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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Time!

Well can you believe it was in the 80's here today. I feel like I am sunburned on my face.
Wanted to show you that Spring is showing her beautiful self around the North Forty.

Someone else is showing part of her face too. This is Momma Kitty that lives out side.
She would love to be a inside cat but Tinkerbell would die if I brought another pet inside.

I love these daisies. Their Marguerite's. Named after me I suppose.

Here I planted an assortment of flowers.

Remember the hydrangea's I was  telling you about that is dangerous to cats. Well I took your advice and planted them anyway.  My lavender is barely blooming. I don't think I have it where it gets enough sun.

Another pot of different flowers mostly geraniums. I love a lot of color even in the yard.
As you can see in the first picture the ole farm house needs a coat of paint along with the front porch.
I know the porch will get a coat but I don't know about the house.

Spring can sometimes bring other things besides flowers. This is one reason I am so far behind with blogging.

This is one of the four huge trees that were lost last month.

 It just fell over one day after a really hard rain. I guess the drought this summer was to much for it.
Another big tree just missed the back shed where I park the tractors.

My brother Gary and I have been working really hard to get these removed. We only have a little left of the fourth one that fell. So I guess we have done pretty good for two oldies. He though is a lot younger than me.
Remember last year when I ask for all your prayers for him while he was going through Throat Cancer.  Well he did good for almost a year and then just a week ago he found out it has come back but they seem to think they have found it in time. He will though have to have surgery again with radiation and in the hospital for ten days. I was just so surprised because he was doing so good. So now we are working until way after dark every night so he can get this all done before his surgery.

Update on my son. He will see the doctor Monday to find out what their going to do about his troubles with his kidneys. Sure appreciate all the prayers you have been lifting up to heaven for him.

I was going to do a post tonight about how I am loosing my mind but I thought you might want to see flowers instead. hahaha....Seriously I realized today that I have really been talking to myself a lot the last few weeks and then today while mowing the North Forty I noticed I was even answering myself. My friend Janie told me tonight that she heard answering yourself was not good. Boy did I die laughing when she said that to me.

Gary said today that their already setting up the tents out at the Warrenton/Round Top Show so I guess that means I am going to have to take off at least one day and go junk hunting. Gary lives out in Round Top and gets caught every year in the thousands of cars that go down the roads to the show.

Just this morning I noticed going by the North Forty lot's of U-Hauls so I knew that was where they were headed. Thousands of vendors from all over the US and it last for two weeks. One of my favorite things to do twice a year.

A ole friend of mine that use to work at the prison with me saw my story about Warden Roy and she called me last night. Pat was a Correctional Officer too and the inmates called her Ma Tuttle. I asked her to tell me some of her funny stories and she laughed really hard and said most of them I could not write about on here. She told me about the first night she worked a dorm and she caught a inmate choking his chicken. I have to tell you I fell out of the bed laughing when she said that. Pat never was one for holding back. I told her that happened to me more than once too but she said, "Well I bet you didn't send them down the hall naked to talk to the Shift Lt." She had me there. I never did do that. haha
 It was fun laughing with Pat last night. She called to check on Clint and we ended up talking for an hour.

Another surprise phone call this week too from our blogging friend Debby from Cozy Blanket. I loved talking with Debby. Her voice is as beautiful as she is. It was our first time to talk on the phone but it was like I knew her forever. What a wonderful world of blogging!

OK I must go to bed. It is late and you are bored by now. lol

Sweet Dreams


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Maggie,

So glad that the weather is warming up where you are and love all the beautiful flowers in your gorgeous garden. I think Spring time is the best season of the year.
My prayers are with your brother, so sorry to hear about his health issues and will be hoping for better health again.

Have a lovely weekend

joanne said...

no way could we ever be bored coming here! As always I send my best wishes and prayers to Clint and Gary, OMG so much going on. Your beautiful flowers give me a smile, Spring is far from coming to these parts. We were at the ocean yesterday and got five inches of gah. take care Miss Maggie and get a good nights rest. love, love, love.

Pat said...

Your flowers are lovely...just be sure to keep the hydrangeas well watered...they need lots when it's hot!

Sending prayers for your brother and son. Hope both are healthy soon.

Debbie said...

Your flowers are beautiful!!Flowers are not blooming here yet, but the temps are sure nice.

You boring?? LOL.. No way!!!I so love your blog and you Ms. Maggie. I love your stories, pics and everything you have to say.

I am praying for your son and your brother. I pray all goes well with them both.

About going crazy. I talk to myself all the time!! LOL. And answer sometimes too!! LOL.

God Bless~

Carolyn said...

Yep, spring sure has sprung in Texas. The hydrangeas grow to great heights planted in the ground. Neighbor has a white bloomer that turned into a tree! An amazing sight it is! Did you know a nail put in the ground beside a hydrangea will change the color of the blooms? The iron, you know.

Your lavender has blooms already! Mine isn't peeking from the soil yet - but soon. I plan to start some cuttings this year from it. I "adore" lavender because it keeps on smelling for years. Hope to make sachets this year.

Your work with the trees cost thousands of $ here. Hope you are adequately compensated for all that work you are doing there. Do be cautious/careful, girl. I think you are overdoing it.

Know that your family is in my petitions, Maggie.

Bored? Don't be silly. Your blog is a highlight for me. Actually, as you say, "tickles me pink" seeing a new post.

acorn hollow said...

we are warming up to but not quite to flowers we still have snow on the ground. you always have good stories.
prayers for your son and your brother a lot on your plate right now.

NitWit1 said...

When I lived in Texas I heart rumors you never wanted to go to the a Texas prison facility because it was not a shoe-in for free TV and upkeep. Guess that what keep me near the "straight and narron--hah hah.

There is some kind on correctional facilty in Brownwood.

Olga said...

The flowers are gorgeous, but I mus say "Boring" is not a word I'd ever apply to your blog.
My prayers will include your brother and son. There is so much kidney disease in my husband's family (they have a genetic disorder) that we have a kidney hotline.

Arkansas Patti said...

Know what you mean about the warmth. Broke a sweat yesterday digging rose holes.
Will add your brother to my prayer list, Clint is all ready there.
Never quite heard of it as choking his chicken. Funny and new to me.
As for talking to your self, that is why I have Mighty. He is a good cover. I usually add, "you cute little rescal" to the end of all sentences---just incase someone sneaks up on me. He keeps me institution free.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

You may be a lot of things, sweetie, but boring is not one of them!

Hope all your family health issues are resolved soon so you can enjoy your summer with less stress. We are pretty far out from spring, but I am already on the prowl for some geraniums for my deck!



Sharon said...

Prayers for your son and brothers.
My niece is having open heart surgery on Friday.
I love the photos and glad that the tree missed the shed.

Kim said...

Hey Maggie,
Those flowers are beautiful but I admit to being a teeny bit jealous. We won't see blooms like that until July. (Yes, there is still snow on the ground today)
I hope all goes well for your son and brother. They are still in my prayers (as are you)
Hugs, Kim

Tam said...

Maggie dear I think your flowers are you! Look at all the pinks.
Their really pretty and makes me want to go our our local Lowe's store and buy some myself.
I keep telling hubby we are going to Warrenton and he said, Only if we meet Maggie there. See I told you he was in love with you.
So I guess I will send you an email and see if you would show us around.
Will continue all my prayers for your son. I remembered last year when your brother was going through all of his treatments. I hate to hear this about him.
Sometimes Maggie I worry you have too much on your plate. Good thing you have all these sweet blogger friends praying for you.
Choking the chicken is too darn funny! My hubby choked on his breakfast taco when I read him your post.
You of course now have to write about those experiences.
Boring just does not come to mind when I think of Grandma Yellow Hair or Maggie or Ms Pearl.
Always your friend

Sue said...

Loved the gorgeous spring pics but was sorry to hear that your brother will have another go-round with radiology, etc.

Now I will be praying for your son and your brother. And for you, too, of course. You have a lot going on in your family, and I know how much you love them.

BTW, I am more grateful than ever before that I have never worked in a prison.


PEA said...

Hello dear Maggie:-)

I can't even fathom having temps in the 80's in March! I need to move up your way! lol We are actually having quite a mild spell over here, today it's gone up to 59F and that's very unusual for this time of year. Our snow is melting like crazy...usually it's April before it does that. Hard to believe that just last week we had so much snow!!

All of your flowers are just gorgeous, love the colours. I won't be seeing those type of flowers blooming until at least June or July around here!

I am so sorry to hear that your brother's throat cancer has come back but it sounds like the doctors found it early so praying that they can heal him again!! As for your son, praying that he'll soon have an answer from the doctors.

Yup, they do say it's ok to talk to yourself but not ok if you answer yourself too. Oh well, I do both so we're both in trouble! LOL

I can well imagine the stories Pat could tell you, that's hilarious about "choking his chicken"! hehe

Take good care of yourself my friend and have a wonderful weekend. I'd love to go junking with you:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sweet Maggie what gorgeous flowers around your place. Mama cat is lookin' good she has a sweet face.

I am so sorry to hear that Gary has to have surgery and the radiation again...I hope they have caught it early enough this time he won't have to go through as much this time.

Will keep praying for Clint and will add Gary to the list now. I sure hope there is good news for Clint.

Happy you got to talk with Debby and your other friend.

Keeping you and all your family in my prayers sweet Maggie but extra ones for you, Gary and Clint. Love and hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful flowers...prayers for your brother and son!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Sending prayers for your brother and son...I'm behind on my reading but trying to catch up.

So glad you had such nice phone visits.

Maggie honey, you could never be boring!

Jennifer Richardson said...

March has outdone herself,
for sure!
It's been a delicious beauty.
Wishing you 10 healthy trees
for each of those lovely older
ones you lost
and bright shiny muchness
to all of your sunny self:)

Julia said...

Oh Maggie, I'm still lagging behind my blogger friends.
I've been so tired because of the time change. It takes me about a week to recuperate.

I've been keeping your son Clint in my prayers and will add your brother gary to. I'm so sorry that his throat cancer has returned. I'm also sorry that you have to deal with all those big fallen trees.

Your flowers are so pretty. I can't wait till the snow is all gone and the first blooms appears.In the mean time I'll enjoy my blogger friends' flowers who live in warmer climate.

It's so nice that you got to talk with your old girl friend from work. Sending my love. Hugs. JB

Julia said...

Sorry about the typo. It should read Gary. JB

Garden of Egan said...

Oh the colors of the flowers and beauty took my breath away.
We're in the dreariest of dreary right now.
That fed my soul.

Sorry about the tree.

So very sorry about Gary.
Hope you son gets some good news.

Hugs my friend.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sorry about you losing the trees. That sort of thing always bugs an old sawmill man like me. Maybe a neighbor can saw you some lumber from them.

Gypsy Heart said...

The flowers are gorgeous! So very sorry about the trees. I just hate to lose them...especially the huge old ones.

Just know that we're all praying for you, your son and your brother. There is great power in collective prayer my friend!

Love your stories ~

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

What beautiful signs of spring you've pictured Maggie! I pray that the warmth and promise of spring will also bring hope to your dear son and brother Gary. I'll keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

spring is looking beautiful and so thankful for the protecting hand of God ....Happy Saturday

Sweet Tea said...

I would have to sleep outside amidst those beautiful flowers if they belonged to me. Gorgeous!!

So sorry about your brother and your son. Thankful for a healing God and modern medicine. Keep us posted and be sure to take care of yourself. Those are some heavy worries!

Tracy said...

Maggie, you have so much going on...your brother Gary and your son are in my thoughts and prayers. We have to believe that all will work out.I love the photos of the flowers; especially the kitty's face :) hey, those trees are gorgeous-too bad they didn't survive the storms.
take good care of yourself my and hugs!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

So glad that you can take time to enjoy your flowers in the midst of all that is troubling in your life right now. Someday, someday---I am going to make it to Round Top. I've always wanted to go!

yaya said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I love tons of color in my yard too, but I will have to wait until May to plant. It's just too risky with the chance of frost until then. Even though it was 79 here yesterday! That is very weird weather for Ohio in March! Hope all goes well for Gary and I'll keep him in my prayers too. Have a good week Maggie!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Maggie, I love your flowers! I have some daffodils blooming, and I love them, but I can't wait for more color.

Prayers for your son ~

Cherrie said...

Your posts never bore us. Sending prayers for Gary and Clint.
Beautiful flowers.

Chatty Crone said...

I will pray for your brother so let us know how he does. I love your flowers - gorgeous. And that tree- we have had that happen too! Love, sandie

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, thanks so much for coming my blog. I'm sending you a short email. Much love. JB

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I will definitely be including you and your family in my prayers!
Love the blooms but so sorry about those trees! I think it is always so sad to see a tree that has been around for so many years , be destroyed.
Thanks so much for your visit and very kind comments!!


Laura said...

Hi Maggie-
I enjoyed every word of this post.
It was like reading a letter from a friend.

I pray for better health for your brother and son.

We are all living life on life's terms, aren't we?

White Spray Paint
Maybe I'll see you at Round Top!