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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keeping Up!

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For a while now I have been wanting to ask you how you manage to keep up with your blogging. I visit you and you have such wonderful post and picures. You always somehow manage to visit and leave the best comments so what is your secret?

Come on you can share it with me because after all I am sharing some fairie dust with you.

 Just today I found an email in my inbox saying that I had until 6:00PM to respond to a giveaway I had won. Well naturally I found it a day late! I understand bloggers putting a time limit on their giveaways so I have no qualms about that but it reminded me of what I have been wanting to ask you but keep forgetting. How Do you Keep Up?

So do you set certain days of the week aside to blog or do you have certain times everyday. Just trying to figure out how I can get better at visiting you and catching up on whats going on.

Another question do you always leave comments when you visit or do you save time by skipping the hello's?

I know this is a post with a lot of questions! So be kind and play along and tell me your secrets.

Another thing I have been wanting to ask yep another question is  Where is Marla at Always Nesting? I have went by her site to say hello and it is no longer there unless I am doing something wrong. So Marla are you out there blogging and if not I hope your okay. I have missed your visits.

What really amazes me about you is that most of you have children, hubbies, work, school and hobbies yet you turn out the best post. There has to be a secret to it. Now I am repeating myself.

Another friend I have been looking for is Marilyn. I just know a while back she visited and told me she was back to blogging and to come visit her but I can't find the comment. Did I imagine this Marilyn or are you back. lol

I am behind on catching up with most of you but I promise after you share your secrets with me I will do a better job of visiting.

Yesterday I started a new session of therapy that they call Work Conditioning and it is for two hours a day five days a week. After the two hours yesterday I could not move this morning to go back and boy when I called and told them I could not make it you would of thought I was canceling a life subscription to their gym. Geezzz did they get their panties in a wad and told me I was not following doctors orders. I told them if I could barely walk to the bathroom this morning how did they think I could drive to their gym and exercise with them for two freaking hours. Well maybe I did not say freaking but I wanted too. So I guess I am off too bed so I can get up and make it the therapy so they want have two days of wadded up panties.

Sweet Dreams


Gorges Smythe said...

I only comment on a small percentage of blogs that I read, though I do try to get around to them all over the course of a week or two. (Don't always make it.) Also, I join no causes and neither give nor accept blog awards or challenges.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggie!
Sorry to hear about your painful therapy. I don't know what it is about these people that they subscribe to the "no pain, no gain" theory. It's nuts to push someone until they can hardly move. How can that be helpful in the long run?

OK...Here's my secret. I. don't. sleep. (much). Actually, I'm a night owl, so I write my blog posts most evenings so that they post up at midnight for that day.

I have a camera around all the time and photograph my projects, pets, etc. and then I have some for a "rainy day", too. If I'm traveling and won't be near a connection (I know, how does that even happen anymore?), I pre-post and schedule what I've written to go up while I'm away. That way, my home being empty is my business and no one elses.

I love reading everyone's blogs as I have time, and try to comment when I visit. After all, I like comments, so I figure you have to leave 'em to get 'em. I try really hard to respond to comments left for me, but admit I'm not as good as I'd like to be. Some might say I suck at replying. I'm just sayin'...

And my final secret...I don't sweat the small stuff around home. My house is happy, my husband is loved and fed, I shower my dogs with affection and I've just disciplined myself to make sure that I post regularly. My blog is like my journal, so I try to keep it up.

Hope this helps, girlfriend. Feel better soon.
Love you lots!
Donna, Kes and Fezzik I. ^..^

jojo said...

I don't keep up the way I wish I could but I do my best. My hubs works nights so I have all evening to hop around blogland...

Marla stopped blogging around Christmas time, she just felt it was taking up too much time in her life. I email her occasionally and she is well...and happy! I don't know what happened to Marilyn.

OK...time for sleep.

Sue said...

I do my blogging in the morning, then check back periodically throughout the day. (Luckily, I'm a fast reader.) I'm also retired, which doesn't hurt!

I do comment on most of the blogs I read...not out of a sense of duty, but because I enjoy feeling like I'm part of a dialogue.

Also, I don't follow blogs unless I really know I'll enjoy them on a regular basis. If I follow, I want to be faithful about it.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Maggie you make me giggle you really do..cause I think like you do..I try to leave comments..not always ..sometimes I am a lurker as one blogger put it..I do my blogging in the morning..or right before I go to bed...I hope you got your rest so your panties don't get wadded up on you..nothing like a wedgie first thing;)lol..;

Darla said...

I usually blog first thing in the morning, with coffee. I visit a lot of blogs, do not always comment...mostly I do. I only participate in giveaways that you only have to leave a comment or two...I hate the popularity contests! When blogging becomes something other than fun, it's time to walk away for a break.

Arkansas Patti said...

First I am so sorry you are in such pain. Physical therapist have to be pushy SOB's since the very nature of their jobs is to push you past where you want to go. This time, I think you should listen to your body. When you can move again--go back.
As for blogging, the longer you do it the more time it eats up out of your day. I have cut my posting down to twice a week and that was a relief. I do try to comment on every blog on my list every day they post which means I have to divide it up in two sessions--morning and evening-- or my butt would give out. I try to remember those beginning days when I was only getting one or two comments.
I am retired, I don't know how working people with families do it.

acorn hollow said...

I feel that blogging takes up a lot of time and I am not as creative as I would like to be. I post 2 days a week(sun and wed) and if something special happens I want to post about I throw an extra one in. I come down in the morning grab a cup of coffee and turn the computer on for about 1/2 hour. and then if I have time while eating breakfast. and then after dinner I will log on for awhile. I do sneak on at work now and them. so I am not so good at staying away from the computer.
Feel better maggie

Olga said...

I try to limit my computer/blog time, but I get so sucked in. But, hey, if my fingers are on the keyboard, they are out of the cookie jar so that's a good thing.
Hope the therapy is worth the pain in the end--O, haha, I made a bit of a joke there.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

First let me say I am so sorry to hear you in such pain. Someimes i think therapists enjoy seeing you in pain. DO becareful and listen to your body.

As for blogging...I'm kinda sporatic. Some times i'm good, sometimes I'm not. I always try to leave comments when I visit, I know I like to receive them, so figure others do too. I stopped entering contests that are complicated. Too much hoop jumping for me. Some days I just feel like blogging so I type up a whole bunch of general posts to add when needed, in between. I always carry my camera so I am constently taking pics. Right now I have so much to say about how my divorce is gong but can't for fear of it being twisted and used in court. Visiting blogs I consider my me time, a way of escaping the real world.
Sometimes I may disappear for awhile, busy or depressed or just nothing to say or ....

I think we all fit it in when we can, as life permits.

Hoping you get to feeling better soon. I know thats easier than said.
Sending "healing hugs"

Kim said...

Hi Maggie,
In the morning with my coffee/breakfast I check my emails and any new comments on my blog. I check sporadically through the day for new posts on other blogs I follow. But after supper is when I will spend a little time reading posts and commenting. I don't comment on every post, but most.
Right now I'm at work but couldn't concentrate on my report so I took a little blog break to comment here. (Shhhhh)

Julia said...

Good Morning Maggie, I'm sorry that your therapy is causing you such pain. I used to take an Advil before therapy to ease the pain from inflamation.

Blogging has taken a life of it's own and can suck you in too. I HATE give aways that demands that you do something to qualify but it's fun in a way when it's done with no string attached. Giveaways are sometimes like Facebook. It's a gimmick to get followers. I don't go look for followers. If they want to follow, I'm tickled pink though and I appreciate it and their comments.

I'm faithful to those who leave comments on my blog and I try to be positive in my comments.

My house suffers but I'm having fun. I don't post every day like I used to because it not only puts a lot of stress on myself from lack of sleep but it puts stress on others who follows because it all takes our precious time away from important things we should be doing.

I mostly use the little bit of spare time I get when I get it but I mostly blog before going to bed and I'm lacking sleep. Not good for my health and complexion. What's happened to our BEAUTY SLEEP? I've noticed that since I started blogging I'm wrinkling faster.... Anyone noticed this?

I'm so sleep deprived I forgot most of your questions, lol.. Got to go... JB

Julia said...

Aww, thanks Maggie for leaving a sweet comment on my blog before going to that horrible therapy. I hope that they go a bit easier on you today. Hang in there and think positive . Ask that they bring you a cute guy next time to cheer you on... lol. Hugs, JB

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I dont keep UP very well or at least thats how I feel.. I dont always comment on every blog I visit and I dont always have the time to write each wonderful person who comments on one of my posts.. I hope this doesnt make me a Bad Bloggin Buddy cause I sure so appreciate folks posting for my enjoyment- for their comments and their visits.. so you are'nt alone is wonderful how folks Keep Up..
We are all just doing the best we can I reckon and hoping folks still love us...

I have asked several people about Marla as we were pals long before our blogging started.. They say she is fine and I truly hope she is and that one day she'll come back to us.. I miss her so much...


Sweetened by Kagi said...

Hey there,
I'm tagging you to participate in the ask me anything game :) I hope you will "play along" :)

Rae said...

If there is one advantage to me being disabled, it is having plenty of time to blog. I don't have a schedule, so I can blog whenever I feel like it. I try to leave comments for all the bloggers I follow - especially when they leave comments on mine.

I am sorry to hear you are feeling so rough after your therapy session. No, those therapists don't have much humor when it comes to cancelling out. I've experienced that too.

Nezzy said...

If ya'll noticed I only throw up a post every 7~10 days. I go to my computer early of a mornin' and open all the tabs in my reader and hit them periodically throughout the day a few minutes at a time.

Bloggin' can eat up your time and life. We all need to put 'real' life and dear people in our 'real' lives first.

I'm not sayin' here that we don't have true friends in the blogasphere here 'cause we do. We have pray warriors that surround us, friends who stand up for us and oh...all the support in the world.

We have to find balance...a happy medium...I'm still workin' on it!

God bless ya and have a marvelous day my dear friend!! :o)

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I don't blog like I used to, but I try to find something every so often so my followers know I am still exist. I have a friend Marilyn from Pennsylvania that is back to blogging. Her blog is Our Victorian Cottage. I don't know if she was your Marilyn or not. My blog visiting is my way of traveling because I don't get to go far with my hubby's illness and you have to have doctor approval. I don't always get to leave a comment because of where I am reading from. I have my favorites. I am sorry you are hurting and I know how they push you. You think that they are killing you, but they are trying to help you get back to the active life you had before your accident. I hope I helped you a little. Take care. Your Missouri Friend.

Lisalulu said...

YOU are really having a painful 'growing' process with this injury!!! hey, maybe you can use it in your writing!!! sorry (insert sad face) for your pain... BLOGS=I struggle with this every day. It is an extremely personal thought process. My hubby was always getting mad at me for the time (in the evening) I spent on Blogs. But now that he has found FARMVILL, he no longer complains when I am on (we now have our bonding time in the office with both of us on computers! ha). Comments: I am not someone that has to have the last word. I only comment on blogs when I feel ‘something’ about connecting with them, or letting them know I support them! Basically, I mean what I say. Yes, you can really get lost in Bloggville! SOoo much to look at and information to gain, let alone make friends. It is extremely hard working full time, then coming home and having to do ‘all the life stuff’ and man/wife bonding time. I can’t even imagine working full time AND raising kids, -totally- no time for blogging.
Oh yeah, I like my 9 hours of sleep a night so I won’t sacrifice that.

bill said...

I'm new to your blog, so here is my first comment to you.

I write about a blog entry a week, they are long narratives so they take time. I check my blog comments everyday and try to respond to them all.

I'm amazed at the network of people I've "met". It is uplifting. Thanks for writing this so I can contribute.

shawkl said...

I read every one of your posts, but I do not comment on all of them. I enjoy them all, but sometimes I'm just in a hurry and just giggle and move on. As for a routine, Wish I had one too! Whenever I have a few moments throughout the day, and that's mostly first thing in the morning...before getting the grand-daughter off to school. Wish I had the time to blog every day..I try my best...but some days life just gets in the way!

yaya said...

Blogging does take time doesn't it? Before I had followers, and took the time to visit around, it was easy! Like Sue, I try to only follow blogs that really speak to me and I can be uplifted by. Yours is one of those! I usually comment 99% of the time because I enjoy comments and usually the posts of others are so interesting and fun, I can't keep my mouth....umm...fingers quiet! I usually blog at night after dinner..unless I have a day off, then in the mornings. Sometimes it's daily, but most often about twice a week. Sure hope you feel better soon!

Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, Maggie...too bad to be in that much misery but it will get better, wait and see...
As for blogging: Sometimes I have nothing to say so I may be an extended time before I do it...I love reading others' blogs when I can steal some time and try to post a comment because I, too, like a comment on mine...

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi sweet Maggie....sorry you have overdone it in therapy. I personally, hate wadded up I imagine you will be back there tomorrow with bells on.

Keeping up with blogging is difficult...I do try to comment if I stop for a visit...but I cannot possibly visit all the blogs I follow. I love your posts and am always smiling when I leave just 'KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON".



bunny said...

Sorry your panties are in a wad...I'd call in sick too. I don't blog like I used to due to being very busy right now. I usually change entries in the night when everyone is asleep and I change my blog look at least 5 times a year as I get bored with it. It helps that I work 2 hours a day. I only visit blogs that have a new entry and mostly leave comments but not always. Seems I'm blogging less and less but I still enjoy it and apparently my blogger friends do too!

Hope your feeling better soon. Hows your ranch hand?


Whimsey Creations said...

I try to read the ones I follow every day when I come home from work. But for the past month work has been 10-14 hours a day and on weekends too so I'm getting behind LOL As far as blogging - I was trying to do it every week but again - I'm really behind and my brain is too tired right now to even think of anything to blog about. I usually only comment if something catches my fancy or touches my heart or makes me laugh. I follow too many blogs to comment on every one. But your blog is great and I usually stop and comment because YOU'RE SO FUNNY! Hugs!