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Friday, April 15, 2011

Back In Time!

This past week I have been distracted, lazy and somewhat lost. Do you ever have those days when it seems you just want to hide from the world? I mean the kind where you can't show up for anything. Nothing gets done, the creative juices don't flow, your cats lucky if she gets fed. hahaha

No matter how bad I get at not showing up believe Tinkerbell would not let me skip one of her meals.

So this feeling I have has even effected my blog. Should I take a break from it to like so many others or should I just bore you with my humdrum life. Is that a word humdrum?

This morning I thought it was getting close to my blog anniversary so I went back in time to my first post. It was written on Friday May 1, 2009.

With the help of copy and paste I can share this post with you today. Forgive me if you have already read it but since there were no comments I figured it is safe to say it is still a virgin post and much shorter than the ones I do now.

May 1, 2009

Sitting here now looking at the blank page I can not help but wonder why am I wanting to do a blog and what will it be about. I suppose a lot of you have had these same thoughts and understand. Honestly my seven year old granddaughter Kaci sent me an invitation to her blog and I after enjoying hers I viewed others and now here I am trying it myself. As for what will I post on my blog will be a surprise to me as well as you. Just giving my blog a name took a lot out of me so bare with me for a while and these post may start peaking your interest. A little about me. I am in what everyone calls the third age of life. Just one of many baby boomers trying to gather all the pieces of my life and figure out how I got to this third age so fast. Along the path to old age I managed to do a few things right.(Notice I said a few things) The best thing I brought to this life is my three wonderful children who are all grown now and living their own lives and not making near the mistakes I made while I was their ages. Out of my three children my middle son Clint is married with two remarkable children of his own. They call me Grandma Yellow Hair. Kaci I mentioned earlier is in the first grade and Bailey turned 5 not too long ago and goes to a pre kindergarden at a church school I live alone now except for my cat Tinkerbell and a pretty blue healer that lives on the property. I lived in town until my best friend and husband left years ago for his child hood sweetheart so now after years of trying to figure all that out I know now they deserve each other. Now I live in a 100 year old farm house surrounded by of course a white picket fence and oak trees older than the home. Having to give up my home was hard but God blessed me with finding this place to live and I am happy. Retirement age is here but I still work. I am in law enforcement and there is never a dull day at work. I work as a correctional officer at a nearby county and not a day goes by that I don't ask myself What the Heck am I doing here? Maybe the next post I will tell you about the two murderers that I have had to deal with in the last two weeks. So there you have it a little bit of myself and hope in time my post get better. Sweet dreams.....Maggie

Hope you enjoyed my very first post and now since I feel so out of it lets have some fun! It has been a long time since I made candy so it is time for another chocolate giveaway.....

What day did you start this crazy wild exciting world of blogging? Have you written faithfully or have you taken breaks from it and come back later when you could not stand not knowing what was going on with your friends?   Answer these two questions and  comment on this post and I will enter you in a drawing for some of Ms Ruby's Chocolate! You will have your pick of the fudge or the peanut clusters.

Put this giveaway on your sidebar and come back here to this post telling me how excited you are that it is on your sidebar and your entered twice.

I need my creative juices flowing and to Just Show Up maybe having this giveaway will be good for me too!
Let's end it on May 1, 2011 at midnight central standard time!
Good Luck and

Love to all

PS.....Thanks to Marydon at Blushing Rose I have some new funnies on my Laugh Page. You can find the page under my headboard. Check them out especially the video but you will have to turn the my playlist off to hear the video. Too funny


Sharon said...

Good morning and hope that you are having a great day. I enjoy reading your every day going ons. I too don't have a lot of things to blog about but I sure do enjoy it.
Enjoyed reading your first blog.
Please enter me in your give away.
Have a nice week end. Getting snow here today.

Loui♥ said...

Hi Maggi..
the fudge looks awesome!
would love some good homemade fudge with walnuts of course!!
My blog was started out of FRUSTRATION.. On September 16 ,2009, Mountain Mermaid made her debut into the blogging world.
This is where I post my photos..
Chat with old friends about happenings in my world..
with my three feline furbabies..
or anything I personally feel like discussing..
altho I am crafty, and do many DIY project,
they do not find their way to my blog.
I have been pretty faithful about blogging, especially on Mondays and Wednesdays> Those day have memes to which I enjoy contributing my well as the camaraderie with those participants..
a bonus from blogging..I have met so many new friends,,several of whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person!
have a beautiful, invigorated day!
warmest sandy hugs..

Sue said...

That was so much fun reading your first post! I started on August 2008, and my post was about going to the dentist. That first year, I wrote every other day or so. Now I write every day except Sunday.

I remember from winning last time how yummy your fudge is!


PS. The longest break I've taken was about five days when I stayed with my grandkids. Now I tend to just keep blogging on vacations (about the vacations!).

LuLu Kellogg said...

Maggie, you would definitely be missed if you took a break but everyone needs to once in a while. I used to write every day and now I am lucky if I can post 2-3 times a week since it's my busy season.

If you do take a break, I will still be around!


p.s. How far are you from Dallas?

Susie Swanson said...

I would miss you for sure. Started later on, December of last year, because I wanted to put poems out there but have found it to be a joyful journey. So many great blogs and your is at the top of the list. Now if I could just figure out how to get some beautiful music on there like yours.

Marydon said...

A gal once wrote me "I don't need more friends, I already have many, I am blogging to promote my business" I quote. I was stunned with the attitude & nearly quit blogging, & then a couple of other incidents were enough to turn anyone off ... BUT after talking to my husband & a couple of good friends, I continue to ENJOY immensely the wonderful network of friends, AND SISTER'S like you & Sherry to love & treasure our relationships.

What a fabulous time we have had meeting so many of these wonderful ladies, not gal's ... the friendships are worth more than gold.

Now re: that 'sweet tooth' which you saw first hand that I have ... throw me into that pot, cover me with either one, & I'll be happy as a tootsie pop!

Yes, we all must take a break now & then ... right now we are in the throes of construction, once again ... nearly done ... BUT A DAY WITHOUT MAGGIE would be miserable, let me tell you, my precious friend!

You take care, I'll call tonight or tomorrow ... hugs of love ~

Linda said...

Well, if I'd just gone further on my Google reader, I would have found this! Enter me! I'll post it on my blog too!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

So I just went back and looked at my first post from December 09..

It's hard to believe that my one year anniversary went by and I didn't even notice!

I have wavered back and forth according to my work schedule, but have for the most part kept on posting. It's kind of like therapy for me, I can vent a little or brag a little and my sweet blog friends are always there for me...

I say keep on writing Maggie. You truly have the storytelling gift and it would be a shame to waste it!



janet said...

Too Funny.....I thought the giveaway was part of your very first post!!!

I'm sitting here thinking to myself...MAN...she's brave...doing a giveaway on her first post!

Feel free to take a break if needed...we will all be here when you return ;-)

Janet xox

Nezzy said...

Oh baby, I smelled fudge clear from the woodpile, ran to the house, kicked of my size 5 manure stompin' boots straight to your post. Woohoo!!!

I've had a leftover homemade fudge, cluster, cashew patties, truffle stash in the freezer since Christmas but the last piece went down the gullet a couple of weeks ago. I'm in!!!!

God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic weekend and fun with your giveaway! :o)

Lisalulu said...

I too thought the giveaway was part of your first blog! ha.. I can't tell you how excited I get when I see your a post from yours in my blog roll. I have always thought your stories are creative.. but no they are real! you are supported no matter what you choose..but with a life like yours.. oh come on, you've GOT to share!

Dragonlady said...

Well, I have a blog and I was enjoying sharing paper crafts and garden art from recycled things...not even sure how long ago that was but as of late, I just haven't posted anything on my blog, I think I spend too much time reading other peoples wonderful blogs, Like yours, I just love your stories you share with us about you, work and family...and feel like I know you really
You have certainly had a lot of stress going on for some time now and I think if you feel like taking a break all of your followers would understand...

Now, about that fudge, I could almost try to lick the screen it looks so good....and I would love to be entered for a chance to win..
Take car

Sweet Old Vintage said...

I am so glad you stopped by... All things are not perfect at my age but I am so very thankful for what I still can do.... Life is good...

Arkansas Patti said...

You have come a long way lady. From no comments to 568 followers. Think you are doing something right.
I am on a diet so will have to pass on the yummy looking fudge. Sigh.

Donna said...

March of 2008, I started my blog because we had 2 new grandbabies in different cities and I thought it would be a fun way to connect us all! It has become a way to journal life and at the end of each year, I get a blog book....better than any photo album! Now we have two more grandchildren and I love that I do this.
It does become a chore sometimes and I do need inspiration. I've taken breaks this winter because my youngest is going through a panful divorce, and she miscarried, something we didn't see coming. It's so hard and depressing to blog lightly when the world is caving in. I haven't even checked e-mail for days sometimes. Then again, I try to get my butt going because I need to be strong. We are climbing out and it will all be OK as you know. So yes, sometimes you need a blog brak to become inspired again. You inspire so inspire me. But most, you make me laugh and that is the BEST thing you can do for others! I am smiling as soon as I see you've posted!!
I just read your last post and first, loved your hat picture!! Second, it sounds like the pain doctor has done you no favors and you feel no better but are spunky. Hope it gets better?!?
Last....I love fudge! Chocolate is my absolute weakness!!! Good giveaway! Have a good weekend, Maggie!!!

Bobby said...

Sending you folks for the give-a-way. Haven't figured out the side bar thingy, so I thought I would just post about you.
Glad to hear your doing fine.

yaya said...

At the urging of my Daughter-in-law I signed up to do a blog in Oct. of 2007, but it scared me and I didn't do a thing with it until Feb. 29th, 2008. I guess I felt I had nothing to write about. Then after reading her blog and then other blogs along the way, I thought, "hey, I can do this". It's a great journal tool for me and I enjoy the blog books I make every year. I never thought I would find so many friends through this medium and I'm really glad I did. Your blog always makes me laugh and smile! I sometimes feel I don't blog enough, but I try atleast 2 to 3 times a week. I may start to do more thoughtful posts instead of just day to day family things and see what happens. I sometimes feel I could stop and no one would really notice, but the journal part of this keeps me going. So I say, take a break if you need it, but please come back and us faithful followers will always be here when you're ready! As a final note to this novel I've written, I think peanut clusters sound heavenly! Sign me up!

Shelly said...


You won a little something today in my Giveaway! Read the post for today/friday and let me know what you'd like!

I have been a BAD friend. Truly? I think about you often, and it always makes me smile or just get a fuzzy feeling because I'm so glad to know you,,,,,so what is UP with my convo's?

Don't feel bad,,,,,I love you to pieces, You're not the only one I've neglected! I'm sure Lulu would even tell you that I don't always stay in touch with her, as I should!

My Craft/art biz is growing. I feel truly grateful, but also spread a BIT thin! Throw in some Sleepless Menopausal nites, an adult son living at home-although now gainfully employed,,,and well,,,,you get the idea!

Email me about the Flag,,,,,and I promise to call you SOON! It may not be till AFTER next week and my Easter Parade obligations,,,,but promise to call and Chat soon!

(You've reminded me to check out my FIRST blog post. I'll have to Check it our and report back!)

Hugs,,,,Love you to Pieces and a Big ol' Bus on the Cheek!

Gorges Smythe said...

Don't have anything profound to say. Just wanted you to know that I still read, even when I don't comment.

Julia said...

Maggie, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. My rug can now be seen on this evening blog.

I been in the same place that your in and it usually passes. You need not be blogging when you don't feel like it or when things gets too hectic. As long as you tell us that you are taking a break then we will be there when you come back.

I started blogging on August 2nd 2010. Like you I didn't really had a reason and I didn't know what I would talk about but as I sat at the computer the words just flowed.

I blogged every day for quite a while but as my audience grew, I was going to bed late and getting up early, like I do now and got really worn out and took a small sabbatical from blogging and all my regular followers came back.

I'm looking forward to sinking my sweet tooth in one of your chocolate fudge. It's 12:20 am so I best get to bed. Hugs, JB

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Well, let's see. I've been blogging about 2 years now. Wow--that's hard to believe. So far, I've not taken any time off for any length of time, but you never know when that might not sound like a bad idea. For now, I've still got way too much to share, so I'll keep on bloggin'.

Tracy said...

I hear you honey, I go through periods of the humdrums and mostly it is when I get so overwhelmed with life that my mind gets muddled and well, I just know my friends will understand because well, my frequent followers are my friends.
It also helps to give myself permission not to post everyday...which is why the A to Z Challenge has been well, a Challenge. It has necessitated me posting everyday but Sunday and that is not my style; hence M and N have long been neglected but I'm okay with that. Since I write from the heart and life experiences, my posts come every two to three days and then I spend the rest of the time visiting my friends.
So perhaps give yourself permission to not post as often as you do and don't make it such a chore, the enjoyment will return, I'm certain. Be kind and gentle to yourself my dear. I also enjoyed reading about how you got! I think my first anniversary is coming up as well but I'm not certain.
Okay, now about that chocolate; ummmm...I will try to figure out how to put it on my sidebar; I'm not very computer savvy, but I eventually get it.
love and hugs...I hope you are feeling better; keep me posted on the latest.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Maggie, I am here from Tracy's blog since she spoke highly of you... You must have an 'interesting' job... Yipes--not sure I could do that!

I used to live in Texas (Houston area) for 12 yrs. Since I grew up in the Virginia mountains ---I missed it so much. SO--I moved closer to home to Tennessee. LOVE it here...

My first hubby had an affair and later married one of my piano students. The ONLY good thing to come out of that marriage was our 3 wonderful sons. I have 5 grands...

In 2000--when I moved to TN, I met and married (in 2001) the love of my life. I am truly blessed to have George in my life. Guess I found REAL love when I turned 59 yrs. old...

Hope you will visit my blog sometime. I too struggle with keeping up with comments and bloggers --but love Blogging with all of my heart.

Hubby and I love to hike (WATERFALLS), garden (ROSES and other flowers), and I love my backyard birds...


Tiffany said...

I just found your blog by another and will be adding you to my favs. I've been blogging for awhile now and I have certain days that I blog about certain things cause my creative jouces seem to go on vacation without me. Have a good weekend.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Maggie Sweetie...
Oh I would miss you if you weren't blogging for awhile, I love visiting with you and Ms Pearl, but I also understand we all must do what we need to do.

I started my blog June 15, 2009. Why did I start up a blog? Moving to the BIG city of Phoenix, I was so lonely and had no friends. I wanted to make some, so I built a blog where I could share and make friends all over the world. I have loved every minute of it.

Sweetie, please add my name to the drawing, I would so love to have a sampling of this wonderful fudge and peanut clusters that Sis is always bragging about. My birthday is the 25th and what a treasure this would be. To heck with a cake, just bring on some treats.

Thank you sweetie, for the wonderful opportunity. Congratulations on your wonderful blogging anniversary. I have enjoyed you and MS Pearl immensely.

Have a glorious weekend sweet friend. I hope you are up and at'em again soon. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Fun to re-read your first post again. Mine wasn't as entertaining. I trepidly entered the blogging world due to urging / threats from my good friends in an eBay chat group I was in. I usually just post when the spirit moves me. Been doin' it since April 2007 ~ that was right after I lost my sweet daddy, so it was somewhat therapeutic for me at the time. Even when I break from blogging, I still have to stalk my friends to see what is going on!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Darlene said...

26 comments! My goodness, makes me feel like small potatoes coming in with my comment. I started my blog on January 4, 2011 at the urging of my daughter, Sue. I was pretty anxious about it at first and then I was cheered by the many of her blogger friends that started reading my blog. I feel like I have made so many neat friends, and you are certainly in the top four. I feel that I really do know you and I keep wanting to know more about your life. I took about a two or three week rest from blogging but plan to go back on it maybe Monday after my hectic weekend. I will probably blog once a week so I don't get burned out. I was spending too much time on the computer and lot of other things had to wait. But I will definitely be back and I feel like I am going to have to go back and read the last three weeks of your blogs because I think things have happened to you that I am not aware of, so will do that pretty soon, hopefully tonight. Dick is calling me to dinner, he made it tonight, so must go, but count me in on the give away or whatever it is called. I absolutely love fudge AND peanut clusters so can have a little hope here for the big day on May l. I love you Maggie, I really do and am most interested in what life is doing to you. Will get back to you later.

Shelly said...

So Tonight after work? I finally had time to go back and see WHEN I first created my Blog. It wasn't "Bunaglow Bling" then. It was "Shell in Snohomish." And YOU were one of the last people that followed my blog before I switched over!

Lulu had told me about YOU and your hilarious blog.......Was that REALLY back in 2009? Ackk! Not so long ago, but when you get to know people through blogging it seems like many of us FEEL like we've known each other much longer!

I cannot imagine my life without the likes of YOU, Lulu, Lisa, Jody, and several other close blog friends. You'd BEST keep us posted on what's up!

Again, I'll call soon, I promise and I haven't checked my Emails yet, but I hope you got the message above about winning a little "Mini Flag."

I absolutely LOVED the Peanut Clusters I got from you! They were to Die for, So, I'd like to try the Fudge this time,,,,,thank you very much! LOL


Shelly said...

Posting on my Sidebar..........


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggie:
I've been blogging almost continuously since starting my blog over two years ago. I love the fact that I can chronicle my life for myself, while also sharing it with my readers and friends. I only take short breaks from reading other blogs (and commenting) when I'm swamped with rehearsals or home life. But, I always try to get back soon and catch up. I miss my blog buddies when I'm away!
Thanks for the chance to win some of your famous fudge! Fingers crossed now.
Love you, girlfriend.

Suzie Button said...

I started blogging a couple years ago and began because I am a prolific crafter and love to share the excitement of creating! I quit this past Christmas because I feel I spend too much time sitting, in my job and then blogging, and I needed to use my free time more wisely, but I'm missing it! Thanks for the sweet, literally!!, giveaway! Suzie purrpage3 at verizon dot net

Sybil said...

Well I certainly can't beat your time blogging. In fact I have no idea how long I have been doing this. I started with AOL and had many happy and sad times amongst friends there. Then we were closed down and I lost heart. It took quite a long time before I attempted to continue with Blospot...I am not at all faithful in writing very regularily !! I have great intentions...Thank you for filling me in in your earlier life LOL
Love you MA sybil x

decorator to the stars said...


GerryART said...

Hey, Maggie. it's not just the lure of candy that I comment.
My very first post was about my art doll Renee's entry in the 2007 Hoffman Fabric Challenge. Now that I've re-visited that post I see I had SEVEN COMMENTS. Wowzers!
Gotta love family and friends.
That was June 25th, 2007.
I've more or less posted irregularly to regularly. Never have taken a 'break' from blogging.
I enjoy creating each post. Thinking out what needs to be said, what photos to include.
Then there's the wait to see if any one is listening to me.
I've made so many, many wonderful blog friends. I am so happy that I am a part of blogland.

Hugs to you, sweet friend,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How sweet of you! I can't eat sugar so I won't be able to enter...but I know it would be delish! I just want to say, I love your blog and I'm happy you post and come to visit me to comment on my craziness! You are the sweetest lady in blogland! ♥♥♥

Kim said...

Hi Maggie,
Since I was the lucky winner of your last giveaway, I won't throw my name in for this one.
I hope you have a great week with lots of sunshine and happy thoughts.

Pat said...

Good Evening Maggie,

My blogging started at the end of March 2009 when a friend told me I needed to have a blog to promote my business. I try to even out the business part and the posts about what goes on in my life. I would like to be able to post everyday but it just doesn't happen so I just write when I can. It shouldn't be a chore. Off to add your giveaway to my blog.

Sleep Tight

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh numnumnum... please enter me. I've put your sweet giveaway on my giveaway page. Gosh I can't remember when I started bloggin, but I started, because of my etsy team Old Farmhouse Gathering to blog with them and advertise for my woodcrafts. To have giveaways for my blog friends. I have formed a commadery with so many wonderful people since I started and enjoy them immensely.

Tracy said...

I came to check on you to see how you are faring...I wrote and referred to you on my blog "N" is for....and stated the importance of taking the time for yourself...something I need to remind myself.
Anyway, thinking of you and sending hugs and prayers.

Raven said...

I started blogging in the summer of '09. I have been a better blogger recently and admittedly I still struggle with making consistent blog posts. I easily get lost in reading the ones I subscribe to.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I started my blog in Sept, 2008. I tried to post regularly to start with and it has slowed down a little lately with everything I have going on in my life. I have met and made so many friends here on blogland that have been so supportive. I try to leave comments as much as possible and I would love to enter your giveaway. Take care. Your Missouri Friend.


Good luck at the Doctor's today, and I hope you have a wonderful Easter as welL........PS....Surgery went well, now the hurdel begins.....HUGS MARY

Dragonfly Treasure said...

WOW I just read my first post, it was on APril 15, 2008...I just had my 3rd bloggerversary and didn't even know it!

It sure brought back alot of memories and seems a lifetime ago. I think I started my blog as a way to get things thru some of the things I was going thru at the time. I had no comments back then so it kind of became a journal of sorts, maybe even to document things for the future generations. WHo knows what I was thinking or feeling at the exact moment I decided to start this adventure.
But it has blossomed into so much more. I had no idea the friends I would make, the things I would learn adn even the things I would share.
I guess my blog has turned into somewhat of an electic one. It runs the gambit of different posts.
I blog as life dictates...sometimes I am just too busy/depressed/tired/overwhelmed/etc that I don't make it in for a while. Other times I post everyday.

I would love to be entered in your giveaway!
Wishing you a wonderfully Happy Easter!!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Oh Maggie! Now my sweet tooth is going!!
I posted your giveaway on my sidebar in my blog!!

I'm sooo excited ♥♥♥♥

Heather Henry said...

This is the first time I have ever visited your blog and I have to say, I love it!! First of all, one of my all time favorite songs was playing. Dream by Priscilla Ahn. I absolutely love the painting at the top of your blog and all of the beautiful black and white photos in the sidebar. I love seeing the lives of others unfold in pictures. Very beautiful. Then there's chocolate....and it looks amazing!!! I'm loving your blog so far and look forward to continue visiting and hopefully making a new friend!
I started my blog on February 12th of this year. I have been fairly regular about it. I started out with once a week posting, then signed up for the A-Z Challenge, which has been fantastic and has forced me to get really creative. Through this though, I've met some wonderful people and have had a chance to read some amazing blogs. I've enjoyed this journey and the world of bloggers. It has been a joyful experience. Nice to meet you! Have a truly pleasant and blessed weekend!

Cherrie said...

My very 1st post was on 11/4/08 and it was about going to my very first hockey game! And loving it!

Annesphamily said...

Who can resist chocolate? Yum! I am posting the button on my sidebar. I am tickled to be here! This is the second blog I read today that the writer feels just like me! Blah! But now you made me smile! COlorado hugs coming your way. Anne

Annesphamily said...

I have the button up and am excited that you are giveaway away chocolate! I need a giveaway win! It has been ages since I won one! Pick me! Pick me!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hey sweet lady....."Life is supposed to be like a box of chocolate!!" Or so says Forest Gump..........Maybe I'll win this...seems like I'm not very lucky as of late



Pattie said...

Hey there, I started blogging right after I was laid off from work, I just happened on to a blog that was interesting and it just started from there. So it's been a year and 3mos. for me. I haven't gone back to work and I love it. So thats my story. 8>)

Connie said...

The fudge looks delicious! I hope I'm in time to enter!
I started my blog 2 years ago because my daughters encouraged me to do so. It was a private blog for 2 months...I was the only one privy to it! I finally went public and have met so many fabulous people. I usually post twice a week.
Keep going on yours. You have a flair for writing.