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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This post is about getting older! There will be parts of it that are not for the weak or the really young. I feel that before you keep reading you should be  fore warned and MAYBE stop now and click to another site.

For those that have been so sweet to follow my blog you have read where I have been wanting to talk to someone about aging. First of all I am Not a VAIN person so please do not take it that way but there are issues that I have been wanting to just ask others about and see if they have the same thoughts as myself.

This maybe be one of those post that I will have to continue into  another post because believe me I do have a lot of questions and issues that lets just all talk about and see if we can help each other.

I mean for example these are the areas I would like to cover. Pretty long list so I am sure it will be to be continued.

Okay first of all theres the Mind, the Hair, the Face, the Skin, the Butt, the Middle Section, the Legs, the Feet, the Bladder, and of course the Boobs.

I am sure I have left some areas out but probably will remember them later.

For those of you who are still with me I guess we should start with the Hair problems first.  Just the other day I put on my reading glasses and looked into the mirror. (I hardly ever do it and don't reccommend it) Anyway there they were, three white eyelashes. Now I know this may sound stupid but honestly that was a real shock to me and it was not easy to absorb. Your thinking geez how naive is this woman. Well I guess pretty naive because I never dreamed I would start getting white eyelashes. I know its only three now but next week it could be whole eye.  I mean for several years now I have had to deal with my hair on my head turning white but now the eyes. OH and not only the eyelashes but the eyebrows. My big problem is, I was born with cold black hair and so my eyebrows are black but now they are getting those durn white hairs in them. You laugh but white and black eyebrows and eyelashes just don't look good. Your thinking well Mags there is eye makeup but when I was growing up I use to stare at my mothers sister,Aunt Birdie, because I guess she painted on her eyebrows. You can laugh but as kid this was a tramatic experience and one I still have not forgotten. You all say well pluck them that worked at first but now there are way too many and I would have lots of holes.
Not only is there a problem with the eyebrows and eyelashes but for at least a year now I have had some hair coming out on my chinny chin chin. Even worse than that but on the tops of my lipline. Geez Marie I am not 89 ladies! I am only in my very very early 60's like maybe a year older than 60. I still can not bring myself to say it or write it.
The one place where I would not care if they all turned white and so far I have not found any is my legs. I mean I can wear pants or even shave now and then. (I have to admit to you all that since I single that is not every day or every other day  thing for me)
It only figures where you do not care if it is white it doesn't happen there. Right!
Lets see have I left out any of the hair things I wanted to discuss. Oh yeah I have noticed that some women as they get older their hair gets thinner. So far knock on this hard head of mine I have not noticed that yet.  But others of you may have that problem so I wanted to mention it so we could all be adult women and discuss whatever of these issues that bother us and what you do to solve your issues. We could all learn something from this post and that is why I am writing it. Useful info is never wasted.

Well I was going to continue on to another one of the things on my list but 3:30 comes really early so I hate to do it but TO BE CONTINUED!

Ladies I did notice that I have almost 50 followers and I did promise that if before Thanksgiving if I had 50 followers I would have TWO Giveaways of Chocolate Instead of One
So it looks like it will be two!
Midnight Thanksgiving is the Deadline!
I never dreamed I would have 5 followers by Thanksgiving. lol  You all sure fooled me. I can not thank all of you enough for all the kind wonderful comments you have left me.  Please know I read everyone and try to answer them too.


Marla at Always Nesting said...

Ok, at 52, I admit I have a lot of weird hair growing on my face. I can't see it if my contacts are in, but I know the world can so I go forth, to the brightest lighting in the house to find those wiry white hairs that stick out of my face. LOL, Thank Goodness hubby is half blind. He can't see me from a distance and up close I'm a blur as well so I still look like the same woman he married decades ago.

You crack me up! I'm so glad someone besides me can laugh at the aging process.

I think you should discuss dimples also and not the kind on your face :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You are two funny yourself Marla
I have dimples on the list. hahahaha
Thanks for stopping by and adding insight to my problems. I can use all the info I can get.
Sweet Dreams

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh yeah. Hair in weird upper lip! YIKES!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Maggie, How about skin elasticity or lack there of? My skin looks just like my Mothers...when did that happen? Have a wonderful night sleep and catch you tomorrow evening.

jojo said...

Well..I can agree with you on every single one of those points but being a blondish redhead the white is blending in so far. But the facial hair..OMG I wish my mama would have warned me! It's so disturbing to be driving down the street, look in the rear view, and see a chin-chin hair that you missed. Got to remember to carry tweezers at all times!
Can't wait for the next installment...jj

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Good morning and thank you all for visiting me your all tooooo sweet to leave me helpful hints. Yeah Cyn I hate those hairs on the lip line. I can not picture myself with a mustache or beard.
Sharon you got that right too about the skin. I will cover that on my skin day. You may have to let me borrow your comment.
JOJO you brought up something I wanted to say too why didn't my mother or grandmother warn me. They are both gone now and that is one reason I am coming to you guys for answers.
JOJO has a good hint to all of us along with the lipstick carry your tweezers too.
Thanks everyone

Coastal Sisters said...

Maggie, I love your Blog! Your humor is wonderful! Yes, getting older is not a piece of cake but I look at it this way...every day I walk up breathing is a good day!!

Happy Thursday!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Lulu I love your site too thanks for joining me and I hope you joined the giveaway too
Appreciate your sweet comment

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how I understand this post! I'm a brunette, too, but I will never forget seeing the first white hair in my eyebrows! You can always use an eyebrow pencil and try to keep it off your skin on on the hair. LOL! And lips? That's why God invented lip waxes. You will feel SO much better. ;-)

Cute post...


Sheila :-)

Beth at Aunties said...

It seems this is a happening thing for many of us!:)LOL
This pas week Idid a post about skin care and asked what has been successful for my blogging friends. It seems RoC is the winner. There were tons of suggestions.
I have been noticing as Shar Don my skin elasticity or the lack there of? Just like my mom.
I can't say I have the white hairs yet like my Precious Mr B though. He also had jet black hair. I have never had eyebrows - but the fake kind! But hair mine is THINNING!!! Eeekk! I am a hairstylist and NEVER thought I would lose my Thick locks. I was a blond for 30 years and now am afraid to even weave it!:)
Within the last five years I had two surgeries totalling 16.5 hours of surgery and after the last one (12 hrs) it started to fall out! Panic does not even describe how how I felt.
Now, I have turned a new leaf... read my sidebar. I am trying to 'embrace' what ever I get! I am just glad I have a new day each morning to look forward to. :-)
I will see in a couple of years if I can still say that! LOL
I am going to stay with your posts and gleam what others have to say! Yep, I am a little bit vain! :-)


Alex said...

Oh dear I've found a white eyebrow hair and I'm 32! Doh!

The older I get I'm absolutely positive I will tweak, inject or lift something!

I have had my face lasered...nothing extreme, it just made my face look amazing.

And then there's days when I really don't we'll see.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Funny, funny post! I'm a tad younger than you, with very very dark brown hair. To my surprise I started growing a streak of witchy white hair down my part, kinda Kitty Bartholemu-ish, so I thought "NO WAY" & started plucking the whites. Then I decided I'd rather have white than bald, so I'm now considering L'Oreal, after all, I'm worth it!! Tee Hee

Thanks for the award, dearie! Nice to learn abit more about you in your "7 Things"!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

debbie said...


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You ladies are toooooo funny. I love your comments. Thanks for taking the time to let me know how your dealing with these issues. lol
Debbie is right water and more water but it is boring. hahahahaha
Really you have never heard of eye lashes turning oh my I am like Beth I might start to panic.
Stephanie I think L'oreal is the wisest of the two choices. lol I tried hair color but my hair is just too white
Alex your so young I admire your courage for reading this post. But glad you did

Junk Exchange said...

men age too - and i highly recommend that you NEVER ever NEVER look DOWN into a mirror - talk about shock to the system - i still have nightmares and flashbacks about the first time i did that ...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Troy how truly brave you are joining a bunch of women. lol'
Thank you for your funny comment and joining my site. I always thought that men age so much better than women do.Opps should not say that I guess mainly speaking of myself

Sharon said...

I stopped by via Sweet Pea.
I enjoyed reading your blog and it was so true and that makes it funny, sad but true.
Thanks for the laugh.
I would like to enter the give away.

Bunny said...

find hair in places I'll keep secret, sit down to rest and when I get up my knees go on strike, loosing my mind and let's not forget my white roots...OK, let's forget my white roots. My hubby tells me I still got it at age 53...he's 49...wait, just


Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I'm 52 (will be 53 in February), but I've been plucking those strange hairs from my chin for a few years now. I'm finding that I'm much more forgetful with the advent of the horrid menopause, so how many years I wouldn't be able to recall for ya! I have never plucked my eyebrows, and just happen (I think anyway) to have genetically decent ones. Your main problem may be that your hair was sooo dark. I'm a plain mousey brown. I have some gray in my hair. But I'm thinking I may just age gracefully. Until it gets scary, anyway...

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Mags:
I was just explaining to my youngest daughter (31) that the reason I have chin hairs is after menopause the estrogen has gone amuck and the testosterone takes it's place. I have to use the tweezers all of the time and like jojo said carry the tweezers!!!
Now, I am the weird one; I am 60 yet I have dreamed of being grey or white haired since I was 18; I proudly got my 1st gray hair when I was 53.I have brown hair and it has a decent gray streak in the middle on the top in the front if I part it in the center : ) I do NOT part it in the center I pull it all back in a pony tail or a bun. My hair is too thick and I will be glad when the thinning process starts for me : )
The aging has made less hair under my arms and on my legs so I only shave once a week; I am glad as I use to have to shave every other day : )
My Mom use to tell me I came from good peasant stock so I have elastic skin so I still have firm skin; I am grateful.
I get the white hairs in my dark eyebrows and they are about an inch long (yikes :)
My oldest daughter (almost 35) says "Hydrate Mom!!!" I have to use the bathroom too much
as it is : )
As soon as I get my medical issues under control I will start going to the Y and start swimming again as it does wonders for my skin, my somach and my attitude!!!
This post is the exact reason you deserve the Kreativ Blogger Award!!! We are having an honest open forum discussing real life issues. You are my Girl!!!

Gaia said...

please, can you count me in for the chocolate giveaway!!!
I desperately need chocolate! That could help you chooce me?

Thanks for your comment!