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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remembering Our Vets!

August 11, 1947 - April 28, 1968

PFC - E3 - Army - Selective Service

101st Airborne Division

Length of service 0 years

His tour began on Mar 3, 1968

Casualty was on Apr 28, 1968




Body was recovered

Panel 52E - Line 44

Ronnie I only had you in my life a short while but still over fourty years later I think of you! Your smile sometimes still gets me through some hard days.

How can I thank you for giving the ultimate scarifice for our country? Rest in Peace honey and know your still loved and missed by all that knew you!

A huge big Thank You for all that serve our county now and in the past.  The sacrifices you suffer everyday to protect us is beyond anything most of can imagine. Also let us thank all the men and women Police Officers, Correction Officers, Firemen , Border Patrols and  Coast Guard who keep our streets safe here in America.  I pray for you everyday but do not thank you enough!

My brother Tommy sent me this today it is a must see! Please take it for your site too...



Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

"I could not love you half so much, loved I not honor more." The loss of so many contemporaries in VN and the new young now in Afghanistan - yes indeed let us remember and honor these men and women. Thanks Maggie. Hugs, Jane

Julie Harward said...

I am married to a Ronnie who served in was quite the time wasn't it~We must remember and be grateful.

Debby said...

I think this is why the people in our generation would like to end our current role. We lost so many classmates in this war. So sad thinking about their short lives. Today's soldiers volunteer their services, they aren't drafted. Thanks to all that serve.
Get better Maggie!

Karen Whittal said...

I think it fantastic that those lost are still remembered and honoured for their sacrifice....... be proud


I paid my respect to those who lost there lives to keep America safe 2 years ago at the wall...........It was so over whealming to me,,I had no idea there were so many, once you see the wall there is a great inpact on how many lives were lost........I will never forget it........May they all REST-N-PEACE....XO MARY

Kissed by an Angel said...

Some things should never be forgotten!!

Dan said...


What a wonderful tribute! This is a wonderful time to remember all of our veterans. Where would we all be without them?

I hope you are feeling a little better and that you will be able to enjoy the weekend some!


Cathy said...

Our heart knows no time! Ronnie is still alive in your heart!

Shelly said...

Wonderful Tribute Maggie! I thank God my son came home from two tours in Iraq safe and sound!

Love you! Get Better

Cherrie said...

We should always remember! They gave their all!

Sue said...

Maggie~ Your post brought tears to my eyes... What sacrifices those young men made... I have nothing but respect and thankfulness for all who have served.

Thanks for visiting my blog; working in the garden takes precident right now...before the weeds get out of control...uggghhhh... Wishing you a quick recovery, and I think I would have punched you too for turning down the Valium...Have a wonderful holiday! XOSue~

Sue said...

Thanks for showing us that video, Maggie, It was so touching, especially the first little girl.


Arkansas Patti said...

Wonderful tribute Maggie and for all they gave, the least we can do is remember and honor.

Melanie said...

Such a beautiful tribute, and the video... OH! My goodness, that was so touching. Thank you for posting and hope you have a blessed week!

Lots of love to you,

~ ~

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hello Maggie Sweetie...
I have been trying to visit at least a few blogs a day. It has been very hard for me to make it to the computer, but I am pushing myself and finding I need to spend a little time there before I can make it back down the hall. This has been a very rough time for me. I cannot get used to having anyone do things for me. I know you are right there with me.

I get about 2 hours of sleep at night and the rest of the night I spend sleeping upright in a sitting position in the recliner. I have gotten used to it I guess as I can doze off and on during the night and daytime. I still cough horribly when I try to talk, so typing is my method of choice for now.

I have been praying for your sweet Maggie girl. I pray that your pain subsides soon and that you will be back on the road to recovery and back out in the North 40 in a blink of a month. Please know that you are so loved. You are such a special friend.

We are quite the pair. I love ya girl. Please take care and take the time you need to heal. I will be checking on you again soon.

Country hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

Libbie said...

Oh Maggie it is soooo important to remember those who have lost thier lives for us. I just can't believe people would be so loving & unselfish to fight for our country. My dad was a serviceman & I don't thank him enough. Blessing to Ronnie's friends & family!

We got our mail tonight finally & what a sweet surprise from you! Maggie! You are really too much -a wonderful too much- I wich you could have seen Annie's face. She wanted to take a picture with her turtle pin on but I told her I would do it tomorrow in the sunshine. I am pretty sure she is sleeping with it :) She loves you too, as I do. I even feel a bond to Christie-just so thankful she shares you with all of us! LOVE to you hon! & you better be behaving for Christie!!!

Jo said...

Hi, Maggie -- mental telepathy...! I was thinking about you today too. I have been so busy lately, I have not had time to visit my favorite blogs.

I love this post. I just watched a movie called "The Messenger", about the fellow who have to deliver the bad news that a loved one has been lost in battle. It broke my heart. The whole world owes a debt of gratitude to the American servicemen.

Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful post.
I'm headed there now.
Hope YOU are doing OK.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Very well said, Maggie.
No matter how much we thank them, it
s never enough.

Keeping you in my prayers. :-)


NitWit1 said...

Amen! And thanks to all who, like my husband, survived 20 years, to protect us,possibly foregoing a more lucrative civilian career.

Marydon Ford said...

When I get done crying! ... oh, sweetie, that is such a beautiful piece THANK YOU for sharing. I am the wife of a former USN Chief, a mother of 2 sons that served in the USN.

Those that have gone before us in all conflicts, & those that continue to fight for our freedom ... may God bless them all. THANK YOU!

TTFN ~ Hugs in love, Marydon

Vicki said...

Hi, Maggie, (love your name, one of my granddaughters is a Maggie)
Thank you for this beautiful post and for remembering all those who protect and defend us every day~ May you have a beautiful week. Thank you so much for stopping by Bunny Cottage for a visit. Love and blessings~ Vicki

The White Farmhouse said...

Such a touching post. Memorial Day is so hard. My uncle was a fighter pilot during WWII and was one that did not come home. I remember my own time in the Army. Some memories are sweet and some still bring tears to my eyes. The faces that will always be so haunting.

I so hope that you are feeling better. I have thought about you quite often for the last week and wondered how you were. It was torture since the internet was down and I couldn't check on you. Glad to see you posting!

Mimi Sue said...

So many of our generation's youth paid the ultimate sacrifice. I too am married to a Viet Nam era veteran. Hope your Memorial Day was peaceful. Mimi

Cathy said...

What a beautiful tribute! Words are not enough to express my gratitude to these brave men and women!

They are in my prayers every day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Sares said...

Great post. I very much enjoyed the video and I am sorry for your loss. I am sure Ronnie was a very special young man.

Hope you are finally beginning to get some relief from your back pain. What a way to get out of mowing!

Marilyn said...

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