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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who's The Idiot?

Good morning to you! The question I am asking myself today after my doctors visit yesterday. Who’s the Idiot?

Sit back and drink something soothing while I bore you with my version of my doctor’s appointment yesterday and show you more pictures of my place to meditate the Round Top Library. I somehow manage to get there fifteen minutes early which always seems to please them and find a seat close to the door. It was the only one far away from those that were coughing and looking like they needed to be in bed.
I sit there wanting to scratch my breast so bad that if I told you how close I came to being a redneck it would shock you. You see if you’re a faithful reader of mine you would know that I am there because of a rash on the left boob and I am concerned it could be something serious. Like Inflammatory Breast Cancer. (Please read post before this one to catch up) Seriously if you have not read it please do it could save someone’s life.

Turns out I sit there over an hour and I finally ask the young little receptionist why everyone and their brother keeps going in to see someone even when they came in thirty minutes after me. She of course looked like I had asked her if the doctor had herpes or something close and then says to me. “Well did you sign in today?” I said, “NO honey I signed last week about this time and am still sitting here itching like a have been rolling in the hay sack with your doctor whom I came here to see sometime before the sun goes down!” Well maybe I did not say all that but the little sweet thing goes and looks at the sign in sheet to check if I am lying. Does not even do it discretely…no checks it right in front of me. Satisfied I was not lying to her she starts looking for my folder. Finds it on her side of the counter where she had been playing for the last hour and explains to everyone I don’t know how this happened but here’s your folder. Sorry I will get you in as soon as possible.

I go back and sit down and came so close to scratching it right in front of everyone but thought no you can do this be strong...just wait until your by yourself.

Finally I am in the examining room and I grab my top button and jerk it nearly off trying to get to my poor breast and in walks the doctor. Fastest he has ever come in after I sit down. I explain to him why I am playing with myself and he pulls back the blouse just enough to see a half inch of my breast and says it’s only a rash I will give you some cream. I then tell him what I had read on the internet about Inflammatory Breast Cancer and he say’s “You need to stay off the internet it is just a rash!”

I could tell the man never heard of this type of Breast Cancer and further more did not want to learn about it either. He wants to know when I had my last mammogram and says he will schedule me another one. I explain to him that with this type of Breast Cancer it does not show up in a mammogram because the warning signs are itching and redness. Completely ignores me. I am desperately explaining to this man by now I am calling an idiot to myself that this was the breast I had cancer in years ago. He then asks if my cancer then was Inflammatory Breast Cancer and I said No it was a lump. He puts his hands on my knees and looks at me like the idiot he is and says “It is very unlikely that you could have in your life time two different kinds of breast cancer in the same area!”

Long story short it is time to find a new doctor. I am supposed to apply this cream twice a day and in three days I will see the rash going away. Also be sure and follow up with a mammogram.

So this morning I am sitting here with all kinds of thoughts running through my head and one of them is where have all the good doctors gone too. What has happened to our world? I think I could take a stranger off the street and give him ten dollars instead of twenty five and get a better diagnosis than I got yesterday. Give me a break! 

I even told him I had a cousin die of this kind of breast cancer and she was in her thirties.  Did not matter to him this is a RASH plain and simple. He had better hope for his sake that he is right!

Wish I could of wrote all the thoughts I had about this doctor on the way home yesterday but then they would of put my site in the X-rated blogs and you would never find me. Hahaha

Another beautiful day here so I am sharing some more pictures of the gardens at the Round Top Library which is about ten miles from where I live. Of course out here I am ten miles from everything in any direction.

Maybe I should go print me out a doctor’s certificate hang it on the porch and open for business. Who knows how many people would drive off with the same question Who’s the Idiot me or the doctor?

Guess I will give this cream a few days but I am still looking for a new doctor. Can not do pool therapy today so they told me to come in for land therapy. Good grief now what are they going to do with my old body. hahaha

Love to all
I went wild the last time I sat outside in the Librarys gardens.


Andrea said...

My dear..we sure get ourselves in some messes. need a new doctor! and give yourself the privilege to scratch. Life is too short. Just join the redneck club and get it over with!
Hugs, love, and lots of prayers,

Mariliz's Musings said...


Absolutely time for a new Doctor. Do you have any breast specialist in your area? We have a place in NJ called Her Space, and that's all they do. Since I'm high risk I go there for mammograms and all other test. Feel better soon!

Nezzy said...

I sure hope ya'll are pursuin' that new Doc soon and very soon girl.

My prayers are with you girl.

Take care and God bless!!!

myletterstoemily said...

how frustrating for you! i hate it when people
condescend to me like that.

having said that, i hope he's right and you're
wrong. don't forget the cream. :)

Lisalulu said...

love love love the way you speak, and love even more the way Ms. Pearl speaks! I could never! so I'll just live through you. I only have two words: Change Doctors.
awful bedside manner, patronizing, condescending jerk. They are there to help you and educate you. I think I'd be crying.. to that snippy receptionist.. jerk too. JERKs all of 'em. thanks for posting and venting.. and being proactive! I worry about this all the time too!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, My Gosh, Maggie! I'm constantly amazed by the ineptitude of some of today's doctors! I finally found one that I adore...SHE is my GP, but also does the once-a-year "looking up my ol' address" sort of stuff. She's fabulous! Go find yourself a lady doctor, girlfriend. They're the only ones who understand how our minds work. I'm convinced of this!
Talk to you soon. Til then, try to keep the scratchin' discreet.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Well, of course, I'm hoping that the doctor is right, and that all you are dealing with is a rash, but it's always a good idea to go with your instinct, so I think getting a second opinion from someone you can trust and who will listen to you is a great idea.

They're only human, even though some may think otherwise!

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Yup you have to stick up for yourself especially when YOU think its something more than the doctor says it is.Altho what's the harm try the cream out,while you look for another doctor for a second opinion.
Don't feel bad I have had a few murderous thoughts towards my x doctor myself.
I have to go to a clinic myself tonight and I am NOT looking forward to it..sick people go there ya know... all I want is a refil on my prescription.

Marla @ Always Nesting said...


CHANGE DOCTORS!!! Honey, that A* H*** (sorry, Lord for my words)has got some condescending nerve. Get another opinion and just write off Dr. Donothing.

I changed Gyn just a few months ago and I'm so glad I went for that second opinion. Made a huge difference for my personal issue because I didn't need the surgery that my first doctor was pushing for.

You're a smart cookie (and Mrs. Pearl is there for backup)so trust your instincts.

Big hugs, Marla

Big hugs, Marla

GerryART said...

From what I gather from your previous posts your confidence in this particular is rather low to begin with.
I know you won't mess around now in shopping for a new doctor.
Positive thoughts from me to you, big time, Maggie

Hugs & ♥♥♥,

Sharon said...

I hope that the cream works and he was right. I would look for a new dr soon.
It don't hurt to get a 2nd opinion!!
Thanks for sharing this info.
Prayers and hugs dear friend.

jojo said...

what has happened to professionalism and manners, etc?? You sound like you really had an awful time. I do hope it is just a rash and the cream helps. Even though it is unlikely, according to your dr, to have two different types of cancer in the same place, it is not impossible. And with your history that man should have never just blown it off like that! OMG now you have me fired up...maybe I can get some housework done...take care.

Bill S. said...

Men should not repond to this post, but I will. You are a spicy woman and I would love to work next to you. I would never stop laughing. You remind me of my grandmother. She was brutally honest and I loved. When I needed discipled, she did it with gusto.

Get a second and third opinion. You need to know the truth and get some piece of mind.

Good luck and happy dreams.

Donna said...

Maggie...Agree with the above consensus...change doctors!!! (I DO admire your restraint in not itching make me laugh out loud!!)
Do you know any nurses? Especially surgery nurses? They work with them and know who the good ones are. You could even call your local hospital, ask for the surgery charge nurse and say that you are lookiing for a good breast surgeon in your area. Every supervisor that I have ever had would answer you honestly and help you. Good Luck...
meanwhile, I have an itchy shoulder and am using my back scratcher from Pier One that cost $1...want me to share???

Susan said...

Oh Maggie! I know it isn't funny, but you have a real flair for comedy. I have come to think most of the doctors I know should be 'practicing' while wearing animal hides and swinging dead chickens around.
Thanks for your advice for the blogazine. Can we put it off until I get my Christmas stuff on there?

Debby said...

So sorry dear. I have always said you have to be your own advocate. When I first found my lump and was referred to a surgeon, his words were it is just a lipoma and they are always okay. He even acted mad at us for worrying. Guess what, when he did the surgery in his office he started saying that it looked like it was malignant and that part of my leg would have to be removed. He didn't flag this to the pathologist and he hadn't seen this kind of cancer and misdiagnosed. Six months later the tumor was back. I was so mad at this doctor and the pathologist. I made the pathologist apologize. Yep, I did. The hospital administrator called and asked what they could do......and the doctor called me. The stupid doctor never even called me.
So be tough my what you need to. Prayers. ((((HUGS))))

Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

"YOU" know what is do it...don't let the doctor get the better of you..
Take care. You are in my prayers...

yaya said...

People always seem to forget that Doctors are in YOUR pay them, not the other way around. By all means go hire a new one. Always follow your gut. If you are wrong all you've lost is the office visit fee, if the Doc's wrong what's lost is a life. There are good ones out there. My Hubby is the best...but he's a Chiropractor and he's not allowed to look at your ichy breast! HaHaHa! Joking aside, follow Donna's advice and good luck!

Shirley said...

Oh Maggie, You definitely need to find a new doctor. One that will listen to you instead of brushing you off. You are the patient. I know that I have learn a lot in dealing with my hubby's illness. I learned how to fire doctors amd how to make them listen to what I am saying. I asked a doctor for his recommendation of who he would see if it was a member of his family because I did not like the doctor we were seeing because he wouldn't listen to what I was saying. I would share him with you if your were closer. He would send you for another opinion and definitely not treat you the way the ???? doctor did. When I was down on Thursday, we arrived early,I was going to wait but we didn't wait at all. That is because he doen't want my hubby sitting in his waiting room coming in contact with something that would make him sick. We were in the car and headed home at the time of my appointment. You don't find many like him. He has been there with us from day one of my hubbys illness and doesn't want him to go backwards if we can keep from it. You don't find many like him. Hang in there and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your Missouri Friend.

Sue said...

I feel just like you do about doctors these days. And I REALLY hate it when they don't listen to me.

I hope he's right, but the point is that he should be checking out all of the possibilities and not just "deciding" that it's the least complicated one.


Cherrie said...

I have heard of that cancer. I hope and pray yours is just a rash! But get a new doctor who will take you more serious!

Lynda said...

I absolutely love doctors that think they know everything in the entire world and have nothing to learn. *head desk* I would have been so furious and am angry for you! Big hugs!! I hope you can find a better dr that takes your concerns seriously!

Tam said...

Maggie Maggie you just don't know how much my hubby and I love reading your site.
I even read him your comments that are left by others and he loves some of their funny things they say back to you.
Bill S mentioned that men should not probably be commenting on this post. I don't see why not. I totally agree with what he posted about you and girl I too would love love working along side of you. So move over Bill...heehee
If my hubby had a blog you can bet he would be on this site leaving comments every day.
He laughs so hard when I share you with him and when I don't come by here he will ask me What is Maggie up to these days? Now believe me when I say for him to ask about a blogging friend is just way out in left field but I swear he will ask about you.
You are smart and know your own body so like everyone else mentioned listen to yourself and go find a doctor that listens to his patients. The other one has issues that you do not have time to deal with.
How is your back? I have wanted to send you an email and ask you how your treatments were going but have been behind with computer friends.
The weather here is like what you are having just beautiful.
Your library you visit is something out of a story book. I can not imagine having a place like that to meditate or read a book. Especially in a small town such a Round it true the population is only 77 people and they have a library like this.
Love the flowers and glad you felt like sharing these with us.
Maybe you should visit this place more often and keep your blood pressure down. hahahaha
Anyway it is late and I need to try and sleep the alarm goes off way too early especially on Wednesdays
Keep writing and we will keep you in our prayers

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I hope you're feeling much better by now.. Too bad you don't live next door to me , cause I could have had ya feeling better the same day the itch started:)
anyway, other professions are IN and DO business- doctors have a practice and are always practicing on US their entire career.. WE have to tell them whats wrong with us in detail and from there they start a hit and miss game of " lets try this and lets try that", which they loose 60% of the time , and at our expense..
I'm sending you healing energy and good wishes..

PEA said...

I will be back to catch up on your posts but right now I just wanted to invite you to my birthday party on my blog...get ready to do the jitterbug:-) xoxo

Kim said...

Yes, change doctors. I'm sure there is one out there that has a little compassion and sensitivity towards his/her patients. Sadly, this is a story I hear often in my area.
But I was laughing out loud at the restraint you showed in the waiting room. I know I would have scratched it!! I would have strategically propped a newspaper or magazine in front of me for a few seconds! LOL

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Thanks everyone for the caring comments. I will be back sometime today to try and visit everyone. Right now I have to go to my brother Gary and help him.
Wanted to tell you to click on Peas button just two comments up and see the Birthday party she is having. OH my I have never seen anything like it and I am there having the best time and I finally see my waist again..hahahaha

Sybil said...

OH my dearest Grandmayellowhair... ( I do love that name LOL !!) Please do get a second opinion as soon as ever possible... As well as trying the cream which hopefully will help...Your Dr. sounds a real drip to me and I woudn't trust him as far as I could throw him...and that aint very far ...
God bless keep feeing us the news.
Love Sybil xxxxx

Marydon said...

G'day sweet Maggie ~ Were you seeing a Kaiser Permanente Dr, per chance?! Oh the tales I can share with you & am so blessed by God I am still alive after 25 years of horrible care ...

I just had a Dr. 4 yrs ago tell me this 'rash' on my nose was just roscea & to use a cream. Well, it came & went so I didn't think much about it but recently went to a Dr. for another spot on my shoulder. I have nose squamous cancer to be removed in another week ... that first Dr. is going to rue the day she misdiagnosed me ... I called her office after I was diagnosed & asked them to pull up my file, which they did. Yup! They gave me all her detailed diagnosis ... WRONG!

I am not a happy camper right now.

So hope you find another specialist quickly, sweetie ...
Have a great eve ~
TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

Mumsy said...

Hi, sweet Maggie. My sister has been here from out of state and I have not been online. I just now read your last two posts. I am so glad to hear that you are going to get a second opinion on your breast issue.

Good for Ms. Pearl coming to surface at the doctor's office. You may have still been sitting there today had she not. I would have given up on that doctor I think by now if I were in your place. It seems you have not had the best of luck with the office help nor him.

The pictures in this post or beautiful.

Still praying for you, Gary and Kaci.

Hoping all turns out well for you and your next doctor's appointment. Will be waiting anxiously to hear.

Love and hugs!

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

My mom passed away in her 30's from breast cancer so I'm a NUT when it comes to any kind of cancer. I know what you mean about printing out your own MD cert. I feel the same way sometimes. You are your own patient advocate. I hope this all is resolved soon for you.

Taos Sunflower said...

Yes, Maggie, time to find another doctor. I know someone who had both kinds of breast cancer in the same breast...thankfully, she is now in remission!