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Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 15th Deadline!

Every year around April 15th you can find me rolling on the floor mumbling words that have no meaning not even to me. This year was no exception.

In all honesty this floor rolling moment took longer than the other years. It lasted a good two days and when I hit submit to file my taxes by e-file I thought the discombobulation was at an end. Not meant to be! It was only the beginning.

My printer showed that I was out of ink. Jeez Marie all I need is just enough ink to print a few pages. I took the ink out shook it and whatever ink was left in it dripped tiny little ink spots on my jeans.

All right I guess I should of had enough sense to know better. I change clothes drive the ten miles to Wal Mart one way and buy the black ink only and drive back home.

You guessed it. After replacing the black ink the darn printer kept telling me that I was out of color ink. I kept going into properties and everything else on the computer trying to get the thing to accept just the black ink but no luck.

I am determined that I am going to print my copy of my return if it takes me all day. I make the decision to drive back to town and buy the color ink. Forty dollars later I am back home installing it and thinking thank goodness this is almost over with.

Would you believe I hit print and now the darn printer is telling me the printer head is missing or not installed. I came so close to loosing it. What the heck is the printer head? I go find my instructions for the printer. I follow their instructions not once but at least a dozen times but still get this irritating message.

By now I am totally ready to kick something. Anything! I felt like running through the pastures screaming my fool head off.

Three days later and I still don't have my return printed. It's stored in Adobe Reader and it won't let me transfer it to my email address so I could print it at the library or a friends house. I now have to see where I can find a printer head for the printer.

The next morning after two days of working on this mess I get out of bed and I bend down to feed Tinkerbell and I can't stand back up. Oh the pain! A box of Aleve later I am walking and bending but slower than usual. Stress and days on the computer has a way with my back. Days of mowing might have had something to do with it too.

This morning a friend phoned and ask me to go see the Jackie Robinson movie 42. I am not good at movie reviews but I do know that this a must see movie. The disrespect and cruelty that he endured while just wanting to play ball is unbelievable and sad beyond words.

Never in my life time will I ever understand the hate of another human being because of his color.
I hope if you have a chance to see this movie that you do and that you let me know how you liked it.

Sending you much love


Gail said...

This is a movie I would love to see.

I am a big fan of Satchel Paige and thought he deserved a chance too. However, life is not always fair. Combining color was long over due. We are all humans.

I fear tax seasons so I have a set date each year, January 1st I combine all expenses and await the W2s etc and am ready with out the stress as soon as they come in.

Enjoyable post.

Gorges Smythe said...

Like Paul Harvey used to say, "Ain't no need worryin' 'bout nothin' 'cause nothin's gonna turn out alright!"

Julia said...

Oh dear Maggie, it may have been cheaper to buy a new printer.

I never did my own taxes myself and let my husband handle them. Things are too complicated and I am not interested enough to learn how to do those things. When I had a business, I used an accountant to do my taxes for me.

I have problems with one of my Canon color printer. I'm not sure why it won't print. It's probably something that I did wrong. Leave it to me.

Good luck solving your problem.

joanne said...

O.M.G....I haven't done my taxes. Sh*t I better get on that right now...

Paula said...

I hate tax season so I do everything I can to avoid the headaches such as keeping a book with running accounts of my spending then all I have to do is add it up and tell my tax preparer. I try to do that middle of March.

wendy said...

Movies where people treat other people terrible I just can't watch, they bother me for days... Hope you get your printer fixed and your back starts feeling better.

Willow said...

Sorry about your tax day trauma ... hope it all adds up to something better tonight ;)

PoetessWug said...

WOW, Maggie!! O_O I sure hope you get that printer fixed! We just had to send off our tax returns too...with a check paid to THEM!! UGH!...About the Jackie Robinson movie, I hope to see it myself soon. Unfortunately, being a woman of color, I have seen the hate you spoke about many times in person...and I still don't understand it either!!...Take care of your back. Although I suspect that as soon as your tax return leaves your will your back pain! ^_^

Hope Filled Living said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like you have gone through so much just to get those darn taxes done. I hope your back gets feeling better!

It sounds like me last weekend with my printer!


yaya said...

I guess my taxes are in the accountant office since he cashed the check! I hate paying that fee and frankly I could buy a really nice printer for the price he charges but I don't like to deal with the tax issues. Hope your week goes better and you get a HUGE refund!

Jacqueline said...

I sure hope this week is a better one for you.

Olga said...

Oh, boy, do I feel that computer-related pain. I have not been out to a movie for ages. We went to see Lincoln at Thanksgiving and it was sold out. It should be out on DVD pretty soon.

acorn hollow said...

I hope you get your taxes fixed I finished mine up on Friday. Such a weight off my shoulders when they are done.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Jennifer Richardson said...

It's amazing the prejudice so many have had to endure in order to
have just a space of air for breathing. So not what any of us
were created for.
I hope your taxes get sent off without any further hitches
or glitches....big peace to you in the journey, dearheart....may you be combobulated and light of heart:)

Anonymous said...

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Delena said...

I can relate to this post. 99 percent of the time I feel like the darn printer will be the death of me yet. It has frustrated me beyond words. I believe there is a conspiracy out there to do exactly this. Make us buy more ink when we don't need to, make us buy new printers. I can't even go there with the price of the print cartridges. Grrr.!!

Sue said...

We had to go for more black ink, too, but at least we didn't have to do the return trip. You must have been so mad!


GerryART said...

Couldn't you just tear your hair out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope all is sorted out, gal!!
It's bad enough to have to plug into those numbers without the printer revolt.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

heck, I'm impressed you do your own taxes; I don't have the nerve or the brains.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

The last time I had a problem like that with my printer, I just went a bought a new one (it was about a hundred dollars). I figured that the ink would be half that amount and the printer head would be the rest!

They are like cell phones, they only work a little while....