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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

God's Goodness!

Today I am sharing with you some of God's incredible blessings over my life. In this post you will see the greatness of God's favor in my life.

Saturday we attended my grandson Bailey's First Holy Communion at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Austin, Texas. This is the church his mom Andrea and family attended while growing up in Austin.

After the service we took advantage of the beautiful church grounds and captured our memories of the day with a few photo's. In the picture above I am with my two grand children Bailey and Kaci. In the back row my three children Christi, Clint and Chad.

I have been wanting a picture to frame of my three kids now I have it. Chad on the left, Clint in the middle with Christi on the right. God has Blessed Me in so many ways but my biggest Blessing was being mother to these three.

Love this picture of Clint with his two Blessings!

Here I took a picture with my IPhone of Christi with her sweet guy Paul and his precious daughter Audrey.
I have to figure out how to fix pictures taken with my phone because this is too far off. lol

Kaci, Bailey and their Grandma Yellow Hair! Do you like my new hair cut. I decide to go short for summer.

Another picture of all of us together.  
Bailey with his pretty mom Andrea!

Ah my three again. I have to decide which picture I want to frame. lol

Afterwards we all gathered at Andrea's sisters house for lunch. Here Kaci is playing with Amber's puppy.

Bailey is such a joy to all of us and need I say we are very very proud of him.
This is an Ice Cream Cake he is posing with before we all devoured it. Wish I had a piece of it now because I have been mowing today and that would hit the spot right about now.

Back to the mowing but first I want to thank you for coming by today! I know how busy you are and that you have many other blogs to read so when you visit me I feel so Blessed.

Love to all,


Julia said...

Hi Dear maggie, Congratulations to your handsome grandson Bailey on doing his first Communion. I remember mine as being so special and feeling so pure, can you imagine. ha,ha,ha. Maybe I was pure but I don't think that I pure anymore, ha,ha,ha.

I love all the photos and let me tell you that you have a beautiful family and you are so right at feeling blessed. I can see the love all around your family.

I love the ice cream cake idea. It was hot enough to wear a sleeveless top and a pair of short today here in Fredericton N.B. and I could go for that giant birthday cookie.

I pulled out my push lawn mower to have it service before I use it. It won't be long as the grass is really growing in this heat.

Take care,
Hugs & love,

Terra said...

Dear Maggie, I enjoyed seeing the photos of all your blessings, your kids and their partners and your grandkids. That was a fine event to bring you all together.

Marydon said...

What a beautiful family, Maggie. They are all so handsome & the wee ones are just adorable. Congrats on his communion, a big step in his life.

Gosh! I miss you ... wish I were there.

Hope all is going better for you & settling down.

Hugs of love ~

acorn hollow said...

looks like a wonderful day! I like the secend picture of the three the best.
congrats to your sweet grandson.

Gorges Smythe said...

You are blessed indeed! We spent a couple hours with our little six-year-old blessing today and loved it.

Kathleen McCoy said...

What wonderful, beautiful pictures of your blessings, Maggie! All are treasures and framable! It's so fun to see them all together and celebrating Bailey's big day! And your new haircut is lovely!

Willow said...

What a lovely family Maggie !That is a great Summer hair cut .

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I loved the pictures of you with your family. I love the new hairdo. Bailey's 1st communion such a special day. I can tell by the pictures how much you loved being with them. Hope you are doing o.k. Was you close to any of the storms the other night. I thought about all of my friends that live down that way. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Paula said...

Nice family! Yes I like your new hair cut.

yaya said...

What a wonderful day you had! Your family is beautiful and those Grandkiddos are so adorable..and handsome! You look very pretty too! I like the last snapshot with your three kids..I think that's a framed one for sure! Happy Mowing...I love to mow but I'm not sure I would want to mow as much as you do!

Arkansas Patti said...

That is such a special day in a youngsters life.A big time congrats to Bailey.
Once again I will compliment you on your beautiful family. The good looking genes came from you after all.
I really liked the picture where the Virgin Mary has embraced Clint's head best.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Thanks so much for bringing yourself and your family "up close and personal" with us Maggie. :0)
Love both pictures of your kids. That's going to be a tough one to choose!
Congratulations to your grandson and it's nice to see the whole family come together for these "special times."

Olga said...

You are truly blessed, many times over. You have a beautiful family and Kaci and Bailey look so happy. It is very nice to see.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Congratulations to your grandson on his First Holy Communion, Maggie! All the pictures came out great. When I saw the first one of your three together I thought that would be wonderful to frame, but then I saw the second, more close up picture. Tough choice although, you could frame both! : )

Garden of Egan said...

Such a beautiful handsome family. Congratulations on all the wonderful things to celebrate.

I love all the green and flowers. What a beautiful place.

wendy said...

Congratulations to your grandson on his first Communion, Claire will be having her first Communion this month.
Such nice pictures of you and your family, you truly are blessed.
Have a Happy May Day!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

You are a blessed woman!

What a sweet family. Your grandkids are so cute...

thanks for the pics, I really enjoyed them!!



Forty Pound Sack said...

Your family is so beautiful, Maggie, and such lovely, happy smiles to all be together. I think you should frame all your photos. Why not? :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

I can't imagine a greater joy
than children happily married
and with littles of their own,
loving and caring for them well
and building thriving families.
It's the sweetest dream of my heart
while on this earth.
Holding this dear
with a holy hush
as I celebrate with and for you.
grateful from the bottom of my being
for the gift you've been given,