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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When In Doubt Look Up!

I owe you an apology and since I could not sleep tonight after my hard day at therapy I thought what better way to use the time than to write you.

When I read Julia's comment tonight which by the way Julia I appreciate your honesty. I thought what have I done by putting these chapters on my site and offending my friends. That of course was not my intentions at all and I hope you can forgive me.

In all honesty before I started writing this tonight I looked up at my shelf above my desk and the first thing I see and read is the saying When In Doubt Look Up! I have had this for a long time and should of course live by it more often. Especially before writing a post.

First let me explain something that I should of explained before I showed these chapters. The rest of the book is not like the first chapter. It is about a young man that discovered things about his father that led him to do horrible things. The other characters in the book are just normal people like ourselves (if I can put myself in that category) and there is even romance but the holding hand kind so far.

Actually the book I am working on now is not this one and it is about a young girl coming to our country from Germany and the hardships she and her family suffer through out her life.

I knew the consequience's of showing these chapters and I think now that I was wrong because I would not ever want to offend anyone and I have for that I am sorry.

Back to bed now my therapy comes early and they are really working me hard and yes Ms. Pearl almost came out today because of how much they were putting us through. lol

When I was looking for a picture to use for this post I could not find one that fit and my camera was not near by to take the picture of my saying over the desk so when I feel down I always turn to Mary Ellen's work and this is one of her paintings. M. E. is what we called her and what a blessings she was in my life.

Sweet dreams


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Maggie,

Hope that your week is going well.
The work of Mary Ellen is lovely, looks so summery.

Take care and sending hugs

Kathie said...

I wasn't offended at all. I am an adult if I begin to read anything that offends me when I'm online I just move along. I thought it was very generous for you to share something so personal as part of a book you are writing. Writing is such a sensitive thing and very few people know how to share.
Sometimes its just best to blow things off Maggie! Blow it off. You don't owe anyone an apology.

Julia said...

Dear Maggie, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I appreciate it so much.

You have not offended me. Like Katie, I'm an adult and I choose what I read.
However , since you wanted an honest opinion, I gave mine and it's only an opinion. To each his own.

You are still my friend and really, I'm not prudish but like I said, I choose what I read to suit my taste only.

Have a great day Maggie. Hugs JB

Anonymous said...

Hope the rest of your week goes good. We are getting over a foot of snow as I type this!! Oh well, such is life in the Northeast!!
Have A Happy Day!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

awww ((Maggie)).. all's well, no worries..
As has been stated , we are all adults and read or don't read what we want..
Have a great day~!


Arkansas Patti said...

I know, sometimes I forget I am typing for daytime and occasionally stray into areas that offend some of my readers. Think my nude beach post startled some. I do try to be sensitive but sometimes just forget. If you get too racy for me, I'll just click you off and go take a shower. Julie was honest and may have voiced other's sentiments and she needs to be commended for that. Honesty is priceless.
Keep writing gal.

Becca's Dirt said...

It was so nice of you to stop by and say hi and join my followers. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Hope you're having a good day.

Libbie said...

Sounda like an interesting twist there Mags...about the son finding this out about his Dad. i was one who said I was scared you know but I REALLY wanted you to know that is was because you are just too good! Pregnant ladies have crazy emotions you know :) Keep writing & everyone has different taste so you might scare the pants off of one person & thrill the next! Love your creativity & thanks for the sweet note! No apologies necessary! If anyone doesn't like it...they can skip that part :) I was always too scared to even watch Little house on the Prairie so I would hide behind the couch on the scary parts :) Keep up the good work!!!!

Nezzy said...

Oh for heaven's sake. It was a fictional novel...of course you gonna have some 'heat' in the story. It was well written girl and don't let anyone tell ya any difference.

Granny Walden always said," if ya can't take the heat...get outta the kitchen!!! " Heeheehhe!!

God bless ya'll and have an amazin' day.

....and Maggie...we asked for more...please don't feel bad about it. :o)

she dreams big! said...

Maggie, don't ever apologize for something that is so important to you. We all have posts that others may not like but we felt we had something we needed to say. We all have the option to move on and wait for the next post! This is YOUR blog so write what YOU want!

I'm loving this first chapter. Either version would suck me in. I think you should make a series out of your book on this blog. The Pioneer Woman did that and her book is now published. Forget the other book for now. Finish this one!

Keep writing but most importantly, keep being you!

Hugs ~~ Connie

Sue said...

Your story isn't my genre, Maggie, but your blog sure is!

Love ya.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

just stopping by for a visit today....


Marydon said...

Honey, your writing is fabulous ...

Nezzy said it best ... get outta the kitchen if you can't take the heat. I am open to reading all types of writings.

OK, it had some hot spice in there, but your talent is fabulous & you do NOT want to change or stop ... everyone has an opinion ... if they don't like what they see, just quietly move along.

Connie also made good points.

Now I know you personally, you would NEVER offend anyone ... this is your blog, you do as you wish & anyone that is offended, let them scoot right along to return on another day.

Love you, sugar! You are marvalous!
Huggers, Marydon

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

O.K. Maggie. I must have missed something. Was it good??? :) If it was coming from you I know it was. I guess I will have to do a little snooping and find out what I missed. Sounds like it was so bad that it was good!!! :)
Love you girlie.

Rae said...

Hi Maggie, I was so pleased to see your comment on my blog. Thanks for stopping by. I have a lot of catching up to do here. I have gotten real lax in my commenting and it makes me feel so bad.
I hope your therapy comes along well. I know how tiring it can be, but it is worth it. Good luck to you.

yaya said...

Maggie, what I love about our blogs..that's everyone who has a's OUR blog and what we choose to post about is OK because we own it so to speak. I'm not a big mystery reader either, but I think you need to finish this book! I wish I had courage to print what I would write if I wasn't so afraid of what people would say..hmmmm....did I say that right? Anyway, feel free to write what you want. It's what makes book clubs so fun..everyone's ideas and opinions and the feedback that we all can share.