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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sharing My Day!

The last two days I have been doing volunteer work at Round Top Festival Institute. In one of my first post several years ago I wrote about my convictions of volunteering at this remarkable place.

It was my escape while going through Breast Cancer and when you see some of the pictures I took today then you will understand why I love this place. I promised way back then that if I survived my cancer I would give back to the Institute so when I can I volunteer at the concerts or help in the office.

The main part of the Institute is the amazing concert hall that I will share with you soon. These pictures today are of the Edythe Bates Chapel Plaza that is one of many places to visit on the grounds.

The chapel was locked today but I have shared pictures with you in another post. I think the post was called Highway to Hell. You would have to read the post to understand the strange title. lol

I had trouble downloading pictures but I did manage to share about half of my walk today.

It is the most unusual beautiful place out in the middle of nowhere. Round Top Population is 90 and is known for the Round Top/Warrenton Antiques Fair which is going on there now.

I was so proud of myself for answering the call to help them out on stuffing envelopes these past two days when I could of been out at the antique show.

Truth be known I had just as much fun walking through these grounds after I finished the thousands of envelopes they need stuffed.

I wish I had my blog set up different where you could enjoy these pictures better.
If you want to see the pictures better try double clicking them and enlarge them.

Here is one of several waterfalls. Can you the lion heads in the wall.

One of several cub by holes in the plaza and this one is covered in sea shells. Even the ceiling is covered with shells.

I found myself just snapping away left and right. I wanted you to enjoy some of what I was enjoying today.

Behind this side entry into the plaza is the courtyard where they have receptions.

I will have to go back one day and take pictures just of their gardens.

This pot was attached to one of the walls with pretty little succulents. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I spent my afternoon.

Recently I made part of my blog into a couple of books. The main reason for doing this was for me to have a written copy of your beautiful, funny, outrageous, and  some times mind blowing comments  To my big disappointment when I opened up the books they did not have the comments at the end of the post.
I was very upset. I don't know what happened because the first book I had published did have your comments so I spent all this money on these two books and no comments. Any suggestions on how to fix this.

On the subject of comments I have to tell you that your comments about the cowboy catching me in my PJ's left on the previous post had me rolling. You guys crack me up. Laughing out loud is so healthy and I love you for taking the time to come by and especially letting me know how you feel about the post.

Oh before I leave tonight let me share with you a April Fool story. Sunday when Christi was here with her boyfriend Paul and his two children I was talking with the kids about April Fools. I shared with them a silly April Fools story that happened to me in High School and then I told them that tomorrow they should think of something to play on their dad. His little girl ask me what she could do and I told her to use her imagination and have fun with it.

Well Monday night Christi called me and said, "You are so Busted!" I ask her what I did and she told me that Audrey had called her Dad and told him that she was fighting in school and they expelled her.

She said Paul got really upset and told her to put her Mom on the phone. haha Well Audrey then told him that it was April Fools Day and that Christi's Mom told her to do this to him. 

OH MY Gosh I am already in trouble with my first meeting with Paul's children. It may be my last if he thinks I told her to tell him that. I only suggested she use her imagination. Boy does she have one.
My kind of girl. haha

We had another storm last night. Since it was still raining today I have not had the chance to see how much of a clean up that I will be doing again.

Hope you had a great day!

Sweet Dreams and Love to All,

PS: I must remember to share with you two ladies that also volunteer out at the Institute. Their both 83 years old look 65 and one actually built her on house from the ground up, She was not a spring chicken when she did this either. haha


Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I thought I would stop in tonight. I have been having some me time reading blogs. I also had a phone call from my son who will be 48 tomorrow. He always seems to manage to know when mom needs a phone call. I enjoyed your pictures and I can see why you like to volunteer there. I love your flowers from the previous post and the April fool joke was so funny. I can see my grandsons trying that on their parents.I laughed about the post of Cowboy coming by. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

Terra said...

Hi Maggie, I adore this place, all the fun little nooks and flourishes and fountains and sculptures. How good you are helping out by stuffing envelopes, and keeping your promise to God to return to this place that nourished you in your health struggle.

June said...

Now that's an April Fool's joke Maggie! So funny!
The institute is such a beautiful place. Think of the money saved stuffing envelopes instead of shopping :) Someday I WILL see this place for myself!
I hope you're having a wonderful spring my friend.
hugs from here...

Gorges Smythe said...

It looks like a beautiful place, Maggie. As for your getting in trouble, some things are just worth it!

Lesley UK said...

What a wonderful place. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiul pics.I loved the April Fools' Day story! Blessings

acorn hollow said...

what a beautiful place! Ha! that is funny you got in trouble already with the new boyfriend.
I am sure his kids love you and your sense of humor.

Arkansas Patti said...

Ha ha, she does sound like a neat kid even if she did throw you under the bus.
What a lovely place that is. It would be worth volunteering there just to have access to the grounds.

Julia said...

Oh Maggie, I love, love that entrance with the the raised garden wall along the curvy pathway. My kind of place. It must be nicer to be there in person. How nice of you to volunteer your time.

I would love seeing the house that this old lady built herself from the ground up. She must be exaggerating a bit for sure.

Today's kids a real clever and they have lots of imagination too, and this one almost got you in hot water, ha,ha,ha. She was creative for sure.

Well either this cowboy is real shy or afraid of asking you out because he's had his chances. If he worth his boots, he would ask you out to dinner or even to a bar-B-Q or something.

Take care,
Love & hugs,

Olga said...

Thank-you for sharing your day. I can certainly see how this was a place that nurtured you and how it calls you back.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I can see why you love that beautiful place. It looks like the kind of place that makes you feel better just being there....

Thanks for stopping by, sweetie and for your kind comments.



Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Ya gotta love a gal with a great imagination!!!

Oh honey, your pictures are marvelous. I can see why you were drawn to it. You can tell how peaceful it is!

God bless ya sweetie and have a remarkable day!!! :o)

wendy said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week!

yaya said...

That place does look amazing. I can see how it would have healing powers. The pic of the fountain is really pretty. I did enlarge it and could see all the detail. Volunteering can be so rewarding to both the recipient and the doer. I would have been very tempted to visit the antique show! Hope your weekend is a super nice rain!

Jennifer Richardson said...

you're the coolest grandma:)
i love this place
....can feel the peace.
thanks for sharing,

GerryART said...

Your Institute is a place for daydreaming
How lucky to have such an intriguing place close by
Your pics are truly appriciated


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Volunteering is the way to go. Have you noticed how volunteers are always smiling. Gorgeous place!

Sue said...

Cool place. Thanks for the tour!

As for the blog books, on blog2print, you now have to specifically click on "include comments." Sorry you spent all that money and didn't get what you wanted!

Great April Fool's stunt, by the way.