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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just Shoot Me!

Before my drugged up mind wanders off to something else I want to thank you for all the Happy B-Day wishes and sweet comments. Can not believe another year has passed so fast. The best thing about this year is finding all of you! I forgot to tell you how many candles were on my cake!

Thank goodness I don’t have web cam because if you could see me now you would hit the off button faster than Steve Martin did in the movie It’s Complicated.
My daughter, Christi bought the movie for me when she came here to take care of me. Little did she know that it hurts for me to laugh….and laugh you will when you watch this crazy movie. It’s after 3 in the afternoon and I look like the girl in the bed of the movie Exorcist remember the one where her head spins around….yep that’s how bad I look. Hurting so bad today I have not bothered to comb my hair or put on make up and for me that just does not happen but maybe every 30 years ….hahaha

Thursday afternoon Ms. Pearl came out and called my Doctor, Human Resources and my Sgt to tell them if they did not get me some help with this pain I was coming after them….well I did not quite say that but they got the idea because Friday morning the clinic finally called me and they scheduled me for three MRI’s on Monday. One for the brain (lets hope they can find it) and two for different areas of the spine. How I can manage three of these test one after another will be another story. Just so relieved that at least they might be able to find out what is going on. What got Ms. Pearl going is I called the clinic to see if they had scheduled my MRI yet and they said NO that workman’s comp had not approved it yet. When you think your dying you do not want to hear those words.

What has our world turned into that we are so insensitive to someone in pain that they won’t do anything unless it has been approved. Boy I tell you we need to all stand up (well maybe in a week or two) and fight for our rights….our country is sliding off into a heap of crap that we may never climb out of.

Anyway what was I saying before I got carried away with insurance and doctors. Oh yeah I was telling you how stinky and ugly I am today. Hahaha… I have done a number on this ole bod of mine and my mind sometimes gets carried away while I am lying there trying to figure out what have I done to myself. All I know is not being able to get up and do anything for more than ten minutes at a time is for the birds….as always I say be careful what you wish for because I had been wanting some rest.

Oh the two grumpy ole men did show up Friday and mow for me….they found out what happened at work and drove from Livingston to make the place look better. I felt bad them mowing and me lying in bed but it did take a big load off knowing the place looks better. I know your thinking ok Mags your going to have to make it up to them when you get better. lol

In the last few days I have gotten the nicest and sweetest cards and gifts from friends and when Christi gets here.  I will get her to take pictures of them so I can show you. I can not thank you enough for all your get well wishes. This too shall pass and I can get back to enjoying all of your sites. I miss all of you more than anything.

You know I can truly relate to this!

Now off to the bathtub before Tinkerbell refuses to even sleep with me!
Oh if you have not signed up for my B-Day giveaway be sure and do so. It ends at the end of May.

Love to all


bunny said...

Yep! I know exactly what your talking about regarding health care...especially when you deal with workman's comp. I don't blame Ms Pearl for speaking her minds. Let's hope she lite a fire under these guys to get them goin'.
Send me your address Maggie..I wanna send you mean a get well/b-day card.

love ya,

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

I am so sorry this has happened to you.
I know how it feels you may as well laugh otherwise you will cry!
Last year I broke my arm near the shoulder and that HURT the following week I got gout so bad I wanted to die,it was on the other side of my body,now picture yourself trying to go to the bathroom with one arm and one leg opposite sides of your body.... imagine putting on underware....nope neither could I ,and I wore the a nightgown for 3 weeks....I couldnt manage anything else... let alone make up I was in so much pain.I slept in a lazy boy chair because of my arm for over a
I am thinking of you
Take care let them spoil you rotten
Good thing my boys were pampering me

Marydon Ford said...

Maggie, send me your address ~

Somehow I missed your birthday, or else I saw it & already forgot ... I apologize ... Minerva's back in action, if so.

You said in all in a nutshell ... I get soooo tired of the bureaucracy we all have to go thru for such a simple little thing anymore ... approval for this, that & the other. A bunch of nonsense,& I have no patience nor tolerance of it either.

Hugs of get well wishes, sweetie.

Sissy said...

Maggie, I WILL you to heal now! Hope the tests show nothing wrong. A fall can cause bruising that seems to take forever to go away. I have had my share. I want to see you up and dazzling the world real soon. Now those precious ole men helping without being asked -good hearts they have. Have been wanting to tell you that I love the songs you have playing and I dance each time I read you!

Now let's see if I can get this to go through one more time. Error notice I got time and time again is copied below:

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Sissy said...

Success finally!

susanc said...

Belated Happy Birthday Maggie! I'm so sorry I missed it. :(

I sure hope they can find out what is wrong - I know of which you speak regarding being in pain and no one taking it seriously. Hang in there. I hope you get relief SOON. I'm sending virtual good thoughts and hugs your way!

Linda said...

Ah, Maggie,
You need to pop over to MentalPMomma for the site for some free 'things'. With those, you can go ahead and pee while laughing, sneezing and coughing, and no one will know!

It sounds like you are getting back to your old self, so hang in there, and continue healing!

Sissy, don't you hate it when you get that error? I got it a number of times on different blogs yesterday. Just their way of keeping us in line!


Dear Maggie,
sorry to see that you are in ill health. I do hope things will turn around for you quickly and you will recover soon. I went through being very ill this past February and March so I can relate. Thank you for the sweet comment you left for me regarding my birthday. I still think it is awesome we have the same birth date.
Get your rest and take care of yourself dear one, so many of us care about you.
Hugssssssssss from Forth Worth !

Cathy said...

Oh dear Maggie! I have been out of it myself for a month, and didn't realize you'd had this accident! I am going to go to the THRONE of God and also inlist others to pray for your total healing and restoration of health!

My husband and I laughted over your pictures! I am really upset about your accident so can't think of much else to say other than I'll be praying and encouraging you to not look at the situation, but to keep your trust/faith and hand in the HAND that will pull you through!

Garden of Egan said...

Well Maggie, I'm feeling your pain. I had a month of fighting with Workmans Comp and all I can say about them is that they are a bunch of idiots. I figure I made 1/3 of my regular wage.

I hope they get it figured out soon and that you get relief. Backs are NOT fun to be fighting with.

I do love ya, makeup or not!

nanny said...

I just want your pain to go away.....
I'm with you,,,if I don't put on makeup and wash hair someone better call 911....that just doesn't happen often....thank goodness!!!

Patti said...

Maggie, its good to hear from you again. I hope you continue to improve and they find out what is wrong. Its a shame that people dont care how bad your hurting as long as they get their money!! I bought "Its Complicated" last weekend and watched it and it is hilarious! LOL I might just have to watch it again! Take care of yourself!!

The Redhead Riter said...

I love the picture of your mother in the side bar. Wonderful idea and great way to honor your parents.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Ok, You win. This is the FIRST time I'm glad you're there and I'm here! (If you're really as disgusting as you say you are, that is.) You need to get Christi to toss yer butt in the tub (and then rig a come-along to get you out again. It's the pits when your back is outa whack. We need to get y'all healed up!
Keep in touch, girlfriend.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

sometimes its good to release "Ms. Pearl"...cause they certainly weren't getting it..I hope they can get you to 100% and feeling better...I love the joke there..cause I can relate to it too..sad to say..have a great weekend..take er easy.:)

Gerry said...

Everyone is feeling the misery you're going through because we love ya.
If it weren't for blogland wouldn't we be missing each other's friendship and love.
Please know that I think of you often during the day and each time send a burst of Positive Energy Thoughts your way.
Hugs & ♥♥♥s,
In regards to your last graphic today - - -
it is well known that WE CAN multitask ! !

Yaya' s Home said...

I am soooooo sorry you are in such pain. Happy Birthday! It seems that I have arrived late for all the doin's, but I am sending good wishes, quick recovery and Big Hugs. Please do get better fast.

Now, about this birthday; when is it and why wasn't I invited? It seems this is a good month to be born... this is my birthday month, too. Happy, Happy Birthday.

~ Yaya
Yaya's Home

The White Farmhouse said...

I just found you from Deb @ Dragonfly Treasures site. Actually I came here cause I thought anyone named Maggie must have a fabulous blog. I have just sat here for the last hour reading through old posts and having a ball!

I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I do hope that they come to some conclusion for you SOON! My MIL was just in the hospital for a month in Florida. It's funny cause she does have insurance and they were so hesitant to let her go! I remember when I had my kids. The next day they were sending me home!

I also hope that you enjoyed your Birthday even with all the pain you are in. I definitely will be coming back to visit! I will also keep you in my prayers!

The Other Maggie

Debby said...

Hi Maggie. I feel so bad for you. Pain is just awful. You have Ms. Pearl get on those people and get those MRI's. I'm glad you are lighting the fire, you need to know what is wrong. Please feel better soon. We miss you. ((((HUGS))))

Julie Harward said...

I feel for you...and I hope it goes well on Monday! It;s hard not to have a love/hate relationship with the medical profession. In what I have been through I felt both of those emotions a lot...I sure hope it will go well for you! :D

Libbie said...

when you are feeling better you need a spa day! That would be perfect!

You should just show them a pic in her football gear & tell them you will get your sister after them if they don't hurry up & fix ya! Too bad she is not still down there! :)

Good night Maggie...& be nice to those boys you've got falling over themselves to help you. :)

C.J. said...

oh Maggie, I am so sorry that you are in such pain. I wish all the good wishes could take it away for you. Don't worry about the bath, that will come in due time, I have been there and you can only do what you can. Are they giving you anything for pain? I will join the ranks of the people praying for you. God bless you.

myletterstoemily said...

oh, i pray the pain will soon go away!

Nichola said...

Maggie you made me laugh out loud!!! I'm so sorry for your pain but your ability to find humor in the midst of it, inspires me so much! What a beautiful woman you are (with and without make-up!)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Geez, Louise, we've GOT to get you feeling better....and SOON! You can see that patience is NOT one of my strongest suits.

So happy you were able to stop by and enter my giveaway! Take care and hope you have a nice and pain-free weekend, dearie.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

artangel said...

Maggie I don't think I will ever get a web cam - one of the joys of the internet is being able to speak to friends/work/deal with clients whilst not having to bother looking presentable lol!

I'm so sorry that you're still struggling - constant pain is really tough to deal with.

Sending healing thoughts to you - and with all these people doing the same I'm sure you'll be up and running (well maybe slowly jogging to start!) in no time.

I hope you get sorted out really quickly - hang in there and hopefully soon things will be better :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Dang....did I miss your birthday? Well shucky darn...let me, right now, send along belated birthday wishes to you!!!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Dear Maggie, I am so sorry that you are still suffering so!! I really hope you get a resolution and some real relief very soon.
Lets hope you get your MRIs very soon!!
Loving blessings

Meghan said...

Oh Maggie, I will come over there and whip those people into shape!!! I hope they wise up and take care of things soon for you, because you do not deserve this!!! Thinking of you!

Always Nesting said...

Bless your heart. Hopefully meds will make a difference. Glad to see you are at least feeling well enough to be posting and keeping us all in the loop.

someplace in thyme said...

Maggie, it seems I have missed your birthday and I am very sorry. I have had all this shoulder pain and the therepy so I have not been around much myself lately. At least I am typing with two hands instead of one, so there is some progress. I hope and pray that the doctors find out what is wrong and fix it fast. I will check back with you later, Char

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

So sorry to hear that you are not well!
Happy Birthday too!!

The Health Care system ( not just a hospital but also a health care HMO) would sooner sell their own Mother than pay out a penny of their own money. You would think that since they own several hospitals and their own HMO, they would be more compassionate but Health care is a business and that is how it is run nowadays. Nothing and no one matters but their bottom line. That is why older nurses like me are leaving the profession in droves. I wish i could but not yet.

Wishing you well!!


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Me again, I forgot to mention in the previous post that I was talking about the Health Care system that i work for and have done so for 32 years.


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Gosh so sorry to hear your still not better. Hope that rectifies real soon!! Beware of Workers Comp. They like to drag their feet...alot! We went thru this with my husband. We eventually had to get a laywer just to get medical going again after the stopped it.(yes they said no further care was needed after a couple of physical therapy treatments) We also found out that after the initial visit with their Dr you can go to your own...which we did, he ordered lots of tests and hubby was told he had broken his back in 2 places and would require surgery...uh yeh, no further care was needed?

I'm not trying to scare you just want you better and getting the care you need to get back up and running. Love ya girl!
Take care of yourself!

There's a little something in this post for you:

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

You always manage to make me laugh even when you feel like hell, Maggie. Not many people have been able to make me laugh lately! I so hope you figure this thing out. Yes, this country has gone to...I would say the dogs. But I love my dogs. Let's think of something else we can say, shall we? We love you, Mags. (You don't mind my calling you Mags, do you. It's my term of endearment.)

Sue said...

Oh, how I wish this had not happened to you! But it is what it is, right? And your attitude is about as good as it could be, under the circumstances.

I'm sure you will get some answers from the MRIs, and just be a squeaky wheel every day until they approve all three. (Or have someone else advocate from you if you don't have the energy.)

Lots of hugs, prayers, and good wishes for some real improvement...



bikim said...

Ohhhhhh! poor you!!!
better late .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and hope you had no pain today! i do know thw pain can ruin a perfect day! so sorry that you have to wait such a long time to get your exams done! i need to stop screaming when we pay taxes!!! at least here we do not have to wait for insurence opinion or yes word! we just go to the hospital and they do whatever is needed! i do agree that your country needs to have a more human health system although everything has its costs!
even in pain you were able to write such a funny post! LOVE the way you write about things and the fact that you see it on the bright side!

Lisalulu said...

man oh man* glad you have a way of getting people to listen to you... you know your body best!!! good luck tomorrow- you'll get answers and be right as rain soon enough... with enough rest-drugs-and handsome interns!!

PEA said...

My goodness, you sure did do a number on yourself, you poor thing! It's so frustrating when you can't get the help you need where health care is concerned. It's a good thing Ms. Pearl came out to help you on that! hehe Best of luck where the tests are concerned, hope you get the results soon. Thinking of you. xoxo

Mumsy said...

Good afternoon, dear, sweet Maggie! I was hoping to hear that you are a lot better. At least maybe they are going to start now to find out what is going on with you...bout time, huh? One of my son's was injured on the job and he had several rounds with workman's comp and is still hassling with them, I hope you have better luck.

Glad the guys came to do the mowing for you I know having the place mowed helps.

I hope the MRI's show what they need to know and they can help you so you will not be suffer with all that pain.

Thinking of you and sending up prayers for you. Hugs

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, I do so hope they get you some relief for your pain!! That's terrible...I'm so very, very sorry...Am praying for you... Love, Janine XO

Nezzy said...

Sendin' prayers and hugs your way sweetie! I'm so glad you gonna get the bottom of this and you can get back to your old feisty self!

God bless ya and my prayers are with ya girlfriend!!!

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Happy belated birthday!! Wanted to thank you for joining as a follower and let you know that I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Come back and visit soon.

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh golly Maggie......sorry to hear you are still in so much pain. I know you will get this figured out.....and you will be better soon.

As for how you look.....let me just say, I saw your picture and you are a beautiful woman I don't think you could look bad!!

Take care of yourself,


p.s. we are traveling so will try to keep up with you as I can.

Ivanhoe said...

So sorry I missed your b-day, Maggie! Happy belated birthday!
I will be thinking of you on Monday. Get some rest now and get well soon.
Hugs, I.

Auntie Cake said...

That sounds terrible! Glad you made it through all the MRI's but I was hoping you would have better news. Praying that you get good news from the neurosurgeon and that he/she will make you all better very quickly.

And glad you were able to take the bath and find your makeup! I can't function without mascara!

I miss you, I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Vicki said...

Oh Maggie, If I missed your B-Day, I'm soooo sorry! If I didn't and have forgotten I sent you a card, sooooo sorry! Life has been crazy here but I can't complain, you're having such a hard time with all this. Hope it gets fixed soon. You deserve better! Make them fix ya...I mean, you need to thank the old guys properly ya know (o:
Well, I'm hearing TAPS playing at headquarters so that means it's bedtime for this ol gal. Please know you're in lots of prayers and this too shall pass...

Love ya Maggie (o: