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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day of the Dead Room!

                                You have to be thankful that today's post has nothing to do with my vacation to Maine.
Before I left on my trip my girlfriend Sharon ask me to take pictures of the room over her garage because she lives near the Round Top/Warrenton Show and wanted to rent this room out.

Sharon and I have similar taste for decorating both of us loving pink and bright colors.

This room has plenty of both.

The little table and chairs are pink and green. Several years ago I spotted this set at Warrenton and almost bought it. Later I happened to pass the booth where these were for sale and they had sold on them.
I told my friend Janie that it had to of been Sharon who bought them and years later here they are in this room.

Sharon and her husband Lew spent maybe four years building this country home.
They now live in it and one day maybe I can show you the main house.
It is decorated all pink too but I don't think she has her Day of the Dead collection anywhere inside it.

Here I caught Sharon telling me not to take her picture because she had her apron on.  It is a darling apron too and she fixed the best chicken fried steak that night for supper.
She takes a good picture no matter what she is wearing.

This picture was quite a surprise to me when I saw it because it was painted by my friend and artist Mary Ellen Shipnes who painted my headboard picture for this blog.

Now let me share with you how different friends taste can be. Sharon loves the Day of the Dead stuff.
Not this ole grandma! I find it spooky and depressing.

Every year she travels to Mexico for months at a time and plans her trip around the Day of the Dead Celebrations.  Probably some of these pieces she has in this room are from Mexico but they could of been bought  from the Warrenton Show because they have everything out there. In fact Sharon bought several pieces this past week to add to her room.

If I am not mistaken she has lots more Day of the Dead in storage that along with her new pieces she will be adding them to this room.

It is one of those things I believe you either like it or hate it. I told her it might keep her from renting the room but she did not agree with me.
So what do you think? Would it Spook you out to stay in this room or is it just me?

Hope you had a great weekend. My day was spent trying to duct tape one of the mantle's in the living room to the wall. Our first cold front blew in during the night and the mantle that has been separating from the wall for a while now really is separated . I have tried and tried to get a carpenter out here to fix it but no one wants to do small jobs.

Cold air was blowing inside like crazy. I could not believe how wide the gap was when I did finally see it this morning. At first I panicked thinking what kind of creatures might have crawled in during the night while I was sleeping. Then I stuffed paper and old material all around it but I could still feel the cold air so I got out the trusty poor man's fix for everything and started taping it.

I guess duct tape works on everything. I started calling around to everyone that I thought might reconsider the job and found a guy I have never used. Thank goodness he told me he would come tomorrow.

Also I have the bee guy coming back also Monday. In the back barn there are two yellow jacket nest hanging from golf carts that are as big as a football. Talk about scared that scares me.

Have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by and
Sweet Dreams

PS.  Sharon decided not to rent the room out this last show because she wanted to use a different bed. But if you need a room for the next show I think she might be ready for guest then.


acorn hollow said...

cute room but if I had to live with the day of the dead think I wouldn't rent it. Duct tape fixes everything!

Libbie said...

That is the brightest happiest day of the dead room I have ever seen!

LOVE that you knew Sharon bought that set! Some friends you just know better than they know themselves!

And you are right about the cutest apron Maggie! She looks adorable! I might need to get one like that ;)

Thanks for sharing Shaorn with all of us!

Pink & green forever!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Like you I don't care for the Day of the Dead pieces.
Why would she want to decorate with them even in a room over the garage.
It would keep me from renting it.

joanne said...

all of that pretty pink and sweetness is cancelled out by the day of the dead artwork. I wouldn't stay there if I had another choice!
have a good week, miss visiting with you..;j

Paula said...

I agree with you about The Day Of The Dead "stuff". Everyone to their own taste though. I have a lot of Yellow Jacket nests from time to time but I have never seen one as large as you have.

Sares said...

What a fun room! I love the bed color. I don't think the day of the dead stuff would bother me because the colors are so cheery but I don;t think I will be adding any to my decor choices any time soon! The room is great though! That chicken fried steak sounds mighty yummy too!

Tam said...

Hey Maggie
Sure have missed you! I have not come by in a long time because of my hubby has been so sick. He is on the mend now so everything will hopefully get back on track for a while anyway.
I love how you decorate and I am sure your friends home is really pretty but I would not stay in a room with that on the walls.
So sad to have a colorful pretty room and then have skeletons hanging around. I guess each to his own or whatever that saying goes.
Need to send you and email and tell you a few things.
Take care

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, I love your story and the room looks nice but the Days of the Dead decoration would be OK for Halloween only, and not to use for decor to rent a house.

You are right, the decor is spooky and I think fetish too.
It would turn me off from renting. It's just too wacky. I wouldn't rent that place unless the decor would come down.
I respect the dead but not in this way.

I hope that you are having a nice week. I'm late for work but it's Thanksgiving today so I' taking my good old time. My calves will be bawling.
Hugs, JB

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I so wish that we were neigbors cause deep inside me I have that feeling that I'd like to know you better. :0) (((hugs)))Pat

Marla and Steve said...

Colorful, interesting but although the day of the dead art is beautiful in color and composition, it's a bit racy for me. It takes a secure person to have a style like that and yes, your friend is beautiful.

Olga said...

It certainly is an interesting combination--the pink and green with the Day of the Dead. I would not chose that theme, but I would not have any problem staying there for a weekend.

Marydon said...

So love the colors ... of course! I'd never stay there with all that 'dead' stuff there, tho. To each their own.Next year Warrenton ... save the date for me please. I know you must still be flying high on Maine ... it is such a lovely place to visit. Scenic ...

We hope to get out this weekend for a autumn leaf drive ... so look forward to this.

Harold has been consulting for this firm, as you know. Last week they flew a fella out from CA, who hired him full time. Harold is flying high, he is so happy. They gave him a good title & pay. He so loves his work. I am happy for him.

Miss you more every day, Maggie. You are one precious sister ...

Hope Gary is doing better.

Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Wow! Aren't you all making Sharon feel just great! Maybe I feel this way because I'm so sensitive and self-conscious? Are you getting the message that "Day of the Dead" is putting across - I somehow doubt you are? I love Sharon's decorating and this scheme. A beautiful lady with a flair to boot.

PEA said...

I adore the colour scheme, so nice and bright!! As for the Day of the Dead decor, well I do admit it's different but it wouldn't bother me:-)

Hope that handyman can fix up your fireplace. What's the saying...WD40 and duct tape...the only two things you need to fix anything! lol

Hope your week goes well my friend. xoxo

yaya said...

I love Halloween, ghost stories and such...but "Day of the dead" would freak me out. Everyone to their own tastes I say! I hate hornets, wasps, yellow jackets...I'm getting buggy just thinking about it! Don't work too hard and maybe that carpenter will be a "hottie" and make it all worth it!

shawkl said...

Day of the Dead...Freeky! I'd rent the room anyway if I really needed a room...then cover all of the art work with fabric pieces! Hugs!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Someday, someday, I'm going to get to Round Top. My daughter in law went this past week when I was out of town, and she and her friends had a blast!

Debby said...

I love this room except for those pictures. I notced one before you even mentioned it. No, I wouldn't stay there. No way. Too bad because the room is adorable.
Somehow i missed this post. I have been missing some lately. Don't know whether I am not keeping up or I am just missing them. We need to talk again and catch up. xo

Cherrie said...

I'm with you I don't like the day of the dead either. But every thing else looks great!