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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Donkey and a Goat!

How are you tonight? I just had to find a moment to catch you up on the latest out here on the North Forty.
As you know for over a month now I have been anticipating a move to Georgetown where my boss lady has other property. She had ask me to do it and I agreed since she offered it to me on a temporary trial basis.

WELL.....She along with her sister who manages all of her properties visited with me Thursday.  They explained to me that the maintenance man at her hotel she sold in Nevada is asking if she would relocate him to Texas. It seems he does not like the new owner of the hotel and wants to follow Barbara to Texas.
Since they get along well and he works cheap she agreed to let him. So her plans at the present time (of course we know how that could change) is to let him live in Georgetown and build a garage for her antique cars she is bringing in the move.

They think that after he builds that then he and I could trade places. I am not surprised at the change in plans because that's the way they operate.  Both of them have to many irons in the fire with all the properties they own.

I should of kept my mouth shut and not mentioned moving to my grand kids. It was exciting to think about living near enough to them to see them play their sports and other school functions but who knows it could still happen.

Naturally I have mixed feelings about this but as you know I was not sure if the move was the right thing for me since I would be around my boss daily. Things seem to have a way of working out in the end. The last six months or more I have not been happy but I honestly can not say it is because of where I live. Maybe I just need to work on my inner self  more than I have been and to make the most of what I have here at the present.

If you or not bored out of your mind by now let me tell you about the day I spent with those two on Thursday of last week. I promise you it has been a long time since I have had an adventure quite like this one.

We have a pond out here on the North Forty and Barbara has it in her head that it needs one of those fountains in the middle that spurts water to the heavens. I don't think she realizes in July there probably won't be water enough to keep the fish alive much less have water for a fountain.

She ask me who I thought could put one in for her and I told her about a guy who works on a ranch just down the rode and immediately we are in her car headed in that direction. I explained to her that the owner of the ranch was around her age and lost his wife a couple of years ago. I had never met him but others have told me he would be a good match for her.

In minutes we are there and I tell her to drive to the barn where we might find the guy about the fountain. We see his two trucks but no Alan. This does not discourage them and before I blink we were driving up to the main house and her sister Linda is at the man's back door.

I hear her holler anybody home and she opens the screen door. Then I hear her say Are you dressed? Do you have clothes on?

By this time Barbara is out of the back seat headed for the door. I could not decide whether to join those two or sit in the car.

After seeing they were not going to stop waving for me to come inside I reluctantly join them. Greeting me inside was an older gentlemen with the bluest eyes I have ever seen. They were such a bright blue I could not stop looking at them. ha ha

Linda starts introducing us all and trying to explain to him why we were there and bursting into his house. I bet from now own he keeps his doors locked.

When she tells him our names he says something like well I will try to remember your names and not mix them up. She then takes a note pad and pen out of his shirt pocket and writes our names on three separate sheets and tells us to wear these as name tags.

He ask us to sit down and for the next thirty minutes or more that poor old man listens to three old crazy women talking to him about anything and everything.

I explained to him who I was and he told me that his worker Alan had talked about me to him. I was somewhat relieved to know that at least he had some idea of who we three were and this was not a kidnapping.

Let me give you an example of how crazy our conversations were with this sweet man. Linda ask him if he knew how to keep snakes away. She told him that someone had told her to put a goat and a donkey on the property and no more snakes. I almost fell off the couch when she ask him that.

He looks at her even funnier than he had been looking at us and tells her he had never heard of such. We then start laughing about me dealing with a goat and a donkey. Before long it was something else just as silly.

Barbara mentioned to him something about age and he told her he was 85. Again I almost fell off the couch because the man looked no older than 70. No wrinkles on his face and did I mention his Blue eyes.

After a lot of laughing we get up to leave. They ask him to join us for lunch in town but he declines. I wonder why? Then out of no where while he is showing us to our car I turn to him and say, "I have to tell you that you have the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen!" (OMGosh where did that come from me saying that to a man I just met). He gets right into my face with those eyes and says, "Yours or not so bad either and you had better be careful I am not as old as you think I am!"  Whoa I can honestly say it only took me a minute to get inside of the car.

Leaving there Barbara starts teasing me about how I told her I had found a man she might like but instead I was flirting with the man.  Then of course Linda joins in and they are both giving me a hard time.

I give it back to them telling them how crazy they were with some of the stories they were telling.
We laugh about the visit for the next half hour driving to a little cafe for lunch. Then while we were eating they tell me I was smitten. I just tried to explain to them I just like his eyes. ha ha  Would you believe they never noticed his blue eyes. Weird Right!

Then after lunch we go by a couple they know who live on a ranch I have been dying to see up close. I did not realize that this is where their friends lived. I knew the couple from one of Barbara's parties.

We are sitting with them and in minutes those two are telling this couple about our morning and we are all laughing at how crazy the little ole man must of thought we three were. Then Barbara starts not only telling this couple that I flirted with the man but she imitates me.  In my defense I try to tell them I don't know how to flirt but no one was buying it.

I think it is one of those stories you just have to be there to appreciate. In all honesty I can not begin to describe this visit. Just try to imagine three old women invading a nice old man one morning when he has no clue where they came from or why.

So now their back in Nevada and I am here wandering if my neighbor with the blue eyes has his doors locked.

By the way we never did find Alan to talk to him about the pond. Maybe I have to make another trip over there.

Seriously I am not that brave.

I started this post on Sunday and just now finishing it. I have been sitting on a tractor for three days and nights and still have not did a complete mowing of this place. By the time the rain starts tomorrow I will have to start right back over again.

Hope you are well! I do miss you and hope to visit your sites soon. Take care of you!

Love to all


Kim said...

Lets face it Maggie - you're a hopeless romantic. You can't help but flirt! I bet your visit was the most excitement Old Blue Eyes has had in a long time. Lol

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

LOL - leave it to you, Maggie. Isn't it enough you got the cowboy coming around and seeing you in your pajamas? : ) I was wondering if you ever got to talking about the fountain. As to the RV, I'm thinking someone must have set it on fire.

Willow said...

Too funny ! I forgot I was reading a blog and thought I was reading a book. Can't wait for the next chapter.

acorn hollow said...

never a dull moment with you for sure. I always look at the eyes too. It is the window to the soul.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Some days I feel like my rear is glued to a tractor seat -grin-. Be safe while yer gittin' it done.

Paula said...

Yep think you should go back to see 'ole blue eyes without the other two.Cute story!

Julia said...

What a fun story Maggie, maybe this Old Blue Eyes is your ticket to stop cutting grass all day.

At least, you had a lot of laughter and i bet it was a fun diversion. The sister seems like a gutsy woman, You got's your cloths on, are you dressed???
What would you have done if he came to the door stark naked? ha ha ha.

A Donkey and a goat to keep the snakes away, I never heard of the one either. I thought of going online to check it out, ha,ha,ha.

So now, do you think that it's up to you to go back to this Old Blue Eye to talk about the fountain?
You sure wouldn't live a boring life around these two sisters. Maybe Cowboy can help.

I'll be waiting to see how the saga continues. I'm sure that there is some more good reading coming our way.

Thanks for the story.

Garden of Egan said...

Well Maggie, flirt away I say!

You are never living in a dull moment are you?
The mowing alone would have to be enough to keep you entertained!

Hugs my dear friend.

wendy said...

Too funny! always enjoy reading your blog.

yaya said...

So was "'Ol blue eyes" really 85 or was he telling a fib? Why are you wondering if his doors are locked..planning another visit? You are never one to be bored are you! I know you'll make the right decision about moving but it seems as if God is making the decision for you for now...About your friends fire, I'm thinking probably caused by a match?? I'm sure there will be more adventures soon, have a good week!

Arkansas Patti said...

Hey, 85 is the new 50, don't count him out. At least he got to see you with your clothes on unlike your cowboy.
Goodness you boss has money to burn to put a fountain in a pond. Hope Alan gets the job.
Maybe some kids broke into the RV. Lightening??

Jill Cooper said...

You're a brave one girlfriend LOLOLOL What a hoot! Now you could just go over there and tell him your goat and donkey are lost and has he seen them LOLOLOLOL

Buttons said...

So where exactly is this cute blue eyed 85 year old with no wrinkles?:)I can only imagine the laughter going during this adventure. I know it has me laughing still. B

A Tale of Two Cities said...

You have the best attitude about the moving/non-moving saga. I don't know that I could have been near so flexible, but to tell the truth, this may be God's way of working it out for the best. Who knows what might have happened had you made the move??

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Well you know what I would do and it wouldn't be mowing a lawn.
I shit you not!
Ooops as soon as I said that, I remembered what this generation calls mowing a lawn, ( which I just learned.) It's when two women go down on each other.
I was bowled over. I shit you not!!!
Ahem! All work and no play is No Fun! I say, go back young woman, Go back!

TexWisGirl said...

if his eyes were that strikingly blue, how in the world did those other 2 women not notice?! they were too busy talking about stuff they wanted to know about to even notice HIM! :)

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Sweet Maggie! Have a good week!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Maggie,

Lovely to catch up with you again and read about your tales, and do think of you often.
Yes, you told such a cute story with blue eyes, he sounds great.
Go back and visit again.

Hope you are enjoying the week
Sending hugs

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Maggie,
I didn't have time to catch up with you when I left the first comment today, so I stopped back to see what you have been up to. Sounds like a ton! Flirting, mowing, moving, not moving, goat herding... Makes me all worn out just thinking about all you have been up to.

Hopefully you will get the moving things sorted out soon. It would be so much fun for you to live closer to your grandkids. I hope he builds that garage quickly. Not much has been happening here this month. That is a good thing, the last couple were jammed packed and I am glad they are done. Moving on to graduation here. I don't like that at all. I wish they would all sit tight here for a couple more years at least. They get too independent way too fast.

I hope that pond fountain gets sorted out quickly so you don't have to brush up on those flirting skills again. But that is a good skill to have sometimes!
Have a wonderful weekend! I do miss you, I'm not spending as much time on the internet now, I am spending too much time shoveling snow instead!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Maggie, I think you need to visit Mr Blue Eyes once again. Or, you know, visit Alan.....

sissie said...

Hi Maggie,
I love visiting you and reading your wonderful stories about your life. I can just see you gals sitting with Mr. Blue Eyes and him wondering what the heck just happened!
I have a feeling you might be seeing more of Mr. Blue Eyes...makes me think of Paul Newman.

So glad that you stopped by to see me. I often read your posts but being a bad girl and always rushing around, I don't always comment.


Delena said...

I am a sucker for blue eyes too.
I love your stories and adventures and most of all your zest for life!

Create With Joy said...


What a BLESSING it was to receive a visit from you today - I have SO missed you!

I think of you often and wonder how you are. Please stop by and join us for Friendship Friday today (we're talking about the places we've lived and visited in our homeland). If you get on my mailing lists for my weekly parties, perhaps we can stay in touch more often!

When you have a moment, drop me an e-mail and let me know how you are doing... I will do the same!

Create With Joy

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

hmmm....where there's smoke there's fire sweet Maggie!

Sybil said...

Oh Maggie, however did I miss this latest "newsround"nnJust what I needed tonight a good laugh !! was feeling a bit low but certainly better now !!! Sorry you are once again at an inbetween situation...still life has it's challanges and thank goodness you take things as they come x.
watch out for old blue eyes !!!!!
I do love you xxxx

Sue said...

This guy sounds kinda interesting. Seemed like he handled the three of you really well!


Jennifer Richardson said...

I love it:)
these will be exciting days
as you keep an eye open
for ole blue eyes;)
enjoy this next bit of your journey, friend:)