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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Just a short post to check on you guys tonight before I turn in. I have always heard do not shop when your hungry or your total at the registrar will be outragious. Well that could be a wise rule  for me to follow. After a long long day at work, I stopped by our local Super Wal Mart and when I got to the check out line and started unloading my buggy I was terribly embarrassed to find nothing but sweets in it. Not one dang thing to fix for supper tonight or  lunch tomorrow just SWEETS.  While I was unloading them onto the counter, I foolishly kept looking around hoping that no one I knew would walk up and say hello and discover the buggy from Candy Land. (Remember that game called Candy Land). Anyway back to the check out counter. Here is an example of what I ended up with cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, ice cream sandwiches, oatmeal rasin cookies and Diet Dr Pepper. Now what the heck do you suppose I even went in there for. It sure wasn't to buy sweets but look what I walked out with. What comes over me sometimes is honestly beyond me.
I actully went in there to look for an electric blanket because it is starting to get a little cooler in my part of Texas. Not much but a little bit. I don't have the fool to keep warm anymore so I thought I should invest in a electric blanket. You guessed I never even looked at them because I was too busy loading sweets into the buggy. I guess I am trying to get as big as Little LuLu so I can keep myself warm.
Whats really sad is while I was writing this I ate a ice cream sandwich. NO Control what so ever yet I want to loose weight. I dropped a piece of the ice cream sandwich and it fell down the front of my robe and I reached down to find it and you guessed it. It had fallen inside of the robe and when I looked in to find it I saw rolls. Yes ladies Rolls. Not the kind you eat either. How does one let themself go like this. Wouldn't think after seeing this I would of thrown the rest of the ice cream away. No but heck... no I ate it even faster. If I don't stop this I am going to see if they will let me be on that show The Biggest Losers. God could you see me up there showing all my fat to the whole world and then stepping on those huge scales to weigh. NO way not going to happen. 
So what did I end up having for supper. Desert just desert. I am on a sugar high right now. Oh speaking of sugar yesterday I went to Houston and got the ingredients for the Chocolate Peanut Clusters and Fudge. I use a special chocolate that they do not sell in stores. So Houston is only an hour away and I have to get started making this candy for two lucky winners.
On the way home I got to thinking about the best way to ship it to the winners. Any suggestions for shipping chocolate. I sure do not want it to melt on the way.

Also in between taking care of a few nuts at the Jail I was trying to figure out more about doing a post every week for all of you creative bloggers to sale your wares. I think I will try to post my first one by next Monday so that gives everyone a couple of more days to send me a button of their site or a link to their site and a short description of what they sell or have to offer. Please do not put your husband or children on here to sell because I do not want to get shut down before I even get started. I been trying to think of a name for the post that I would use every Monday to advertise your lovelies. I thought about Temptations Made by Bloggers or Temptations Just Click Away. What do you guys think and suggestions are welcome.  I even thought that not just homemade stuff on here but other bloggers could list something they want to sell. Like their old toe nail clippers or their well used Tweezers. lol Sorry I was thinking about a previous post. Seriously though I am not trying to put Ebay out of business but I thought if I can help any of you make some extra cash then it will be worth the time to do it. I know how times are hard and we are all friends in the blogland or candyland in my case so friends might want to buy from friends instead of always shopping at a place where everyone else will have the same thing as you.  WE all know homemade goodies are so much more appreciated than other gifts.  So we will give it a try for a month and if it does not go over I can always bore you some more with Ms Pearl antics or whatever the heck she creates in my life. Maybe chaos. I sure do need my spellcheck on here. goodness it is too much trouble to carry a dictionary around. You guys maybe will just have to read my post like I read the inmates mail with a lot of imagination to what their trying to spell or say.:)
So if you think you want to list anything on Mondays u can email me at
I have a few friends that have emailed me about adding them so I may just try it out this Monday. Anyway to make this long story short if interested just email me or not. lol

Well my eyes lids are starting to get weak so I will close this for now. Once again Pearl stayed hidden which makes for a boring day but a safer one by far.
Sweet Dreams


Leah the Orange said...

my dreams won't be as sweet as yours, Maggie, if you ever GET to sleep tonight! i'll tell you, i have those same shopping trips. my philosophy is when you CRAVE something, go out and get it, but ONLY that thing you're craving. if you keep letting things pile up, you'll just raid the junk food section at the store, and you won't know where to start when you get home (so you'll eat some of everything). i think caving in to the craving is the lesser of two evils, don't you?

i hope the ice cream sammies were tasty, though i suspect they didn't replace your need for an electric blanket either. BRR!

tomorrow is another day. go for a walk and you'll feel better about it, i promise! :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

HOW RIGHT you are and I appreciate the kind comment. How funny about my dreams being sweeter than yours. lol They should be sweet tonight Right. I have tried to email you to thank you several times and for joining my site but for some crazy reason it will not let me send after of course I have already wrote it. I will ask my daughter Christi at Thanksgiving what I am doing wrong.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice helpful comment.

Bunny said...

Take pearl for a jog...that'll show her! Tomorrow is another day and you'll do better. Be nice to yourself and indulge once in a while then stay the course...Leah is right,you'll feel better in the morning....sweet dreams ~


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Sweet dreams to you too Bunny. How are you feeling. I hope doing a lot better. So sweet to stop by. I am fixing to dry my hair and turn in. 3:30 comes to early for Maggie and espcially Ms. Pearl. lol

jojo said...

you give new meaning to 'sweet dreams!' Now if I had dropped ice cream samich down my robe I would have pulled it out and ate it and then got a tissue and cleaned up...although in my case it probably would have dropped down t to the floor...not a lot going on there!! But rolls...I've got those!
Love your Monday idea and if I can figure out how to make a button for my blog I just might join in...Temtamtions...great one.
You have a good rest and I'll talk to you soon. take care...jj

Libbie said...

Oh I am so glad I am not the only one who had dessert for dinner! With hubby cream. Hey I figure if I skip dinner at least I never got those calories. And I am glad that the rools in your robe were not the cinnamon one that you had bought...then I might be worried :) Besides...if you ate those tonight...what would you eat for breakfast? :) Oh yes...I am the one who had the boy sneaking pumpkin ice cream for breakfast :)

Libbie said...

I really must go add you to my favorites list on the side of my blog now...thank you for making me laugh everyday & for keeping it real!

Anonymous said...

Do chocolate covered raisins count as dessert? I believe they are considered a fruit, all three handfuls.

IsabellasCloset said...

How your short post made me smile.. LOL..
What fun it is having dessert for dinner. I say do what makes you happy.
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

Arkansas Patti said...

I have no answers, I can only relate. I have found if it is sweet and in the house it will be eaten, and quickly.
I can't be moderate and can only abstain. My name is Patti--------

Designs By CK said...

FUNNY picture!!! '-)

Glad you found me and enjoyed my blog!

Happy Thanksgiving early.

Chris (-:

Stayathomemommy said...

Oh my I find myself doing the same thing. I have a even harder time when I take the little ones in with me they notice every little piece of goodness. Hope you week has been wonderful. The holidays are right around the corner I hope yours are filled with love and laughter.

Gracie said...

Hey Grandmayellowhair...good name.I am new to your blog,I enjoyed reading your post...boy! I made many of those trips loaded to the hilt with stuff I didnt want to eat after my divorce too!
We have a bit in common...I too am a grandma of three not two and have yellow hair,divorced 11 years ago,found a nice new guy can happen,but if you are like I was, I didnt care about that kinda thing for many years!I have three kids and a main coon cat...Vanilla-kisses.
Im a following... talk to you soon.

SharDon Exclusives said...

Maggie, girl, you are a hoot! I adore the We had not get so big that we won't fit in those rockers on the porch...
Yes, count me in on your new blog. I want to sell it what are we gonna' do about that? I will email you right now.
Blessings dear friend,

Rue said...

hehehe... I was eating left over Halloween candy when I was reading this ;)

Have a great Thanksgiving funny lady!


Obe's said...

Loved your post ... it made me smile!!!
Have a good week!!

Brighid said...

Happened on your blog via Patty at The New Sixty. Now I have to spend a ton of time trying to read all your older posts. I love your blog, one of the few that tells it like it is. What a find you are! I'll be back, thanks for the giggles.

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Maggie:
You truly are a one of a kind!!! I laugh and wish I could visit you in person : )
You give one a bright side to see and it is so fun to laugh with you on the human side of being a female : )
I sleep under a comforter I sewed about 5 years ago; top is brown wide wale corduroy, regular fiberfill on the inside & the other side is a brightly colored cotton sheet I bought at Ikea. It is huge squares of fuchsia, orange, red & burgundy. Keeps me plenty warm : ) and cheerful : )
Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie.....Love the little image, too!!
I can just see you loading all of your sweets onto the checkout, sounds delish!!
YES, please count me in on your Monday Temptations post!!I will email you too..
Brillant idea, we have to help each other, right?

~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Ladies you are all tooooooo funny. You all make me laugh and smile! What great comments and as always I am Tickled Pink to get them.
Your comments you leave mean a whole lot to me and honestly I am in awe about how many lovely people are visiting me.
Yes Carole I would love sitting face to face with you all too. Boy the things we could all get into. Until then we will just meet in Blogland and laugh on line.
Sweet Dreams

vickie said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I love the header on yours, and all your posts! I think you are doing a fantastic job, it looks great, and so nice of you to allow others to advertise. Thank you for the work you do, it's not a job many could do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!