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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Part II Was He Looking At Me?


On my previous post I wrote about my experiences with a man in pool therapy and I promised after today's therapy that I would get back with all of you on how it went today.

I have to tell you first before I go any farther that you leave the best comments. If you have not had a chance to read the comments left on the previous post please do they are very entertaining.

Was I nervous wating on pool therapy? Very much so! Being nervous was of course silly. It was just pool therapy with a guy who happened to be not bad looking and I thought maybe he might be a little interested in me.

Today when he walked in I was not doing the funny things with my neck so I got to get a better look at him. He was not looking in my direction so no fireworks shooting to the ceiling like I thought I saw coming from him yesterday. He did swim directly over though to where I was and my heart was pitter patting like a school girl. Like yesterday he was not shy and said hello. I do remember this time telling him hello. hahaha

He then starts doing his warm ups right where I need to be doing my exercises so I move over a little trying to give him some room and then he says, "What did you have for dinner Tuesday night?" I gave him another one of those stupid kind of looks and he is smiling at me waiting on my answer and I am thinking did he say to me "What did you have for dinner Tuesday night?"

I think like a fool I repeated the question out loud. Because how many people ask you what you had for dinner two nights ago. At this point I guess he realizes I have no clue why he is asking me that and then he laughs and says Remember Tuesday we were all talking about what we were going to fix that night and I was wondering what you fixed. I sorta of laughed and said, "Oh I see, yes well let me think." I am thinking how in the heck do I know what I fixed or ate two days ago I have slept twice since then. I finally got out the words....chicken fettizzini! He looked at me like he was going to ask me to marry him then and all he replied was "Wow!"

Whats with this guy! Does he work for the Food Network? He is all about food. hahaha...I then told him I had remembered to get him the recipe for the fried chicken in the oven. It was so simple I just told him about it while I started doing some of the other exercises. He was happy I remembered it and he tried to just hang around and talk food but the instructors finally scooted him along because they could tell neither one of us was doing our exercises.

After about ten minutes or more he manages to slip back down to my end and starts asking me about why I was having to do pool therapy. I shyly told him about my fall at work and then he wanted to know where I worked. When I told him he made the regular law enforcements jokes I hear a lot. The usual things I get from people. He continues with how he admired me being in law enforcement and that ever since he was a kid that was his dream but he never fulfilled it. I told him it was probably best because a lot of people find it to stressful and they burn out easily. Then they seperate us again. I felt like I was doing something naughty the way the instructors kept moving him to the other side. lol....Just like a kid though he kept manuevering himself back to my side.

Since I had started my excersises a lot earlier than him I finished and said to the instructor loud enough for him to hear. "I think this is my last session!" I heard him say Oh No. Then one of the ladies that I know that was also taking classes ask me if it really was my last one and I said,"Yes unless they approve me for more!"

The instructor told me I was finished and that was my signal to exit the pool. I wanted to stay hidden under the water but knew that was not possible so I slowly exited for the showers.  Hoping and praying that no one especially Aqua Man was not watching my exit. lol

So it was a very brief encounter with the man that has a pretty smile and a womans name on his shoulder. Chances are Workers Comp may approve me for further therapy but what are the chances he will be there on the same day and time.

I have to admit that after he got in the pool and took over my space totally I could not for the life of me remember what I was suppose to be doing and how to do it. It was like duh! At some point toward the end I was doing like maybe three out of fifteen sets and then just stood and listened to him. Waiting on the instructor to yell at us and seperate us again. I kid you not it was too funny me not knowing what I was suppose to do next and totally not caring.

I would like to say now that before I left the water he rushed over and asked for my phone number but not to be. Who knows the man could be married!

Probably best that it did not happen because I was so nervous no telling what I would of done if he had of asked me for my number. Also I have so many mixed feelings about having someone in my life. I finally got to a good point in my life where I have decided to take some creative writing classes and to start writing again so not a good time for distractions.

Will I see the Aqua Man again who knows. I seriously have my doubts. One thing I do know there is a little girl inside of all us and you never know when she might appear. I just wish there was a way to bottle that feeling for all of us to feel it more often.

Tomorrow I am meeting a real Chef that cooks at Festival Hill in Round Top! He is having his very first cooking class at Festival Hill to see how it goes. He once was the personal executive chef for Spiro Agnew when he was Vice President. I will of course share anything I learn from him with you! Pork Loin is what he will be trying to teach why did I not tell Aqua Man about what I was going to do. Flustered at the wrong time!

As always I appreciate all of you and your funny and loving comments! Hopefully I can catch up with all of your sites in the next few days.

Don't forget to leave a comment on the post about the giveaway I am having by November 1st.

Sweet Dreams



A Tale of Two Cities said...

I love the thought of there always being a little girl inside of each of us. You never outgrow that, and I'm glad we don't. Glad your pool sessions had a little spice thrown in the last couple of days.


The Paper Princess said...

Isn't it wonderful when we find ourselves in surprising circumstances that let us know that we are still alive? Even if there is not a real live Part 3 story of Aqua Man and the Cougar (oh no - say it's not so!) - I think this is EXCELLENT fodder for that creative writing class you mentioned! And I think he kept asking you what was for dinner because he was hoping and hinting for a home cooked meal, lol!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear Maggie - it sounds like this whole encounter has really lifted your spirits!


Julie Harward said...

Thank goodness this came to an end...I thought you might just willingly become a COUGAR! Now on to the chef...;D

jojo said...

I haven't seen or heard from that little girl inside me for such a long time...thanks for reminding me how fun and sweet she used to be!

Pat said...

Isn't it nice to know that no matter how old we are, there is always a young girl inside. Even if you never see this hunk again...isn't it wonderful to know you can still get giddy when a cute boy walks by?

yaya said...

I've been computer absent for a few days and low and behold you become a swimming pool love story...when I read the previous post and he says his name is "Johnny"...all I could think of was "Dirty Dancing" and Johnny says: " Nobody puts Baby in a corner"...Maybe he's a fellow blogger and has faked an injury just to meet you in person! Ok, far fetched but who knows? Stranger things have happened... I'm seeing the beginning of a romance novel for writing class! Have a great weekend Maggie!

Cherrie said...

You know it has been so long for me too that I would have acted the same way!

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, After reading your post which I enjoyed very much. I went and read your previous post and the comments. I needed a good chuckle and it definitely gave me that. I can see you doing a creative writing class. I think you would enjoy it so much. I truly have enjoyed the pool episodes so much.
Your brother Gary just might get a new hair color without using the coloring that some of us girls do. When my sister-in-law lost her pretty natural red hair. It came back in dark to where she didn't look the same because all we had ever seen her have was red hair. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Well girlie, you have been having fun! EWWW A maaaiin! LOL I sure hope you run into him again...get on workers comp for more therapy!
Isn't it great you can still feel that nervousness/excitement/wonder all over again ?
You never know why things happen as they do, but we all need to relish in them when wild things happen.
Have a great weekend!

blueviolet said...

Well, the encounter was exciting whether or not it will be the last!

Debbie Jean said...

Ok, 1st of all you need to share the oven fried chicken recipe with us!!

Oh to feel that little girl inside me again. I was feeling it for you as I was reading your blog. I bet you will see him again, and that lil girl, will come back...LOL

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Arkansas Patti said...

At least you know he didn't get that tatoo in prison or he would have clammed up when he learned of your occupation.
Now wouldn't it be cool if that chef turns out to actually be aquaman? He was obsessed with food wasn't he?

acorn hollow said...

Sorry nothing came of it but it is always fun to flirt. It does get your heart racing. Have fun cooking.

Nezzy said...

Girl ya know where he is at therapy time, it's not too late to drop in and tell him about the cooking classes. He may want to join since he's interested in a good dish. (talkin' about food here, Heeehehe) That puts you both in a public place where you can find out more about him. Heck girl, your in law enforcement...ya can do some snoopin'. I can feel the sparks from here, I'd hate to think ya might just miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Just sayin' sweetie....

God bless ya and have the best weekend Maggie!!! :o)

Marydon said...

G'morn sweet Maggie ~ I so enjoyed our telecon once again ... you are such a precious friend & a real 'hoot'!

TY for the prayer request ... hopefully all will go well for me. I just can't shake the sinus infection which is worse than the surgery, for sure.

Today I am green & yellow & won't need a mask for Halloween ... they do say a la natural is best, right? Well, I'm there!

I had to go back & catch up on you & Mr. Studly ... MAGGIE, make a batch of chicken, take him a sample & run with it, sweetie! Love your write & yes, it is always good to know that 'little girl' is alive & well.

Hugs of love, Marydon

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh! hehehe too funny. I look at it this way, in your line of work you don't stay as long as you have without some level of instinct to know anything that comes up. Though you may have giggled inside like a school girl, you brain was telling otherwise. Chalk it up to a prep course for the real thing. Think of it as an exercise (no pun intended). To reopen the skills of dating. It's a prep course if you will. You hang in there, he's out there sweetie! Hugs. tammy

Sharon said...

That is so funny girl. I really think we all would like that little girl feeling once in a while.
I think you need more therapy!!
This could be a real love story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, then they meet again for good.
Have a great weekend

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Maggie, thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is wonderful and I'm looking forward to many visits. Have a great weekend.

Mumsy said...

You may or may not ever see that man again but you deserved and needed that feeling he brought to life inside of you...I am happy that you had some nice my opinion they were overdue.

I am excited about your creative writing classes. Hope you have tons of fun.

Wouldn't it be something if that pool guy showed up at the Festival Hill, the creative writing class or both. You never know sweet Maggie...remember those feelings he brought up in you and he for sure had some interest in you. :)


Sue said...

What a fun interlude with Aqua Man. Brief, but delightful!

Maybe the chef will be next?...


PS. Come check out my new Halloween story-poem. It's downright creepy!

A Halloween Tale of Terror

Brenda Kula said...

Well who could think straight with the pool police standing guard over you?

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Ohhh Maggie, I just love this story with Aqua Man and I don't think it is over can't be..I am with Marydon...whip up some chicken and take it to the pool....why not? If your heart was going pitter patter, I bet his was too. It was so funny how they kept moving you two apart...
Thank you for the lovely comment!

Karen Whittal said...

I think deep inside we are all princesses waiting for our knight in shining armour to come and take us away on his white stallion......... perhaps we should all take up swimming and take it from there.........

Libbie said...

Ahh...I love the mystery stage! :) Guys always ask dumb questions when they are a little nervous don't worry about that! And I hate to tell ya...he was FOR SURE watching as you headed out of the pool :) Can't wait to hear what happens next :)