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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Idiot Doctor!

Kaci was busy Saturday dying Easter eggs. I think she did a great job!

                                   Chad and Andrea left and came back with me some pretty Salvia.

                                    Never tried planting tomato plants in a pot but look what happened when I did. lol

Just wanted to post and let you know that Christi says she is doing pretty good considering what happened on Good Friday. Keeps telling me not to worry. They found out the woman that beat her is a Stripper at some club there in the Austin area. What I would give to have a chance to meet this woman but better I don't.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. Hard to believe April and Easter are already gone and May will be here soon. Don't forget my giveaway for the chocolate ends on May 1st. 

Last Wednesday my pain doctor did four injections into my back for my pain. He told me it should work in a day or two so I was excited that I might get some relief. Well that will be a week tomorrow and I have had no relief as of yet. Hope there is still hope from these injections. But I have my doubts.

I really got upset this afternoon at 5pm when his nurse called me to inform me that Dr. Fino had called my Captain and my workers comp adjuster and made arrangements for me to go back to work again with plenty of restrictions. This is what he did for me two weeks ago and I ended up in the emergency room.

During my visit with him last Wednesday we talked about going back to work and we agreed to wait until after he sees me on May 2nd to see if the injections work. The man went back on this agreement and now I am I guess going back before then. This doctor is such a jerk. He has no clue whether or not these injections worked and I gather could care less.

It is time for me to get a good attorney. One that will listen to me and understand my problems with dealing with doctors that don't listen to me. His nurse had the gall to tell me that he was putting lots of restrictions on my return to work including rest every hour even lying down if I needed where does this idiot think I am going to lay down in the Shriff's Office. Does she think they have cots sitting around for workers like me or do they open a cell and let me share a bunk with the inmates. What are these people thinking?

I told her it took me all day today just to get dressed and feel like a human being. I was actually crying today  when she called which is something I rarely do but today and yesterday the pain has really been bad.

Anyway sorry for this post but I am just so tired of putting up with this crap. They are just trying to get me to quit because they know I am in too much pain to work yet this doctor who obiviously works for them says I can under lots of restrictions. I would love to see him and his nurse work one hour in my position. Just one hour is all I am asking. hahahaha

It just makes me mad that he and I agreed on waiting until after the 2nd and he goes behind my back and makes arrangements with my Captain for me to return. What kind of doctor does that?

I think I can change one time with workers comp for a doctor so I know I will be changing but the thing is I will be changing to another one of their doctors. I can't win for loosing.

If I end up in the emergency room again I promise you Ms. Pearl knows how to find that doctors office without my help. lol

Sweet Dreams


acorn hollow said...

I can not tell you how sorry I am for all that is going on with you right now. Pain really stinks my husband has back issues I know how he suffers sometimes. His is his bones not an accident. Glad your daughter is doing ok.
I will keep you in my thoughts

Pat said...

Dear Maggie,

Unbelievable...yes it's time to get an attorney. You need another opinion, by a doctor who actually cares. Sending wishes for a better day tomorrow.


Debby said...

Holy crap. I can't believe this. Yes, you need a good attorney. Can you apply for disability or is this something you have to do first.
Not fair.
Also not fair that you have been in so much pain for so long and it came from work.
Glad your daughter is okay. I am sure she is still pretty upset.
Time for some good thing to happen. (((((HUGS)))

shawkl said...

Dang straight! Get that attorney. Don't you dare let them win...go in and to heck with the work...if you need to take a break. Just "'s break time...and go to the ladies room. Leave them standing there with their mouths wide open if need be!" You have to take care of yourself! Call an attorney BEFORE you go back to work. Encourage Pearl to speak her mind! Just do it with sweet words...that will really get their goat! "I'm in so much pain...I just can't think straight today...what door did you say you wanted open, or was that closed? Oh, just a second...I'm moving slow today because of these meds I'm on. Oh, look at the clock...the doctor said I have to take a mandatory 10 minute break every hour with these new medicines...doesn't healthcare really suck these days? My, my, my...tisk, tisk, tisk. Oh, you still need that door opened?"

Garden of Egan said...

I am so sorry my friend! My heart is with you right now. You certainly don't need any of this mess.

You are in my prayers.

Gorges Smythe said...

The world is full of morons and a surprising number of them have college degrees!

Annesphamily said...

MY hubby always says people will get away with what you let them. That is when a good attorney needs to step in. Prayers coming your way. Anne

Lisalulu said...

What a horrible ordeal that just continues. I am so sorry that no one is really listening to you! I guess you DO need to pull all the stops and get an attorney. An employment lawyer I guess? So sorry, and guess they didn't even give you more pain meds! sigh, hope you have someone close there to look in on you and help make you yummy things to eat!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Mags:
Your egg photo is perfect for this post. There ought to be a law against idiot doctors going behind their patient's backs and making new arrangements contrary to agreed upon decisions. I think I might go "postal" if I were in your position. Please try to rest and get better, in spite of the things going on around you. I worry about you all the time, you know.
Healing prayers.

Julie Harward said...

Good thing you have that Ms. Pearl in you or you would have given up a year ago. By the way does that idiot doctor know of Ms. Pearl? Time he was introduced! ;D

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww, hon, I'm sorry you're having this misery. They are gonna drive you to the pysch ward. My prayers will be with you.

Tracy said...

I read your post about what happened to Christie yesterday at work but I can't post from work so I wanted to let you know when I read that I was angry with you...the indecency and nerve of some people. I just am livid that someone would interrupt your daughter's peace of mind because they are cruel and have ulterior motives. I'm certain Christie will be fine but her sense of safety and security are certainly bruised along with a chink her trust of others.
I totally agree; there is nothing that get my hackles up more than someone picking on my child!
and now you must deal with your idiot Dr. I pray for strength from you that you can harvest these strong feelings into something positive; I really think what goes around comes around and it may not be in our realm of knowing but it happens...
Please take super good care of yourself and be gentle with you...YOU are important!
love and hugs to you...

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I definitely think you need to pursue this from a legal angle now, Maggie. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. What about disability? Not sure how it works but I know there is Social Security disability. I hope you can get some relief soon.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Maggie, I can relate to what you are going through on so many levels. My friend, you need to get an attorney PRONTO! These doctors are working for the insurance company NOT YOU. I have been in the midst of this crazy battle for over a year now and excuse my French, but some employers and the insurance companies are plain ol' bastards. They try and break you down, make you work in pain. The only thing they care about is limiting their loss. They don't care about you and it is sad.

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter...sometimes I think the world has gone mad! I'm here for you Maggie and I'm sending you prayers. Please protect yourself and get an attorney.

Much love to you sweet friend,

Julia said...

Dear Maggie, thanks for your nice comment on my blog, I appreciate it very much. Those eggs are a riot.

Maggie, I'm so sorry that all this sad sagga is happening to you. I wish that I could help but distance is a bit far so all I can do is support you from afar with my prayers and words.

Fighting workers compensation and their doctors is like fighting City Hall. I think that getting an attorney may be a bit expensive preposition but worth looking into it. I just hope that all this isn't going to drag you down any further.

I miss the funny Maggie that had me in stitches from laughing. It's time that things turns around for you. Would deep depression count as an incapacitating illness that would interfere with your work, I just hope that you don't have to go down that steep road. Think positive and don't let the bastards get you down.

A doctor who has never experienced back pain cannot really understand what back pain is all about. I'm praying for your healing and peace of mind.

Love, Julia

Sharon said...

I understand what you are going through. My son is going through the same thing with his back and the doctors run-around crap.
Those doctors know the meaning of pain.
I think it is time for you to find a good hard-nosed doctor.
I will continue to put you and your daughter in my prayers.
Hugs dear friend.

Darlene said...

Boy, Can I ever sympathize with you. I would hate to be going to work doing what you do with my back feeling the way it always does. I am so sorry you had to go through all of this. Unfortunately when a back gets so bad, I honestly think there is little a doctor can do short of surgery. I have had physical therapy so many times after my surgery and it still hurts like hell. I have learned what to do.........listen to my body. I can usually stand for 10 to 15 minutes max and then I have to go to my chair, which is an Ecorne, a Swedish make chair with a stool to elevate my legs. If I sit on this chair,(if it is really hurting badly, I will also put on a gel pack that I keep many of in the freezer)for about ten minutes, I can get up and stand for another 10 to 15 min. It's amazining how much I can get done this way. True, I am up and down a lot but it works for me.

Sue said...

This makes me so mad I could scream. Seriously.

I think you should try a new doctor...He couldn't possibly be any worse than this one.

It's just unheard of that he would go back on his deal and tell them you were returning to work after all the damage it did to you last time. I feel like smacking him one.


PEA said...

Compensation doctors are the worst, I swear!! I wish we could all show up at his office and smack him wouldn't that be a sight! LOL I have no doubt you are beyond frustrated that he keeps going back on his word and is forcing you to go back to work yet again when you are obviously not ready. As you say, they need to be in your position to find out just how impossible it is! You are in my thoughts and prayers sweet friend. xoxo

Rocky Mountain Woman said...


I really think it is a great idea to get in touch with an attorney at this point. I work in the legal field and know a little bit about this stuff. If nothing else, at least you will know you did everything you could to protect yourself!



yaya said...

I wonder if he put that in his patient notes that he would talk to you after May 2nd? If he did, then he is truly negligent by going behind your back. But I'm sure he probably never mentioned that anywhere on his notes. I hate workman's comp...true government organization that sucks to high heaven. My hubby hates dealing with them in his office because they do so many delay tactics on payments. Once he sent all his staff to learn how to fill out the new forms that WC was going to.(a class that WC set up)The next week when they submitted papers, payment was denied because the paperwork they had just learned how to fill out had been replaced with a different form...Just remembering that has made me mad all over again! Hope you do feel better soon and I would get that lawyer ASAP!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Maggie,

So sorry that you are still having pain and probably is a good idea to get in a good attorney.
Can understand your daughter still being upset and do hope that she can put this behind her and feel better. My thoughts and prayers will be with you both. Do hope that you can get something to help with your pain.

Happy weekend, dear friend and thanks for visiting me.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, When I orignally read this post I was where I couldn't leave a comment. Do get yourself of an attorney. He or she will help advise you of your rights and help you get what is rightfully due to you. You have to be presistant. There are doctors who should not be practicing in the medical field. They really don't know what they are doing such as the one that my son saw for a second opinion about his chemical asthma. He said that his lungs were find when in reality he was having an asthma attack. The only way to really check the condition of the lungs is blood gases. It makes me furious to have people go through what we have to with doctors and insurance companies. They think you will give up and quit. I would not let them do anything else to me after all you have gone through. Some believe in some medications that aren't nearly strong enough to just keep you coming back so they can milk the system. I will get off my soap box. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Take care. You know you are in my prayers. Lots of gentle hugs from your Missouri Friend.

Marydon said...

I'll call you today, Maggie. For pete's call that Drs office & strongly remind them that ythe agreement was May 2nd visit ... the idiot probably didn't EVEN write it down. I am so worried about you, sweetie...

Up since 3AM when they put the tornado alerts on TV, ugh! Harold enroute to NYC. They have spotted spirals in the storm ... ugh!
Love you, Marydon

Arkansas Patti said...

Aw Maggie, this is just too darn awful. You do need an attorney and need to file for disability. You don't need to be doing any work.
Suppose the Dr. wants you to sack out in an empty cell? What a sweetie he is.
I agree, call the Dr. to find out what has changed that he is sending you back to work.
You are still in my prayers young un.

Gypsy Heart said...

Well, the Easter egg photos are adorable! I'm just so sorry that you're in such pain after the injections. I wonder if he just used saline solution??? Sounds like a jerk with a medical license and that is so sad. There is no way to work when you can hardly move plus with all those ridiculous restrictions. I hate for you to have to do it but find a reputable attorney. I think it best that a representative from the attorney's office go with you to the next Dr appt and let them "hear" what this idiot says.

I am so very sorry about your daughter too! I was assaulted last Nov at my old apts and it was scary as hell. They did let me out of my lease and no penalities...I also received a refund for the balance of the month. I've never packed & moved so quickly I don't think. :-)

I'm keeping all of you in my prayers sweet lady. God will prevail!

Char said...

Oh Maggie, your going back to work too early is not funny, but I had to laugh about the cot comment. Why not? After all, the air traffic controllers get to take naps on the job, so why not the fire and the police. I see no reason you shouldn't get paid for sleeping. That's what our country seems to think is normal, so what the heck!!! I think there needs to be a word more than nuts, crazy, insane ect. Everything is just turned so upside down, I don't think after awhile we will be able to recognize right side up.
I am not surprised by the stripper. What else would you expect? Gesh, what a world we now live in.
I hope your injections will kick in and you will no what it's like to be pain free, if even for awhile.
Thinking of you and the family, take care Maggie, Char

Donna said...

Maggie, you need the attorney not only to deal with your doctor and the captain, etc. but also to help you go on disablity. You need another doctor first who will help you with that. It seems that someone in pain should be listened to and not made to be tortured at work where they might easily be hurt again. I can appreciate a doctor who wants deadbeats to go back to work, but he must see the truth and not be blind!
Hope this finally goes better for you and you can get some relief!!
Prayers for you, Maggie!!

Sissy said...

Dim, 'paid off' doctors I believe. Get thyself an attorney now. It is overdue time you showed someone how Ms. Pearl handles matters. This is beyond sensible what you are going through. I could bite a RR spike in two thinking how you are treated.

If I've said it once or twice or a 1000 times, I'll say it again: I don't trust the medical world!

That's a very good job Kaci did on the eggs. Childhood is our best time of life is my opinion...having fun. I hope she has that sugar under control...I surely do.

I now have five family members with diabetes...a result of meds they have been prescribed for other 'conditions'- "overprescribed". Terry's after his kidney transplant

May I still get in on that CHOCOLATE drawing?

Mumsy, Chancy and Co. said...

I am glad to hear that Christi says she is better sweet Maggie. I will be praying for her. Also praying for you.

I agree that doctor is an in the world can he expect you to rest at work and get anything done in the condition you are in. How did this man get to be a doctor??? What kind of work does he think you could do in the first place with all the pain you are in and with your back like it is.

Yep, sweet lady you do in deed need a good attorney...this has gone on way too long and no help for you at all. I am so sorry and I do hope this situation is remedied soon.

Praying a lot for you dear, sweet Maggie. Hugs

NitWit1 said...

WOW do I ever empathize with you. I cannot get DR offices to even return my call. I may get to talk to a nurse practitioner but even they don't relay info.

And although I am a retired veteran of the medical professions, I find it very interesting that a nurse practitioner and I were left to figure out why this limited distribution heart medicine was not working fully, which we did.

I am certainly in agreement that it is the practice of medicine, and some need a whole lot of practice.

Agree with AR Patti ---get a highly rated attorney for disabilities---back injuries are the hardest to get work comp. or SS disability.

I got SS disability at 59.5 because of a cancer diagnosis. Chronic or diseases that might end in death are almost instantly awarded, but backs. I have friends who are still trying. I wrote twoSS applications for diabetes myself, and sit and coached a breast cancer patient. All got SS disability.

My sister who worked in Social Services coached me, and I learned well. The advice was simple. DO NOT LIE but answer in brief and in the immediate present.

I think one question was, can you wash your hair? IF not how is it done. First answer NO, second answer a friend comes over.

Can you do housework? NO Who does it? My husband.

Get the Picture. Don't say add things like I may be able to in 6 months etc. Depending on the disability and your age, each disability can be reviewed. I was so close to 65 mine never was. It just becomes regular SS at 65. The main advantage I got Medicare at 62.

Anonymous said...

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