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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mini Me!

How are you?  I know that many of you are going through some really difficult times right now and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.  Remember I am only a phone call or email away.

Warrenton Antique Show..

I have been mowing on the North Forty so much since I last posted that seems to be all I do lately. So tired that I crawl to the bathtub.

The other day I was visiting Anni from Hootin Anni's Site and while leaving her a comment I noticed that in her side bar she had the cutest button for being a Blogazine Guest on my site. The button looked  like a Women's Magazine and if you click it on it brings you to her post that she did for me. How cool is that and how Anni did you do that button? I was thrilled when I saw it and what's funny is I get lots of hits on this particular post.

So who is going to be my next Guest? I have had several write and say they were thinking about it. What about You? I started this Blogazine Guest post so we could all get to know each other. Truth is I love it myself because I really learn things about you I never knew. Now don't wait to be invited just send your story and pic to me and you will soon be famous. lol....Like Anni and so many others. Oh by the way Anni I went to my Blogazine Guest Page and I remember putting you on there but for some odd reason you were not there. As of two days ago you were so sorry I did not notice you missing on there. Is anyone else not on there that I need to fix. Just let me know. Also if you have already been a guest you are certainly welcome to post another story.

The Warrenton/Round Top Show has started. As you know it is one of the biggest shows around for antiques and junk. Fourteen miles of tents and vendors. Sharon and I went out for only a few hours on Sunday.

There were only a fourth of the tents set up. I am guessing by this Thursday it will probably be going at full speed. I told Sharon if either one of us bought anything the other one needs to slap them. Neither one of us needs any more stuff in our houses. Sharon has so much stuff she has two beautiful houses full. hahaha. Actually I need to get her permission to do a post about her new old house she moved into Round Top and completely remodeled. It is a house right out of a magazine. Unbelievable how pretty she is fixing it up.

 Anyway she broke a record before we even got out of the parking lot good , she bought from the very first vendor we came to. This adorable picture caught her eye so it has a new home now.

I teased her about setting a record for buying something so fast. It was the right price so at least she did not have far to carry it to the car. lol

She found a beautiful stained glass piece that she has to go back for and a cute blouse. I was pretty good. We each bought the prettiest hanging baskets of strawberries. Their blooming already and I can't wait to see if they produce.

Remember the Oliver family that I grew up with and sometimes I do a post of our girly weekends.. Well Ruby called me the other day asking me about how Clint and how he was doing. Then she started making me blush because she brought up my blog and how much she enjoyed reading it. She said she tells her brother Oscar and sister Bonnie that they should read my stories.  Ruby said that she needs to learn how to comment on my site.

Before we hung up we decided to our girly outing at Warrenton so that is planned for the 4th of April.

Isn't it fun to have friends like this call and tell you they read your site. I too hear from my college friend Maxine a lot and she reads my blog too. I try to behave on here knowing that they read it.  I told Ruby if it weren't for my family reading this I could really get crazy on here with my life stories. She laughed and said well then you should just start a new blog and be sure and let her know the name of it. hahaha

On one of my sleepless nights it dawned on me that my cat Tinkerbell is a mini me. I realized how much we have in common.

 Let's see we both can act plum crazy at times, food is never far from our thoughts, which has lead to us both being overweight. It seems that we have our nights and days mixed up. She can give some really strange looks. Almost like she is asking have you lost your freak in mind and believe me  I too have the same look.  When we do sleep We both snore. I have noticed here lately we even wobble when we walk. It seems a lot of times we both eat our meals standing up. She runs when someone knocks on the door. If I could I would do the same thing.  When you rub her neck she purrs really loud...I would probably do that too but no one to rub my neck for me. Isn't there a saying you start to look and act like your pets after living with them for a while or is that your spouse..

Well enough of my nonsense. You have more to do today than listen to my thoughts about Mini Me.
Hope you are having a wonderful week. Wish you were here for the big Antique show.

Love to all


acorn hollow said...

I wish I were there for the antiques also but I would need someone to give me a big wad of money to take with me.

Tina Eudora said...

Yep Maggie you are right that it has been a tough year around these parts at least, but I have found that out of the "tough times" comes lots of courage building opportunities and determination (which I sorely needed). I have wanted to be a "blogazine" guest for forever and I PROMISE I am working on a short piece to send you soon.
Oh how I wish I could be there for that art and craft show!!! I would be in pig-poop heaven!
Be careful mowing that North 40, we need you so don't wear yourself out!
I will write to you later today and would love to talk on the phone someday!
Your bloggy friend...Tina xo

Olga said...

An antiques fair is always a fun way to spend some time--even if it's just looking like I mostly do.
I loved the observations about you and Tinkerbell.

yaya said...

I would love to rummage through that place! I also don't need one more thing in my house, and in fact I'm trying to get rid of stuff, but it would be fun to do the "just looking" routine. I did break my no mowing rule in March last week but with our temps in the 20's last night I think I will be good until April now! You've got me looking at my cat and wondering if I'm taking on some of her traits..hmmmmm....

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You are so funny, Maggie! You're not coughing up hair balls, are you? : ) That has to be a lot of fun to go look around the market. There is something here I want to go to, but I'm not real familiar with the state yet, so I have to look it up. I do know they have the Country Living Fair here but that is in either August or September. I'm looking forward to that!

Carolyn said...

Looking is fine, yet I'm a Past Sucker for buying - I want it All. Today I HAVE to stay away. No spot to put anything else - hoarding, I believe it is called. There comes a time when collecting becomes a problem. Still, I want to go to this wonderful beautiful many-miles antique show!

Sure hope your brother and son are doing better. Life is short and erratic - embrace them tightly.

Did you enter the give-away on Hungry Hook Primitives? Please mention me and my site so I too get a chance to win a Margie creation.

Today is tolerable, Maggie. Learning stoicism and acceptance - only path left for me to walk.

Fruit comes after flowering, most always. Wish my 4 yr apple tree would flower!

Ha, I didn't think one could hear Self snore!

Anonymous said...

This year is on an upswing for me with as of now 2 years Cancer Free!! Yeah!!
Our Flea Markets haven't started yet. Not until around Memorial Day. Yardsales are then too!!
Enjoy the Day!!

Julia said...

Hi there Maggie, I love the quote by Anna Freud but sometime a person need to look to a friend to realize that the strength is within.

I've been to one antique estate sale and I came out of there wanting to buy beautiful pieces of furniture but the price was so high that I just decided to be satisfied with my old stuff.

I wondering if I'm starting to look like some of my calves. I'm moooving along... Have a nice week. Hugs. JB

Paula said...

I try to stay away from all those places selling neat things. I DO NOT NEED ANYTHING! Liked you comparing yourself to your cat. Gave me a laugh I needed this morning and I love cats.

Arkansas Patti said...

The only way I can visit a place like that is to take no money. My house is just too darn small.
You might have a point about mini you. Mighty and I are the same age in equivilant years and yes we do have some of the same characteristics. Sure am glad I didn't get a pig for a pet.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

But, Maggie, I LOVE hearing your thoughts about your mini-me! I hope Clint and Christi are both doing well and you're sounding pretty chipper today.

It IS nice to get phone calls or emails from family and friends about blog posts though I got a frantic call from my brother about five minutes after I posted the "Seven Things New Parents Want Us to Know" post a few weeks back. He really liked it, but was a little shocked that all 7 points were complaints he and his wife had made to me about a very troublesome family friend. I only mentioned her directly in the beginning, but they recognized her transgressions throughout. I offered to take it down and he said "No, no, no! It will help us discuss this all with her." And I guess it has. Some neighbors tip toe around me and sometimes ask "If I tell you this, it won't end up on your blog, will it?" And I have to promise silence and discretion.

Nezzy said...

What fun it would be to go on an antique adventure with ya sweet gal! I've got a feelin' we'd need us a chaperone though. I think we could stir up some trouble. Heeehehehehe!!!

I got a hoot and a half outta the Maggie vs. Tinkerbell comparison.

Good friends and true treasures on this earth, they are to be cherished!

God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a most beautiful day! :o)

Tam said...

Just sent you an email. My hubby has agreed to take me to Warrenton so I want to meet you.
We can have lunch!
I laughed so hard at the comments left you especially the one about hair balls.
Take care friend

Garden of Egan said...

The antique show looks like some serious fun and could do some serious damage to the wallet.

I love the windows!

Your kitty sounds like a wonderful Mini-you!

Shirley said...

Maggie, I have enjoyed your post tonight and you always manage to give me a chuckle when I really need it. I have heard so much about Warrenton that I would like to go just once, but I don't know if I would be content just to look. Outdoors and wheelchairs don't get along to well. We do go to an antique mall every now and then. Have a great day. Hugs from Your Missouri Friend.


Oh sweet mother of have one HUGE place to peruse and see all the merchandise that you can buy, buy, buy. I think I'd have to bring a U-haul with me if I were to go. Love the 1st purchase of the day. That's a painting/poster of ME. LOL

I wish I COULD go with you.

As for you and your cat. What? No litter box use then? [kidding of course]...Speaking of waddling...oh heck, I do that too, just like our cats. What else is there to do...I can't get around too well on all four, so I waddle on TWO feet.

Luvya bunches.
Hope you're having a wonderful Spring. Around here, it's getting a bit hot already, but I like it.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Maggie, I just love reading your posts! And flea markets are so much FUN!!!

Julia said...

Hi dear Maggie. Thanks for checking up on me. I was wondering why you were checking up on me and went back to read my comment on your blog and geeezz.... I sounded kind of pathetic, lol. I think that I was just trying to be funny or witty or something, me and my sense of humor...

I've been so busy trying to get everything done before leaving for my annual Fiber Art Retreat with my daughter and her friend this weekend. I'm driving and it's a 6 hour drive and I'm thinking " my poor back"
I'm thankful that my son will take over my chores for me while I'm gone.

Got 2 new calves this week.
I've been wanting to post on my blog but never seem to have enough time to upload those pictures. I check other blogs and before I know it's bed time.
I had an AGM to go to last evening and got home late.
Take care Maggie. Love, JB

Sue said...

I really enjoyed your post today, Maggie. You do a better job of chatting about a little bit of everything than anyone else I know! And keeping it interesting, too!!


yaya said...

Hi Maggie, I did send you an email, just letting you know!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oh how I've always wanted to go to Round Top for the antique fair. Someday, someday....I'm going to get there. Lucky you, living so close. Must be so tempting!

dulcy said...

Hello Dear Maggie!

So sorry I haven't been here in awhile. Your post is so refreshing and fun! Isn't wild when you find out people are reading your blog that you had simply no idea about?! I substituted at school the other day, and one of the teachers told me how her mother just loves reading my blog and checks in everyday. I mean I was just sooo honored! You just never know whose out here in cyberspace reading about your life..... Very small world indeed!

Donna said...

I love each and every one of your newsy posts!! Makes me feel like the girl next door sitting having lemonade chatting with you across the fence! Thank you this week for being "there" for me! You have helped me get through a difficult week and I thank you Maggie!! I think I should be the one up with Tink tonight because I've sure been sleepless in Seattle too. Maybe we'll both see Mr. Sandman tonight!! Thanks again!!!