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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ms Pearl in Booth Bay Harbor!

                            Booth Bay Harbor is my new favorite place! I told Christi while we were there that if there were two of me ONE would live here. It is like no other place I have ever visited and I fell in love.  My sweet blogging friend Cathy over at Acorn Hallow mentioned in one of her comments that she was born and raised in Booth Bay Harbor. If I am wrong please correct me Cathy. 

I have to tell you Cathy I am envious of anyone that was raised in such beauty. I do realize the winters are probably harsh but oh what a breath taking place to live.

While visiting with some of the locals there they did tell us that the coastal towns did not get as cold as the rest of the state. I laughed when one told me their snow there was maybe just six inches compared to the rest of the state.  Six inches in my area is a lot of snow. lol....I bet I am miss quoting him because I would imagine they get more than six inches of snow in Booth Bay.

The picture above is one of my favorite pic's I took on our trip visiting Maine. This photo was taken during a Whale Hunting  Cruise that we went on from Booth Bay Harbor. I have it as my back ground picture on my computer now but I am sure that another picture of the trip will catch my eye and it will be changing it again.

If you click on any of these pictures and make them larger you will see why I love this place. Feel free to
copy them and print them out too.

Maine has almost as many light houses as the state of Michigan.

We sat on the top deck of the boat most of the trip but the ride back we moved inside where I snapped
this of Christi enjoying the day.
Have you ever seen such a gorgeous harbor.
If you enlarge this picture you will see Lobster traps out on a small barge in the water.

I thought you might like this picture of our American Flag flying on the back of the boat.
The Captain is doing a great job of guiding his boat back into port.
The trip was a fun outing but disappointing to us because not a whale within miles of us.

This is a quick picture I took walking down one of the busiest streets of Booth Bay.
Christi and I need to share pictures because she managed to get some good pictures of
the gorgeous homes in this little village.

Tried to take nice picture of the water from where I was sitting having breakfast at a cafe.
My breakfast date Christi is looking at me like Please Mother not another picture!

These pictures were from the deck of the cafe.

Booth Bay Harbor is a tourist village in the summer time. They have numerous little shops to visit and spend your money. I have to tell you a quick little story of what happened to me in one of the shops.

I can stand for hours looking at beautiful scarfs. It is funny how when I see a display of scarfs I head straight to them and have to fill each and every one. Yeah I know strange right?

Anyway I am doing my scarf thing and I feel this hard pinch on my rear end. I jump and immediately turn around. There standing behind me is an older man just waiting for me to slap the ever loving crap out of him.

I was furious. Furious maybe is not the right word. I recognized him from earlier in the day as the husband of a woman that had spoke to me while we were waiting on a table at the little cafe for breakfast.

Just when I was fixing to knock his lights out his wife walks up. I stopped Ms Pearl from making mince meat of this guy but later in the day Christi told me that I should not have let his wife being there keep me from slapping him. I have tell you Christi was as mad at the guy as I was.

I told her I just felt empathy or something for the wife and just could not embarrass her for something so stupid that her husband did.

We hung around the area for a little while wanting to catch the guy by himself so I could turn Ms Pearl loose on him but funny how he managed to never leave his wife's side after the pinch.

I know what you are thinking! No wonder Maggie fell in love with Booth Bay. lol
Don't even go there. I already have heard that from all of Christi's friends.

You have to be tired of all my Maine pictures but I promise I won't share too many more.

Hard to believe that it is already October! So much has been going on out here on the North Forty that I have not been able to be inside long enough to play on the computer. By the time I come in at night I am so tired I head straight to the tub and sometimes fix me something to eat or just collapse without it.

Yesterday I had my kitten Billie Sue fixed and her mother goes in the morning for the same treatment.
Every time Momma Kitty gets pregnant I stress myself out trying to keep her and the babies safe from predators out here on the North Forty. The last time Billie Sue was the only survivor so I made up my mind to end at least one stressful thing in my life.

Also have been working on my house in town that was left a mess the last time a renter left it. I am seriously thinking that Monday a For Sale sign will go in the front yard. It has drained me both mentally and physically every time some one leaves it like this young woman did.  My problem is I can't afford to let the house sit empty while on the market and yet renting it is a dead end so what's that saying, "I am between a rock and a hard spot!"  I keep praying about what I should do about it so I know the answer will come.

The Warrenton/Round Top show has been going on too for several weeks now. I have not been able to go out to enjoy it like most years. The weather is in the high 90's most afternoons so they are having a very HOT show this time around.  Sharon wants me to slow down and go out tomorrow but have not decided if I will or not.

Been worried too about one of our blogging buddies Marydon from Blushing Rose. I need to check on her and see if she is doing better.

Hope you are well and enjoying the fall. I am looking forward to planting some mums over the weekend and maybe buying a few pumpkins for the porch.
Pumpkins make me smile. I love them. Every fall I am wishing that I had a Pumpkin Patch out here.

Do something for you this weekend! Remember be gentle on yourself cause I love you!

Love to all


Kim said...

I am amazed you managed to restrain Ms Pearl. I was sure you would have made fish food out of him! You're getting soft Maggie :)

acorn hollow said...

a pinch on the bottom lord he would have gotten a slap he couldn't be a Maine guy:) I was born there but not raised there. My dad was raised there and my grandpartents lived there.
we go back now and then as my grandparents are gone now.
have a great day

Olga said...

Never could get tired of pictures of the coast--water, boats, lighthouses--all beautiful.
What an old goat. And he knew he deserved a slap. Coward, clinging to his wife's skirts after.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Such a beautiful area, Maggie! We had a wonderful family vacation in Maine several years ago. We rented a house with another family on a lake. It was one of the best family vacations we ever took.

That guy must have thought he was in Italy. I've heard that is what the men there do. : )

If your house in town is close enough to shops and commercial buildings, you might see if you can sell it as a commercial property that can be made into a shop or office.

yaya said...

I love every pic you share of Maine! It's my fondest hope that I'll be visiting it next year. I now have a list of beautiful places to visit thanks to you! I might just skip the scarf store though! I hope you can come to a good decision about the house. Being a landlord is very hard. Is it a good time to sell around your neck of the woods? Hope so! Have a good weekend...don't work too hard!

Julia said...

About the old guy pinching your bottom, I would not have waited for Miss Pearl to slap him. After all, it wasn't Miss Pearl's bottom he pinched.... Just saying...
Miss Pearl probably was busy looking at the scarves when this happens.

I love looking at all your gorgeous Booth Bay Harbor pictures.

Christie sure is a beautiful daughter. In fact, I think that she looks like you.

I hope that you can sell you house rather than rent it. What a pain to have to clean and paint every time someone rents it.

I wish that you didn't had to work so hard.

Have a great October. Hugs, JB

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well I must put this on my bucket list. Absolutely beautiful! (can't believe that man pinched you)

Whimsey Creations said...

Only you could get a pinch while on vacation! Oh my you always make me laugh. It sounds like you had a great time in spite of it LOL Hugs!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

That's how I feel about Gearhardt in Oregon. I want to have a little place there, it's so pretty and the ocean is soooo soothing.

Ms. Pearl could come visit me there and maybe she'd be a little happier!

I'd have slapped him silly whether or not his wife was there!




Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Maybe ya just got a fine Maine howdy doo there! Heeehehehehe!!!

The pictures are magnificent Maggie.

Mrs. Pearl has more restraint than this chick. I fear I'd drop kicked the friendly fella!

Thanks so much for checkin' on me. I'm fine, just can't seem to get my head above water 'round here. The harvest crews will be pullin' in soon. First the choppin' crew for the sorghum, then the soybean harvest. Hopefully things will slow to some sort of normal pace so I can get back.

I want to do it justice when I do begin again. Ya's that all or nothin' thang with me!

God bless ya sweet friend and have yourself one fantabulous weekend! :o)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Dang ladies I came in for lunch and am sitting here laughing my fool head off.
You are so right he deserved a big slap or more regardless of the wife's feelings.
Gosh I have been away from the Sheriff's Office too long now.
Wait til I write about my morning. Your not going to beleive the day I have had. lol

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

LOved your pictures and post.
One can tell that you had some wonderful travels.
Many more to you. (((hugs)))Pat

PEA said...

Hello Ms Maggie:-) I've just caught up on your last few posts and I'm telling you, I so enjoyed looking at all your pictures from your trip to Maine, such a beautiful area!! I think I want to move to Booth Bay Harbor with you! hehe

Omigosh, how awful to get pinched by that pervert like that. You should have let Ms. Pearl loose in front of his wife...that would have taught him a lesson for sure and maybe stop him for doing it to other women. Ugh!

I'm back into blogging again after a long break and so enjoying visiting all my dear friends again:-) xoxo

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Maggie mae,
you are the best. beautiful photos and great stories of your trip.
I enjoy both very much.

My hand works faster than my brain so he would have gotten a punch before I thought about it:)
I agree with Olga, he was a coward to hide at the edge of his wife's skirt tail.. sleazy lil maggot that he was.
luv ya bunches

Forty Pound Sack said...

Maggie, I love your Maine photos! I've always, always wanted to visit there. In the meantime, I can enjoy your trip. In case you're taking a poll, I'd have asked that man what the hockey pucks he was doing. Smacking him is a better idea, LOL ~

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Maggie,

It's been a long time now, since we have spoken. I am happy that you and Christi had a wonderful time in Maine!
Lovely pictures you took too.


Jennifer Richardson said...

poor woman married to such a creeper!
glad you were able to enjoy the
rest of the trip, just the same.
thanks for sharing those
gorgeous photos....reminds me
of a storybook villiage.