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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grandma's Can Ride Mechanical Bulls Too!

Tonight I just had to catch up with you. Can you believe I am once again so far behind in blogging. My thoughts and prayers have been with all of you so affected by the storms. My friend over at his great site wrote a post about the hardships their community and state are going through. If you have a chance go by and read this post written by Gorges Smythe and tell him hello from me. I have to say after reading this I knew that I had no problems whats so ever.

My first big excuse for not being the friend I want to be is my landlady showed up Sunday evening with her over night bag and is still here. She was kind enough to realize how much work I had trying to fix the pink house up after the nasty stinky renters moved out and decided she should come and help me clean. Trust me You really don't want to hear the gory details of our cleaning this house. 

My other excuse is I am sitting here tonight with a my big back end on a pillow and my foot propped up on another one. You see my John Deere blew a Behring the other day and I actually was thrown around on that darn tractor just like I was riding a mechanical bull. 

It seems somehow the behring  that I guess holds the mowing deck together broke and since this deck is under the tractor it was a loud noise that I thought sounded like an explosion and then all of sudden instead of mowing I was being tossed every which way and something was hitting the bottom of my feet which was causing me great agony. I somehow came to my senses and turned the key off. 

For one minute I really thought I was a goner. It was terrifying to not know what was going on but I seriously thought something had blown up. My bucket list was flying through my mind.

I managed to get off of it and never even looked back to see if anything was left of the tractor. After the ride it had just given me I really did not care if it was laying on the ground in a thousand pieces. All I knew was I had to get home and get my boots off just in case my feet started swelling. 

My girlfriend Sharon came by and looked at the foot that I thought got most of the hits and told me she thought it was just heavily bruised.  I finally went out and looked at the tractor and OMG it was something how much that big ole thing tore the heck out of the tractor. Bent everything that could of been bent. 

The steel gas petal and brake were bent all to heck which I guess was one reason my foot was hurting so bad. 

When the guy from John Deere picked it up he could not believe how damaged it was. He told me how lucky I was that I did not loose a foot or leg. I had no idea it was that bad.

Well now a week later I have so much pain in the other foot that I thought was not hurt. It feels like it is broken but I really think it was just bruised or sprang-ed badly. I think since my landlady is here and we are working like dogs that it just aggravated it. 

She may be 77 years old but she can work circles around me. I mean her feet hit the floor at 6am and we don't stop until 7 or 8pm. I tried to explain to her that I keep a blog and I need time for it but she gave me that very same look I gave her on our trip to Charleston to the GOP debates when she would do something crazy. I just pray that Ms Pearl remembers that she is a guest here and to please treat her like one.

Not sure when she is going back home. Every day she comes up with a list a mile long for things to do the next day. I am starting to feel my age and right now as I am writing my eyes are closing and my head is nodding. lol

So hope these excuses fly and that I am forgiven for not writing. I do think of you often and wonder if your okay. If your ever in this area I will let you ride the ole John Deere.

Sweet Dreams


sjmcdowell said...

Dear Sweet Maggie,

The Lord was with you girlfriend!! OMGoodness you had a wild ride on that tractor!! I praise the Lord that you are ok!! Keep your foot up as much as possible and Ice it as much as possible! Also get an x-ray just to be sure it is alright!!
Have your landlady pay for the x-ray while she is there.
Gee between me and you we are keeping the Lord mighty busy these days!!!
I will be saying prayers for you dear Maggie.

God Bless you Maggie,


Marla and Steve said...

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie,

Girlfriend. I'm so sorry about the pains, but you make it all sound so funny. You certainly live life on the wild side. :)

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, It sounds as though you were very lucky my friend. It probably did feel like riding a mechanical bull for sure. I would have gone flying off. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to have your feet x-ray to be on the safe side. It is not fun when you hurt and you can't live on pain medication. I am thankful that you were hurt worse. Try to rest. Hugs and prayers from your Missouri Friend.

Paula said...

Oh wow girl, I'm so glad you aren't hurt worse and it was bad enough. Were your nasty renters on all the government programs like John's were?

Forty Pound Sack said...

Oh, honey, I will write you a doctor's note for you to put your feet up and have some sweet tea. I'm not a doctor but I play one in my head, LOL. Hope you feel better and seriously, please take some rest.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Just get to feeling better and rest when you can. Your guest sounds like a real slave driver lol..
Dont try to fool us either- that was prolly the most exciting ride you've had in years- wink wink giggle.

Thinking of You and sending Healing energy your way and for goodness sakes~
Let's Be Careful Out There~!

luv ya bunches

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh my gosh, Maggie ~ never a dull moment! : ) I think she'd at least take it easy on you for being attacked by the mower. I hope your bruises get to feeling better soon.

acorn hollow said...

I will say one thing for you your life is never dull. Glad you are ok and pray your pains go away soon.

Olga said...

One adventure after another for you, sounds like. I just went to a birthday party for my friend's mother who turned 92. She runs circles around my friend, who is actually very active herself. Keeping busy has to be good for one's health...but so is resting and taking care of injuries. Take care.

Anonymous said...

How insulting, Paula! I assume YOU have never been at a point of needing assistance? Housecleaning for millionaires, I learned about filth, especially hidden filth!

I don't think you should lump filth and government assistance programs together as a matter of course. Shame on you. Think before you speak for some day you may be in the position of needing assistance OR possibly even living in filth because of physical disability.

dulcy said...

Well Hello Maggie! Sorry I've been MIA for so long..... haven't been blogging or checking blogs lately, bit of a summer break. Your poor foot (and tractor!). You need to be careful girl and not get too involved with all that cleaning. Cleaning can be very dangerous!! So, I try to stay away from that activity as much as I can get by with....

PoetessWug said...

I think I'll leave the John Deere riding to you!! ^_^ I'm glad you didn't lose a leg!

Debby said...

Oh my gosh, what a weird thing to happen Glad that you are okay, I do think you were lucky. Keep an eye on that foot. You could have a blood clot......sorry to mention that.....but seriously go to the doctor if it keeps hurting.
Take it easy and tell that 77 year old to slow down/

Arkansas Patti said...

Can't believe she is making you work while you are recovering from that bizarre JD attack. Maybe you need a doctor's excuse for at least light duty. I agree with Debby, get it checked. Your LL should pay for it since her machine did the damage. Feel better soon gal.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...


Have x-rays taken, and find out exactly what got hurt, when that ding-dang thing blew up on/under you!

I don't care a hoot, if your landlady is hanging around, and wants to keep going, from morning to night.

You have to live in YOUR BODY, after she goes home. And if you allow her to rope you into hurting yourself more, by all this cleaning crap.......


Will she come back and take care of you and do all you have to do, each day???????????????

Please..... Stop denying pain. Please.....

"Auntie sezzzzzz..." :-)

gpc said...

My goodness, Mr. Deere doesn't sound like such a hunk to me right now! You won't find me climbing on anytime soon. I am so glad you are okay, it could have been so much worse. But your friends are right, get those feet checked out! Next time stick to the bull riding; at least they serve drinks there! :)

shawkl said...

Oh my! Now, Maggie...don't you worry about us...we'll still be here when your feet stop hurting. And, I'm sorry for laughing so hard thinking of you riding that tractor...when you were hurt. I tried not to laugh...but, just could not help myself. Hope you are all better in a week...with a sparkling clean pink house too! Wish I could just move in it and keep you company...we could sure get into some trouble I bet!
Hugs, Kathy

Sharon said...

I agree that you need to have the pain in foot checked out.
After that ride you took I would not worry either about how many parts it was in.
take care and don't work to hard and I will always be here when you have time to blog again.

Sybil said...

I am so glad that you were not hurt more than you were...what an coudl only happen to you LOL
Hope that you get to settle down sometime soon...
take carex
love sybil xx

Sheri Burg, aka. Gardening Girl PB said...

So glad you weren't seriously hurt! You must have some good juju surrounding you Maggie! Glad to hear your posting again. :) Speedy recovery to you!

Best Wishes,


Lisalulu said...

What a wicked ride!! may, you really DO need to rest your feet, so sorry you have to work so hard on top of all that (I know can't let an 'old lady' show you up!! wink). My thoughts are with you~!

yaya said...

I'm glad you got off that thing in one piece! Sometimes sprains take more time to heal than fractures and are more painful. Take care of yourself and don't worry about blog land, we'll be here when you are up to it again! Take it easy or that foot won't ever heal!

Cherrie said...

I hope she goes home soon so you can rest! :)

I visited my parents stop by and see their pictures :) I'm so happy

Tam said...

Thank you Maggie for letting me come by your lovely home yesterday. I realize after meeting your landlady that I should of not imposed on you it was bad timing.
You were a tremendous help with setting up my blog but now I have to gather up the courage and take the big leap and post.
Hubby was thrilled he got to fish in the pond. He claims a big catfish bent his hook and got a way.
I hope your life gets back to normal soon I could tell yesterday u were strung out pretty tight with everything she has you doing and then to have me come by.
Thanks ever so much for having us

Jennifer Richardson said...

Any woman who knows her way
around a tractor
is a braveheart in my book:)
give yourself lots of
gentle tlc as you mend.
Sending some love and
healing hugs,

Sue said...

Sorry you were hurt, glad it wasn't worse, and hope you are well soon!



Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I am so glad you weren't hurt! That could have been a real disaster.

Hang in there and try and beat the heat!



Chatty Crone said...

I am behind too! sandie

Lucinha said...

Good night!Do not know how I got on your blog!I offer my friendship and my award.I'll be happy to receive it in dreams and affection.Kisses

Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. Glad you came out of that accident ok. Hope the house gets put back together soon. Good luck.

Darlene said...

I don't think I would ever want to ride the old John Deere, no thanks. I can't imagine that something like this would happen. You certainly haven't had it long enough to have it go out so badly. You were very blessed that you weren't hurt even more. It's bad when your feet hurt, isn't it? Mine have recently (a couple of months) just started to hurt like H... I can't seem to find anything that helps. I guess it is all part of my nerve damage problem.

I sure hate to think of you working and moving around so much with your feet hurting so bad. You should take Susan's advice and stay off your feet and elevate them as much and and oten as you can. I can hardly walk at all on mine and I do have to keep them elevated.

I can't understand why your landlady has been working you so hard. Couldn't she tell that you were hurting? I think it might not be a bad idea for you to get Xrays. Do you have health insurance?

Love you Maggie.....Be Careful, please.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You have to be more careful. So sorry for what you are going through and glad you didn't get hurt even more. Your landlady sounds like a real go getter.
Take care and God bless.

Kat said...

Ugg I do hate pain. You're so very brave! enjoy a new week! Hugs

GerryART said...

OMG ! ! !
Maggie, I'm still gasping and holding my heart.
Life is so precious. Karma must have been on your side this time. This could have been a terrible, terrible event. Like you don't already know it.
Luck, Fate, whatever. You are on the good side of it.
Wouldn't blame you if you took up The Drink. Then you wouldn't give a Fig for anything. Except a huge Hangover when you came to your senses.
I'll stop rambling to gather my wits - -
Positive Thoughts and Energies sent your way, Sweet Friend
hugs ♥♥♥

NitWit1 said...

Although I may be in Texas next spring, I pass on the John Deer ride. My Dad had a John Deere, the old crank to start type. I thought his back would break just starting that ornery piece of equipment, but he was quite proud of it

I'm a city girl from the start. this farm stuff I try to ignore Hope your tush and foot are getting much better..

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I've never heard of anything like this happening to someone. It's a good thing you didn't fall off and the thing run over you! Take care of your foot!! :)

Julia said...

Hello sweet Maggie.
I haven't forgotten about you. All of last week my internet connection was acting badly and although I read your blog, I couldn't leave any comment. My connection would fail before I had time to finish commenting. I managed to leave a few short comments on a few blogs and it was very frustrating. Both my husband were just too busy to be around the office for the technician and he was busy too to come in the evening.

It's funny that we have a sit on lawnmower called TORO and a big bull at the farm that I call BIG BOY.

I appreciate you coming over to my blog. I've been so darn busy that I haven't blogged for a while either. There is so much blogger fodder but no time to share.

I'm really looking forward to putting my feet up and sipping on a cold beer one of these day.

I'm never too busy to pray for your son and brother's healing. I also pray for Donna and Leontien who are blogger friends fighting cancer and there are many more on my growing list.

I hope that your foot is feeling better and that there is no permanent damage done. Is the tractor fixed?

Take care sweet friend.
Hugs, JB