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Friday, November 27, 2009



Good morning all of you sleepy heads. Its 5am and I am suppose to be sleeping on my daughters couch after spending a lovely Thanksgiving with her but instead I laying here wide awake thinking about the drawing in a few hours for the Chocolate Giveaway. Christi has to work the mad house crazy black Friday at Macy's so I will leave here and go my sons and let my grandbabies do the honor of picking the winners.
It bothers me that there will only be two of you drawn and I so wish that it could be all of you. I do hope you all know that you are all winners in my book. This was my first giveaway to Thank all of you for being so sweet and kind accepting me into your hearts in this new world to me of blogland. (Of course you know I will have to have another giveway soon)
I have found it to be a very warm place to run to and just be myself and to experience all the creative beautiful sites that I never knew existed until a few months ago. So many of you have been so wonderful with your comments and even joining me knowing that sometimes I get completely throwed off. Just pray that it is not catching. lol
So Thank you all for making my Thanksgiving a little bit warmer and cozy knowing that you all were just a click away.
Guess I should try to go back to sleep and get this giveaway off the brain. Good luck to each of you and SWEET DREAMS


T's Daily Treasures said...

Sorry to hear you couldn't sleep. At least you found a good way to spend your time. :) Good luck with your giveaway. Chocolate is always a wonderful gift, especially when it is homemade. Good luck to Christi with the Black Friday sales. I wouldn't be out there if you paid me. Have a wonderful day! Tammy

The French Bear said...

Oh Maggie, I will always be so happy I met you! You make me laugh and cry, which is a good thing!!!
I am sure I would loooovvvveee the chocolate, good luck to all who entered!
I do have some RCMP things for you if you are interested, we'll have to email each other.
The other Maggie!!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggie:
What a sweet post today. I know how you feel about the limited-"ness" of our giveaways. I wish I could give one to each of my following, too!

Hope you have another great day with family. I'll be back again soon.


Leah the Orange said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Maggie! enjoy the day with your family, and those little ones, and i can't wait to hear what funny little tales you'll have to share later today or tomorrow! i'm SO glad i stumbled onto your blog - you are always so good at warming the heart!

see you soon, sunshine! :D

Anonymous said...

From one "slightly cracked" midlife mama to another, I completely understand the joy that comes with blogging self expression. It's very freeing for me to poke fun at myself and my life.

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Maggie!
I hope you enjoyed your Turkey day my dear! I love blogging also and have met the most wonderful souls on here and treasure all my blogging friends too!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Maggie...
Happy Friday sweet thing. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with the family. Always so nice to be surrounded by the ones we love. I am sure you will have some wonderful stories to share with us.

How is Ms Pearl doing of late? Is enjoying the holiday as well?

I have so enjoyed meeting you. You are a fun place to come to. It's like coming home each day for the holidays. Thank you sweet kindred spirit.

Country hugs...Sherry

Me....bunny said...

Everyone of my blogging buddies are unique. And you Maggie are the the cream of the crop!
You make me laugh with your sarcasm and wit...hmmmm, reminds me of someone.


Me....bunny said...

Just me again...saw your comment after I left on here already...

I used to get my face, eyebrows, upper lip waxed but it used to make me break now I get threaded. A person stands over you while you lay down and has a piece of thread. She spins in and barely touches your face oh so gently.....RIPS OUT YOUR HAIR, with the spinning motion of the tread. Better results more pain. the things I do to not look like a take care mag pie!!

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Haha! You and I think along the same lines...because I woke up thinking about the giveaway too! Hehe! I am eating a piece of chocolate pie for breakfast right now...gotta love leftover Thanksgiving pie! Mmm, yummy! Have fun with your grandbabies!


jojo said...

well I slept too fact I got a late start which is unusual for me. It must have been the over dose of turkey and punkin pie...why do I do this to myself??? Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and also glad that you are a click away. Makes me smile thinking about it..;p

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I do the same thing. Fret in the middle of the night. I take Ambien CR to make the worry fairy go away so I can rest.