff's Department. Workers Comp gave me a man the other day to replace the woman. No not to keep but to be my whatever the heck they call it. Let's hope he does something to help me. I wonder if he could go Christmas Shopping for me.

I guess I should try to lay back down and see if I can sleep. If not I will get up and make Sue her fudge that she won from my giveaway. That was another reason I went to Wal Mart because she ask if I put nuts in it. I don't usually but since she said her grandmother put Wal Nuts in hers I thought I could do that little tiny thing for her. So don't tell her if you go by her site.

Enjoy some Wal Martians while I go back to bed ....wish me luck

Sweet Dreams


Arkansas Patti said...

Good luck, this is a purely stressful time of year. Breathe deeply, it will be over soon enough.
Those Walmart pictures terrify me, I keep waiting to recognize my own behind.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

OMG, what are people thinking. I feel really bad but I can't stop giggling. I will have to say extra prayers tonight. It is the Christmas season after all. Maybe one more look!!!

Linda said...

Oh, Maggie, I'm glad I finally went to sleep before I saw your blog. Those pictures are so frightening. Do these people not own mirrors? Did the lady without panties think about her mother's admonition about wearing clean underwear in case of being in an accident? Sigh!

Our Christmas always comes at Thanksgiving, so I'm done with the family stuff, but still need to get out some cards. I used to send a lot, but not so many now.

You continue to get well, and relax and enjoy your Christmas!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Yes, thank you for those pictures as I'm waking up with coffee in my mouth, Maggie! Just what I want to see! ; )

Yes, I am feeling the crunch, especially this week because I wasn't feeling well stomach wise earlier in the week and then Thursday I got slammed with a bad cold. You know how you just want to lay down and not do anything when you are sick? Well, I've lost a week now from this and have to try and catch up. That means I have to make a list and do a couple of nights of shopping. I have a return to Target and a return to Kohls, so I will probably get stuff from them. Throw in there the people who are just hard to by for {my hubby included} and talk about a crunch!

acorn hollow said...

You know the lights don't matter and the tree don't matter. Grab some gift cert so they can shop for themselves and enjoy the holiday. I know I don't take my own advice sometimes but I really try we had a party at the house last night I made my self so up tight about it and really it didn't matter in the end it was good food and good friends that went wonderful.
Hope you are getting some sleep. I have a problem sleeping so I know how you feel.

Tracy said...

Those photos just crack me up...just when I'm thinkin' I look bad...
Hey Dear, deep breaths...this season was NOT intended to get stressed over and beat yourself up. Enjoy the moments and take good care of yourself. I'm sending you hugs!

LuLu Kellogg said...

OMG, I just about spit my coffee all over my screen! Those Walmart pictures are hilarious but also!

Just don't overdo it, ok?

Love ya Mags!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Mags:
It's a good thing it's morning around here. I'll have all day to wash my eyeballs and get those Wal Martian images out of my head!!

I work like an elf the first weeks in December and then relax the rest of the time. Used to take it right down to the wire, but why? It's hard to get into the decorating spirit when there are no kids around...and it's 60•!!

Take it easy, girlfriend. No sense killing yourself for the holiday spirit...and I'd rather wrestle an alligator than go into Walmart any day of the year. Too crazy!


Kim said...

I went into panic mode a few days ago. Just relax and everything will work out.

Janean said...

VERY gentle hugs for your back pain.
hey, this year you can focus on something besides the craziness of people at walmart! JK.
tell me you didn't take these photos!
we went one time at around midnight and every weird person in atlanta was there -- it was like, well, your photos!!
thanks for the giggles.

Marla @ Always Nesting said...

Those pictures are hilarious! Maggie, I hate Walmart during the holidays. I think they should send criminals there and make them spend the whole day in that zoo :)

Debby said...

I can't believe that lady's saggy boobies. Wow. You are so funny. I have been acting very strangely for me. I stressed out before Thanksgiving....but since returning from Colorado I have not been worried at all.
And yes, I have plenty to do. I am afraid that Santa will be here before I realize it is time. Good luck.

Nezzy said...

The season is almost upon us like flies on molasses and I'm thinkin' we're all feelin' the crunch!!! I'm feeling like a whole heap of crackers in a bowl of chili! Heeehehehehe!

I love the Wally~World just makes ya wonder doesn't it???

God bless ya and have a beautiful...rested weekend sweetie!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Maggie, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I need another month, at least. I don't feel like I have much focus or direction with what I am creating at the moment. I always have the grandest ideas of what to do, but it never seems like I am able to follow through. The holidays come and go and I've yet to complete what I had in mind. I much prefer to make handmade gifts, but I swear you gotta start in January to have it all done in time. :/

Don't overdo the shopping. Lord knows I hate getting out at busy times with all the crazy people. Based on those last pictures, there are times when folks need to invest in a mirror before heading out into the world. HA!

Hope you got some shuteye. Best wishes, Tammy

Susan said...

Oh Maggie! You have the most warped sense of humor; you always make me laugh!
I despise Walmart. I can only be in there for so long, then the lack of windows drives me out, gasping with claustrophobic symptoms!
I enjoyed your freak show.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

The most important thing is to take care of yourself!!! Kids and just about everyone loves cash or a gift certificate. Forget the shopping!! Get some sleep

Tam said...

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie your not thinking right!
You have two others to help you out theres Grandmayellow Hair and Ms. Pearl. Wake them two up and the three of you will have it done in no time. Especially if Ms. Pearl gets mad about it. lol
Turn up your Elvis Christmas music pretend you are getting ready for a date with him....well maybe not that..someone else
Look at this way your not off this weekend doing something for someone else and you have time to do your own thing. Right are or you somewhere you don't want to be for the day. You need to learn how to say NO to some of your friends. I learned it years ago. Some friends don't take it very well but they soon learn NO means NO
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Maggie because we love you

Anonymous said...

I stop by now and then to laugh with you and if I did not have a wife that is jealous I would stop by the farm and hang those lights for you anytime.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I concur with the others.. REST~~ give cash or gift cards and fagetaboutit with the decorations, lol... now see, with all the extra time you'll have you can post so more of the wally world pics for us to giggle about..

hugs and healing wishes for you, Maggie..


Julia said...

Oh Maggie, all your posts are gifts to us so you know that you never disappoint us. Thanks.

My Christmas wish list for you is that you get your back fixed like new and that you find your diamond bracelet and that you get lots of sleep so you can be as good as new. My christmas wish for the WalMart shoppers in your photos is that the one with saggy breast get some proper fitting bras, the one with the bare bottom, gets a package of cover all panties and a longer skirt, as well as the stiletto heels ladies that they get some skirts with more generous amount of fabric. lol... JB

Enjoy your blog and appreciate you too.

Sybil said...

Oh my beloved Granmayellowhair...What a laugh you give us...worth a thousand presents anytime. I do hope you will get an extra long relaxed..if possible...sleep tonight. As for the tree and all the presents...they are just extra's and certainly you should try not to be stressed by them...though I know it is hard when we have always done things and been in charge. I am very late in getting my wee house decorate dthis year as well, my heart is just not in it. There is no John here to help me and I miss him so.
God Bless. Keep smiling and keep us smiling.
Love sybil xx

Shelly said...


Thank you for the peanut Clusters,,or, okay?Curse you for the peanut Clusters,,,they are to DIE FOR!!! Yummmm!

I ate several last night while compiling my giveaway posts.........They made me a bit sweeter and I "upped the winner(s) to TWO.....and then I did another giveaway,,,,for the "losers" only, they aren't! And THEN today, I decided I should open it to ANYBODY,,,,,,so if you want to grab a pic from my sidebar and post it,,,,,,,ANYONE can enter NOW,,,,through the 16th! And I "upped the prizes to 5." Since I thought that was only FAIR.

You'll get a Card and a little something anyway! Post if you have time!

Love you and I am SO posting the Walmart Pic on my Sidebar for Grins and Giggles!!!!

"Hugs and Pieces! And thanks again for my Goodies!!!"

~ Regan said...

Lol... Gotta love walmart. (If not for their low prices, for their entertaining and shocking patrons!)

I think EVERYONE is far behind this Christmas!! I know I am!

Please come by, I have a purple purse up for a Giveaway, I would be so honored if you came to enter!

yaya said...

I always say I'm going to pretend that Christmas is in Nov. and get all the shopping done by the 25th...then it's Dec. 1st and I'm not even it's Dec. 11th. and I'm no where near done..Is that why God invented gift cards? Hey, we have our own Wal Mart cutie right here in Ashland...The Mountain Man made the weird people at Wal Mart site. He hangs out there and plays his guitar, sings, and gives everyone a "come to Jesus" talk...should I send him your way to put up decorations, Christmas trees, and give you a "come to Jesus" talk? Just don't over do it, listen to some Christmas music, watch a Christmas movie, eat some fudge, and blog so I can have a good laugh!

Kymberly said...

Getting stressed and holidays go hand in hand!! My 4 children are older so Christmas is easier than it was when they were little tykes! Actually enjoyable--since I don't have to stay up Christmas Eve night frantically putting together every toy they asked for, with only seconds to spare!!!

One Christmas Eve, I was up all night and finished right at dawn! As the morning sun started streaming through the windows, I was q putting their toys under the tree and quickly arranging everything so sweet, just like Santa had just been there! Everything looked so bright and magical! I grabbed the camara to take a few quick pictures! One of the boys jumped out of bed,squealed,woke up the others, and they all ran in the livingroom! Oh boy, if I had been a few minutes late--they would have seen a empty tree and caught me carrying up the presents!

Your Walmart pictures are too much!! I live in Tennessee--when I go into the Walmart to shop for the holidays--I know some people have it mixed up--they think they are shopping for the hillibillydays instead of the holidays!

I have actually seen people in our Walmart that are dressed just like those in your pictures!! I know it's funny but sometimes I have to shake my head and do a double take when I see people out in public dressed like that! I must have been asleep the day Congress passed the "Go Out In Public Half-Naked Law" because the "garb" people wear today would have been indecent exposure when I was growing up!
I think when I find myself getting too stressed and need to take a break--I am going to come by your site and look at those pictures and remind myself that, after all, nothing could get that bad! At least, we all still wear our bra and panties, no matter what! Right, girls?

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Kym Decker

blueviolet said...

You're so sweet to put nuts in there for her (but yuck to nuts!) LOL

I am overwhelmed with how fast Christmas is coming too! I'm freaking out right alongside you!

NitWit1 said...

A year ago we adjusted what Christmas traditions we wish to attain and eliminated a lot like decorations,kept 2 easy to get in and out of box. We agreed to buy our on Xmas presents no matter cost or time of year; I just send 23 boxes of clutter to Humane Society, some of which were unused gifts.

We give generously via a Life Group to which we belong. This year it includes 8=9 children w/parents. We personally buy boxedcooked frozen Christmas dinners for each one from a grocery chain, and assist in selection of gifts.

One Christmas Day we cook one of the same Christmas box dinners or go tothe VFW and get a carryout.

Rebecca said...

GASP! Shameless. What happen to women in skirts and pretty hats with flowers? Modesty is NOT out of style and my hubby for one thinks that Sexy is all about what you CAN'T SEE!

I agree.

Thanks for the crack up.

Love to you~


My Grama's Soul said...

Oh sweet lady......STAY CALM AND CARRY ON. I know you will.



Cherrie said...

I feel the same way. I am so far behind this year. I put up my little tree too and I don't like it but didn't have the energy to dig out the big tree and put it up. Oh well in a couple weeks it will be all over!
Love ya! Hang in there & I will too!

Garden of Egan said...

I hope you were able to get some sleep!

I am like you.
I haven't done ANYTHING!!!!!
The tree is up, but we didn't do lights this year, due to just getting our soffit and raingutters uup......just barely and the roof is covered with ice.

Julie Harward said...

Hi's a busy time for sure, I find myself not blogging as much. Those pictures are so funny and that cartoon! I have never seen people like that at Walmart and I am so glad. Take care of yourself! ;D

Grandma Honey said...

I ask myself the very same question every December...WHY do I wait so long to do my shopping? Then it's like life has to come to a halt while I try to play catch up all month long.

Donna said...

Well, Gee,...we should get together at night during the wee hours and enjoy pizza and old TV re-runs or something! I, too, have that night time owl thing going sometimes!!
Don't sweat the gift thing...just do the gift cards...everyone loves them, and enjoy the season!!

Terry said...

Howdy Maggie
Okay here it goes :)
Do not take photos of people at walmart at any time of the day or night ! Grossssssssssssssssssssss
Okay now to be serious ,
Life is not over if you are not perfect !
My most wonderful childhood memory is of my Aunt Jo and her making me a belated a very belated Christmas Gown to go with my Midge doll / Before Barbie was the chosen one Midge
started it all google it and you will find a fantastic history I am sure .
Anyhoo It is the love and creativity that goes into a gift that matters.
So try to use a little imagination along with inspiration to create
a gift for a loved one :)
Until next time
Happy Trails

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I've been too busy finishing my own giveaway project that I didn't get a chance to stop by here....congrats to the two winners.

As for shopping at WalMart...these photos are way too funny. OMG.


Santa Centerpiece Do stop by sometime this week, I have a special hand made giveaway going on right now!!!

PEA said...

Omigosh, I almost spit out my coffee when I saw those WalMart pictures!! LOL Scary how some people dress to go out, even if it's just shopping! Yikes!!

I do hope you were able to get some sleep. I can understand how frustrated you are not being able to do the usual because of your back. I guess we just have to learn to slow down when needed and take care of ourselves. Christmas will still happen no matter if we didn't decorate or bake as much as usual so we may as well just enjoy it:-) xoxo