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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Lot to Share Today!

Let me start this post by thanking you for being my friend. When I made the decision last May to start Just Between Me and You it was because I needed to keep a journal. Like most things I do it started very slowly only doing a post now and then. It was around October when I realized that since no one was reading these post I could really cut loose and be more myself. Then one day there was a comment and then another day there was a follower. In the next six months I found all of you and my whole life changed in a way that honestly I thought was over in my life. I found love again. You have made be feel extra special, beautiful and loved.

As I struggled with my latest accident you stepped up and responded to me in way that brought me closer to you and to God. I have always believed everything happens for a reason and my reason for connecting with you was to bring me to where I am now which is closer to our Lord Savior than I have been since my divorce. I feel in my heart that without you I would not be at the point of my life I am now. You have given me a peace that I have been searching for a long time now. Thank you for being you!

You truly deserve all the peace and happiness you have given me and I pray that you find it. Just click on my friends on the side bar and find some of the coolest beautiful people in blogland you will ever find.

I have good news and bad news to write about and could not decide which I should mention first. I decided on the bad so I could end on a happy note.

My incredible daughter, Christi phoned me yesterday afternoon and told me that she had just left her doctors office and had been diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. This was a shock to me and seriously it has still not soaked in. I was familiar with this disease only because a few weeks after my granddaughter Kaci, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes the doctors thought she had this disease too. Thank God her test was negative on Celiacs but of course she will be a diabetic the rest of her life or until we are all blessed with a cure.
Celiacs is the disease where you have to live on a gluten free diet. It will be an enormous challenge for Christi but she told me if Kaci could live with 5 shots a day and all the blood testing each day then she could do it.

As a mother, I would give anything that they were wrong and she would not have to live this way but of course it could be worse diagnoses. Christi and I both have the muscle disease Fibromyalgia and from what I have read this Celiacs disease is common with people suffering with Fibromyalgia. I told Christi this morning that I would do my best to go Gluten free too. It is overwhelming not knowing where to start but get started she must and I think it would be the healthy way for me to go also. She has to be in shock herself because this is a very very strict diet.
If any of you live Gluten free or know anyone that does please ask them to email me. As always I know that you will pray for Christi as you have prayed for me these last six months. What a true blessing you are to me.

Now for the good news. This is a super story that I am too excited to share with you. Yesterday Libbie at The Middlest Sister left me a comment telling me that Annie, her precious daughter was in the magazine Good Housekeeping. Wow!!! Can you imagine being written about in such an amazing popular magazine. If you remember I did a story about sweet Annie saving Haiti one bead at a time with making and selling her bracelets for the children of Haiti. It’s amazing what one can do to make a difference in our world but what is really amazing is Annie is in kindergarten. She and her family including her Aunt Kate have been busy making these bracelets and generously donating the money to that devastated country.

Annie congratulations to you and your mom for such a wonderful fantastic article in Good Housekeeping. I had to of course buy my copy and loved reading all about you. Actually I am in awe of you!

Libbie wrote a great post about it so be sure and check it out. Just think in the last few months we have had two blogging friends in popular magazines. Dan at Yesterday Once More home was listed in Country Sampler and now Libbie, Annie and Kate. Way to go!

It has been a pain staking two weeks but being able to lie down often has been a big help. Some times the pain takes my breath away but when I think about how I could be laying in a hospital with a broken neck then the pain is bearable. I go back to the doctor next Tues on the 11th and hopefully they will release me for work even though I have concerns of working the 12 hour shifts. Reading your cards and comments has been the greatest relief and looking at these gorgeous flowers that precious Susan at Art of Mine sent to me has been such a blessing.

My plans were to have a giveaway for Mothers Day but after the accident I decided to wait. My birthday is next week so I think I will announce it that day. I had wanted to share something from Warrenton with you!

Also thank you Angie for doing your story! I know that everyone enjoyed it as I did. While resting this past week I thought of how I missed doing the Temptation Mondays post. So if any of you want to list your lovely items on a Temptation Monday just email them to me.

All of you are everything I want me to be inside and out. I love you all and pray for each of you a very Happy Mother’s Day!
Now back to bed so I can be ready for my sons Chad and Clint to visit tomorrow!

Love to all!


Julie Harward said...

WOW...I have been thinking about you on and off all day and here you are. You guys have sure been hit with some challenges of late...Hang in there together, I know you will, hope it can turn into a thing that just rolls along nicely!
Awesome about little Annie, I have that one just sitting here, I will go find her story!
Take it easy..heal..take that from someone who knows! Come say hi, it's a special day at my blog! :D

Marydon Ford said...

Sweetie, you are already everything you ne ed to be ... you are beautiful inside & out, humorous, delightful, inspiring ... so well rounded ...

Do you realize the joy & humor you bring to all of us? I hope so because we make a mad dash to your writes daily to 'see what's up with Ms. Pearl'.

May your continued recovery go well.

Now for your daughter having Celiac disease it seems to run in Irish people ... it is not a fun disease but she just has to be careful & read labels. I have Crohns disease. I am so sorry to learn of the gr-dau having diabetes ... Prayers are lifted for all of you.

Have a beautiful Mother's Day weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

The French Bear said...

Maggie, you have had a lot happen to you, I can only offer you much love and prayers and wish that everything can fall in place. What a wonderful Mom you are and so supportive to help out your daughter by switching your diet to match hers......hopefully it isn't too hard. I have noticed many new products out there for this disease, so at least there must be more awareness about it. It is nice to know you are recovering, wow, so much in a short time!!!
Isn't that wonderful news for Libbie, such a happy and exciting time!!
Hugs to you sweetie!!
Margaret B

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day weekend! Warm wishes, Esther

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Dear Maggie,

My prayers are with you and Christi and I wish you a wonderful Mothers Day!!

God Bless,


Dan said...


I think of you daily and pray that you are healing quickly and completely. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and your granddaughter. I pray that they can get through this difficult time and come back on the other side stronger and happier.

What a wonderful story about Annie! What an honor to be in Good Housekeeping! She deserves all the recognition that she is receiving! What an amazing little girl.

Now get back to bed and take care of yourself!


Angela said...

This post made me get all teary eyed. ((hugs)) I will be praying for your daughter. I will add her to my Fearless Friday next week also for others to join in. Love ya sweet lady!

Shabbyrosetreasure said...

Hello sweet friend. Funny that you should mention the peace found through blogging. I am begining to find some of that peace for this year has been joyful but also full of trials,some exhausting. Anyway, prayers for you and your daughter on your lifestyle changes and Happy Mothers Day,

Menopausal New Mom said...

What a lovely post you wrote for us today. I'm so sorry to hear of the health challenges of your loved ones however, you have a wonderful outlook that will help you be the support they will need.

Too Cool about Good Housekeeping, thanks for sharing that with us!

BTW, that is a beautiful photo of your mom on the side, I will hold my own mom a little closer this weekend after reading your lovely words.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Thinking of you and your family so much in such a short time so many challenges wow.
My prayers are will all of you.
Happy Mother's Day !

Kim said...

Maggie, I am so happy that you are recovering. Your accident was horrible, but it could have been so much worse. Your spirit and sense of humour are intact - that is the most important part. The body will heal eventually - the spirit takes longer. But you are a real survivor, and I believe Christi is also.
There are quite a few books and recipes now that are gluten free. It will be an adjustment but I know you gals are up to the challenge.
Luv ya, Kim

vicki said...

Maggie - I know it seems as though you have a lot on your plate and many burdens to bear - and youdo - but somewhere - I am sure there is a blessing waiting for you. Celiacs is a challenge - but it is liveable. There are other things that aren't - I know that you and your family will attack this head on and will find a way to make this a part of your lives.

I wish you well since your accident. I have been an admirer of your blog for a while now, silently, but today I want you to know how much I admire your spirit and your faith.

You are so loved by many many people - and they all wish you the very best in your recovery.

Hopefully every day will be a little better for you all.

Your blog is an inspiration beyond description. I love to visit here. Thank you for all that you have shared with us all.

Happy Mother's Day~~~


bunny said...

Maggie Mae...

Celiacs disease seems to be on the rise. So much so, that markets have a special area for it..usually near the diabetic items. My SIL has it and does just fine and she's a belly dancer...You can find gluten free products everywhere...even pasta. A special diet is a challenge..I have diverticulosis, IBS and no gall bladder...if I can do it...ANYONE can. Now...about you...
Hope your doing better and staying quiet and, well, at least calm. Stay out of trouble and start planning your birthday adventure....Have a good one.


Debby said...

Hi Maggie. So glad you are coming back. No need to thank us, we are blessed to have you.
M son and I have Celiac. Actually blood work for both of us is negative. I've had two upper endoscopies and both were positive for the disease. My son follows the diet. My son has worse symptoms than I. I'm not currently on the diet. BUT, I had decided I needed to try it once again. The longest I have made it was two weeks. The diet is hard and the food expensive. I just read an article that you can deduct on your taxes the difference you pay for these foods vs. regular foods. When I tried the diet it didn't seem to help my stomach issues. I am more concerned about other health issues now and want to see if it helps that. Anyway, I can e mail you with more information on this instead of a long post here.
Chin up my dear, prayers are on the way, you keep on mending.
Bless that little Annie.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dearest friend, Maggie:
Sorry to hear about Christi's diagnosis. I know that you and she will find a way to triumph over this disease...and not let it own either one of you. You know that she has my prayers, and top of the request list will be that a cure is found for your shared maladies.

I've thought a lot about you lately. I'm so glad that we met through our mutual interest in - and love of - blogging. It is a real miracle of technology that is able to bring together people with shared interests, who then are able to care so deeply for each other because we shared our lives through the written word. I'll have to write a letter to Al Gore and truly thank him for inventing the Internet! :-)

Love you, girlfriend. Feel better and stronger.

joanne said...

Maggs, you are a sweatheart and deserve all the love and affection that the blog-world has to offer. It truly is an amazing place.

You know that I am a type1 for over 40years well suffice to say my daughter has celiac disease. I am sure I can get some info from her or ask her to e-mail you, or Christi. You will all be in my prayers.

Happy Mother's Day and please be careful and get your proper rest ;)

Shelly said...

Maggie my dear,

You are in my heart and on my mind! I'm too "pooped" to be witty but just know that I'm thinking of you and things will turn around soon! Gluten Free, isn't that bad,,,,once you adjust! I have a friend that has dealt with that for years. You and your daughter will find alternatives.

Have a great weekend. Looks like we will finally have sun here in Washington State!

I've been working on crafts for some shows,,so I have no Ummmffff left!

Love you to Pieces and BIG big HUGS!

Andrea said...

You, my dear are the treasure...and I praise GOD for bringing you into my life. HE is indeed "awesome." He know what we need before we ever have a clue!
I will be praying for Christie. Her diagnosis may have changed your life for the positive, too. Going gluten free is really an awesome way to better your health. I know it seems overwhelming. My husband and I now try to eat mostly organic b/c of different health issues we both have, but honestly we should have been doing it all along. If we had...we likely would not be having some of the issues. Our adjustment was tough at first, but now we love the life style change.
Hugs, love, and prayers,

Libbie said...

Oh Maggie! When I read about Christi I had a huge wave of grief come over me..I could actually FEEL it. Her attitude is so amazing! With spunk like her I know she will be okay but I know it will mean a total change & that is sooooo hard! I am so sorry about the bad news! Really I am.

Thanks againg for your love Maggie. You always support us & love us to pieces & I want you to know that Annie & I love you too. She knows you too :) She even talks about Grandma Yellow Hair as a friend :) Love ya!

June said...

Maggie I am so glad to see another of your posts, as I have been worried about you. I am so sorry to hear about Christi's Celiacs Disease. I do not know much about it, but have a cousin with it. He said that when he went on the new diet, he felt so much healthier and has more strength and is not so tired all the time. I hope the you will both be feeling better when you go on your new plan.
I wish you the happiest of Mother's Day with all your children aroud you.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Dearest Maggie,

I live gluten free...mostly vegetarian...I have many food's tough...but worth it. I will pray for Christi! You are so compassionate and kind to so many...we all love is no wonder that we all pray for you and yours!! Have a wonderful weekend, dearest Maggie! And YES, you are definitely an inspiration! Love, Janine Xo

Marie S said...

Hi Maggie, I am glad you are feeling well enough to post! It was great to hear from you. You go girl!
My oldest daughter has Celiacs and eats gluten free. I eat mostly gluten free, very rarely have wheat, it helps the pains in my hands and back. It may even help yours and Christi's fibro. I read somewhere that there was a link in some cases.
Bob's Red Mill has a buch of gluten free products that are pretty darn good, like pancakes, breads, pizza crust, cookies and brownies that I just love. They have a chocolate cake that is yum, yum, yum, and chocolate chip cookies too! I eat corn tortillas a lot and make lettuce wraps for sandwiches, corn chips work great too. It is hard at first, I was a real bread person., but I am adjusting and make all kinds of stuff that is very good to eat! Even soy sauce has wheat in it, but they make a great tamari sauce that is not. It is just a matter of changing ways and that might be one of the hardest things. You will see. Good on you for doing it with her. Good luck. There is a ton of info on line too.It is actually good for you to do this.
You both are in my heart, sending love!!
Happy Mother's Day Maggie and take care.

~ Regan said...

Sounds like you are in good spirits, despite the bad news regarding Christi. Tell her not to worry- people (and stores) are becomming more and more accommodating to people that suffer from gluten allergies all the time. (and they are making some really yummy gluten free foods and snacks now, too...) I will talk to my cousin who is Celiac, and get info from her to pass along to the two of you!
Happy Mother's day, friend! :)

Kissed by an Angel said...

Hi Dear Maggie, I'm glad that you feel somewhat improved!! That's good news!
So sorry to hear about Christi and Kaci. My friends daughter was diagnosed with diabetes when she was just 3 years old!! It's horrible, but with careful diet and the injections can be managed!! It's the same with Celiac disease, diet is the key. Kelly had a little friend who was a Celiac and she always came to parties, we just checked with her mum what she could have, and bought the safe ice cream, and mum used to supply cakes!!! Here in the UK flour, bread and other stuff is available on prescription. But gluten free food is very easily available in our supermarkets! There will be help available on-line too! Once Christi finds which brands of food are suitable for her she will lead a normal life!! Kelly's friend who is now in her 30s is fine!!! Things will settle down very soon!! Take care.

Kissed by an Angel said...

Just another thought - Kelly's little friend's mum had great gluten gree cookery books for cakes etc!!!

Hootin' Anni said... can throw you off balance with news like your daughter gave you...then, make you bounce back with a story about niece!!!

You're loved.

Happy Mother's Day to you dear friend.

NitWit1 said...

I wish great success on your daughter's conversion to a gluten free diet. More and more nutrricious foods are being developed for sufferers of Celiac Disease.

This is no consolation for you or your daughter, but even dogs suffer from gluten intolerance. One of my bloggers, Arkansas Patti at the New Sixty, relates how she discovered the source of her little dog's seizures, was his food. He is now on a gluten free dog food, and is seizure free. You would think a vet would have advised the possiblity, instead of PILLS.

Prayers for a GREAT and swift recovery for you, and your daughter's adjustment to her diet which hopefully relieves the symptoms of her disease.

Sue said...

It's great to see your post and know that your recovery is coming along as well as can be expected. But don't rush yourself back to work too fast, okay? You deserve a rest!

As for the celicac disease, I think there may be some websites where people share recipes. I know that those recipes have improved a lot over the years. There are even recipes for chocolate chip cookies! (My son was allergic to gluten for a time, so we cooked gluten-free many years ago.) Our efforts back then were just okay, but I've read many comments around the blogosphere about great recipes people are using now.

As for the diabetes, I have it myself, and it gets easier as you get used to it. I'm always sorry when a young person has to deal with that, though.

Get well, Maggie. You are a sweetheart.


Mumsy said...

Sweet Maggie, you have a lot going on right now and to remember us, now that is just another thing to show how special you are. Sweet lady it is you who has made me and probably others feel better.

I am so sorry to hear the news of your precious daughter. She will have prayer going up for her from here. I do not know anything about the gluten free diet, but pray that you find someone who can help you with that and I wish you both great success.

Still praying for your recovery and for all the pain to go away.

Dear lady you take care of yourself and don't rush going back to work and getting to all that mowing, it will be there when you are ready.

Happy Mother's Day! Hope to hear nothing but wonderful things are coming your way when you put out your next post.

Huge get well and feel better hugs for you and Christi.

Brenda said...

Maggie, what a tough time you and your family have been going through! Your positive outlook on life is already helping you through it and, with tons of support also from your many blog friends, will continue to help both you and Cristi.

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog -- proud to be your honorary aunt! (LOL)

Everyday Kathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Everyday Kathy said...

Wow you sure have had a lot going on! I have a friend who lives a gluten free life and it isn't as tricky as it once was... if she/you have a Whole Foods near you there are substitutions for all favorite foods. Here where I live, Northern California, there are even gluten free cake shops... let me know if you need any info or deliveries!

Congrats to all your successful bloggy friends. I remember your earlier post about Annie... she is terrific!

Kathy over at Everyday Bliss
P.S. I HATE typos so I had to delete my previous message! LOL

Nezzy said...

I've been prayin' for your girl. I'm so sorry to hear about Christi's problem but it is easier today and there are so many more options to live gluten free than in the past. I will add her to my prayers also.

No matter how much you have been blessed by those commenting here sweetie, believe me when I say you have blessed us tenfold.

I was on Annie's mamas website the other day where I read about the magazine. That Annie is such a precious doll!!!

You have a glorious Mother's Day weekend filled with warm sunny blessings!

RIVER Organization Christian Church said...

Maggie, my prayers are with you. You have a lot on your plate. Small bites will help you finish it.

Viewers are sometimes like God in that they are there, invisible, reading, watching, enjoying but not making comments. You have a larger following than you think.

I hope things get easier for you, Maggie.


Ivanhoe said...

Sometimes I'm amazed at how many challenges God gives us. They say that He will not give us anything we can handle... But sometimes it's just soooo hard. Sending you and your daughter lot of strength and courage.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Maggie :)

Beedeebabee said...

OMG...I so hope you're feeling better soon! I've been tested for celiac three times already. I'm sensitive to something, maybe even gluten, so I always have stomach problems, but I don't have celiac. There are many stores in my neighborhood that cater to people on a gluten free diet. Search the web for stores near your daughter, and also for bloggers who are on gluten free diets, and websites with recipes. I've come across one or two in my blog hopping, but I can't remember them. I'll certainly remember you if I see them again. Your daughter will be okay honey, at least they now what's been troubling her and she will feel better soon. Tell her to read the ingredients in everything she buys, even the stuff she thinks doesn't have gluten may indeed have some. Keeping you in my thoughts...and a Happy Mother's Day to you, Sweetie! xo Paulette

Christi said...

Happy Mothers Day! I love you! Thanks for the post and all the wonderful comments as you have some great friends on here!! Relax and enjoy your day!

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Maggie, I have thought of going on this diet to try to lose weight. So let me know how it goes. My friend and the novelist Curtiss Ann has to follow this diet. Her blog is: does write about it quite a bit. I'll keep you all in my thoughts. Happy Mother's Day!

My Grama's Soul said...

Dear Maggie..I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter....but I do think there are a lot of ways out there to manage this particular disease.
It can be a bit of a pain, but I know it is doable.

Secondly, you are a new friend, and I'm so glad I stumbled across you hopefully you are taking care of yourself. Go easy on the going back to work thing......your health is the number one priority.

Happy mom's day to you,


Julie Harward said...

I was thinking about you today...I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day! :D

Cottage In The Sun said...

Happy birthday - a bit early! I don't always know what to say when I read your posts, but I do enjoy your blog so much and getting to know you! :) My mom is on a very reduced gluten diet (as well as other things). The hardest part seems to be stocking up your kitchen and knowing what to eat when/if you go out. Once my mom had some basics down it was much easier. Take care.

Nichola said...

I am praying for all of you...I know how difficult illness and disease can make our journey (my dad's been a paraplegic from he was 17 and has numerous conditions - one being diabeties) so guard your heart and put your armour on, knowing that you don't fight alone - I'm blessed to go shoulder-to-shoulder into the battle with you!
Love ya Nichola xxxx

curtissannmatlock said...

Darling, I think you will find the diagnosis of celiac good news, too. God works in mysterious ways. If you can do the diet, you will likely find your fibromyalgia disappear, or be greatly lessened. Such has been with my dear friend, Dee, and yes, with myself. And celiac disease brings families together, as do all struggles.

So glad to discover your blog!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I'm so glad you're feeling a little better. I kind of messed up my shoulder a few weeks ago and I'm such a bad patient! I'm trying to be careful, but there are just too many things I need to do!

Absolutely beautiful post, inspiring!


Rocky Mountain Woman

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Maggie! Go here to Sharon's and scroll down and look on the left side. She's got tons of gluten free blogs listed and some sites too! Yay Sharon!

xo Paulette ;)

Something Special said...

Hi there, i have not visited for a while. y sister in law lives on a gluten free diet, and does quite well. there is a lot out there that is gluten free now. Even just in the grocery store. Hope she does alright. Come stop by and see my beautiful Mother's vintage bridal photo. I just want to share it with everyone.

Diane said...

Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Stop On Over I'm having a Virtual Baby Shower for my daughter Breezy, games and prizes, would love to see you there! Let's Get This Party Started!! Hugs, Diane

myletterstoemily said...

dear maggie,

i pray your recovery exceeds the doctor's
expectations and that your daughter
responds beautifully to the gluten free


koralee said...

Thank you for finding me the other day and leaving such a sweet comment...I am sorry about your daughter...I do not know anyone on a gluten free diet so can be of no help. Oh and that sweet Annie..isn't she adorable.xoxo

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

OHHH SO much drama for you...I am so sorry..I am so glad you are ok after your accident....So sorry for your darling daughter...prayers coming your way...
Stay positive...i have hope that we can all go through our challenges and be better people from them.
Love ya

Molly said...

Hi Maggie! Thanks for the sweet comments!! Hope you have a great week!!
~Molly P

Kimberly-mytoesareclaustrophobic said...

Oh Maggie - you are such an inspiration to us all. May God bless you and yours.


Mumsy said...

Dear, sweet Maggie, Stopped by to let you know that I am thinking of you and still sending up prayers for you to get well. I do hope that you are mending and will soon be back feeling great again. Leaving you lots of feel better, get well hugs. ((((((sweet Maggie))))))

One Heart said...

Found you through Angela's Fearless Friday at Free Spirit Haven. I am praying for you and your loved ones. I can also relate so much to the blessing of new friends in Blog Land. In such a short time, God is blessing me so much here. It warms my heart to look at the google follow and see all the familiar faces on so many different blogs--like one big family. Glad I stopped by. Blessings dear one.