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Saturday, November 28, 2009


I don't know about all of you but I feel like a 18 wheeler ran over me today!
Good gosh and let the holidays begin. I will not survive the holidays if I feel this bad after only two days of celebrating Thanksgiving.

My dear friends I HAVE so many chores to do today after coming home last night and all I want to do is lay down. Like my friend in this picture.

Not only chores in the north forty but Carole and Jojo are expecting candy sometime soon. I am in trouble and all this is just the beginning of a very busy season.

My daughter and I went to see the movie New Moon for our treat from laboring over the stove all morning Thanksgiving. We got there really early thinking we would have to fight lines but were we surprised no crazy teenagers fighting to see the movie. Only a few older ones like me. The movie was good but not near as good as the books. It was great just spending time with Christi. As I mentioned earlier she works part time at Macy's and she had to work the horrible Black Friday. I made the mistake and went in her store to tell her bye and was swarmed by some really crazy people. I mean I thought for a minute I was back at work in the jail. If I ever needed my handcuffs it was at Macys the day after Thanksgiving. YOU ladies should thank me for starting this Temptation Mondays so you can avoid all the crazy shoppers out there. lol  I actually felt guilty leaving my daughter there to work. I tried for a few minutes to stand by the registrar to protect her but it did not take long for a manager to find me and escort me somewhere else. You can tell when people don't have children they just don't understand our mother hen thing. Poor Christi she just smiled and said Go nicely momma I will be okay.
So then I head over to my son Clints house where I am greeted at the front door by my darling Kaci. We are just so glad to see each other we can not stop hugging and kissing. At least I know I could not. Then I hear Bailey scream Its Grandmayellowhair! and he comes running and bouncing down the stairs and plows into me like a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. Now I know he is only 5 but he is built like a big 10 year old. hahaha Sweetest grandson in the world and I do love him.
For the next 8 hours he is constantly trying to tackle me to the ground. Now you can see why I feel like a 18 wheeler ran over me.  He and Iplayed several board games but he has not learned how to loose easily so you can guess that I never won ONE game.
His daddy put up Christmas lights so they have a house like Chevy Chase in the holiday movie. He always goes way way out decorating but it is great for the neighbors they don't have to use their electricity for the month of December.
My dl was busy as always so it was me and my two favorite darlings to play and play and play. 
I wanted to her to take pictures of me and my babies but she was busy doing her stuff and visiting with my oldest son.  Oh well I stole the picture of them with the thanksgiving hats from her blog. hahahaha I brought left over turkey and dressing from the day before and we did all sit down together for a meal. My oldest son Chad showed up to join us and I so enjoyed seeing him for a minute or two. Everyone is just too busy during this time of the year.
My grandson Bailey took a sales ad from Target while I was there and he wanted to circle what he wants from me for Christmas. You guessed it, he could of saved an hour by just putting a big circle around TOYS.
I helped Kaci decorate her little tree in her bedroom. I said Baby you need one of those pink trees that I have seen and she says, I know but mommy want let me have one. I hugged her and thought what my next purchase might be from Wal Mart. Every little girl needs a pink christimas tree. Right!

Anyway I leave there and go back to my daughters to pick up my stuff and really to check on her about her day. What funny stories she told about these shoppers. We ate take out and laughed and then I drove the two hour trip home so I could get up early and work here. Yeah Right

My daughter Christi made the best best Pumpkin Cheese cake I have ever eaten. I have to say I turned into a pig eating that. Also she did some kind of vegetable dish that was out of this world good. Another recipe I have to get. Why I don't know I hardly cook anymore. Oh I know what your thinking but zeez its hard to cook for one.
The night I spent with my daughter we laughed about some stories that she claims she never knew I did. So she told me I have to share them with all of you so I guess real soon I will sit down here and tell you some stories that made her laugh so hard she ask me to stop.

Oh I almost forgot, I have been kissed by dogs in my life (well not real dogs) but the first night there I slept on her couch and her beautiful cocker spaniel Toby kept coming over to where I was sleeping and kissing me. Now I am use to my cat Tinkerbell slapping me awake every morning but not a dog planting the biggest kisses ever right on my lips. Not only did he do this once but several times during the night. Its a good thing I love this dog because I wasn't far from the front door and I could of let him out. Not that he would of left he is attached to my daughter like you would not believe. To tell you that was a strange night is not putting the right word with it. After about the second one I could not go back to sleep and then I started laughing because I thought OH WELL hes not the only dog that has kissed me during the night.

Ladies I have to get busy!!!!!
Love ya'll

ps: If you want to be listed on Mondays site for selling your goodies please don't forget you need to send me a email and put on there what you want me to say or pictures you want copied. Remember no DL's are other relatives.
  Also I added a giveaway to my side bar from Marilyn. I kind of hid it because I really love this giveaway and when you guys enter my chances go down. Right. She is the prefect example of what I mean about so many creative bloggers. Oh my you ladies just awe me.
Oh too I noticed after my giveaway my follower count went down. hahaha. I did not know it could go down I thought only up. I guess I will have to bribe some more with another giveaway.
Seriously I hope I have not offended anyone if so I am so sorry


PEA said...

Hi Maggie:-)

You can ask me all the questions you want, I'm only too happy to help if I can! For the random number generator, here's the web site of the one I use....

It's so much easier using that than writing out all the names like I used to do! lol

As for how to stop following someone, go to your Blogger Dashboard and you'll find where it says "Reading List, Blogs I'm Following"....scroll down and you'll see where it says "Manage". Beside each blog name you follow you'll see "Settings" on that and it will open another window, then just click on "Stop Following This Site". I hope you can understand all of that! lol

Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful day with your son and his family. Playing with the grandkids would feel like being run over by an 18-wheeler! hehe

Oh dear, I can well imagine how hard it was to leave your daughter working at Macy's on Black Friday...egads! I don't envy anyone who had to work in the stores that day. We don't have a Black Friday here after our Thanksgiving in October but it sounds a lot like our Boxing Day sales which are the day after Christmas. I stay away!! lol

Been so busy the last couple of days doing my Christmas baking, I haven't had time to post or visit anyone...hopefully I'll have time later tonight to at least post something! lol Take good care and thank you so much for your lovely comments, they're very much appreciated:-)

Hugs, PEA xoxo

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

Well, it sounds like you had a grand time with the grandkids. I wish I was that close to mine. But driving seven hours means driving all day. So I seldom get to see them. I've been kissed by my fair number of dogs too. But I love my dogs. So I guess those were mongrels! Sadly, I've come to the realization that kissing is just swapping spit. And germ-ophobe that I've become (though I swore I never would), it's just not tantalizing to me anymore. And I guess gravity demands that what goes up at least "can" come down. Don't worry about it. You'll find true friends in Blogville, and those that just want something from ya. I don't do giveaways much anymore. I just send gifts when the mood strikes me. I don't need any more "pretend" friends!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have a granddog too! My oldest was married 5 years before finally having us a grandbaby, so all the wet sloppy kisses came from their dog.

That mama thing sure is powerful. I could probably lift school buses or fight Mike Tyson to protect my girls.

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

You are such a hoot! That was a mighty long post. I hope you are able to get some much needed rest. good luck getting your chocolate goodies ready and in the mail and congrats to the winners. Blessings, :) Tammy

Ana said...

Hi Maggie,
Love the bear picture...Hee,hee,hee. That is exactly how I felt after Thanksgiving too. I usually don't cook because we end up at either my mom's or mom-in-law's for dinner and they do all the cooking, but this year I thought I would pitch in...Boy, cooking and baking is hard work. :-) Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Wishing you a gorgeous Sunday. Until next time.


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Thanks for stopping by my place the other day. I so enjoyed reading about your adventurous Thanksgiving weekend. So glad you got to spend it with lots of family. But the quote that made me laugh the most was, "If I ever needed the handcuffs, it was today at Macy's". Hee-hee! Funny girl. : )

Kerrie said...

Thank you so much for taking time to visit my blogs and your comments!! I am following yours after such a pleasant visit this morning! I love your layout and your posts! God Bless! Kerrie

Auntie Cake said...

Adore you! I had the same type of weekend, minus the doggie kisses. That just would have been too much!!!
PS- and yes, every girl does need her own pink Christmas tree!

A Gracious Home said...

I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things on your blog. My granddaughter made a pumpkin cheesecake. I have a feeling it could be addictive. I am overwhelmed with chores to do also. I may have to call in help to get it all done. Have a great day. Doylene