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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Hearts Are Breaking Again!

Like you my heart is breaking once again for all the victims and their families who are suffering from the cruel senseless, cowardly act in Boston.

I have not felt like blogging or being on the computer since this happened.
Then early this morning my friend Janie calls me and tells me about the horrific explosion in West, Texas.

It brought back memories of the explosion here in our small town around twenty years ago.
I still remember that day like it was yesterday.
The day of the Gas explosion I was in Huntsville, Texas attending In-Service Classes and walking into the college that morning the ground shook. Huntsville is close to eighty miles from here.
Being in class I had no idea there was an explosion in my area. The Warden where I worked phoned the college and had them send me home. I was a nervous wreck that long drive home because all the phone lines were down and I did not know if my children were ok. I knew my husband was out of town working but I had Clint and Christi at home. Chad was actually in college in Huntsville.
The explosion was in the country about ten miles from where we lived. Clint and Christi thought a tornado had happened because they told me the whole house shook.
Our area looked like a bomb had been dropped from the sky and I am sure that is what the town of West looks like tonight.

Sending prayers to heaven for the people of  Boston and the little town of West.

Tomorrow my boss/landlady will be here for the day. I am hoping that they are coming to discuss my future and the move to Georgetown. At first I was totally excited about it but after having over a month to bounce it back and forth in my head I am not sure it is the right thing to do.
Seems foolish of me to worry about something like a move when so many others have lost so much.

Sending you much love and Sweet Dreams!
Love to all,


wendy said...

Sending prayers along with you.

Gorges Smythe said...

I think there's a place in the Bible where it says something like, "Life is short and full of woe. regardless, I'm learning how true it is. Go with your gut on the job.

Paula said...

Good luck sorting out if the move is the right thing for you. My prayers to the people you mentioned also.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hugs, Maggie ~

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

adding my prayers to yours.

change is hard . you'll make the right decision whichever you choose.

Arkansas Patti said...

All our lives are full of tragedy after tragedy these days. Just too much. My heart and prayers go out to the so many effected.
That had to be terrifying what you went through 20 years ago. This latest blast really had to hit you hard. You know exactly what they are going through. You can feel their pain.
Major moves are hard. Isn't yours reversible if you are not happy? Still if you are not happy, then the move back is another exhausting event.
George has a point. Follow you gut.

Arkansas Patti said...

Oops, that is "your" gut.

Shirley said...

Good Morning Maggie, You wonder what will be next. The explosion in West. Texas made me think of the bombing in Oklahoma. What is our world coming to? As for your move, I know you will make the right decision. It would be wonderful to be closer to your family, but you like where you are. The kids are probably like mine saying mom its your decision. They probably don't want you saying why did you let me make the wrong decision. I know that would be in my situation if I had to move or thought about it. Hugs and Prayers go to Boston and West,Texas. Take care Maggie, Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh I am praying too. sandie

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, a blogger follower who lives 70 miles from where the explosion happened said that they heard the noise from the blast where she lives.

My prayers also for all the suffering people and the victims. I wonder what caused the explosion, we may never know. Such a sad thing to happen to a place where people live...

Gosh, Maggie, I don't know what to say, I just hope that you go with your feeling. When we'er young we love to go to new places and get new experience but when we get, (I hate to say it,... older.... we kind of like the familiar and the slower pace, I know I do anyway...

Like you said before, you can go and check it out and still come back after you've decided for sure. I hope that your landlady would understand, especially after all the beautifying you did to the house.

Take care dear friend,
Hugs & love.


myletterstoemily said...

there is enough heartache to go around, huh?

JOHN said...

.So true we must pray like never before.Sad what's taking place.I read you might move to Georgetown Is that Texas?If so my Niece moved there from Ca and loves it.Pray and your decision will come.

La Petite Gallery said...

They say Moving is one of the biggest stress points in your life. My Daughter just moved to Maine. Is that Gorgetown Maine?
Thanks for jouning up I will do the same.
Glad to hear they Got that Crazy Muslem in Boston.

yaya said...

Some things we just never can forget..somethings we shouldn't ever forget. But we must always remember to have faith and know that there are many good people in this world and we can't let the few evils out there make us fear or be angry and change our outlook on life. You are a positive, happy person and that is what this crazy world needs the most! So keep positive and good luck with your decision about moving. I know you'll go with your heart and do what is right for you. Have a good weekend!

Sue said...

There is a lot of tragedy going on right now, but that doesn't take away from the fact that moving is hard and so is thinking about it.

Keep praying for answers, and I know things will work out for the best.


20 North Ora said...

It is such a sad time in our country. It's hard to imagine how people even think up horrid things like the bombing. We are in Oklahoma, so any bombing returns us to the day of the OKC bombing and the horror of it all. My husband was in OKC downtown on business and we were lucky enough that he got a call out to me before the phone lines jammed. Such a waste of lives. As was the Boston situation. The explosion in Texas is so sad also.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

the thing that gets me thru the day is knowing nothing happens without God's knowledge and permission. prayers for you and your big decisions.

Connie said...

It's always a shock when horrible things happen in the world! It affects us in many ways and sets us back. My prayers have been with the victims of both horrific events this past week.

I hope you can make some decisions and realize that even though tragedy happens, it can't prevent us from moving forward and doing our best.

Good luck to you!

Jennifer Richardson said...

throwing my arms around you
with tender hope
for beautiful spaces
and wonderful places
in all of your best days
still to come.
love and peace to your dear heart,

Willow said...
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