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Friday, October 26, 2012

Lazy Kind of Day!

Brrrr.....Baby it's cold outside!
Tinkerbell and I were awaken this morning by a rainy cold front moving in the area.  Temperatures dropped from high 80's yesterday to 50's this morning.

It made for a lazy day! After all the mowing this past week I am not complaining.

I am looking forward to the weekend because my precious granddaughter Kaci's Walk for the Cure is this Sunday and I am planning on attending. It is a major function for raising funds for Juvenile Diabetes. As most of you know Kaci was diagnosed at the age of seven and will be eleven in November.

Kaci is an inspiration to all who know her and spends a lot of time raising money for Juvenile Diabetes. I know I brag about her a lot but I just can't help myself.

Last Sunday when my kids came to see me my son Clint fixed several things for me and one was he hooked up my DVD player in the bedroom for me which was something I tried but failed to do.  So sweet of him because now on days like today I can watch my DVDs I have not watched in a while. Right now I have the crazy funny movie Somethings Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. I do enjoy watching this movie. It has some pretty funny parts in it. If you haven't seen this old movie I highly recommend you rent it and be prepared to laugh and shed a few tears.

If I have a problem I always post it on here and you do your best to help me solve it. What an amazing friend you are to me. My question for you today is What do you do to keep your outside cat's safe and warm during the winter months?

I have a Momma Kitty and her six month old kitten that I named Billie Sue since she was born on my brother's Billy's birthday. lol  I worry so about them at night because of the coyotes out here. The last month I have been moving them inside at night and putting them back out in the mornings. I really can't keep doing this because the upstairs room I am putting them in is the room I am trying so hard to fix up where I can be warmer this winter. It is almost finished so any suggestions on how to keep them safe and warm at night.

I don't have a garage out here or any outside buildings close to the house so that is not an option. I have a small dog house but they will not go into it. Been racking this ole brain of mine for weeks now but can't seem to come up with the solution. Love to hear what you do for yours.

It has to be something a coyote can't get into. I have been told that they will come up inside my yard so that upsets me thinking they would.

A friend of mine told me to stop fretting over outside cats but I can't help myself.

Another question I have for you is about saving on the utility bills. This ole farm house gets so cold in the winter and I usually try to live in one part of it. One reason why I have been trying my best to finish the upstairs room because they say heat rises. I bought a Lasko Electric heater that is suppose to heat a large room. I was wondering if I turn off the central heat and just run the this heater do you think it will cost less. It says 1500 Watts on the box. I have heard that electric heaters cost more so I thought I should ask you what you think. 

Today I did this in the back room and the room stayed fairly warm with it in low 50's all day. I may have to see if the utility office can give me an idea of which is more.

I have had a better week. Staying busy does help and knowing my boss/landlady is coming Monday or Tuesday has given me no time to feel lonely. I feel like the place out here looks bad because of all the rain the weeds grow faster than I can cut them. Also my big tractor is broken again which has me mowing only with two small ones. Gosh I am boring. Mowing is in every other sentence here lately.

Hope you are well and that your week was a good one. Enjoy your weekend and let me know how you are doing.

Love to all


Paula said...

I have put my dirty socks in a little cat house to get Susie to go in there. Sometime it works and sometime it doesn't. You know how cats have a mind of their own. We also prop the garage door open with a paint can but I know you said you don't have a garage and some animal you don't want in there might go in out in the country. It is probably colder there then here but we use electric heaters and just turn them on and off where needed. Good for your Granddaughter too. My youngest son-in-law has had diabetes since childhood. I admire him too the way he handles it without complaining.

Julia said...

Well I'm glad that you get a lazy day and that you are feeling better by keeping busy and that you got your DVD hooked up.

We've had heavy frost two mornings in a row but it warms up in the afternoon. I've been able to work in the garden.

You have every right to be proud of Kaci as she is quite a remarkable girl.

I don't think that I can help you with the outdoor cat problem other than bring it to an animal shelter or talk to someone at the shelter. They may have a solution for you.. Outdoor cats are pretty independent and resourceful. If there's a tree around they can climb to safety. I hope that you can find a solution for both of them.

Keeping warm is so expensive now. We are using a wood stove as supplementary heat but it takes dry wood.
I have found an industrial heater was cheaper to run but very noisy when I had my Ceramic shop in the basement.

Talking about long grass and weeds, since I've been weeding the garden and planting irises I haven't cut my lawn for two weeks. I might get it cut tomorrow as it is supposed to rain next week as the hurricane pushes this way.

Always enjoy your post and you are NOT boring.
Hugs, JB

Susan said...

I know how you feel about your kitties. We have a horrible coyote problem here in NV. Why don't you put a big dog crate inside your back door & start feeding them there. That way, you can have them safe and locked up for the night.
Even my woods-wise Maine Coon has to come in at night, whether he likes it or not!
Maybe your landlady will get some expert to come out & make some suggestions about keeping it warmer. I put visqueen on my cheap windows all winter; it really helps. Plus thermal drapes. Some old houses aren't even insulated, either. It would save on your heating bills & make the house more attractive to buyers to look into this.
Glad you have Tinkerbell's furry little body to keep you warm!

joanne said...

Sorry, I'll be no help with the kitties, but I'm sure someone has a great solution for you.
I have an electric heater 1500 watts and I move it into the room that I'm going to be in. It keeps me warm enough. Occasionally I turn the furnace on just to circulate the warm air around but I try to keep it down/off most of the time.
And finally...but not least, I am so very proud of Kaci. I have battled this monster disease for almost 45years and if it weren't for people like Kaci to help raise awareness and money I'm afraid it wouldn't be as easy as it is to take care of...if you can call it easy but it's not like when I was first diagnosed for sure.
You take care and keep and miss you babe.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, Have your son build you a small house for them and put in a pen that the coyotes can't get into. Put their food right inside the door. You might put an old quilt for them to lay on. Do you have any straw bales, you can put that around the house and the pen. My son puts bales around their dog houses for their dogs and they have a roof over the top where they can come out if they want to do so. He has also use a tarp on the outside on a couple of sides to help brake the north and west winds that we get in the winter months. I don't know if that will work for you or not. I am off to go back to the hospital. Hubby had to have a emergency hip replacement. He is in ICU and was getting his 6th unit of blood when I came home. I love your old movies and have watched them over and over so much better then most of the new ones. Have a great weekend. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

Olga said...

I congratulate lovely Kaci on her activism. Go, girl!
It is funny how things are so relative. Fifty degrees--no one would put the heat on here in Vermont. However, because I now spend the winter in Florida, I understand how cold that can feel.
Anyway, maybe the grass will slow down in the cooler weather.
I think the only thing to do about outside kitties is pray because they are going to continue to do as they please. They are resourceful and have the instinct to survive.

Olga said...

P.S. Looks like Tinderbell has life completely figured out. Nap, look adorable, be fed, nap some more, get someone else to deal with the litter box.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

We had a quick shift from one day to the next here, too, Maggie! Of course, the shift brought wind and rain with it, which I normally wouldn't mind, but I had errands I wanted to run yesterday and I hate running from the car to a store in the rain {then back again}. And umbrellas are useless when there is wind!

I'm sorry I've got no suggestions on the cats or the heating issue. Have a great weekend though! I hope you get a little more time to relax. : )

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Hi Maggie Mae..

let me say first what a softsweet heart you have,, I do understand your concern about the kitties. I wish I knew the answer but as yet I dont.. However I will go on a search for you to get as much information as I can. I'm very certain you aren't the only one to face this problem, so the answer is out there, and I'll do my best to help you find it. watch for an email from me.
as for your own warmth issue- thats a great idea to contact the utility company- explain in detail your situation - and let them help you with knowledgable answers..
please know I am wrapping you in a bubble of love and light and wishing you all good things, now and always.

NitWit1 said...

The electric company sometimes does free assessments of things you can do. A lot of old homesteads exist in Arkansas. Some I see with plastic over windows in winter.

We live in a 1878 manufactured double wide home that was insulated somewhat. We have installed insulated windows (not storms which are better) put sunscreen shades and vertical blinds over all windows; we added an overroof with better pitch and blew in tons of insulation.

it is an all electric home. We ae on averaged billing. Our bill summer and winter for 1554 sq feet is $150-160/mo.

Over the years we have remodeled inside adding layers, first of wallpaper and finally back to beadboard paneling or similar throughout the house. That adds small amout as a barrier. The inside walls have no insulation in them.

Our summer thermostat is set at 77 and winter at 70.

I heard new caulking and some moldings around old doors and windows help, too.

Nothing is CHEAP!!!

Do you have a screen porch. That is where my mother keep cats.

Marla and Steve said...

It's so good to read this newsy post. It's like sitting down together, having coffee, and working out the little kinks of life.

Your granddaughter is just an amazing little thing. Keep bragging!

As far as heat. ?? I don't know. Now that we don't use as much of our home that's an issue for us also. We turn on our gas fireplace and it really helps downstairs and at upper landing, but doesn't quite heat the bedrooms or upstairs family room. Turning on the whole house heater seems like a waste. I'm anxious to know what you decide.

Cats/barns/coyotes -- don't have a clue about any of them but Susan had a great idea about the crate.

Big, big squeezy hugs to you. Marla

Kim said...

Sorry, I have no advice about the kitties but I'm sure you will get lots of good advice. I do use electric heaters in our house when it's cold. During the day we are mostly in the living room and kitchen, so I turn the furnace down an use a heater. I haven't seen any big changes in my electric bill.

Sweet Tea said...

I wish I had answers for some of your questions - but I'm no help. I bet someone here in blogland will know about cats and utilities. I KNOW you're glad that mowing season is coming to an end and I don't blame you...BTW I enjoy reading about your granddaughter. You have every reason to be a proud Grandma!!

yaya said...

First, a big hug to your Granddaughter and I hope the fund raiser is a great success. Second, I think if it got cold enough the cats would go inside the dog house, but they know you have a soft heart and will take them in! Third, I know many who use the electric heater and are happy with them. We heat with wood when it gets below 30de...which should be next week when they are calling for crazy! Enjoy the quiet day inside and stay cozy!

Darlene said...

You have every reason to be so proud of Kaci. Just brag all you want to about her. She is a real jewel. I love to hear all about her and what she is doing so keep us informed.

I am so glad that at least you won't have have to mow so much. Do you get snow there? Surely you won't have to keep doing weeding? I really can't imagine just what your weather is like. We never have to worry about heating. It never gets terible cold here in the winter. That is why we have so many winter visiters. Lots of people have two homes. One they keep here just for the winter, and the other for the cold country they live in but enjoy living in during the summer.

I wish I could help you with what to do about your kitties. I love cats, but am so allegic to them that it's impossible for me to be around them. I love dogs too, but can't seem to talk Dick into getting me a cute little lap dog that has short hair (I am actually allegic to most dogs too). I think he feels it would tie him down too much and I don't think he would like having to take them out all the time. Oh well, I can enjoy others pets. You surely do have a darling inside pet. that little kitty is darling. In the days when I wasn't so allergic, we always had a kitty and I enjoyed them so much.

I also hope you solve your heating problem. You have had some pretty good ideas. Surely you will find a good way to keep warm this winter without too much expense.

Take care, my dear friend, and get some much needed rest.

Arkansas Patti said...

I'd check with your utility company. I know when I worked for Florida Power & Light, we gave monatary incentives to people that made energy saving additions recommended by an energy audit. Our audits were free. Maybe your landlady would be interested. I added insulation to my house like crazy and boy what a differece. It has been below freezing the past few nights and the furnace barely runs.
As for the kitties, I like Susan's idea about the crate also.
Be proud Grandma and you too Kaci. Such a special and selfless child. Hope she runs for office some day.

Chatty Crone said...

I do hear you and have a lot of the same issues about heating and cooling. Glad you are feeling better and your kids are helping you.

I don't know if they have this - but wouldn't it be cool if there was some kind of latch on the garbage can?


Sue said...

I LIKE it when you tell about Kaci. She's great!

As for the heating, I use one of those little space heaters in my office so I can keep the central heat turned down low. It works great for me!

Sorry I'm not more help about the cats. I just don't have any experience with cold enough weather to know...


A Tale of Two Cities said...

I'm enjoying this Texas cool front right along with you! Gorgeous weather--we deserve it right?