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Friday, November 13, 2009


I thought for my next post about aging we would discuss the mind! This morning I have to finish the burning of the barn and other chores but will be back later.
Enjoy your day!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweet Maggie...
I hope when you read this you have finished the burning of the barn and your chores are all done, and you find yourself with a little time to sit and write.

I love this pic. I have two of those brains also, but I have to admit that my brains are little saggy after thinking with them all these years. Perky is a thing of the past, and I have accepted that. Thank God I have my holster to wear everyday that bolsters them back into place.

Have a sweet day darlin. I will talk to you tonight. Country hugs and love..Sherry

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh my you are funny this morning Sherry. I like that in a person. lol
Just taking a fast lunch break and of course guess where I am spending it.
Your comment is too funny and yes Thank Goodness for our holsters. Silly me I thought at first you meant my other holster and I thought geez I have to tell Sherry I don't wear it that high. hahahha
Maybe I should of saved this pic for the boob post of aging.
Have a great day thanks for stopping by

Bunny said...

You crack me up women...I will sign up as a follower. I on the other hand don't want to know how few I have that I refuse to put one of those follow thingys on my blog. I too have lots of brain, but they have a mind of their own...LMAO!
...and don't EVEN get me started on gallbladder is coming out body parts are starting to jump ship....have a good one Maggie.


Anonymous said...

I've never lived on a farm so maybe it's all in the interpretation, but....why do you burn your barn?

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Bunny you crack me up as well. I have to say that your picture is toooooooo funny. Wish I would thought of that. Actually Pearl needs to borrow that for work. Thanks for stopping by and joining please enter my giveaway too.
I am so sorry about how I worded the barn burning. A few post ago I was talking about my chores and one of them was tearing the old barn down out here and burning the piles of wood. hahahaha You made my day leaving this and thank you for coming by

The French Bear said...

Okay this is so funny! I need to hand these out at my store, to all the men that bring their girlfriends to "help" them shop!!!
Could have used them when I did VSU with the RCMP!
Very cute,
Margaret B

SharDon Exclusives said...

Maggie, I am doing fine! Thank you for your sweeeet comments on my last posts. I have been feeling like I have a "bug" of some sort. (When I come home from gargage sales early, ya' know I have something wrong with me"
I am going to post about some projects then am heading for beddy by. I will call or write when I am feelin' better.